Prophet T.B. Joshua opened the Sunday sermon with a word of encouragement for the nation of Nigeria and the world at large. Citing the example of current events around the world, he opened the book of Daniel 3:16 and stated that we, people of God we do not defend ourselves because we have a Defender. This is what three Hebrew men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego said in response to King Nebuchadnezzar.Prophet T.B. Joshua

The prophet stated that the lives of believers in both the Old Testament and New Testament testify that being faithful to God does not eliminate adversity but may actually be a sign of being faithful to God. He then urged the congregation not to use the weapon of the enemy to defend themselves but realise that when our faith is tested, our endurance has a chance to grow.


It has become a common occurrence at The SCOAN to hear testimonies from those that have been delivered from one addiction or another. Marinela Simente

This Sunday, Marinela Simente, from Cameroon gave an astonishing testimony of deliverance from addiction to eating ice cubes and mint sweets. She told the congregation and the world watching on Emmanuel TV that before her deliverance, she only had an appetite for these items and as a result, suffered from anaemia. After watching Emmanuel TV and seeing the deliverance of others with the same type of problem, she decided to come down to The SCOAN herself for deliverance. Whilst giving her testimony, the video of her deliverance on the night of the candlelight service was played. During the candlelight service on the 31st December 2011, Prophet T.B. Joshua used the candle as the medium for deliverance. Holding the burning candle in reverence to God during the service, one of the visitors from South Africa came forward at the prophet’s request to pray for Marinela and deliver her from her addiction. At that name, Jesus Christ, she was freed from her bondage and no longer craved mint sweets or ice cubes.


Ruth, a young girl from Nigeria and her mother came forward expressing a desire to be free from an addiction of eating her own hair. Ruth

The mother explained that her daughter used to be very brilliant and the best in her class but when this problem began, she starting having a dull brain and her classmates were now far ahead of her in school. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name. Prophet T.B. Joshua instructed the mother to pray for her in Jesus’ name.

There was no movement, no shaking, nothing to indicate that deliverance was going on but after the prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua declared her free. He then asked her to eat her hair and she almost vomited it onto the floor saying it was no longer ‘sweet tasting’ in her mouth.Mrs Obiageli
Mrs Obiageli testifed that after receiving the Anointing Water and praying with it, she was promoted to Director of the NYSC (National Youth Service Council).

Hon. Tebite from Ughelli, Delta, Nigeria alongside his colleagues gave a testimony of how he contested and won the election as the House of Assembly Leader in Delta after praying with the Anointing Water.

Mr & Mrs Obuari Goodhead, with child in hand, described how they had suffered from barrenness for 5 years but after administering the Anointing Water, their problem was over and they became pregnant with the child in their arms.Mr & Mrs Obuari Goodhead, with child in hand

The second service began with theinspiring message by Wise Man Daniel titled, APPRECIATE GOD FOR HIS CORRECTION. WiseMan Daniel

The wise man reminded the congregation and viewers that God Almighty gives everyone plenty of evidence to believe Him and that we should therefore never doubt God’s desire or ability to help us. Using 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, he revealed that even though Paul’s challenges were so great, the apostle knew that the thorns in his flesh were to keep him from becoming proud or conceited. He saw his challenges as a reason for believing God just as he saw his good times as a reason for believing God. He was encouraged that God loved him enough to correct him. Wise Man Daniel then encouraged us to see our own challenges as a way of God correcting us, remembering that our situation is not like others’. Others’ challenges are meant to destroy them but ours, as Christians are meant for the glory of God. He concluded by reminding all that in our spiritual walk with the Lord, there are good and hard times alike. In both good and hard times alike, Jesus Christ must be honoured.


When it comes to giving, Prophet T.B. Joshua says that it is more blessed to give than to receive. During this holiday season and throughout the year, he encourages the viewers and partners of Emmanuel TV to look around and see those that are in need. He leads by example not only by instructing others to give but by showing them how to give in sincerity, simplicity and cheerfulness.

In response to his example, many Emmanuel TV Partners were challenged to go and do the same in their own countries. One of them, Mrs Christaline from Namibia gave account of how she was able to set up a charity feeding 450 orphan children and how she planned to build a centre to care for 1,500 orphans around the nation, taking care of their accommodation, feeding, health and schooling. While she was speaking, the video footage of her acts of giving was shown.  Mrs Christaline

Also challenged by Matthew 5:43, “Love your neighbour as yourself”, Mr John Chibwe from Zimbabwe explained how he held a meeting for the physically challenged where hundreds attended from all over Zimbabwe. Mr John Chibwe

The video showed a trailer of maize meal being unloaded and distributed among the crowd and brand new wheelchairs being unpacked and presented to many physically challenged. The joy and smiles on their faces that followed were enough of a blessing for the gift that was given.

The final person to tell her story was Mrs Josephine from Namibia, founder of the Mount Sinai Centre, an centre for children afflicted by HIV, reporting to the viewers that she had indeed handed over the centre to the prophet and was now receiving a salary from the man of God to care for the HIV positive mothers and children. Mrs Joshphine

In the short span of a few weeks, Prophet T.B. Joshua had donated to her organisation $50,000 which was providing life-saving supplies for hundreds in Namibia. At the close of the service, the prophet gave $10,000 to each of the three charity founders to assist them in their work and promised to send the same amount each week to support the children and needy individuals they were caring for.

Another video was played for the congregation and the viewers of Emmanuel TV showing a news report on giving in the United States. Emmanuel TV Partners and representatives in the USA, with donations sent by T.B. Joshua, visited and presented much needed supplies and a cash gift to a family resource centre caring for children with special needs in Kennewick, Washington, USA. A national news station, NBC, was present at the centre to do a live report, commenting that the roles had been reversed and that this time, a church in Africa were supporting the USA.

