On Sunday 15th January 2012, at around 12pm, TB Joshua addressed the nation of Nigeria in his sermon, saying that the crisis and the restrictions are over. He said, “People of Nigeria – the issue of crisis, put it behind you. Some of you are worrying that you will not go out on Monday and that you will be restricted. No. God is on top of it. He is in control”. He said that there would be free movement on Monday and that the protests would be over as from Monday. He added that there would be a consensus between the government, labour leaders and civil society groups; they would agree to shift the ground.

He emphasised that the lesson we can learn from this is that in this world, anything can happen. He said: “What we have experienced last week, we have never experienced in this country. Therefore, in everything remember God. When you are eating, when you are sitting, remember God”.

  • kesegofetse maphusumane

    Emmanuel, People of Nigeria is with you pls keep on praying

  • I believe the Word of God Almighty from the mouth of His servant,Sinor Prophet T B Joshua.Praise God.Amen.

  • sampson osei- ampem

    Emmanuel. people of Nigeria please listen to the voice of God and it will be well with you. thank you.

  • Thank you Man of God for your guildiance let those who have ear hear .The lord has spoken as HE used to do through you now even the unbe´liever now knows that there is a true prophet in our midst.Go on with what God has call you to do no mattaer the stance of Penticostal foolishness of Nigeria,You are a True Man of God

  • Madame Grace

    Emmanuel,people of Nigeria and in other countries please let us continue to be on our knees as God has commanded to us all, let us obey the voice of God and all will be well to Nigeria and the whole world.Dialogue and round table discussions always bring harmony and consensus decisions in a peaceful manner.Thank you all for abiding to God through His servant;s voice Prophet T.B Joshua.

  • Addis Assefa

    praise the almighty God! He the only who able to solve any thing which are beyond our capability. Nothing is impossible to God!!!

  • Samuel Wadinku (Botswana)

    Emmanuel! Indeed God is a merciful God. We were all worried of the situation in Negiria. As you said man of God that God is on top of te situation, we are very gateful and will continue praying for Negiria and our own countries for such situations not happen again. May God continue speaking through you…God bless


    I want to thank God for nigeria, and also his mouth pieces TB joshua, I know God is watching nigeria situation I pray God should take care of us.

  • I really thank God for Prophet TB Joshua may God continue using u T.B. Joshua.I pray that God should add more years to your life.

  • nchang

    Thank you Jesus for putting an end to the crisis in nigeria. I Pray that the President of Nigeria with other political leaders should come to Prophet TB Joshua for councelling. For through the man of Goid, God will direct the leaders on what to do for the citizens and benefit of the country Nigeria.
    Nigeria is realy blessed with a Prophet TB Joshua.


  • samuel oyewale

    God bless tb joshua

  • Anna

    God listen to his people. I agree with Tb Joshua, I new it will be over. thankx man of God for revealing it.
    Better is good enough the best is Yet to come.


  • Linnah Malawi

    Thank Jesus for being with us in Africa for blessing us with Man of God prophet T.B.Joshua. My fellow African lets be proud that God has favoured Africa with the only prophet T.B.Joshua.

    My brothers and sisters of Nageria listen to the voice of God and respect and believe him through his severant prophet T.B.Joshua.
    To us all in the world lets be with our sisters and brothers all over Africa who are going through this tough times in prayers let the all mighty hands of God be with them.
    I Love you all people of God, remain bless and keep on watching Emmanuel TV


    please sir, help my generation in prayers even if 100 will not bliv wat God is doing trough you, i bliv you. i also pray God will keep you just for does dat didn’t bliv you. as for me i oready have you.

  • JTsikayi

    God is in control and our lives are in his hands.Thank you Mna of God for your prayer to the nation, and the world at large.

  • phumzile tshabalala

    Hallelujah. All glory belongs to God, amen!

  • Dee

    You are a real man of God. Its so unfortunate that some Nigerians don’t believe

  • sethukile siphiwe

    god is alive.Emmanuel!!we know we are under the umbrella, remain watching Emmanue tv tou life will change.

  • Diplomatic chibuike

    Man of God wat u said is true concerning govt nd labour in nigeria,d president annouced dis morning by 7.00 am dat d new price of fuel is 97 naira per litre nd around 1.00pm labour called off d strike.thank God 4 hw it went peacefully

  • joshua

    God is the greatest. Love is in and for Africa. people of Africa Jesus is knocking on your hearts open the door and He will dinned with you and your love ones. Tb joshua. pray for us all in the western hemisphere we need God to forgive us for tresspassing His love. thanks. and please pray for my wife to get pregnant with a baby girl. thanks

  • henry nchinda


  • Science and technology has failed the entire globe.The time has come for us to comeback to God by listening and acting on His words which He gives us through His servant prophet TB Joshua.Man of God keep on telling us God’s messages even if no one listens


    this is not new to me all yesterday when i hard from him i called my wife that the strike is over she in turn ask who told you and i said man of God she sreemed and said thank God, man please equally prophesise into my life too, we love

  • Dear pastor T.B.Joshua,we Nigeria in Belize city,central America Here that the protests is over in Nigeria,we thanks God for you prophesis in our country Nigeria,please remember my word,just keep it on only God can pay your good thing you are doing with our peoples of God,in the whole world,we saw two trilas loaded of rice and cash and other items in the Net,for your to give out sum of the Nigeria as a Xmas gift,thanks God for that also he wil bless you more and more,okay now coming to our leaving this country this year and also prayer for my family the are do for the Nationality of Belize city,central America their passport this year too,I am a member of your during my staying in Lagos Nigeria and I belong to Job band,thanks you pastor and God will bless you.

  • Thank you man of God for giving us a direction about the things of God and of this world.


