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Prophet T.B. Joshua opened the message which he titled, ‘Your Love For Christ’ with the question that Jesus asked Peter in John 21:15. Three times He asked Peter, “Do you love Me more than this?” before giving Peter the commission to shepherd His sheep. The prophet then explained that human love is but a shadow of God’s love. Nothing can compare with the power of these words spoken from the heart. He said that the words, “I love you”, spoken from the heart can change destiny, make a king abdicate his throne and a poor man become a prince. Love is greater than all because God is love and God is greater than all. God is without peer, equal or equivalent. If a man loves God truly, he is under obligation to love his fellow man. God loves strangers, widows, orphans among others; so man must love his fellow man. God is concerned about justice and righteousness so man must be concerned about the just treatment of his neighbour.

As for The SCOAN, the apostolic ministry and the giving ministry are interrelated; what comes from one goes to the other. When you are a father to the needy, Jesus will answer you when you call His name. When you sympathise with the oppressed and exploited, God’s goodness will continue towards you. God’s love is revealed in our prosperity, protection from sickness and continued mercy. Where there is no love, there is neither mercy nor grace.

The man of God explained that The SCOAN started from the giving ministry. He said that it is the giving ministry that services ministry. He stated that what comes from the church goes to the ministry of giving to help the needy and to raise the standard of living. All proceeds from them should be given to the needy for God’s blessing to continue towards us. He said that to service your life and your ministry is to love the strangers, the widows, the orphans and the needy. He advised the congregation and viewers that ministry is a divine call from above and that if you are not sent by God, it could be a dangerous mission.

A video showed the Emmanuel TV Team visiting Mountain Ministries Ranch in Kelso, Washington, USA, a drug and alcohol addiction recovery programme.
The documentary showed the carefully thought out donations of educational and cleaning materials as well as basic essentials such as towels, blankets, thick socks and work gloves that would make a big difference to the running of the centre and the lives of those undergoing the rehabilitation programme. No one was left out as the male and female facilities as well as the school benefited from the resources. A cash gift of $2,000 was also presented to the centre’s founder who excitedly explained how they planned to use the money to clean the septic tanks.

Another video clip documented the journey of Emmanuel TV Partners from Harare, Zimbabwe all the way to a community of elderly people in Chipinge with a trailer full of maize meal. Upon arrival, the team presented the maize meal to the elderly who received it with joy and gratitude, surprised at this unexpected demonstration of love from people they had never met.

The charity didn’t stop there as a further video clip showed the humanitarian outreach of Emmanuel TV Partners in Pumula, Bulawayo where gifts of blankets and bags of maize meal were given to the elderly and needy.

A very striking testimony was given by Dr Benjamin Mosimanegape of South Africa. Benjamin, the head of Public Health, University of Limpopo, South Africa had a ‘twisted neck’ and could not eat or walk well.

As he was about to go for a vertebrocranial operation, a student of his advised him to seek the face of God for healing at The SCOAN which he had seen on Emmanuel TV.

Mr Benjamin Mosimanegape when he was suffering from problem of a twisted neck.

Following the advice, Dr Benjamin Mosimanegape travelled to The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water.

Mr Mosimanegape and his family testify to God’s healing power in the Anointing water. 

After praying and ministering the Anointing Water, his condition immediately improved.That night, he dreamt and saw Prophet T.B. Joshua and also the damaged parts of his body. Suddenly, he saw a flah of light and the prophet told him that he had been given a new spinal cord and brain. That was how he regained his health and did away with his neck collar.      Testifying excitedly, he explained how his health had been completely restored and he could now eat, sleep and walk well.


A lady (27) told the congregation about her addiction to eating sandstone, chalk and paper for 19 years.

Hunadi Busakwe before her deliverance.

Hunadi Busakwe took chalk from her teachers to eat, ate paper at home and dug sandstones from the mountains for the same purpose. She had been to many places for deliverance without success and in a desperate bid to overcome this worrying addiction, she had travelled from South Africa to The SCOAN.

Hunadi Busakwe being ministered with the Anointing Water.

The prophet instructed Mr Benjamin Mosimanegape to deliver her in the name of Jesus, using the Anointing Water. Benjamin sprayed the Anointing Water into her mouth as he shouted the name Jesus and both of them fell down.

Hunadi Busakwe undergoing deliverance in the power of the Holy Spirit.

When she got up, Handi Busakwe lost the urge for indulging in chalk, sandstone and paper. Tasting what had once been her food after the deliverance, she quickly spat out the mouthful she had taken, saying that the inviting taste was no more. It tasted like chocolate before but now the taste had become sour. Handi was offered a plate of fried rice and chicken and quickly set to it!

During the time of prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua encouraged the congregation and viewers worldwide to agree with God’s Word so that the light of God would shine in every darkness in their lives. As all began to declare, “Let there be light,” whatever that was not planted by God in their lives was uprooted and commanded to leave.

Before the end of service, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave timely advice to his nation, Nigeria, on the current situation in the nation. In his words, life must be treated with reverence for it is God Almighty who determines the beginning and end of life.

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