The service drew to a close as Prophet T.B. Joshua led the congregation and viewers worldwide in powerful prayer, inspiring them to dream again. These were his words:  “I don’t care where you are or how big a mess your life has been – begin to dream again! I prophesy to your life. God has positioned you in this New Year. God has positioned you for breakthrough in this New Year. Prayer Time

God has positioned you in this New Year for victory, for healing, in the name of Jesus! God has positioned you to achieve your destiny, in the name of Jesus! Your limitations are your opportunities! Your mess is your opportunity, in this New Year, in the name of Jesus. Dream again!”

  • While watching the second service via emmanuel tv, God placed a dream in my heart. Thank you Holy Spirit for Your inspiration.

  • Debbie

    Long life Prophet TBJoshua, We are very proud of what your are deliver among us. I m from Namibia and i ll do like prophet to play for me so that god can give me a new life to rise and shine again. i am in need of work, a man and married. in the name of Jesus Halleluja, and to keep all my enemies far from me.


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    can you please informing me when the Prophet TBJoshua coming to Namibia please. I want to go see him for anointment water.


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  • Keep doing good work man of God!!!God Bless You.

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    i enjoyed every bit of the teachings/prophecies.May god be praised forever.amen

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    God has given us another chance to dream again! insighting by Prophet T B Joshua, he categorically said that it does not matter your past life, the Lord will do it in your life! That is to say that your past is over! We give God the glory for given us yet another chance!

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    May the lord continues to use him.Prophet T.B Joshua,pls pray for me to get a job and a wife.GOD has use you to do alot in my life in recent time.GOD bless you.

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    I just want to thank god for Prophet TB JOSHUA for changing lifes may the almighty god protect u in jesus name. Man of god please pray for me so that l can help some of the dissabled hear in zimbabwe

  • I have been at the SCOAN before and am planning to be there again. It is fulfiling and refreshing to listing to the man of God and the Wisemen. They are rare breeds. Emmanuel TV is a regular companion in my home. I and my family Loves TB Joshua and the SCOAN. God will keep u. Man of God

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    man of god pray for to prosper this year in Jesus name Amen.

  • man for God pray for me. I was going to get married in dec on the 25th but the women i was going to marrie did not come. The we moved the date to the 7th of jan still she did not come. Only new when she told me that he mom does want her to marrie me. But she loves me n i love her n want to get married. Pray for us man for God that we get married

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    I also know dat T.b joshua is d elijah of our time, & i pray dat thouse who do not believe him would surely b delivered from d spirit of beefing. Emmanuel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thank you man of God for the wonderful prayer and may God keep on strengthening you in whatever you do especially in the area of giving.Man of God can you pray for me so that i will be stronger in my faith to God and be prayerful thank you may God keep on blessing you.Amen

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    Father In The Mighty Name of Jesus, Lord God I want to Thank You for blessing me with more so that I can give more to Emmanuel TV and other charitable organizations around the world. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.

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    My wife wants to be in school in july this year,she needs the grace of God to be picked under government bursary,she wants to do nursing! Man of God help please!

  • Thanx alt for the good wrodz n ma life haz changed alt ..i ave aproblem in ma studies n my life as well,plize Man of God pray 4 me ..i blieve dat wit your prayerz i cn be deliverd in they name of God ….



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    Man of God tank you

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    All the problems I’ve faced must be washed away in Jesus name. Plz man of God pray for me. Sickness and disease in my body should be out as year 2012 we have to dream again.

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    man of God thank u 4 the words of encouragement im dreaming again big ths yr 2012 plz help wth prayerz!

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    Hallelua man of God,l believe its time to dream again in my life,thank you for the inspiring anointed word of encouragement. God bless you even more.

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    I greet u in de name of our lord & personal seviour non other then JESUS CHRIST!!! Pliz man of God pray 4me 2 stop eating ice-cubes & 2 eating soil & deliever from de spirit maustabetion. i surffer 2 much man of God with kind of contraly spirit pliz man of i want 2 give a testmony 4 wat God ‘ll do in my life in Jesus’s name! Nelson from zambia.

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    Wow wonderful cherch there is a power of god amazing mircle hapen delivernce remembar tham old me he spand 17yrs without drink or eat bcs he was a witch and help poor ppls around the world.plc wen you pray dont 4gat me in need delivernce and healed ppls helg me be bls all of you and man of god i man sick 2011 june i found out that i am posetiv

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    Praise the LORD,hallelujah.Thank you LORD for the life of TB Joshua Your Anointed Prophet among us,in Jesus’ Name.Amen.Dear Man of GOD Prophet TB Joshua thank you for your prophecy to my life in this New Year,I believe it and I receive it,in Jesus’ Name.Amen.It is written in the Bible in(2CHRONICLES 20:20″…..Have faith in the LORD your God and you will be upheld;have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.”(NIV).Therefore I declare”God has positioned me for breakthrough in this New Year,God has positioned me in this New Year for victory,for healing in the Name of Jesus.God has positioned me in this New Year to achieve my destiny,in the Name of Jesus.My limitations are my opportunities,,my mess is my opportunity in this New Year,in the Name of Jesus.I dream again.”Amen.My Prophet TB Joshua,may GOD increase your greatness and comfort you in every side,in this New Year,in the Name of Jesus Christ.Amen.

    • May the Lord continue to use TB JOSHUA. I am positioned for Greatness and i believe. Amen and Amen . May the Lord continue to use Him Abundantly, i can not wait to meet The Man of God. JESUS IS ALIVE…..

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    We thank God for bringing us this far God bless the cheerful giver…..am inspired…God bless your ministry…

  • Engr E; Chima -Lagos.
    Iam a life witness that in SCOAN God is alive and more than able.
    The testimonies are true.
    TBJ is a major prophet among us.


