On October 30th, 2011, during a SCOAN Sunday Live Service, Prophet T.B. Joshua prophesied about international protests increasing and the need for governmental discussions and prayer. These were his words:

“In Jesus Christ’s name we pray. I see these protests in all nations, countries. Instead of reducing, I’m seeing it spread and become so strong, strong now. And that will cause distraction to the government of each country. Distraction – strong distraction. It’s another hindrance to every government. So, they have to pray because instead of it decreasing, it will continue to increase. I’m seeing it increase. And clamping down on them, arresting them is not the answer. So, there must be a tabletop discussion on how to get out of it. So please, open your lips and pray. Ask God to redeem all nations and your nation. Prayer.”

  • okeke elizabeth

    thank God for papa T.B Joshua whom God has used to bring a way of settling this issue of distraction in the government of this country, only if they will adhere to his prophetic way to get to the solution. I pray for peace in my country Nigeria in Jesus name.Amen

  • Rose Mbah Acha Fomundam

    Yes, we need to pray. What a privilege for us to carry everything to Him in prayers. Thank you Senior Prophet T.B Joshua. I wish everyone had the opportunity to read this message from the Prophet. God bless the Emmanuel TV Crew.

  • sampson osei- ampem

    Lord I pray that give our Leaders a hearing heart, and for once let them obey this prophecy to do the right thing to bring peace into the world,thank you Jesus. Papa may God bless you. Emmanuel.

  • Tebogo Radjadji

    God we thank u bring man like Prophet. Joshua in our like to guide us

  • Osward katenda

    Jehovah we thank you for giving the prophets, T b Joshua and the wisemen. May our leaders listen to God’s voice please. Godbless you man of God even the more. Amen!

  • Mrs Bingley Marie

    When god revealed his word is for us to pray. Thank you Prophet. for your commitment, your patient, your heart of love, we can really see Jesus in you. may God bless you more, guide you, strength you, protect you, use you more than before to deliver, hill, save the people all over the world. May The add the number of wise men to help you in this work. I pray for you and your family. Than you

  • the bible says, d prophet is not respected in his ow country. if only d Nigerians will take in2 heart what daddy JB JOSHUA says, Nigeria and d world would hv changed 4better

  • Tangisai nyamuzuwe

    Lord Jesus, redeem Zimbabwe and the world over. Soak it in your holy blood. When a prophet speaks, the wise listens. Penetrate the hearts of all relevant officials. Thank you man of God for the holy job you are doing. May He annoint you more. Amem

  • Dr Gideon C Mwanza

    Greetings in Jesus’ name. To Start with in our country Zambia we are experiencing protests in all provinces requesting their companies to increase their salary. The moment Man of God prophesied about protests indeed I see them happening that is to comfrim the word of God . For my family and I are aware of my prophet TB Joshua is the prophet for this generation. Let God bless him in Jesus’ name. Emmanuel partner ZM007369


    thank you man of god i know one day it will be my tuen to receive miracle from god thru you i will be there to give testimonies too Amen

  • Frank Ojukwu

    Only prayer can salvage the ugly situation of our nations. May we all continue to pray without ceasing for the peace of the world.

  • Okpotu Felix


  • Merania Nyagwipa

    Thank you Jesus for the live of Prophet TB. JOSHUA. He is the prophet of this generation. Let him continue to live and do what he had been called to do by the ALMIGHTY GOD. Lets all pray for our nations. In Zimbabwe lets unite and listen to God’s word. lets pray for our country for peace in JESUS’ name. AMEN.

  • Alinah Thoabala

    Indeed when the Prophet speaks the wise listen, I personally thank God Almighty for blessing us with such a gift in this continent Africa (James 1:17), I am talking about the Man of God Prophet T B Joshua he is an asset indeed, if we are wise we will listen to what God is saying through him and we will never go wrong if we can become doers of the word (James 1:22). You shall live long, you shall live long Man of God. Amen

  • Josephine Mulenga

    Man of God pray for the Country Zambia there too much protest over the condition of services. Workers in Companies are protesting nearly every day. Please remember our country in your prayers.

  • You are really man of God, may God bless u.

  • Neema Kilembe

    Prophet TB JOSHUA no DOUBT you are a REALLY man of GOD, We Trust and pray for you. Here in Tanzania we also love you and pray for you, I know African countries and world at large they got an Hero, and that is you Baba Tb Joshua.! God uses you for Us. God continue to bless you always, IN JESUS NAME. Amen.


    in Jesus name may God intervene on what is happening on mother earth!
    wen the God speaks we must listen carefully.
    I am a widow of 51yrs old,what I need is complete delverance from demonic activities in my life,my chn are not doing well,i am highly indebted to money launderers,they are almost grabbing my property all ofit.Man OF GOD,I need prayers from you and deliverance and material support.
    My children`s names are Laura,Atu,Hans and Mercury Matewere.My mother Jessie Golowa.please things are bad for me.

