Whilst most exchanged gifts together and ate festive food, the festive season was celebrated in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations based in Ikotun Egbe, Lagos in an uncommon way. A massive humanitarian outreach was organised, culminating in over 20,000 bags of rice being sent to less privileged communities across the entirety of Nigeria and several millions of Naira of aid given.

Trailer Of Rice Set For Yobe, Northern Nigeria

Two trailers filled with rice approximated to be roughly 4,000 bags were sent to the states of Yobe, Plateau, Borno, Niger and Abuja, alongside a cash gift of N1,000,000 to various less privileged communities there. T.B. Joshua sent a simple message with each gift: “We should love our neighbours as ourselves; we are sons and daughters of love; we should let love lead.”

In Yobe State, the gifts were sent to a centre of skill acquisition for the blind, leprous and physically challenged in the troubled city of Damaturu. The North-Eastern city has been a hub of violence in recent months, with recurrent bomb blasts and gun fights on the streets causing many residents to flee for safety. Hajiya Nafisa, a local resident shed tears upon seeing the gift, expressing hope that it would result in peace in her community. “All of us with disabilities express our gratitude. We are praying that God Almighty will give us peace in our country, Nigeria. Whoever you may be, we are one and the same and we should live together in unity without causing problems to each other.”

One Of The Two Trailers Of Rice On Its Way To Borno, Northern Nigeria

Emir Ali Kaka, head of the crippled community in Damaturu advised those present, “We, the beneficiaries of this gift should receive it in peace and live in peace without fighting one another and causing trouble in the name of religion.”If we continue to receive this kind of gift, by the grace of God, there will be a reduction in poverty and hunger in our country,” opined Mohammed, a secretary of the blind community in Yobe. “I encourage everyone to continue assisting people, without thinking whether the person is Christian or Muslim. We are all Nigerians; please, do not let us have these negative thoughts towards our fellow brothers.”

In Plateau State, the two trailers arrived amidst much rushing and rejoicing in a local community for the less privileged. Jos, Plateau’s capital is known for violent riots and ethnic tensions and as such has received a lot of media attention. “Look at the way we have all gathered here today,” marvelled Abdulahi Mohammed Abdul, the General Secretary of the less privileged community. “Nobody is afraid of coming here. Both Muslims and Christians are doing things together because of the peace this gift from TB Joshua has brought to us.”

“This shows that there is love among us,” added Abubakar Abdulrahman, a local chief in the area. “The person who sent these gifts is a Christian, yet without discrimination, both Muslims and Christians are beneficiaries of these gifts. I call on the privileged in society and charitable organisations to emulate T.B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV so that there will be peace in society,” he added, speaking in the local dialect of Hausa.

Hadiza Kasimu, a physically challenged indigene of Nasarawa, believed such acts would form the framework for peace in the area. “We thank God for this beautiful day and for bringing us together in love, joy, peace and unity. We should stop fighting each other in the name of religion. In the light of gifts like this, we should stop fighting and embrace one another.” Lt. Umar Lawal, an army personnel who lost his left arm in service and was reduced to begging on the streets, was speechless. “If there is a word that is better than thank you, I would say it. There are a lot of us who live here without food, shelter or hope – nobody cares to know how we live.  Today, I know somebody cares about me; somebody knows how I feel with my disability; somebody is praying for me.”

Trailers packed with rice also reached the volatile capital of Borno State, Maiduguri, arriving at the Molai General Hospital for the Lepers. As the rice was offloaded, one of the blind beneficiaries emotionally spoke. “As I am touching this rice as a blind person, I want to show the entire world that T.B. Joshua has imparted love and peace. We are facing many security challenges in this state, but with such a gift we hope this will bring more love to the people in our state, especially those living with disabilities and the less privileged.”

 Al Waje, the secretary of the organisation admired that the gift originated from someone he had never met or previously known. “He has sent these gifts to us because of God, not for any other reason. He has never seen us and we do not know him. Without even looking for the assistance of this man, he has come to us.”

 Lagos State was not left out of the festive benevolence as the sum of N4,000,000 was given to the Ilupeju Old People’s Association along with another trailer load of rice. A less privileged community in Agege named ‘Gidan Kwano’ also received N300,000 and 500 bags of rice, as did the Oko Baba Destitute home in Ebute-Metta.

TB Joshua - Let Love Lead

As T.B. Joshua says, we should love our neighbours as ourselves. Our neighbour can be our friend, our enemy, those who do not share the same faith with you – we should love them all. It is said that actions speak louder than words. This unconditional demonstration of love spoke volumes to Nigeria and the world. So, the question is, what is the best way to celebrate? Like the Bible says in Matthew 25:35, “I was hungry and you gave Me food; I was thirsty and you gave Me drink; I was a stranger and you took Me in”

This principle runs through life from top to bottom, what you make happen for others, God will make happen to you. In the words of T.B. Joshua, “You will begin to succeed with your life when the hurts and problems of others begin to matter to you. When you become a solution to someone else’s problem, who knows you may discover who you are thereby.”

TB Joshua - Love In Action

Is this not the best celebration?