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    Thank u my father prophet t.b joshua for alowing God to use u a medium to preach life into us.watching emmanuel tv has realy changed my life dnd dtitude towards others.i pray that God wil touch u always so dat u can keep being a medium for Jesus to touch us in the name of Jesus Christ amen.:)

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      Stay blessed and dream again!

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    i thank you lord for the words that you sent the man of god to share with us and we are going to dream till our dreams come to be true i thank you lord all am asking is my dreams this year of 2012 are my dreams to come true amen

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    In the Bible, I have read of mighty men of God like Daniel, David, Paul, Jeremiah, Elijah, and many others. Now I’m glad to see the practical works of God in my generation just as it is in the olden days.
    This alone is a blessing to my Life, My Nation, and the World!
    Thank you JESUS!

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    prophet TB Joshua’s ministry. l am really encouraged by the testimonies l went through reading that even my present circumstence will soon be a testimony. Must story must change before 1st march, 2012. Pray for me for my financial break through on 17th march, 2012 will be the day of my marriage celemony and l don’t have money and days are drawing near and near. God of TB Joshua help me in Jesus’Name.

  • Be blessed in Jesus name.
    Dream again
    this are really great words of encouragement,lets treat our challenges as a driving force of great opportunities,trust in God,worship him in truth and in spirit,because he is the spirit,trust that whatever you ask from him in faith and trust shall be given to you trully.
    i do believe that through this annointing water im gona make a difference in my life and others,it being a new interesting job,healing,a healthy trusting and loving relationship/marriage,a child,just breakthrough in any aspects of life.in jesus name.

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    God continuel to use man of God prophet TB Joshual in his ministry. The massage has encourage me, this year 2012 i position myself going back to school and fufill my dream, i feel anoited with this massage. May our heavenly father continuel to bless prophet tb joshual in jesus name, amen.


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    Emmanuel!!! I really thank God for u man God we appreciate what you are doing daddy and pray that God will continue to use you in jesus name!!! I believe that one I will meet you and that day will be a very special day for me…with God all things are possible..please man God I have a problem..I haven’t be seen my maceration since August last year please help me in praying for me..

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    God almighty be blessed, let this year be a year for me, for us man of God.Thank you very much for the word of encouragement.


    thank you man of God for the encouraging words. May you continue to be blessed .Pray for my marriage .The candle light service was great but can you please pray for the handkechiefs in this year again thank you.

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    I thank you for what you have done for me under the authority of Jesus Christ, may the gracious Lord keep on reviling more vision n anoint you with more power to help the nations.

    I love you Prophet TB Joshua with all members of your congregation.

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  • May the ALMIGHTY GOD continue to use you mightly for the deliverance and salvation of both saved and unsaved souls and strengthening of the faint hearted.I ‘m sure the whole world is awakening to a powerfull and undiluted gospel .

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    T.B JOSHUA is a blessing to Nigeria but we don’t value what we have.God’s been using TB JOSHUA to deliver many and God will continue to empower him from strength to strength.my prayer request is that he help us pray over my family for God’s wisdom &that God will open the eyes of our heart to see the cause of our affliction &bring a solution to it,in Jesus name.amen

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    Praise God Almighty. I really enjoy watching Emmanuel Television, seeing all d wonders and miracle God is doing through his son. I really love to be part of the blessings too, cus am a graduate of Accounting seeking for a good job since 2010. I your prayers and want the man of God to for me and will love to know hw i can buy the Anoited water, cus i believe God can do it for me the way He has been doing it for others in Jesus name. Jide olaniyi from kaduna!

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    God bless you.

    Emmanuel !!

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    I was very encouraged by the sunday services especially the giving part of it. Each i time i see people being helped on my heart beats ucontrollably and i end up shaking and my chest paining me. I pray that God will giveme the priveledge in a position to give. I love it so much. Thank u man of God u inspire me so much

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    Thank u man of God, l also have problems every time even death in our family every year. We hve tried many things but to no avail please l need your help my life is a mess, even my husband, my children life is on a stand still.

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    we are blessed to be sons and daugthers of Love.May God be praised.

  • 2012 the year of come back to God, we give glory to Jehovah for giving us a man of God TB Joshua. I will continue to dream and great things are already happening in my life.

  • to God be all the glory in Jesus name. amen

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    Surely we are blessed generation!

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    The prophet of my time. I always believe in you. Through your ministry God gave me a life partner, open my door of favour and other miracles and blessings. God will continue to bless you, more anointing on you and wise men, emmanuel team, and our big and humble mama mumy Evelyn.

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    Thank you man of God for the word of encouragement, it has dawned unto me that it is time to dream again and trust in GOD for his miracles.

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    I pray that god will always lead him to reach to those who need his anointing hand and help. God bless the scoan!

  • Glory to God. The works at the synagogues are all Holy Spirit guided. God bless you Prophet TB Joshua and all SCOAN. I believe God has positioned me well this year and years to come through His son Jesus Christ. As iam connected to the SCOAN internet here and through watching Emmanuel.tv, i shall be blessed because this is the reason why you are here for us. God help me to give.

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  • God has positioned me for breakthrough in this new year. I believe thatm my limitations are my opportunities and my mess is my opportunity. In Jesus Name, I Dream Again.

