It was Christmas Day and The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations was teaming with people ready to see the miracle working power of our Saviour in action. The service began with beautiful songs of worship and carols. The atmosphere was charged as Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a message titled ‘Authority And Power.’ The prophet made the distinction between authority and power in both the secular world and the spiritual realm. Our reward for relating with Jesus, he maintained, is power. To know God is to know His power. Knowing facts about Jesus does not change our relationship with Him. An effective witness does not only know his faith but shows his faith. The prophet prayed at this point for the Lord to help him and the congregation to witness in Word and life. He asserted that it is God’s power working through Spirit and the Word that brings about deliverance, healing and blessing. Not only must we have God’s Word to be pastor, evangelist or bishop, we must also have God’s Spirit. When the Holy Spirit took residence within us, He did so with the thought of aiding our character. If you catch anybody in sin, you must restore him gently so that you will not fall into sin yourself, he advised. No one can say no to sin unless he is guided by the Holy Spirit. The prophet paused to pray for the Holy Spirit to impress the law into our heart; to pour into us His divine inspiration and to grant in us the practice of all virtues among other blessings. The prophet asserted that authority and power must go hand in hand as authority without power is worthless. Drawing the attention of his listeners to Luke 4:14-39, the prophet maintained that Jesus had authority over unclean spirits and also the power to force them out. In the same vein, he prayed that we have authority over diseases and the power of God to control them and tell them where to go. Jesus did not give us a powerless authority. We need to realise and speak in keeping with this power or else our ministry will be filled with empty talk and make our prayer superficial. Our prayer will be meaningless and often times destructive if not in line with the truth of God’s Word. It is nonsense to confess that Jesus is Lord but behave in a contrary manner. Not everyone who speaks in a spirit is a pastor. Everyone who claims to be a pastor must be tested by Biblical standard. Describing the Bible as the Book of books, the prophet encouraged his listeners to read it slowly, attentively and repeatedly. The more you read it the more you understand yourself and the God who created you. No spiritual passage exists in a vacuum. You must respond to it in a dialogue. This is as much about listening as speaking.

In his message during the second Sunday service, Wise Man Racine reminded his listeners that Christianity is all about relationship with God, advising them to look into their love walk with God. He also enjoined them to act love, do love and let love lead. Giving his sermon the title: Love Is Always There To Act and citing Luke 2:10-11 as his proof text, the wise man reminded the congregation that Jesus came to restore the relationship and fellowship between God and man. Jesus cares for all; whether rich or poor. Jesus feels what others feel. Jesus is love and love looks around to see who is in need of help. He reminded the congregation that somebody somewhere was in need of what they had. He enjoined the congregation to love their neighbours. Your neighbour, he explained, could be anybody: friend, enemy or even those who do not share the same faith with you. When you see life as Jesus did, you will help all. Spending more on others and less on ourselves is the only way to show love, the wise man concluded his message.

Miss Agnes Nyanga from Zambia told her listeners that she had been addicted to eating sandstones and soil for the past 25 years and pleaded with the prophet to deliver her in the mighty name of Jesus. She revealed that the habit took form one day when she swept her premises and sniffed the scent of the soil. It was at that point that a voice told her to eat the soil. The habit, she revealed, had attracted haemorrhoids to her system. All her efforts to stamp the habit out of her life had met with failure, she added. She repeatedly appealed to the prophet for her deliverance, saying that she had watched cases like hers being delivered on Emmanuel TV. As Prophet T.B. Joshua prayed for her in Jesus’ name, immediately, the evil spirit inside started manifesting wildly as she contorted her hands and began growling like an animal. Finally, she slumped after the contrary spirit had left her. The prophet educated the congregation that the animal in her that ate sandstones and soil had gone. Asked to eat the sandstone offered her after her deliverance, Agnes stared at the sandstone with disgust, reluctantly tasted it and promptly spat it out, saying that the old appeal had vanished. She thanked Jesus for her miraculous deliverance which had defied her efforts over the years.

A video clip unfolded the deliverance of a young man by Wise Man Christopher. The young man, by name Kaniyimi Labista Kuni introduced himself as he underwent deliverance as a spirit of dragon having five powers. One of the powers located in his private parts was used to destroy women. He said any woman whom he made love to would not be pregnant. The power in his chest, according to the evil spirit speaking in him, was being used to destroy the young man himself so that he would not do well as a footballer. He revealed that he became possessed by the spirit of tiger and dragon at the age of 15 years. He said the tiger came to him and made love with him in a dream after which he became afflicted with the spirit of raping animals. He said that he had raped fowls, cows and goats in the past six years during which time the tiger came to him daily for love making. He however, confirmed in his testimony that after the deliverance, the urge to rape animals disappeared.

