Disgusting, sickening, revolting – whatever name you may give to a refuse dump, sadly for some, it has become the only means of survival.
Such was the case for Mrs. Philomena Sunday and her nine children from Warri, Delta State, whose situation following the tragic death of her husband and breadwinner deteriorated to such extent that her source of livelihood depended solely upon the waste of others. Looking at the circumstances surrounding this family, one can easily deduce that theirs was an extreme case of poverty, and as TB Joshua put it, ‘their poverty had become a curse’. His words: “Such poverty is not just poverty but has become a curse and only Jesus can remove that curse”.
Narrating her horrific tale recently, during her very first visit to The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations, she explained that no sooner had her husband died than she was thrown into the waiting hands of poverty. With no means of livelihood, coupled with abandonment by her in-laws, living became a nightmare for her and her nine children as they were gradually forced to beg for their daily bread. The crushing effects of hunger soon set in. And when they could no longer cope with the starvation, the young family resorted to scavenging through dustbins in search of food remnants. “We go to dustbins to get food. Even the clothes we wear, we pick them all from the dustbin and wash them,” said Philomena, “sometimes, if we don’t make it early to the dust bin, we don’t have anything to eat at all. We pick bread, groundnuts, yam, everything we can find to eat.”
It was on one of her many trips to the refuse site that she met a woman who proved to be the catalyst of change in her fortunes. Apparently, the woman had observed Philomena’s frequent patronage of the refuse dump and decided to put this on record without her knowledge. “She asked what I was doing at the dustbin every day, with these children, picking food, and I answered: ‘My sister, things have been very difficult, and even when I go to people to beg, they usually disappoint me.’ ”
During one of their visits to the rubbish dump, the woman approached Philomena and asked if she knew about The SCOAN to which she answered, ‘no’. She then encouraged her not to worry and handed her the recorded tape of her and the children feeding from the dustbin. She urged her to go with the tape to The SCOAN, believing that she would be assisted.
Acting upon the advice of the woman, Philomena, and her children went to The SCOAN on October 11th 2009, where she gave an account in the Sunday service of the kind of living conditions she and her children had had to contend with since the death of her husband. The tape was then played to the public, confirming the truth of her unbelievable tale. It was a pitiful sight as Philomena and her children were seen on scavenging trips to the refuse dump as she and her children rummaged through mountains of refuse, searching for food, disused clothes, shoes and all, as well as empty cans, which they sold for N50 apiece, to buy food.

In confirmation of what Philomena had said, her eldest daughter Abumare Faith told her own version of the story. She explained how she had rushed to live with a man who promised to marry and take care of her. Unbeknown to Faith, however, the man she found was himself an unemployed person. She became a teenage mother, bore him two children and thus the cycle of poverty increased. “Even the clothes I am putting on now are from the dustbin,” she said tearfully. “But suddenly, my mother came one day to tell us that one woman told her about Synagogue… I know that as we are here now, our story would turn around.”
The story of Anthonia Abumere, the second daughter of the family was no different. She too got lured into a relationship she believed would blossom into marriage and help save the family from their wretched plight. Unfortunately, her union turned out to be one with a man who suffered with bouts of mental illness manifesting in aggressive behaviour. She too became a teenager mother and the family’s problem went progressively from bad to worse.
“I did not know that the man had a mental problem which, whenever it occurred, made him misbehave and caused people to run from him,” narrated Anthonia. “Last June, his condition deteriorated,” she went on, “ he beat me and my baby and sometimes he would kick us out,” cried Antonia, with a huge scar from a stitch that marked her pretty face, holding her equally lovely infant baby.
Turning to the family as he preached to his congregation, Prophet Joshua noticed little Esther, her delicate face smudged by hot tears: “Wow! What a beautiful girl,” he exclaimed. “If you don’t help this one now, she would turn out to be like her sister who married a mad man,” said the prophet, shaking his head, solemnly.
“All over the world, people like this are everywhere. Find them, restore them, help them,” TB Joshua admonished. “We must do whatever we can to restore this family and make them part of our families and counsel them; we must not allow these children to be destroyed.”

Thereafter, he made a cash donation of N500,000 to the family in addition to 10 bags of rice and his trademark gift of the Holy Bible, promising further assistance to help sponsor the children’s education and secure adequate accommodation for them. Other cash gifts and donations started pouring in from the congregation, as well as from viewers of Emmanuel TV, worldwide, who had been following the live telecast of the Synagogue Sunday service.
Expressing her gratitude for the goodness of God in her life, Philomena said: “Pastor, I have something to tell you. I thank you for removing me from poverty today. I thank you for the good thing that you have done for me. You will live long; you will live long; you will live long”. Smiling, TB Joshua responded: “Look opposite is the case now. I am to thank you for receiving the gift. Thank you for receiving this gift. You will live long; you will live long; you will live long”.
In fulfilment of the promise to provide Philomena and her children with accommodation, TB Joshua sent an Emmanuel TV Team to her hometown in Delta State to rent and furnish a suitable apartment for the family.
Sometime later, a reinvigorated Philomena and family came back to The SCOAN to share their testimony with the world. “I thank God today that my past is over. We no longer pick from the dustbin. We can now eat from the dining table.”
Out of the monetary gift, Philomena has set up a successful tailoring business to comfortably provide for her whole family’s needs. Dignity restored, stigma removed, survival secured… a new day has dawned.


    This story touched my heart when I wached it on the programme.

    I felt for my sister in God and having been away for almost 9 years without seeing my family it broke my heart more. I have been away for so long inorder to provide for my family. I praise my sister for being there for her family despite the difficulties and God opened away for her and the family.