  • Lord you promise to see us throuh,thank you for seeing Nigeria through its crisis,it is my prayer that the same be done world over.

  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    Is there anyone still doubting the genuineness of Prophet TB Joshua-then with this and what has actually happened in Nigeria today Monday the 16th January 2012, we should all raise our hands in Praise to the Lord of Hosts, King of Kings and The Almighty Lord God for such a prophet given to mankind by Him at this time. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua, Thank God for such an awesome gift.

  • John Boay

    Thank you Jesus, it has happened


    nigeria will move forward when the era of the doubtin thomas have gone, the genuiness of my daddy in lord has been confomb from heaven, God as ordain him from heaven, jesus is not 100 percent honor in lsreal till today so leave for God the genuiness of the man of God, thank you jesus, i know one one day nigerians will turn to him for help.

  • Our president mr Goodluck need prophet TB Joshua more than d 36 governor,d economic team.

  • Robert Silali

    The man of God has spoken the opinion of God concerning the nation,lord you are so goooood,thank you for your servant and his ministry.

  • its time when the govt leaders should seek counsel from the servants of God as it used to be in the past.
    Neglecting. The direction of God leads to total distruction. The early govt leaders were not foolish to seek counsel from the servants of God on how they should lead their people. We thank God for his servant and for proving to the world that He acts upon His Word.

  • Rose

    I thank God for putting an end to Nigeria`s Crisis.

  • Tangisai Nyamuzuwe

    When a Man of God give a prophecy, it must come to pass. I believe God’s mind through T.B Joshua. Only God created the world and everything herein. If He says, ‘YES’ no-one will say no. If He says, ‘NO’ no-one will say yes. Emmanuel.

  • Angela

    I am happy for you Nigerian, I thank God for you. God bless you. Thank you Prophet T.B Joshua.

  • Mr. Ikulor Ugochukwu

    The Lord has done it! We thank God, the issue of fuel subsidy removal is over. President Goodluck Jonatha has good intentions to develop the Nigerian economy. Thank you Jesus! Thank you servant of the most high for allowing God to use you as a vessel. It is high time nigerians believed in the man of God and seek God’s opinion through the man of God. Emmanuel!

  • Jobe Molema

    People of Nigeria I want to say this to u,(2chronicles 7;14 if my people,who r called by my name shall humble themselves nd pray nd seek my face nd turn from their wicked ways den wil hear dem from heaven nd wil heal dem 4give their sin nd heal der land'(exodus15;26 if u listen carefully 2 de voice of God nd do wat is rite in his eyes,pay attention 2 his comnds nd kep all his decres,he l’l not brin on any of the disease 4 he is de Lord who heals(RAPHA)

  • Grace oriaice

    Tb johsua u are a man of God if nigerin have just 2 of ur type nigeria will be good. We dont aprecat wt god as given us .u have show good excaple dat let love lead dat is God,s will .they crucefied jesus talk less of u man of God he dat have ear let him hear d voice of God a yoruba adgage say aja to bamasonu ko nigbo fereode

  • Grace oriaice

    God love nigerians but we dont know

  • Rachel

    People of nigeria keep on praying. May God continuel blessing Tb Joshua.

  • Bridget Maina Banda

    Indeed every thing is up to the creator. Thank God for Nigeria. God bless you.

  • Teressa N. Langa

    Praise the Lord forintervening on this sensitive issue and also Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua for being used by the Almighty for the breakthrough. May He continue to bless him and also protect him

  • kangwa

    People of Nigeria keep praying God is on your side. Thank you man of God for this prophecy. I just pray that the politicians in Nigeria will make good use of this man of God TB JOSHUA. Is a true man of God. God bless you Nigerians.

  • Tsakani

    We are under His(God) eyes.Emmanuel!!

  • shangwe



  • we love u man of GOD TB JOSHUA

  • sydney

    indeed we need to remember God in everything

  • Reward Frank

    Man of GOD TB Joshua, Please we African knows exactly that youre our gift that GOD has rewarding us and the whole world knows, but the problem is; many of African countries speak different language which may sometime be a communication barrier to others. For example people in East Africa that is Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi and some areas of Congo DRC are usually speaks swahili whilst emmanuel tv an English language broadcast TV network had became most famous in the area. The question is; When will you launch the Swahili broadcast service or just assign some one for swahili translation to help about 250 million people from the region. Another burning issue is; we all needs Annointing Water (AW) for deliverance, healing and blessing, we saw many people with different deadly diseases and others who had different problems being healed and receives blessing. The question is when will you think of sending AW to people of East Africa specifically Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda?. We are fed up on how satan torment us. We are fed up of now churches beeing used by darkness, we are totally confused of who is real man of GOD and who is not. Please look on other side of Africa (East Africa). Reward Frank Tesha from Tanzania

  • Reward Frank

    Indeed you must remember GOD in everything you do. And it is true that anything can happen in this world. For God sake we must also be on our knees prayig to JEHOVA to let his endless mercy on us in JESUS name. Amen

  • Thank man of God, for God is using you to reveal the unknown to the world. For all Africans, it is only prayer that can rest our troubles.

  • Reward Frank

    Last sunday I was a bit shocked for what happened, A girl came and said, she was sent from the kingdom of darkness to destroy the Ministry of GOD and to kill the man of GOD Prophet T.B.Joshua and wise man Daniel but mission proved failure. People of GOD, The church a wake now! We are responsible for caring the ministry and all servants of GOD through praying.

  • Israel chimpeni

    Emmanuel..Emmanuel..if God be4 us, with Nation who can be aganaist…Nigeria ur blessed 4having Prophet Tb joshua…Only God can explein well who he is to us…we love u Tb joshua.Israel from MALAWI.