  • Madame Grace

    Thank you Jesus for the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and the mighty way you are using him.Thank you prophet for the prophecy,i know God loves us that is why He has revealed this to us so that we return to Him for mercy and He will forgive us all our sins.Here in Tanzania we also experienced this:students at higher institutions protesting,workers planning to do so, petty traders i.e those selling along the road sides which has caused confrontation with police in some regions and towns.WE ALL NEED TO PRAY FOR OUR COUNTRIES AND OUR NEIGHBORS FOR PEACE,UNITY AND LOVE TO ALL HUMAN KIND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!..
    Let all the people remember that answers to our problems are received from our knees through prayer to the Almighty who never fails anyone.MAY GOD ADD MORE YEARS,.ANOINTING AND GOOD HEALTH TO YOU PROPHET PLUS DIVINE PROTECTION TO YOUR FAMILY AND MINISTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.OUR GOD IS ABLE.

  • We thank God for the life of our man of God senior prophet t.b Joshua
    for these nation. he is really under the God eyes.

  • I pray for peace and non-protesting in our South-Africa.Amen.

  • Kundu Okia Mukete

    Lord thank You for Your unequal love for us on this planet Earth. Thank You for our divine gifts. Your love for us is expressed through Your able servant Prophet TB Joshua. As it is said in Deuteronomy 18, When God’s servants speaks, the wise listen. The revelation is made, all I clamour now is prayers and God’s intervention for peace in my country Cameroon and the world at

  • I thank God for the life of our man of God senior prophet t.b Joshua
    for these nation. he is really under the God are the man of i love so mush please keep on my pastor.

  • I thank God for the life of our man of God senior prophet t.b Joshua
    for these nation. he is really under the God are one of the man of God i love so mush please keep on my beloved pastor.

  • Calvin Ramokotla

    Calvin Ramokotla
    All have been prophesied in the book of Revelation & the man of God is unfolding it in a very powerful spirtual way for those who have thier candles not burning enough ,the end time is near .I thank the Almighty for this humble servant may God bless you PAPA

  • Nancy Kalaba


  • pamela

    God have mercy, on Zambia has we have been calling on you name. redeem our nation Zambia. in Jesus name . amen

  • leonard lekang

    may God almighty redeem our nation Botswana.i pray that our leaders may use the wisdom from above to lead our beloved country.i also pray for God mercy upon the whole world.thank you daddy for this prophecy.

  • Samuel Akosu

    Protest erupted in Nigeria two days after this prophesy over the reoval of fuel subsidy. It is only God that can give such an acurate insight about the future. God bless His servant senior Prophet TB Joshua. Amen. Emmanuel!

  • Andra

    May Lord Jesus help our nation Tanzania, i pray for our leaders in Jesus name


  • Jayne Jella

    May the almighty God redeem our nation Malawi. LEt God’s visitation be upon our leaders. May the voice of God speak wisdom unto them.

  • Actually, it has come to reality and from the words of the prophet, ‘stronger and stronger’ an average citizen(Nigerian) would never see it getting stronger cause after the death of two or three people, every one would disperse and that would be the end of the whole protest. Really, we need God’s intervention in the whole world and our Country Nigeria (In Jesus Name, Amen).

  • Let the Mercy of God speak for us during this period.

  • Lt us continue to pray for everything will be under control.

  • Yes Prayer is very vital for our government and we need to pray hard indeed inorder to over come the devils,may the good Lord be with the leaders of all nations.

  • grace


  • Tangisai ‘Artwell’ Nyamuzuwe (NyArtie)

    Thank you Jesus Christ. I pray that all the people in the must know that You love us all. Emmanuel.

  • Tangisai ‘Artwell’ Nyamuzuwe (NyArtie)

    Thank you Jesus Christ. I pray that all the people in the world must know that You love us all. Emmanuel.

  • Jobe Molema

    Plz God redeem our nation Botswana,I pray to God 2 open de ears nd eyes of our leaders 2 hear nd see,

  • Jobe Molema

    2chronicles 7;14 -15 If my ppl which r called by my name shall humble thmslf , nd pray,nd seek. My face,nd turn 4rm der wicked ways;den l’l I hear 4rm heaven,nd l’l 4give der sin,nd wil heal der land.nw mine eyes shall b open,nd my ears attent unto de prayer dat is made in dis place.oh God redeem our earth nd let de wise listen.shalom is ur naam,our Rapha,EMMANUEL!!!b

  • Veronica Boatin Foote

    O ‘ YES INDEED HE IS OUR SOLUTION, The leaders in our countries need more prayers & i pray to God Almighty that they should believed & obey this prophecy they should listen with a good heart i know the good LORD will see as true God Richly blessed prophet TB Joshua & the wise men EMMANUEL he is with us !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AMEN .