    We thank God for creating T B Joshua who is working wonders for the whole world.

    God Bless all involved in running the church.

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    I need some messages

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    Really sad,I was move to tears reading about this family,we have people living lik dis yet the so call govt are busy looting d country resources

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    Watching the record through Emmanuel TV, l was touched. Thank You Man of God 4 kind gesture. Amen

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    I had the priviledge to watch that service and honestly l got touched by an angel to help those in need. Looking at her situation, l wondered in disbelief. But am just grateful, the Good Lord saved her and her family. Be blessed Senior Prophet, continue with God’s work.

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    I am humbled.I have to confess that i have such calling but havent started working yet.Because i have nothing in hand soon as i start working,through the help of the Almighty God will do His will

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      Let’s hope so. We’ll pray for u so that u can fulfill your promise. Amen.

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    this is how 2 show love as it was said in the bible


    This is all about love.Our unknown Future is in the hand of the all knowing God.

  • The man in the synagogue is not an ordinary man of God,but a true son of the most high God.No wonder what he does is nothing but a replica of what God has bestow on us to do.This is the church that Jesus build ,a Church that Jesus will be proud of in heaven.T B Joshua is not just making a show to be praise by men but a true reflection of his calling as a shephered,I say this because before the advent of emmanuel TV I was one of the beneficiary of his welfare in march 1999.Let those who have ear hear and let thos who have eyes believe.he is the son of God

  • This is what God wants man of God,thank u&yr minstry,may it grow so that more can benefit not just financialy but also spiritually.



  • Love is not love until you give it away then you know thats love! For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten Son that—–. We shld also show our love through giving. Praise the Lord!



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    The spirit of helping the need is what is required now as many people are languishing in poverty. What prophet TB Joshua is doing is a great thing to the vulnerable and homeless. i admire the prophet.

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    May God bless Prophet T B Joshua,all who helped ths family,Philomena n her children.May God also bless all of us wit a heart of caring for one another.Thank you Lord for blessing this family.

  • Remain lifted beloved Pastor and father

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    I so much thank, de man of God, prophet TB Joshua for transforming de life of phelomina and children, may de Lord continue to expand him, to do more

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    Finding a need and meet it is our calling

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  • My holy scripture said on Proverbs chapter 28 verse 27 ” He who gives to the needy will lack nothing, but he who closes his eyes to them receives many curses” The SCOAN is where I see the word of God being taught in both practical and theory. God bless the man of God “Senior Prophet TB Joshua, the Wise-men, all the brothers and sisters God is using mightily in one way or the other in the Synagogue Church Of All Nation in Jesus Name Amen!!!

  • TB Joshua please help im HIV positive i can find a man when i tell them im positive they run away. I wish to come to SCOAN but i cannot afford Please help!

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      Don’t worry my sister, even those who are running away are yet to be HIV positive. Thanx for being honest, believe it or not, ur Man is on the way. Leave everything in God’s hands, don’t rush. God bless u.

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    thank you Jesus for all you do through your able servant Prophet TB Joshua.
    Such has happened to me. I visited the SCOAN in september 2011 and the prophet gave me some money. I am now a business woman and God is realy doing so much in my favour.I cry no more. I am comingback to my place divinely designed by God and i am sailing over live obstacles. God is turning my setback to a comeback in the mighty name of JESUS.
    I will soon be traveling to the SCOAN for my testimony.

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    Man of GOD, i want to thank you speacially for the finacial assistance you render to the above family.GOD wil continue to bless you and your ministry in JESUS CHRIST name Amen.PROPHET T.B JOSHUA i wil continue to love you,above all GOD love you must.

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    Greetings in da name of Jesus Christ! Im livin in gaborone, botswana.i lost 2 kids, 1 is sik nd she has bin admited bcoz of TB.Im also sick nd i earn a litle at work,so may u plz send me annointed water nd stickers i dnt hav money 2 come 2 nigeria. I know dat nothing is imposible wit God. Please help me Man of God.

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  • I love jesus! is my saviour

  • Love jesus 4ever

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  • God bless,thank u 4 helping that family.May god grant u more of life,please pray with me(as soon as possible,I am coming SCOAN lagos along with my girlfriend).

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    I watched this sunday service in tears, Praise be to almight God that this family was helped. Man of God continue your good work and God bless you. I have one request man of God, pray for me to have enough to share and a heart to help the needy.

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    Milka Ahemed
    Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. James 1:27 NIV .Stay Blessed SP TBJ

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    I wish one day you can come to Zambia and remind us of our creator because it has been too much worshiping our troubles and am one of them who a day cant pass without complaining and wondering of how i will clear my debts .
    Its four years now since my husband went away for another woman but keeps coming to beg money from me without supporting his daughter who I conceived after touching the screen of the TV when TB Joshua was praying for the fruit of the womb in 2008. Who ever man comes my way is married and some would even cheat on me that they are single for the sake of winning a relashionship with me.Also help me i believe 2012 is mine too!

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    Indeed God is the father to the fatherless, a husband to the widows, a companion & friend to the lonely. The greatest gift one can ever give to another is LOVE and this is exactly what we see happening at the SCOAN. May the spirit of the most high God continue to prevail at the SCOAN. May God continue to bless all his servants at SCOAN, expand their territories and as well as bless their households for the kind gesture they do those from humble beginnings and the rich alike.

    May the ministry of Prophet TB Joshua flourish for the many years to come!

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  • man of god my almight god will blessing you for what you did in the whole world .especial that women who was suffering with her children soo long now look at what our might god did throw our dady prophet T B JOSUA long live dady longlive in the name of Jesus Amen.

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    God richly Bless you.

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    Charles Banda

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