As The SCOAN choir sang songs of praise and worship, an atmosphere of joy radiated throughout the Church auditorium of The SCOAN which ushered in the beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit.

Wise Man Christopher

It was in this very atmosphere that Wise Man Christopher delivered a message at the altar encouraging all listening to always be under the check and conduct of the Holy Spirit. In his message titled The Best Influence, he said, “Deciding to allow oneself to be influenced by the Spirit of Jesus Christ is the best influence anyone can have in life. The Holy Spirit is the best influence. A Christian should be under the influence of the Holy Spirit in the same manner that a drunkard is under the control of wine. We must be under the government and guidance of the Holy Spirit. If you are influenced by the Spirit of God, He will be your Guide, Teacher, Counsellor and Comforter,” the wise man said.

After the message, the choir led the congregation in more songs of praise and worship and all present including T.B. Joshua danced as they worshipped the Lord using every faculty God had given them. The importance of having the Holy Spirit in our lives was reiterated by the man of God, T.B. Joshua whose message was a confirmation of Wise Man Christopher’s. T.B. Joshua stated that “Without the Holy Spirit, all of our efforts are in vain.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

The Holy Spirit helps us by creating an atmosphere of belief – I mean by creating an atmosphere of love, faith, humility, goodness, faithfulness, fruits of the Spirit as it is written in Galatians 5.” In highlighting the importance of having a relationship with the Saviour, he asked the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers, “Who is He you are looking for? Jesus is everything you need. When you are called by His name, you will be empowered to make a change. Jesus is alive. He still changes lives. He still empowers disciples to change the world.


Although deliverances from eating strange substances and materials has become a rather regular occurrence at The SCOAN, the case of Miss Blessing Iloanya, a civil servant from Abuja who confessed that she was addicted to sniffing and drinking kerosene came as a shock and surprise to all who listened. She explained that she had had developed this strange addiction 18 years ago during her teenage years and since then had been consuming it on a regular basis, sometimes even twice daily. She narrated the varying methods she used to sniff and drink kerosene, saying that sometimes she would soak some tissue in kerosene and then proceed to sniff it and then suck it. She said that if she really wanted to enjoy the kerosene, she would dip her favourite biscuits into kerosene and then suck them before eating them. She said her family would always warn her that this habit was damaging to her health but that she had been unable to stop it despite numerous attempts. It was seeing others receiving deliverance from similar problems on Emmanuel TV that prompted her to come to The SCOAN in search of solution.

She then brought out kerosene and to prove the genuineness of it, it was poured onto plywood and the plywood was set ablaze. To the shock of all those present, she then brought out some biscuits and proceeded to dip the biscuits in the kerosene and then suck and eat them, clearly relishing the taste. The Anointing Water was ministered on her and she received deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.

After she was declared free, kerosene was offered to her and she took a little. Though the amount was small, it clearly reacted adversely in her system as she began to sweat profusely and her eyes began to change colour, clearly demonstrating the reaction that any of us would expect from a human being consuming something as toxic as kerosene. Evidently irritated, she immediately drank large amounts of water in an attempt to flush the kerosene out of her system and remove the horrid taste from her mouth.

The evil spirit that had caused her to behave in such a strange manner was had left and with tears in her eyes, she thanked God for delivering her once and for all.


Group Captain P.D. Attin, a retired military officer came to testify to the incredible healing he had received 12 years earlier in The SCOAN. During service as a group captain, he was shot leaving a wound which had developed and led to a horrific case of bottom cancer rendering him bedridden in excruciating pain and totally dependent on others around him. He explained how in this desperate state, he was brought to The SCOAN where T.B. Joshua prayed for him and then gave him his own handkerchief to use as a point of contact. He said he slept that night and in his dream, he saw people gather around him in white; they were doctors and looked like angels. He then went into a deep sleep. On waking up, he discovered that he was feeling good and pain free.

Rtd. Group Captain P.D. Attin

He then saw the handkerchief given to him next to him with the bullet pellets, which had been removed from his body during his sleep. He was then able to walk without pain and the horrendous wound had healed and dried up leaving a small scar which was the only trace left of the cancer that had eaten up so much of his flesh. Cheerfully, he walked up and down testifying to his perfect and complete healing granted to him through Jesus Christ!



Mrs Ruth Christian, a lawyer from Tanzania, explained how her four year addiction to eating uncooked rice was getting too much for her to handle. The addiction started when she saw her friend eating uncooked rice and a voice told her that she should eat it. After the first crunch, she was hooked and anytime she did not eat the rice, the evil spirit would appear to her and knock her head. Anywhere was the best place to eat the uncooked rice – in the car, in the court room, at home. Confessing that her efforts to stop had proved abortive, she opened her mouth to reveal that the dangerous habit had even damaged her teeth. She dug inside her handbag and brought out the uncooked rice and started munching it much to the shock of those present. God in His mercy used the medium of the Anointing Water to set Mrs Ruth Christian free from this crippling addiction. The minute the Anointing Water was sprayed by a visitor, the evil spirit inside Mrs Ruth Christian began to manifest and the demonic grip on her life was broken, in Jesus’ name.



Young and old alike were victims of satan’s plans as Mrs Mensah from Ghana told the terrible story of how her six year old daughter was addicted to eating foam. She stumbled upon the dark secret four years previously when she found her daughter eating the foam from the dishwashing sponge. Despite severely disciplining her, the habit continued and grew into an unhealthy addiction that hampered her life.