  • Makhesha thendo

    I love what god is doing through the lyf of Tb joshua , lets stand and pray with him fellow christians, because together we can make this world a peaceful 1, bless u Sir joshua.

  • Austin Kalambo

    What a grace to know these things before hand. The lord God mighty will surely give wisdom to our leaders to start defusing the potential problems leading to protest. Lord God have mercy on us. Help us to recognize your authority and power.

  • Year of coming back to worship god in spirit an so blessed an honourd to receive this massage on new yea eve candle light service.i feel prevelleged my god love me so much.thank you god for our senior prophet TB JOSHUA.LONG LIVE DADDY LONG LIVE.MAY OUR GOD YO GOD CARE YOU FOR UU.HALLELUYA.PLS SEND ME ANNOITING WATER.MY ADDRESSES IS P.O.BOX 3548.GIYANI.0826.LIMPOPO .SOUTH AFRICA .CELL 0735742041

  • Lord Jesus redeem our country Tanzania, give our leaders hearing heart. I thank you for Senior prophet T.b Joshua, I join him to pray for all nations I Jesus name I pray! Amen

  • Goodman Langwenya

    What the man of God is prophesying about here is already happening globally. We thank God for revealing all these sad occurrences through His servant Prophet TB Joshau and I am sure that God through His servants wants to save us from any calamities thereof only if mankind will take heed of this prophesy. Right now in the power vested in the name Jesus Christ, I pray against any protest in my country Swaziland as well as in any part of the world. I ask that the favor of God fall upon us. we bask in His mercy and may God’s grace fill the hearts of those in leadership positions so that the Will of God will prevail. Whatever the devil is planning against the world’s peace, may he not succeed on it in the name of Jesus Christ.

  • edwin sedze

    thank you Lord Jesus for the prophets that you have given us in this generation. may you bless them and protect them from all evil. when man of God speak, the WISE listen. coz its God speaking. question is, how many of us are wise? may God give us wise leaders in Jesus name we pray.

  • Abijah julla

    Here in Malawi abt 50 pipo has bn arrested bcoz of the protest which happened last weak btwin police and Vendors, many cars,shops has bn smashed and looted. I c this is the begining. Plz Lord help us, man of God dont leave us, pray with us.

  • patricia nzima

    al dats bin said is true w hav a man of god al ovr the world,am in swaziland cant ms emanuels programs and spiritualy av grown

  • Emmanuel! When God’s servant speak forth the wise listen.I really want to meet my humble servant of most high God,still waiting my invitation letter.By the grace of God it will happen.
    From Malawi,Eluby.

  • maria denhere

    may the LORD, GOD ALMIGHTY strengthen and shield you, man of GOD. those with faith love and pray for you!

  • akanyang



    Hi Prophet and all brethren in this ministry. I bless God for such insights and secrets He is revealing to the body of Christ through TB Joshua. Yes here in Kenya we are encouraged and thirsting more and more of God. Yes on our knees we pray for the Peace Jesus gives, not as the world does. According to John 17, Christ did not ask the Father to take us away from the world but to give us victory and protection amidst all turmoils. Even as protests increase, the word of God will be fulfilled but He shall keep the church. Thanks dear Prophet and all the team for alerting us that things are indeed not getting better but worse, it has happened in Kenya, strikes all over! I thank Jesus for His goodness that He reveals the hidden things.As I write to you now, I have encountered great pain in my life, I cleared University back in 2008,upto now, I am jobless. Infact I can’t even settle my rents, yet i know the Lord of glory will remember me one day and I will sing a new song.. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME, I’M A GOSPEL ARTIST BUT SINCE I RELEASED MY FIRST ALBUM EVERYTHING FELL APART. I LIVE LIKE A BEGGAR BUT I’M TRUSTING GOD FOR BREAKTHROUGH. JEHOVAH BLESS NIGERIA AND BRING PEACE.MAY HE CALM THE STORMS. I AM PRAYING FOR THE PEACE OF NIGERIA AND MORE SO THE CHURCH IN NIGERIA. GOD BLESS KENYA, GOD BLESS NIGERIA, GOD BLESS AFRICA AND THE CHURCH IN THE WORLD. AMEN
    Esther, Nairobi–Kenya

    • Phathutshedzo Munzhelele

      Hi Esther, your post made me cry. It just made me come out of my comfort zone and be in your shoes for a minute. I will pray with you my sister and i know that with God ALL things are possible and as you continue to seek his righteousness, He will add all things to you. God bless you and may his favor and goodness fill your life in Jesus name.

