The congregation was eagerly anticipating what the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua would say regarding the crisis in Nigeria, knowing that as ever, he would speak forth God’s opinion concerning the situation at hand.
In the first part of the message to the nation of Nigeria which dwelt on the political situation in Nigeria, the prophet said, ‘Nigeria has prayed and hoped but the thing that is yet to be done is to apply love’. Quoting 1 Corinthians 13:13, he said there are only three things in this earth that will last and these are faith, hope and love. The greatest among them, he said, is love. In his words, we need to make the greatest sacrifice. Our president is the person who should make the greatest sacrifice and other participants will follow. The message to Nigeria is compromise; love is compromise, to give chance for peace in the interest of the nation. In close reference to the Bible, he said Jesus gave chance for peace when he said, ‘Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s and to God what is God’s’. By compromise, he elaborated, we must shift ground. We should not give the impression of embarrassing the president and the other participants in the crisis. To achieve this easily, our president must rely more on politicians than on technocrats because it is a game.

In the second part of the message, the prophet dwelt on our relationship with Jesus. According to him, Jesus said to Peter, “Do you love me?” Peter replied, “You know I love You Lord”. Jesus said, “If you love Me, feed My lambs”. In the nation, we need to apply love, the greatest sacrifice, by shifting ground, by compromise. In the prophet’s words, Jesus asked Peter one of the most significant, penetrating and, in fact, the most dangerous questions ever asked, “Do you love me?” Jesus asked Peter three times and Peter replied positively three times. Jesus responded by giving Peter a responsibility- keep My lambs, shepherd My sheep and feed My sheep. This means, he explained, before we can be responsible to Jesus, it must be because of our love for Him. Whatsoever you do or fail to do to the least of your fellow brothers, that you do unto Jesus. This means if you dupe your fellow brother, then you dupe Jesus. If you care for your fellow brothers, then you care for Jesus. Jesus did not ask Peter if he was a gifted speaker or had the ability to speak fluently, flawlessly or eloquently. He never asked him about his Bible or seminary knowledge either. All these are important but they are not the issue. The essential quality you need is found in Jesus’ question, “Do you love Me?”
Whatsoever you do to the needy, that you do unto Jesus. What is your relationship with Jesus? The prophet asked. Speaking further, he said he did not know how one could prosper in life without these qualities in the ministry of the Gospel and that of charity. Whether educated or not, a farmer or professor, there is hope in loving Jesus. He therefore advised the congregation to stop complaining about their backgrounds or other disadvantages.  Jesus repeated the question so that the concept would be crystal clear. Jesus wanted us to know that love is the centre. Christianity is a relationship; you cannot have Christianity without love. A person who does not love cannot be entrusted with the power to deliver, heal or bless.
The prophet capped his message with a video clip of a high court judge in Ghana who shelved his social status and travelled far to the Volta Region of Ghana by the dusty roads and by river to give to the needy and elders in Chindere, Ghana. Justice John Ajet-Nasam and other Emmanuel TV Partners brought rice and other food to the elders in the Volta Region for the people in the community.

Concluding his message with the situation in Nigeria, the prophet asserted that the national protest and strike in Nigeria was over as God Himself was on top of it. He reminded his listeners that the lesson the nation can learn out of this is that anything can happen. Therefore, in everything, we should remember God.

In a brief message during the second service, Wise Man Harry reiterated that broken focus is the real reason that many people fail. He quoted Philippians. 3:13-14 to back up his case. According to him, you cannot look in different directions at the same time. He told his listeners that as Christians, God has disconnected them from their past and given birth to their future. He advised them to chart a clear objective in life and follow the direction of their calling in order to make a difference in their worlds.

A video clip showed Wise Man Harry giving prophecy to a couple. Speaking to the man, the wise man told him that he could see a manhood problem in him and secondly, after he had finished urinating and pulled up his trousers,  urine would still come out  afterwards and stain his trousers. The problem of manhood, according to the prophecy, had caused fighting between the couple. At the end of the prophecy, prayed for Mr Asekome and he received his deliverance, in Jesus’ name. Coming into the open to confirm the prophecy, Mr Asekome said he had had the problem of poor erection for years because of staphylococcus. The couple had consequently been barren and gone to places in search of a solution. They came to The SCOAN as part of their efforts to end the barrenness. Meeting at home as a couple after the prophecy and deliverance, the family of Asekome received the good news at the end of the same month, that Mrs. Asekome was pregnant. Unable to hide their joy after many years of barrenness, the couple encouraged those watching them who might have similar problems to hold on to their hope and continue to trust in God.