Little Josephine Mensah explained how in the dream, people would come to her and give her foam to eat. In real life, if she didn’t eat it, people would come to beat her up. This caused sickness in the life of her mother. She said that it tasted like sweets. When they returned from a visit to someone’s house, they would complain to the mother that her daughter had eaten from the couch, sponge etc… Tainted by the stigma that this addiction carried, and the physical and emotional strain on the family, Mrs Mensah came to The SCOAN believing that God Almighty would deliver her daughter. Upon hearing the terrible story, Prophet T.B. Joshua called upon someone with the Anointing Water to come forward and spray the little girl in Jesus’ name. Once declared free, she promptly said that the foam which had hitherto been sweet now tasted bitter.



Mrs Emi King George

Among the many that testified of the power of God through the Anointing Water was Mrs Emi King George who had suffered from the terrible problem of tuberculosis. She explained that her life had been wasting away after the dreadful disease had been diagnosed, as she was losing weight and coughing profusely. It had even reached a stage where she could no longer eat or move around. But after ministering the Anointing Water and praying in Jesus’ name, she was healed. Discovering that all the symptoms had disappeared, she went back to the same hospital and the result was negative. The doctor did not believe it and tested her further two times! Now hale and hearty, she rejoices in the goodness of God in her life.



Master Echefu, accompanied by his mother had a wonderful testimony to share. Mrs Echefu explained how 65 % of the optic nerves in her son’s eyes were damaged due to glaucoma and he could no longer see the black board in school.

Master Echefu and mother

Master Echefu was very intelligent but began falling behind to 15th place at school. He was examined and referred to a specialist hospital for an operation. After coming to The SCOAN and receiving the Anointing Water, Mrs Echefu began to spray it daily in her son’s eyes. On arrival at the specialist for a check-up, the surgeon who was about to operate on him, examined the boy’s eyes and said that there was no trace of glaucoma. With his eyes now completely restored, Master Echefu is doing well at school and is once again top of the class. Glory be to God!



Victoria Kaze and Rukayat Garuba

It was an intrepid journey for Victoria Kaze and Rukayat Garuba, visually impaired students studying Special Education at The University of Jos as they travelled all the way from Jos, Plateau State to Lagos in a cow truck. They had heard of the philanthropic work of T.B. Joshua and the Emmanuel TV Partners and had decided to make the journey all the way to The SCOAN to seek assistance for their school fees. Upon hearing their tale, T.B. Joshua was touched and gave them the sum of 217,500 naira each and five bags of rice. The blessing however did not stop there as their return journey back to Jos was sponsored this time by flight.

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    man of God please tell me what to do, i visited and one old woman house i found that her leaving is not good and where she sleep is nothing to write home about, i went to the market with my wife buy foam bed sheet, carpet and paint, the story now is that getting back to the place with all this things the son of that old woman refused me and my team from doing what we have in mind we have to go back home with all the things. please advise me on what to dothanks.

  • May the good lord bless u man of God for the good work you r doing,may he continue to favor you,increase you and yovr ministry.

  • May the good lord bless u man of God for the good work you r doing,may he continue to favor you,increase you and yovr ministry.Man of God also remember us with my wife in prayers for she can concieve bt in the process maybe after 2 to 3months a miscourage takes place and this has been happening for a period of three years now,plz man of God we really need your help.

  • Man of God remember us with my wife in prayers for she can concieve bt in the process maybe after 2 to 3months a miscourage takes place and this has been happening for a period of three years now,plz man of God we really need your help.

  • Barbra Samutsa

    Emmanuel. Glory be to Jesus

  • Jayeola Mercy Oluwayemisi

    I thank God for ur life o you will not miss the heaven in Jesus name


    Man of God I want to meet you soon……………….

  • Ayoub Araya Desta

    Thank you Jesus for the life of your anointed man of God prophet TB Joshua.May GOD continue to empower you mightily for His Glory,I’m blessed,in Jesus’ Name.Amen.

  • Austin L.J. Simbaya


  • John Nilantha Kumara Senaratne

    Praise the Lord Jesus Christ for the wonderfull things he perform through SCOAN.
    Sir, I need your prayers for my twin sons G.C.E.(A.L) examination which wiil be held on August 2012. I trust Lord Jesus will help them to qualify for the University to do higher studies. Sir, your humble prayer is the strength behind their success.
    Thank you and all who assist you. LONG LIVE SCOAN.

  • Mrs Georgette ESAMBI



  • Rediet(Ethiopia)

    I’m really touched by the case of the little boy…GLORY TO GOD ALMIGHTY…OUR GOD IS GOOD!!!…one more thin…AFRICA IS REALLY BLESSED TO HAVE NIGERIA…FOR PROPHET JOSHUA…CAUSE GOD HAS GIVEN US PROPHET JOSHUA FOR THE WHOLE WORLD!!!…i’m grateful to God that this miracle is happenin in my generation!!!…May God bless his servants and increase his grace up on them hundred fold!!!

  • Veronica Boatin Foote

    PROPHET TB JOSHUA GOD richly blessed Emmanuel …… God is with us !



  • fadzi

    2 Thessanolians 2:16-17
    May our Lord Jesus Christ himself and God our Father who loved us and by his grace gave us eternal encouragement and good hope. Encourage your hearts and strengthen you in every good deed and word.

    The Emmanuel tv and partners and SCOAN family. These are some of the promises God Almighty made to those who love and trust him. Jesus Christ is our only hope. May the good Lord Jesus Christ bless you all.

  • Apostle Prosperity

    I tk God 4 the lives of the Senior Prophet and the Wise Men. U r a blessing to me and my family. I do not own a TV & Dstv, I watch from my friends house. I am encouraged by the miracles and testimonies. I tk God 4 the Word they share with us. May God richly bless u and ur families. I do believe that before end of this year, I wil visit SCOAN.

  • Lodje Godwin

    I belive . All these are true.

  • Chris

    Please someone should send me a mail on how to enter the sponsorship programe that d man of God is organising,because i need help seriously