  • pls man of God pray 4 my family cos i have no earthly father any more,but i rest my hope un God& u dat God have send to affect the life of pple all over the world…..pls man of God i want ur help 2 also extend 2 my family 2 in kogi state(ogori_mangogo)pls man of God i am the only one in my family that read science in my family. bcos of finacial problem..it always my dream,life,joy 2 study abroad……..My of God, am nw an ND holder in science laboratory technology..but wish 2 be Medical laboratory or Medicine…pls offer me ur scholarship 2 study more…my mum is jst a petty trader witout much funds…no work 4 the once dat have finish….pls nd pls come 2 our aid, my of God…we love u God luv u more dat why his power is on u….u will leave long. cos, this life, good pple dont leave long!!!!!!!but ur own the best is yet 2 4 u in Jesus name…..u will nt die untimely death…God bless u more……..my name is Omolaiye lerama joy……

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    I feel highly favoured to witness Bible in practice, i pray o lord give me the grace to promote this same kind of love. I RECIEVE, Amen!.

  • Dream again! I thank God for everything.

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    I watched the pragram live from Emmanuel Tv.i give GOD glory.i want to know whether scoan is not member of CHRISTIAN ASSOCIATION OF NIGERIA.? and whether prophet TB joshua do attend the meeting.

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    i love the man of GOD and i know some day he will give a good profesey on me GOD BLESS MAN OF GOD TANK YOU TB JOSHUA

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    Mercy and favour is all I need Son of David saved my life and the lives of my family. Holy is your name, ever powerful. Those who dont believe, now believe that if you agree with Prophet TB Joshua in prayer, they will surely experience the power of God. I experienced the power of God in my house and also we were protected from being hit by a car. Oh God you are so wonderful I didnt deserve it. Its your mercy and favour I need in Jesus Christ name. Amen

  • kangwa

    May the name of the lord be glorified forever. Indeed this is a year of come back to worship God in spirit and in truth. I believe God has positioned me in 2012 for great things to come, salvation, delivarance, healing and breakthrough, I receive them in Jesus name. I thank God for the life of Prophet TB Joshua and may God continue to bless him. JESUS IS ALIVE TODAY AND FOREVER AMEN.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • israel muvindi DD1

    Powerful message, man of GOD. I will personally dream big this year and the Devil is in worse trouble this time around. More miracle are on my way this year and I am bubbling with the zeal to embrace them. May God use you until the Devil and his demons suffer massive contageous abortion… to the glory of our JESUS!

  • Grace Maleko

    Thank you Lord Jesus for this year of come back! Thank you too for giving us Prophet T.B Joshua your vessel of communicating to us whatever good and truth you want to tell us! I dare to declare that being Emmanuel partner,watching Emmanuel TV every day is not a disadvantage but rather a blessing more than having billions of money.What I have received,learned,seen,understood about life in Christ is awesome,Prophet T.B Joshua may the Lord Almighty use you more and more,protect you against all evils of the adversaries.May He cover you, your family,the wise men and the entire ministry under his wings where no evil can touch you all.Thank you prophet for availing yourself to be used by the Almighty.
    I agree with you prophet and declare that this year God has positioned me and my sons for breakthrough,healing,victory, achieve our destiny and that we can dream again since He is our defender in Jesus Christ name.I also pray that God intervene in the prevailing situation in Nigeria to allow love to lead in this nation and stop the killings of innocent people. Amen and amen!!!!!!!

  • I have no addition or subtraction about all the things said above let me just say amen

  • Daddy u a indeed God ‘s sent 2 help n redeem d poor.thank u vry much daddy.


    i luv d man of God.may d lord double His anointing upon him n his ministry in jesus name (amen)


    When men come to see you at your Church you receive them well. I see some vomit, spite,roll,some fight you How everything happen only a present Day Thomas can doubt the power of Almighty God in your life. Man of God you are Prophate Indeed sent to us all in our time as a blessing from God you have raised the Standards of a morden Christian and men of God in general (spending more on others and less on ourselves demontration of Gods power through healing and deliverance ) that agrees with JESUS desire that we love our neighbour as we love ourselves l

  • solomon ime Johnny

    I know that this prayer is my oppoturnity.thanks to t.b josua(servant of God)

  • sotubo remilekun

    i am holding on to that because i lost that dream of traveling out of the country now i have it back and i know with God all things are possible


    We need not only authority of God but accompanied by the power of God yes,i always hear from the prophet, Emmanuel TV is my number one station

  • Mary Chanda

    This Man inspires me in every way possible, i can only say thank u Lord for this Gift to man kind. He is indeed God’s General.

    We love you Papa.

  • Mrs D. Bwalya

    Thank you Prophet Tb Joshua for the words that keep on inspiring me. I recieve your prophecy in Jesus name and the mess of my life is my opportunity this year and forever. I ask for your prayers man of God as I walk in my spiritual jounrney

  • Pilot Tapiwa Dube

    So amazing God is really at work in these last days, His name be glorified now and forever. Amen.

  • chipo phiri

    We thank God for teaching us the importance of giving. A lot of people including myself have benefited from the man of God, indeed we shall continue dreaming despite the many life challenges. Long live Emmanuel TV, long live prophet T.B Joshua. May the good Lord continue using you. Amen!

  • sandra lehata

    Greetings man of God I thank God for all the prophet that teaching us the word of God

  • yvonne shabalala

    Prophet me and my family love you so much please pray for us as we are planning to come to nigeria you are truly our gift from god please keep us in your prayers our names are yvonne john and our son mkhuleko god bless

  • Christian Charles Kwesi Dusu Jr

    Man of GOD. Praise be to HIS Name for our lives. May God richly bless you for allowing yourself to be used by HIM to direct, inspire, encourage and teach the world that God is Who He tells us He is and also has made us potent to descharge HIS job here on earth. His Word is Truth. Pray for me to be used by God in a very unique way . Amen.

  • Claire ngandu

    Thank you for the words of encouragement,i would love to have a mentor like you to help me grow spiritually,may God bless you and everyday of your life and family.You my prophet.