David  and Franca from Ghana gave a testimony about the Anointing Water. David’s problem was low sperm count which caused the couple to be barren for years in spite of their yearnings and efforts to bear children. However, after watching Emmanuel TV in their home, the couple journeyed to The SCOAN in their continued efforts to end the barrenness. They received the Anointing Water in The SCOAN and went back to their home in Ghana where they prayed with the Anointing Water and ministered it to themselves. After a month, Franca became pregnant. Confirming the testimony as told by her husband, Franca, in unison with her husband, thanked the Lord for being so merciful to them.

Mr Austin Jerry Okoro, a Nigerian resident in South Africa, was privileged to receive the Anointing Sticker from a relative. As providence would have it, he stuck the Anointing Sticker to the windshield of his car. In June, Mr Okoro was involved in a very serious accident with the car. The accident made the car fly over a brick wall and hit a tree, causing it to be smashed, dented and so disfigured that it gave the immediate impression of having lost the lives of all its passengers in the accident.  All those who were alerted by the scene never thought there would be a survivor in the accident. Fortunately Mr Okoro, the owner and sole traveller in the car, did not even have a scratch on him due to the accident. Surprised and confused, his sympathisers advised him to go to a doctor for a medical check up in case he had an internal injury. When he was taken to a hospital for that, it was confirmed that he hardly sustained any injury in the accident. According to him, Jesus saved his life  through the medium of the Anointing Sticker he received from The SCOAN. He consequently advised his listeners to watch Emmanuel TV, letting them know that God can use any medium to heal, bless and deliver them.

In the mass prayer collectively led by the wise men, they focused on the various areas of life where people have problems and cited relevant portions in the Bible to prove that demons are the causes of the problems people experience. They therefore prayed fervently with the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide to command satan out of their lives for them to live according to the will of God in their destiny. In course of the mass prayer, many vomited out the poisonous substances freeing them from the sicknesses in which they were held in bondage for a long time. Assured that every participant in the mass prayer had been dislodged from the grip of satan, Wise Man Racine said the grace.


    to God be the glory.with him all things are possible.i would advise the whole world to use the ears and eyes of faith,that is to believe in what our father in spirit PROPHET T B JOSHUA is saying,but not to focus in our physical eyes or ears,in short our pleases God the most.AMEN.

  • Infact Thanks be to God Almighty for the SCOAN,I am very happy for you all.

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    Its so exciting to see how God is using the man of God TB Joshua. I would love to come and experience the power of God through TB Joshua but i dont have enough money to come i come from zambia. Or tell me how i can access the anointing water or how do i order?

  • I thank God for what he is doing for us through his servant Prophet TB Joshua,I pray to God to bless our Prophet,his family and all Emmanuel tv team.


  • may god give tb joshua long life to leave for us. and his good work all over d world. my prayer request is .i have been prayin for my future partner. any girl dat am datin wit. if d relationship is approach for marry one of two tins. go bring means understand between both two of us. let den pray for me. dat any satan dat behind dis should die in jesus name amen. dat is my prayer point tanks.

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    God will continue † bless tb joshua 4 the Ǧ☺☺ϑ things he his doing i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ lives of people all over the world.please the of God should pray 4me I am living a scatered life. ♍γ̲̣̣̥ name is felix from delta state I am a native of isoko by tribe. I always make L♡̬̩̃̊vε̲̣̣̣̥. i̶̲̥̅̊n̶̲̥̅̊ the dream .please pray ƒσя me senior prophet tb joshua.

  • Glory be to God.Everything His annointed prophet TB Joshua says come to pass!I also claim my miracle in Jesus Christ’s name!

  • Thank God for the prophet TB Joshua who God is using to make known His will to our nation. I pray that our leaders and Nigeria would listen and take heed.

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    Jesus Christ, help me Lord to have a loving soul. A giving heart. Pleasure in giving. T.B Joshua and team, join me in my prayer to love. ‘WE ARE SONS AND DAUGHTERS OF LOVE, LET’S LOVE LEAD’. Love. Love. Love. Emmanuel. Amen.

  • Our God is able and good all the time. Thank you man of God and your wiseman may God give you more wisdom

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  • Emmanuel! I thank God Almighty for His mercy and favour upon Nigerian for the situation they are passing through.In every situation God has something to say.Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for allowing God to use you,to be amouth piece to us.May God bless you abandantly.You are my Mentor,Director,my CEO,my Father in the Lord. I thank God for your Ministry.