  • Evans muzanechita

    Thank you Man of God for showing love not only to nigerians but to the whole world ,may u be blessed

  • Khanyisle Mlangeni

    This is the best celebration ever, showing love to one another, because we are all Gods creation.May God bless all those that help other people out of love. Amen

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    It is de best celebration ever because love knows no bounderies,nd may God give me the grace to love my neighbours nd cast away o my fear unto Him,in Jesus name amen.

  • Truely this is the best celebration i have ever seen,loving our neighbor and those of other faiths in particular the muslim community recieving Gifts from Christians,
    This is th doing of the Lord and not Man.
    It is may Prayer that the Church all over the world must live upto this standard and we will again like in the early church in Acts called Christian.
    Man of God am Humble by what God is doing through You and the Ministry.
    May He continue to add more days upon your life and more life upon your days for His glory
    You are indeed a blessing to the body of Christ.
    Pastor Moses Katumbi-Zambia.

  • Such expressions of love through giving are from above. Iam encouraged and pray to God to help me give to the people in really need. “You(I) will begin to succeed with your life when the hurts and problems of others matters with you(me)”. These are prophetic words and I believe in them.

  • Morning TB Joshua and the Emmanuel tv team,this is indeed the best celebration ever,to have a spirit of sharing,caring,forgiving,and most importatly,spreading out the love(1cor 13:13)
    i truelly believe if we give whole heartedly to the unprivilaged,God will to you,breatheren lets have a merciful heart amongst other,it being neighbours,enemies,families,coleques,if God is satisfied by all this,our nations will be rescued and eventually blessed by his amazing love,oh!how great is that breatheren.
    let love lead……..


    Thank you God for sending such good PEOPLE to this world to help those who are in need.Love should be our daily bread.

  • Mupuro jon

    The bible says”you shall know them by their fruits” now love is the fruit of the spirit.Well done man of God.You’re leading by example.MAY GOD RICHLY BLESS YOU WITH ABUNDANCY OF RESOURCES NEEDED IN THIS GOOD CAUSE.


    Emmanuel. Sometimes is better to be kind than to be right. Thanks Lord for Prophet TB Joshua and Wise man.

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    Daddy,pray for me to become a produce not a consumer.We love you and let Love lead us.

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    this is a very big lesson to me. I pray God grace on my life to give also as an assignment from God.
    Prophet TB Joshua is my dady, my mentor, teacher and am am a living witness of one of the benefactors from him.

  • Glory be to God and our Lord Jesus Christ!
    I thank God for everything and the teachings we received from the man of God and our Prophet,when we give we are planting our seeds and we are re-shaping our destiny.It is good to give because we are doing what God is doing to us which is love because God is LOVE.let love lead,Love your neigbour as your self.


  • Phillip Lekanyang

    This really caring for people in need no matter their religion or culture, they are all humans ,brothers and sisters of God..let love lead..TB, you are showing us How to do it, may god bless you and your team.

  • martha lekang

    T B JOSHUA u are a my mentor.i pray BABA God to increase to you all the partners more than a hundred folds in Jesus name.during the past festive season i gave to some needy people i met on my trip home,but everyday i pray God to help me to give more and i would like to establish a care center for the orphans and needy people children in my country Botswana.i have since applied for the plot.

  • Antonio Barata

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    Thank you Prophet T.B.Joshua for your love may God give you more years to come in his name.

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  • Macbeth Ndjitaviua

    Love,Love, Love. It all come down to love. If we love the Christ way, nothing will stop us from changing this wolrd. We see the example every day on Emmanuel Tv, of how we should love. We want so many things for ourself, yet we do not appreciate the small we have and be able to love with that. Love looks around to see those in need. Thank you prophet TB Joshua, from you i have learned more than i learned at school in the accademic world. You are my mentor. May God give you more responsibilities(blessings). May He increase your daily tasks. Thank you humble man of God. It is true that we have soo many around us who needs us, our time, money and every thing that God has placed in our hands. To you it may seem as nothing, but some one out there needs whatever you have in your hand to make a living. God Bless You Prophet TB Joshua.

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    Thank You Jesus.

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    Man of God
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    Am Harun makate
    from Nairobi Kenya .

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    Many thanks for this kind gesture goes to all the SCOAN family.




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    Prophet tb joshua thank you for the email always your email blessing me every hour. pray for me i want to be blessed and to have the heart like you, your very kind. lovely God bless you forever.

    julieth – Tanzania.

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  • Love … The greatest, thank you Man of God for the Message from Heaven which came like a two-edged sword cutting into our hearts to sever right from wrong! A message for everyone in the world to hear! We love you! Give us Grace our Heavenly Father to forget about ourselves and let LOVE lead! Emmanuel



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    Man of God, you are maturing and nurturing us, your practical word of God (love unlimited to Borno) has consequently stopped the fighting and unnecessary blood spills. You repaid love for hate and taught us in Borno that as neighbors we must share and love each other. What you teach you put in practice and the blind “saw” this expression which we all have seen in almost every comment they made about this humble and love driven donation from those led by the father of love! They quoted the words(love, hope, care) as they commented. You are respecting human beings and not religion like many of us do. May the mercies, graces and blessings of the almighty always reign upon you, yours and let it touch even those resisting and hiding from it. May the Lord change hearts and bless those that eat of this gift so freely given. Thank you prophet TB Joshua the the gift of God to mankind and we are very proud of you and yours.

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