  • masindi

    i believe God words is true 4 my life thank u man of God 4 givin me hope 2 dream again i wl keep on working so dat i can open my dream shop knowing dat all thing ar posble with God and my life is in his hand dis is my year of come back (healing, breakthroug,victory and achivement of destiny are mine dis year in Jesus name, amen

  • Mrs Besta Makore

    Man of God,this was an awsome service.I Thank the almighty 4 the life of prophet TB JOSHUA and partners.May God continue to give u devine sermons.pray 4 me 4 everything.GOD BLESS U.HALELUYA.



  • ikretsero john ogho

    God continuel to use
    man of God prophet
    TB Joshual in his
    ministry. The massage
    has encourage me, this
    year 2012 i position
    myself going back to
    school and fufill my
    dream, i feel anoited
    with this massage.
    May our heavenly
    father continuel to
    bless prophet TB
    Joshual in Jesus name,
    Amen…sir i need the anoiting water to help me..this is my mobile number 08068392297..sir,i need your prayers too to get a better job.

  • ophent

    Yes indeed with GOD all things are possible.

  • Uwa durojaiye

    I want to thank Man of God prophet T.B Joshua&wise Men thank u very much. Man of God prophet Tb Joshua,i believe i receive to dreams dreams again, breakthrough & i believed my pass is over in Jesus name Amen!. Everything that wil are Lord belong’s to You.

  • lembas maknives

    I bliv evry wed u say man of God u were sent 2 untied e tied

  • Barbra

    Glory be to God for his love endures forever

  • thank u for continuing in strengthning our faith…may God bless all aspiring benefactors so as to provide even more to those who are in need…praise be to God..!

  • Agbo Jacob Abutu

    I am deeply touched by these great words and testimonies. My testimony is surely at hand. SCOAN and the Emmanuel TV team are a great blessing to this generation. Keep up the God work. EMMANUEL!!!

  • May God continue blessing you forever. Please pray 4 me dat evry kind of dream attack from satan to come to end ad evrythng i shal do in life to flourish including education ad sposorsh til i finish ma degree programe.

  • Pastor T.B Joshua,
    Emmanuel, Emmanuel. Happy new years. I am James Okomba Nduka residing presently in Belize Central America with my family of five. We want to relocate to a better country this year. We want God’s Assistance and directives. We need your prayers for GOD’s favor, protection and good health during our process of relocation. We also wish for Breakthrough’s during this year of 2012.
    Thanks and God bless.

    Yours Faithfully,

    James Okomba Nduka.

  • samson ige

    Amen! Sir, whenever my life feels so empty, your message inspires me to know how much God loves me. In short word, I now see our situation in my family as a way of Gods correction to stop us from being proud and arrogant. Thank you daddy. Your son in the lord.

  • Abdullahi Benedict

    truly prophet TB Joshua is frm God,i pray for God Spirit to continue to rest on him as he gives meanin to d life of people.i ned prayer frm d man of God for a breakthrou for a job Tanks nd God bles.

  • orison

    our God that we worship is a truthful God therefore trust all your faith into him and he will deliever you

  • Glory be to God!
    God is still saying something,thank you man of God for passing this message from God to me this is my time to dream again,my dream is big because is of the Holy Ghost the doer of everything.


  • Sylvester Sakala

    Praise the Lord, Halleluijah, Amen. I thank God in the beauty of His Holiness in Jesus Name.
    Prophet TB Joshua, you are a gift packaged by God, annointed by Gods’ almighty Hand, your humility, wisdom and I’m only amazed at what God is doing through his humble servant (Prophet TB Joshua) it surpasses human understanding. Man of God of God i need to be guided on the developing trend on “SOWING A SEED FOR BREAKTHROUGH,HEALING,ETC” please guide me because i doubt and i may be sinning. I love you man of God.

  • Patricial

    I am happy I have every reason to live. Thank you man of God for the inspiring word that gives me hope. I feel I am honoured and privileged to be a member of this ministry.

  • Cynthia ufondu

    God bless scoan &his servants

  • Pindiwe Yona

    I was really challenged in my faith when Prophet was talking about giving. accutually i cried in my spirit and started to think about my works of love. I thank God 4 the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and i pray that God will continue to give more wisdom and knowledge. I pray for the Mercy and Favour of God upon his life and all the wise man to continue speaking for them and their loved ones in Jesus Name. Oh Father we love u, we love ur Son our Lord and Savior and we love ur sweet Holy Spirit.

  • Elizabeth

    Thank you Lord for healing me. Using your servant Prophet T. B Joshua to save your children from bondage

  • emeka ukwuaba

    thank u prophet TB Joshua for what God did in my life through wise man chrisopha. for delevrinme from spirity porverty and spiritual wife. thank u je

  • sampson osei- ampem

    Emmanuel. Man of God I will always pray for you the more. that God should bless you the more.protect you the more. continue to use you the more for His Kingdom work. and use you as a channel of blessings to others. May God bless all the Wise Men and the family of SCOAN, EMMANUEL,.

  • Delali Tali

    Wow, praise the Lord. You mean I can have a meaningful summary of the live service on face book just as repeats on Emmanuel TV? SCOAN, you are too much. Where Emmanuel TV can not reach, face book can reach. God is indeed spreading his words to all corners of the world. Thank you the SCOAN team working on face book. God bless you all and the man of God abundantly.Amen.

    Of course I am dreaming again 2012 and worshiping my Maker in Spirit and in truth.

    • Jackson Ovie Johnson

      if i of all persons who smoked for more than 15 yrs can be delievered through an Anointed water i administered over myself after prayers,then everybody can get his deliverance through the annointed water without even meeting the man of God.Thank you Jesus for yr servant T.B.Joshua.May the same God that made it for me settle all me in all my requests this year 2012.So that i and my wife can come home and give the testimony for the fruit of the womb in Jesus name,amen.Emmanuel/////////////////////////////////.God is truly with us,amen.