  • Joseph Shikova

    Thank you prophet, may God continue to bless you & give you eternal life. I believe you are truly sent from heaven for this reason. You have inspired the world by revealing it that “with God all things are possible.” Will join to pray for peace to prevail in our nations. We thank God for your life in Jesus name- Zimbabwe.

  • The masg is good, plz man of God pray for me and may young brothers kudakwashe, Marshal and Josias their are writting this yr.

  • Emmanuel my name is grace ephord isonda from Tanzania am watching emmanuel tv i wish one Tb.joshua visit us in east africa(Tanzania).

  • phalhonie kulube

    I thank You,Lord.For Your Spirit at work within Your people.And I thank You for Prophet TB.Joshua whom You’ve chosen,Lord, to speak through him.May the Lord fill His Presence in Zimbabwe to every individual,especially our Leaders.Fill Your Presence with every believer and worshiper You’ve planted,Lord,in our nation and I believe by vote of faith our beautiful nation will be redeemed.In Jesus Christs’Name.Amen.Thank You for this platform Pastor and Scoan.

  • phalhonie kulube

    I thank You,Lord,for Your Presence at work within Your people.And Thank You for ProphetTB Joshua whom You’ve chosen to speak to Your people through.May You fill Your Presence within our lovely nation Zimbabwe.In every Leader and Believer and Worshiper You’ve planted in our nation Lord,Let Your Ways reign and i believe by vote of Faith, our nation will be redeemed.In Jesus Christs’ Name,Amen.Thank You Pastor and Scoan.

  • Prophet God is using u. Im thankin God 4 providin me a job & patner.

  • Phathutshedzo Munzhelele

    I have just seen the confirmation of this prophecy in Nigeria on CNN as they are protesting over the spike in fuel prices. Surely we have a prophet among us who speaks not from himself but from God. Deuteronomy 18V20. The prophecy has come to pass and we thank the Lord that he reveals his actions to his servants. What remains is for us as the nations to pray for mercy and God’s grace.

  • Ajite lawrence

    Oo!!!! I hv missed watching emmanuel tv for d past 8 month, how i wished i could watch d prophecy agian.

  • Ajite lawrence

    Oo!!!! I hv missed watching emmanuel tv for d past 8 month, how i wished i could watch d prophecy agian. Nigeria realy needs prayers

  • Omomo Lawrence

    The predictions of Prophet TB Joshua are perfect, this shows that he is a true man of God, the recent increase or hike of petrol and the removal of fuel subsidy in Nigeria by the Federal Government that lead to a massive protest by the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) & Trade Unions and civil society groups in the country that lead to economic meltdown in Nigeria which have equally resulted in breaking of law and order by some miscreants and claiming of lives & properties in some major cities. This is an indication that prophet TB Joshua is a true man of God, because his predictions never fails they always come to pass.

  • takobana majuta

    our God is great! thank you Jesus for loving us so much. your love for us un conditonal. you knew we were in the dark because must of the bad thinhgs that were happenning to us we never knew the cause root of it. you sent us someone to rescue us and show us the light, tb joshua is really from you. we thank you Lord for your love.

  • Biggie Kamusha Maite

    TB JOSHUA He is God sent, you don’t need any reasoning, he leads people to Jesus, the Lord. ANY one against that, is ant Christ

  • Regayi Katikiti

    I pray to you God Jehovah through your Son Jesus Christ to bring resounding peace to our nation & country Zimbabwe.

    I pray LORD that you restore it to be Africa’s bread basket & jewel of africa. I pray Lord that peace & tranquillity prevail on this small nation Lord Jehovah God!

    I pray you bless SCOAN and TB Joshua and LORD that you continue leading them.

    In JESUS CHRIST’s name I pray. Emmanuel!


  • nchang

    Hevenly father, You are our strenght when we are weak. We pray for your grace and Mercy. For you say in your word that your grce is sufficient for us. Oh God Manifest your power and redem the whole world. if not for man for the sake of your able servants like Prophet TB Joshua.
    Our leaders are falling because the lack the fear of God in thier lives. eg Counties like Ghana are fine because thier president is God fearing.
    I pray that the world leaders should come to the SCOAN for divine impactation and inspiration on leadership. for the fear of God is the begining of wisdom.

  • Mark

    Lord make me to love you more. I need you in my life, my job, my family, my education, my relationships and marriage. Help me to recognise what you meant for me. Heal my dad of his sickness in jesus name.

  • Gideon c mwanza

    Prophet TB Joshua is a major Prophet for our generation. Whatever he prophise come to pass accurate and correct.