    Emmanuel! To God be the glory, we were praying for Nigeria here in Zambia. Thank God for His intervention, He never fails His children who pray in Spirit and in truth… Praise the Lord!

  • Praise God for peace that will prevail in Nigeria that the of man has confirmed to be coming from God. Prophet TBJ, is really a gift for the whole world from heaven.

  • We are grateful to the Almighty God for giving us the opportunity of having a prophet of His in our midst. Only God through his Holy Spirit can reveal the secret things of HIS to those He chooses. Let us continue to pray for His mercy and protection upon the prophet’s life and that of the family which includes the Emmanuel TV partners all over the world. We are grateful for God’s intervention concerning Nigeria’s situation and pray that HE continues to reveal the truth to His servants all over the nations of this world. Amen. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!


    some of us are troubled by what has been splashed on EMMANUEL TV. of sharlyn and eric. surely , those who want to tarnish the image of other fellow human beings is un acceptable and thne perasecution that these people have started on them is ugly. Sharlyn and Eric have never sold Annointing water, Let Alone the Annointing stickers to a single soul and there are no flags , or whatever ta their premise .We love the word of God and the teachings that you give us so much but be very careful because someone , somewhere is busy planning the downfall of innocent souls. Imagine such negative news has also been splashed in a Tabloid iN ZIMBABWE. These same people you were with last week. PaPa plse do somthing . There never was a church in Zimbabwe but a Fellowship. DAPHNE

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    Again all the glory is for the Almighty God!


    I also heard what was splashed on Emmanuel TV concerning Zimbabwé and cameroon,it appears that some brethren want to tarnish the image of others simple because they don’t want to see other people close to the man of God. It will be wise for Emmanuel TV and the man of God before broadcasting any information on Emmanuel TV to make proper investigations in order not to hurt innocent people.

    For example there are many things that were said concerning the woman in cameroon about the meeting on the 31 st dcember 2011 that are not true but simple false accusations. The facts may be true or correct but the authors or the source may not be the people accused.

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    Thank you Jesus, thank you T.B Joshua, your prophecy really relieved us from the presure of the strike. You are truely Man of God. Even the doubting Thomas agreed. Only God will reward you.


    than k god for that man i always have it in mind mind that case will not different from others i know once i enter that place on sunday i will get and heal of diabires and all aflictions that i am facing.
    not everyone hard about christ believed is miracle work, even in isreal today not all know him, until i old and dies i will always listening to you and your word even if i can not keep it all but i pray God will give me the grace to keep faith alive thank you man of God more power to for you, i can you that infuture have of nigerians if not all will listen to you i love you

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    This goes direct to man of God wise man Harry.please man of God help me come over there for deliverance in Jesus name.wise man Harry i believe that you wil be apply to help me.i need deliverance in my life.please of God have mercy on me.i want to come there for my life,please wise man Harry help me.say samething i am waiting to hear from you in Jesus name.

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    thank you man of God for wat u r doing God is good l luv you so much may the Almighty Lord Jesus bless you from E.Themba 0737563381

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    my prayer is to speak to you one day with mai family we get blessed everydae when watching emmanuel tv God is good ,n my family their are going to l don’t lyk it if God can show them the way while there is still tym ,you don’t have to touch me or see the family but with faith l say if u can pray for us we can be healed in Jesus”s name ,wat ever dat is binding my lyf by this 2012 ,l must start my own bussness and my car in the name dat is above every name Jesus Christ of nazareth with faith l say it will b done

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    God is still saying something in every situation,God thank you for your servant Tb Joshua.

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    The right word at the right time is like precious gold set in selver. Prov.25:11
    Thank you Lord for reviling everything for your minster. All belessings to SP.TBJ.

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    God is good all the time he is good God richly blessed prophet TB Joshua & the wise men in Jesus name Amen Emmanuel…. !

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    Nothing is as strong as LOVE. Love is grater than all things.May God continuel to bless his servant TB Joshua

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    Great and wondrous are the ways of the Lord and mighty are HIS deeds indeed! That is the anointed sticker for us. Man of God please pray for us, reach us, touch our needs and desires and send me these anointed items; Alfred Chileya Box 20767 Kitwe Zambia.



  • The lord Jesus is mighty indeed. Emmanuel.

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    The Lord is good.

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    AMENNN I am orthodox christian and i think TB Joshua is a man of God pleas ecan everyone read this book————————————————>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!HEAVEN IS SO REAL! By choo thomas. the book has to be read by all christians jesus wants us to read it please read the book!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Emmanuel!