  • Adelusi Oluwadamilare Israel

    Thank YOU LORD for this message of hope. May GOD continuing strengthen the MAN of GOD IN JESUS Name. Now I believe this word is true for my life. In JESUS Name.

  • Elia

    we will keep praying for you T.B Joshua, you taught me so many thing and i have experience and learned so many things through your teaching
    may God bless you.

  • Elizabeth

    I called today to the SCOAN prayer line, and a lady prayer for me. I know by faith i am healed, bcos there is nothing too hard for God to handle. And i know that my past is over. In Jesus name. I always watch Emmanuel tv through wwitv.com or streamingfaith.com. I everyday pray with Emmanuel tv through internet every Sunday. As distance is not a barrier, i know i will make it this year through his anointed servant. I know it will be well with me

  • simon achuzia

    after visiting the synagogue in Lagos, my life and perseption of life has been changed. i now feel that it is important that we heed and spread the words of the man of God, in order to save both ourselves and our nation and world

  • cathy munemo

    Thank u so much man of GOD for encoraging l won’t give up l wil dream again may God bless u

  • john kamwaza

    May de power of holy ghost continue to use you n Jesus name

  • Grace

    God is so faithful, he gives us so many chances and thanx to the man of God Prophet TB Joshua for prophesying to our lives and encouraging us to Dream again for i believe everything is not lost. My limitation is my opportunity. Amen

  • Inuwa ngbede(emmanuel gabriel)

    Pastor only God alone can reward u more. Wit dis prayer i am move higher and higher.

  • rachel

    Emanuel. i have a problem of eating ice cube me and my family. Tb Joshua please help us for praying us

  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    I discovered The Synagogue Church of All Nations almost some 12years ago and travelled from Cameroon to see for my self. I saw wonders!!!! For the very first time in my 40years of existence, I saw “The Word” alive-I saw faith in action, and ever since then, my life has changed. Very few believed what I narrated upon return from my very first visit to the Synagogue Church of all Nations. Emmanuel TV came and has done a lot to satisfy the spiritual thirst and hunger of people (for real spiritual food). Emmanuel TV has been highly acclaimed because it showed what the human mouth could not convincingly and satisfactorily explain.-The Lord God, using mightily The Man in The Synagogue -Prophet TB Joshua- to perform signs and wonders, “never heard of, and never seen”before. Since the year 2000, I have witnessed the anointing in Prophet TB Joshua increased daily in leaps and bounds. Every message is very inspiring and soul searching. Briefly stated, Thank you T.B Joshua, thank you Emmanuel TV Crew, and above all, thank Our Almighty God for everything and especially for the messages in these weekly posts which refresh my soul and spirit every time I receive and read them. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!!

  • i will always praise God for his faithful servant prophet TB Joshua Thank God for blessing this our generation with the man of God. my name are patricia mbianda i live in France,Paris i am a member of the scoan bc i am always online watching emmanuel tv on internet. i have my delivrance just watching emmanuel tv and praying along with prophet Tb Joshua and i beg the man of God to pls pray for me so that this year my destiny will be accomplish in Jesus name. this year will be a year of all my heart desires to be accomplish . I WILL NEVER STOP PRAISING GOD FOR THE LIFE OF PROPHET TB JOSHUA . EMMANUEL…..

  • Henry Lamptey

    Man of God has spoken an we must dream again.Amen.

  • Kolwani Mtuluki


    ALL I CAN SAY IS THANK YOU LORD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Malindane

    I believe you Man of GOD. Malindane.

  • I am a 27 year old youngman who’s so grateful about the work of the Lord through T.B. Joshua & his wiseman. The Power of the word surely has no distance barrier and I pray that one day I’ll be in the SCOAN giving testimony of God’s goodness in my life & the whole family……..


    Thank you Jesus for healing me through Your Son Prophet TB Joshua. To God be the Glory

  • Samuel Akosu

    I am what God says I am through Prophet TB Joshua. Amen. EMMANUEL!

  • Thankyou man of God be blessed! In the name of jesus christ! Amen!

  • Aisha ibrahim

    Prophet T.B JOSHUA pls pray for my family and me.i want to gain admission into the higher institution.

  • margaret

    i believe that prophet TB joshua serves the living God.and i believe that if u pray for me,things will happen in jesus name.

  • Steve

    Prophet TB Joshua is balm provided by the Almighty God to soothe all manner of afflictions that the advesary has inflicted on mankind. I have long been soothed and am continually enjoying this afresh each time I watch and attend the services on Emmanuel TV. I pray that other men of God go on their knees and pray to our Father to anoint them in their own gifts from the Holy spirit in Jesus name. Not all men of God would be given the gift of prohecies as was given to prophet TB Joshua. We are one another’s strength. Emmanuel!!!!

  • Steve

    Prophet TB Joshua is balm provided by the Almighty God to soothe all manner of afflictions that the advesary has inflicted on mankind. I have long been soothed and am continually enjoying this afresh each time I watch and attend the services on Emmanuel TV. I pray that other men of God go on their knees and pray to our Father to anoint them in their own gifts from the Holy spirit in Jesus name. Not all men of God would be given the gift of prohecies as was given to prophet TB Joshua. We are one another’s strength. May God turn our great dreams into realities in Jesus’ name. Emmanuel!!!!

  • Ezelibe Uzochukwu Richard

    On d 18th of dec 2011 was d 1st time i came 2 scoan but sincerely i cant thank God enough for d work he is doin through TB Joshua.I didnt know what brought me 2 d church that day and ever since then i am new and fulfil but one is giving me pains,since 2yrs after graduation am yet 2 serve.I need d man of God 2 speak on my condition as i believe with him dat dis year is a year in record.I dont want dis march 2 pass me by,i want 2 go 4 my nysc.