Mr and Mrs Bennett Ofokans from South Africa told the congregation about the spirit of anger and suicide that had afflicted his wife, Love for years. Love explained that a spirit would come and ask her to leave this world and her husband by taking her own life. Since then, she became given to unnecessary anger and a desperate wish to commit suicide. She added that they came to The SCOAN in 2009 to seek the face of the Lord where she received a prophecy about the evil spirit in her life. The spirit always told her to leave this world. She was delivered after the prophecy and her life changed, making her enjoy her marriage from then. The deliverance which took place in 2009 was the reason for their visit from London to give the testimony. The couple thanked the prophet and God for her deliverance in the name of Jesus.

Mr Tunde Sowemimo from Ondo State told his listeners that he had pain in his stomach, which caused him to fall down and he was rushed to a hospital where the diagnosis showed that his intestine had ruptured. He was also told that he would undergo a procedure the result of which could not be guaranteed. He consequently sent for the Anointing Water and as soon as he ministered it to himself, he regained energy immediately and got up from his sickbed hale and hearty without any operation on him. A test conducted on him thereafter never showed any rupture of the intestine, thanks to God restoring his health through the Anointing Water. A sickness of ten years ended miraculously and he began to eat solid food.

After attending The SCOAN prayer line about two hours earlier, Mr Obiora Okeke accompanied by his wife, told the congregation about the goodness of the Lord in his life. He explained that he had been suffering from the problem of straightening of the lumber spine due to muscle spasm. He could not walk because of that and he got crutches from a hospital to aid his movement. To the glory of God however, after being prayed for by Wise Man Racine, his ailment was over. He advised his listeners to believe in God.

Prophet T. B. Joshua took time to pray for the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide for total deliverance as they were about entering the New Year. In course of the mass prayer, many members afflicted by evil spirits manifested such spirits and were delivered. Many others vomited poisonous substances from their systems in reaction to the mass prayer. Asking both the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers to join him in the mass prayer, the prophet moved from one prayer point to another. In the name of Jesus, the prophet prayed, whatever demonic activity in your life, I force it to come out in the name of Jesus. He explained that the demonic activity could be any disease, sickness, poverty, failure or disappointment. At the end of the mass prayer, the prophet asked all participants to thank the Lord for rewriting their history. He said the grace after declaring the congregation free.

  • J Tsikayi

    Truely speaking,this channel is so blessing.Prophet T.B.Joshua a real Man of God.

    I have discovered that among all Pastors, Prophet T.B.Joshua is the only one who preach about love not about money.Sir may God give you more years to come to change the nation to let love lead in this coming year.

    Sir I respect you and your teachings are so rich to me and to those who want to know God more in their lives.


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    Thank you prophet, you showed me that Jesus gave us not only authority but he gave us power too over Satan and diseases.This is basic knowledge I have to practice .

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    i m very convince with the power of God.when i see how people deliver,i wish i wil be one of then.30 years i am in the spirit of Gambling,demonic liare,stealing,badlock,unemployment.my tears are going out my eyes when i read how they deliver from deffrent spirit.i wish i want to be there to receive deliverance.i sent emails to be there and deliver.my haert is crying from far away to ask man of God to help me come there for deliverance.i also see how he help people in different needs.but my needs is only to deliver from my 30 years of jail.please man of God help me.i believe my help is there and i wish to be there for my deliverance.i only ask to receive my deliverance.there are more that God wil show man of God.even know i want to be free.please help me.

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    This is fantastic wow! Where i was i could nt watch emmanuel tv, thank God i could read the happaning on mail. I’m gonna be at Synagogue church on the 01/01/12 live! TB joshua i love u! Jesus i adore u! My Father in heaven i worship u! Our people of God nde wooooo…

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    I thank God for our Prophet TB Joshua and the wise man.We pray to God to give him more strength to carry on doing these great works of the Holy Spirit,because only by the Spirit of God a man can do what the prophet is doing for the people of God.To the wise men,Emmanueltv team and Emmanuel partners we love you all, keep on doing the work of God and stay blessed.To the man of God and his family we love you all happy new year. may God bless you more.

  • Tebogo Radjadji

    I thank God for our Prophet TB Joshua and the wise man. We pray to God to give him more strength to carry on doing these great works of the Holy Spirit,because only by the Spirit of God a man can do what the prophet is doing for the people of God. To the wise men,Emmanuel tv team and Emmanuel partners we love you all, keep on doing the work of God and stay blessed. To the man of God and his family we love you all happy new year. may God bless you more u are my spiritual father and I admire u

  • Tebogo Radjadji

    I thank God for our Prophet TB Joshuaand the wise man .We pray to God to give him more strength to carry on doing these great works of the Holy Spirit,because only by the Spirit of God a man can do what the prophet is doing for the people of God.To the wise men,Emmanuel tv team and Emmanuel partners we love you all, keep on doing the work of God and stay blessed.To the man of God and his family we love you all happy new. Year may God bless you more. I admire the GOd is using u into our lives .