  • nchang

    Oh Yes, this is my year of COMEBACK – DREAM AGAIN.
    Thank you dady for allowing God to use you for me by speaking to me through you.
    i am over encourahed and i very much clain and posses this prophetic declaration. My dreams i have table all before God and i am convinced that God will realise them and make them come true in Jesus name.
    Before the end of this year i am believing God for a wonderful testimony and i will come down to the SCOAN from Cameroon with my testimony.
    I pray to worship GOD in spirit and in truth.
    Thank you Jesus for Dady TB Joshua and the Emmanuel TV team

  • Kanyu cathy

    Glory be to God Amen Thank u Lord for used Prophet TB Joshau into our life. Thanks for pouring more blessed for me and my family. May this year 2012 be a year of our limitation is our opportunities in Jesus Name Amen thank u Jesus for interfer into my life and thanks for granted me what I was praying for. I promised to praise ur name for ever. Thank u Jesus and Thank u Prophet TB Joshau

  • Albertus

    please man of God what i use in order to meet you for my deliverance.please man of God help me,it is 30 years that i m in the prison of devil and this years i need to be deliver.please man of God have mercy on me.what else can i do,what words may i use so that man of God have mercy on me.my life is in dencer and my only hope is the man of God.please please have mercy on me.i cry for deliverance from far away.man of God help me,pray for me so that my life wil chance.please help me i try many places for getting out of this prison.if anyone read this poeple help me to meet man of God.

  • Ezelibe Uzochukwu Richard

    I was at scoan 1st on d 18th of dec 2011 and i was so happy dat i did cos i experimented great thing in my life.Thank u Jesus!Thank u senior prophet TB Joshua.Pls my national youth service is my pain i need 2 go 4 it bt cnt know y my school keep coming up with stories.Pls speak over it because i want 2 go 4 it dis march

  • John Nilantha Kumara Senaratne

    Dear Sir,
    Please send us the vedeo clips of the prayer meetings also. I feel by watching, listening, reading all what is taught by SCOAN, JESUS teach me personally. Thank you and all who help you.

  • Mark

    I pray for God’s favour, mercy, protection, love, achievement and care in my life

  • Nchia Roland Mua

    God Almighty disappointeth the devices of the crafty, so that their hands cannot perform their enterprise. (Job : 5VS 12) So some one like T.B Joshua will receive more blessings from God because he is not crafty. The little he has, he shares to the World so his sources will never run dry……….
    He is some one God himself has made his spokes man. He has been given divine authority to preach the word of God with power, revelations and Authority. God has impacted on him with anointing to free his people from the bondage the devil has held them in…He himself. Prophet T.B Joshua, has great faith which he uses to activate on the words of God. Since the word of God is light, life and power. Healing, breakthrough, deliverance follow suits thanks to the presence of the Holy Ghost. May God continue to bless and keep you Prophet T.B Joshua. Because your life will continue to be so much blessings to the whole World………….I love T.B Joshua

  • Veronica Boatin Foote

    God Richly blessed prophet TB Joshua & the wise men for given us such a powerful messages all the time stay blessed Amen ! Emmanuel… God is with us.

  • Mbhoni Bilankulu

    May the Almighty God bless u more prophet T.B Joshua, thank u for allowing God to work thru u man of God. Keep on doing the great work that God tells u to do!

  • ellen Lethoba

    I love wise man and their father in the Lord Prophet TB Joshua,may his years continue to increase stax and stax,thank for your teaching i didnt understand anything about the word of God,but i’m getting there.the is a light now in readings and understandings.love you

    I wish one day i can come to Scoan,but i’m scared of the flight.


    Ellen Lethoba,SA

  • elleni

    my name is elleni beyene, i am writeing from ethiopia, always i showed emmanuel tv. i am very happy. when i saw TB JOSHOA, I am very happy.i know scoan by television,i know 5 wise man, Racine, Joenchi, Daniel, Harry,Christophere, i am weak in english language, pls. read slowly. i live with my mother. my age is 54 but i dont have a family, because of saytan. even, in ethiopia i hear scoan around kirkos area, one day me & my mother went to scoan, small church, there is one television, saw emmanuel tv. but there is few people, i saw anointed water there. i dont know if scoan or not. my mother very sick, when she is eating, she saw in side the foods, there is insects. our house is full of snake, kinds if insects, when i came from the office, she is out from the house and sit on the stone. i am very angry. & quarrld each other. me also my left leg is sick . i will walk slowly. my mother name is askale Delnesahu. we are born again, i pray,….but no change. i beg in the name of Jesus Christ.all emmanuel prayers, pls help me pray for my mother.


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  • Angela


  • Okoye Chinyere Maureen

    My marital problem is over. I belive I will have my own destiny husband dis new year Amen

  • Okoye Chinyere maureen

    Emmanuel!!! My name is Okoye Chinyere Maureen 4rom Anambra State. I love watching Emmanuel TV but I cannot b able 2 come and visit the church due to transport fee and accomodation. But I really want to come. Pls Man of God TB joshua,even though I cannot come pls speak out a word upon my life and I believe I will b delivered. I had a divorced wit my ex husband and now am afriad of being disappointed again.Pls pray 4 me so that I will hv a God sent husband dis new year and 4 me and my family to b delivered. Also 4 me to get a wonderful Job dis year. And my sister Okoye Nneka who is 22yrs to start to see her menstrurstion dat hv being seized 4 months now. I will surely testify it if my prayers are answered dis year. God bless u TB joshua cos u are a real man of God despite i hvnt seen u physical. EMMANUEL

  • Bridget Maina Banda

    I am dreaming again in Jesus Christ Name. (Malawi)

  • Dear Pastor T.B. Joshua,
    Emmanuel, Emmanuel. I’m Mr. James Nduka Okomba, a used to be member of the Joe band (SCOAN) Lagos, Nigeria till I relocated to Belize with my Family. I have a family of five and we plead to call on your attention concerning the submission of our Nationality in Belize, Central America. We were asked to submit our Application forms to the Belize Immigration and Nationality Department. Please, we wish for your prayers of favors and acceptance.
    I always mention this issue on your blog and also about relocating to a next country this year by the grace of God. We have only a day to hear from the Immigration if they accepted or declined our submission concerning Me, My wife (Stella Oyediya Nduka) and 3 kids namely, Williams Nduka, Sunny-Johnson Nduka and Esther. C. Nduka.
    We also wish your prayers in advance because we have faith that they will accept our submission and so we wish for you to pray for us so that when our names will be called amongst those that got accepted, we would get our Nationality.
    We also wish to congratulate you on the mercy of God concerning your successes throughout these years and we are still praying for SCOAN.

  • Emmanuel! Indeed God has positioned me to achieve my destiny in the Name of Jesus Christ. My limitations are my opportunities in Jesus’ Name. I dream again! Amen. Thank you so very much man of God, Prophet TB Joshua, you are a blessing in my life. May God richly bless you and continue using you!

  • I would like to say that Prophet TB Joshua is no doubt a chosen man of God believe him.Live long man of God for yo work is too great.

  • sarah mashonga

    I want to thank God for blessing us with Prophet TB Joshua, he is a man sent from God to wipe off tears of many, may God continue to increase him in every area of his life, we watch emmanuel everyday and our lives have been transformed, we pray that this year God will grant us the opportunity to visit SCOAN and i just hope before end of May 2012, me, my husband and kids will will be in Nigeria in Jesus name. WE LOVE YOU PROPHET!!

  • Atunise Betty Motunrayo

    May the Almighty God continue to strenghten and uphold you my pastor (T.B Joshua) and mentor. God bless you daddy.

  • Onomeasikele omohan daniel

    Emmanuel, good day to the people of scoan. My name’s are Onomeasikele omohan daniel, i am from edo state, Nigeria. I am very excited to be writing this comment in this hour, sunday 25th march 2012 as i was watching emmanuel tv which is also my favourite station. I saw when prophet T.B. Joshua introduced the new annoited sticker containing his photograph and said anybody feeling pain should put the sticker in where ever he/she is feeling the pain, by faith i touch the screen of the television containing the sticker i was instantly heal of cough (tuberculosis) till now i have not notice any symptom of it again and i beleive i am healed forever. But the one that amazes me most is the good dream i have been having about myself these days like passing the nda exam i wrote and seeing myself as one of the student that secure admission into the academy and pass the interview, untill sunday 25th march 2012, when man of God introduce the new annoited sticker that say let love lead and he mention dream again. That was when i remembered it is exactly when i join the family of dream again in february i started having all this positive dream about myself. Glory be to God i know all the dreams will come to manifestation in jesus name and many other dream of revelation God will still show to me. I have also had alot of dreams aside my academics maybe one day i will give it as testimony and i also want to use this medium to be a partner with the emmanuel tv team and crew my phone number is 08067478322, please pray for me to secure admission and pass the interview into the Nigeria defence academy (nda) as a soldier thank you.

  • Pastor TB.Joshua,Emmanuel-Emmanuel sir,My name is Mr James Nduka okomba a member of the scoan church ,when I was in in Lagos Nigeria and I belong to Job Band, We are residing in Belize city,central America with a family of five,I am very Excited to be writing this Blog comment every time ,one day God we Answer my prayer.My dear pastor How I wish I can get the New Anointed sticker,which containing you photograph,and I having a lot of pains for many years.and is a pain of High Blood Pressure and Diabetes almost 5 years Now. I have also had a lot of Dream aside my Nationality,my Belizean passport as a Nigeria Belizean,I am also want to use this Medium to be a partner with the SCOAN ,please pastor this my Number (+501)667-9159 and my House Address is Sunrise Avenue Apt 202 Belize city,C.A,please sir I needed the sticker ,How I wish you can send it throughout post officer in Belize city,and I will get it by God grace.And pray for me to secure the prime minister of Belize,Hon, Dean Oliver Barrow to Accepted my request as he promised me of my Nationality??, Thanks and God bless,please Remember to pray for my family of in Belize city,also concerning our Relocation to London/Ireland Dublin..from James Nduka okomba.

  • Onomeasikele desmONd ibhAfIdon

    EmmAnUel. GOd. With Us. If. GOd. Is. WITh Us no oNe. CAn be. AgANst. Us. I Love WIth the. SCOan and. WitH. The man of God Is. DoiNg. In. The. WORLd. ThAnk. U. So. MucH. SIr AboVe. All. ThANk. U. Jesus. So. MUch. FOr. This Gift

  • appeadu nelson

    emmanuel ,i love man of GOD TB Joshua and i believe he is a TRUE PROPHET OF GOD, i know he is from GOD,am nelson appeadu

  • Faith Tsikire


  • Thabo

    Man of God please answer us with more anointing of power,financial answer

  • He that contend with prophect t b joshua has God to contend i have seen the of GOD upon my life n family by visiting scoan. pls i have a question how do i get in touch with emmanuel patners in ireland dublin.

  • Nkhumbuleni Mulaudzi

    Amen ,after I heard this message,I can feel that my life is going to change (my career,my finances and my businesses) ,I am going to dream again. I believe that God has positioned me to achieve my destiny in the name of Jesus. My limitations is my opportunities. Thank you man of God Prophet TB Joshua