  • I thank the Almighty Father for your life, your family, your congregation, your partners, your associate, your fellow colleague, you brother and sister in Christ, your ministry, your charitable organization and everything that u re been doing in life of people, I pray for more spiritual blessing and power to you Prophet T.B Joshua in Jesus name amen.

  • I thank God for Prophet TB Joshua. The man of God has really changed people’s lives by his true teachings of the Word of God. Emmanuel! Indeed God is with us!

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    Whenever l watch or go through tbjfanclub on the net as l had done now after missing the live broadcast, my spirit is revived, strengthened and leaving me with the craving to hear more. Holy spirit, l pray that you will remain my everything and assist me in all my needs. ‘YOU KNOW ME BETTER THAN MYSELF’. Thank you for giving the world your servant T.B Joshua. Bless him mightier. Thank you Jesus Christ. Lord Jesus, heal my mother-in-law who was detected cancer and is to go for an operation in South Africa on 30th January 2012. ‘Its not her portion, ln Jesus Christ’s name l pray’. Amen.

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    I wish I cud be there. Love u all in Jesus name.

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    i thank God almighty for using you all to do wonders in his name. Let divine strength and inspiration with power and the Holy ghost be an unending flow to you all this coming year 2012, there shall be plenty of open doors for scoan in Jesus name.
    Pastor Gordon Apong
    Branch Pastor
    Christ Gospel Mission international
    Bamenda, Cameroon.

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    thank you Jesus

  • i am always touched by the works of GOD in the SCOAN. I am happy and i believe the best is yet to come. i wish if i had money to come and witness HOW THE MAN OF GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA IS USED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT. Please tell the Man of God Prophet TB JOSHUA to sponsor me to come to SCOAN Nigeria.

    Best regards from

    Tinashe kayitano

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    Que Dieu tout- puissant vous bénisse prophète T.B joshua pour vos enseignements qui restorent,nourrient et guérient les ames.Nous avons besoins d’un serviteur de Dieu comme vous pour l’avancement du royaume de Dieu.J’aime beaucoup vos enseignements et je reviendrai à la synsgogue vous voir .Bonne fin d’année 2011 ,que jesus soit avec vous .

  • My dear pastor,We Belizean Nigeria wishing you and enter memembers of your church a Happy merry Xmas and New years in advance,pastor I am very Happy with your,but please bear with me and my family ,I hope things will be okay this coming year,I tahnks you for the good work your are doing ,I am still a life today,why I am saying this could you rember last month I told you about a man saying that his boys we come after me,that is mean he is going to kill me,To extand the fire him when he was working, Just for Nothing,Okay I am still a life today till next many-many years in my life,Thanks God for your prayer and enter of my family,please I remember to you again ,we wont to Leave this country next year by the grace of God,thanka again,from James Nduka okomba,I former belong to Job Band,when I was in Nigeria.and the man name is Frank Agusut

  • I thank God for what he has done in my life through his servant Prophet TB Joshua The prayers he offered for us and the blessings we received from God through the mouth of a Prophet.
    I pray to God to bless this great gift of prophecy we have in our continent and the whole World.
    To the man of God and our Prophet,we love you Sir.To the Emmanuel tv team,wise men and Emmanuel tv Partners we love all.


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    I wish I can watch Emanuel Televisionin South Sudan. I use to watch it Zambia. Now I decide to buy a labtop that enables me to watch ome of the Pograms. Recently I filled formembership so that information is send tomy email regularly.
    All these because the Man of God expires me so much to understand and love and put God as my best friend.

    There was a time some people said that Prophet TB Joshua will be coming to South Sudan. I was found that theyndid not even conduct him. I wish you can come to South Sudan and pray for our new Nation. It needs God’s delivery much. Things are not going well. Please pray for our Nation South Sudan. Thank you Prophet Joshua and thank to God for Sending you to deliver us from the bondage of sin and bad spirits. Thank you God our Father for your Son Jesus Christ through whom we depend.

    We need God;s Blessings and Delivery in or family.pray special for me.

    Regina Ossa Lullo

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    Emmanuel, Man of God may God bless you for being there for mankind and helping all souls that comes your way, without checking any ones background, May God bless you again, your entire family, the Wise Men and the entire family of SCOAN. Wishing you all a happy new year, Emmanuel,


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    Shalom man of God,
    I salute your mega preaching,divine power of God within you and your love to God and people. I wish one day to join the congregation and see you with your blessed team live. I pray God to Give you more abundant power and authority to heal the world.

    Joachim Kiberinka-Tanzania.

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    i want to thank God for his love far us ,he gave us authority every thing, no disease shall stay in my body for i have authority and power to cast them out.THANK YOU JESUS.

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    I thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua, You are the gift from God to the world may God continue using you mightily how i wish to attend prayers at scoan. But still more i enjoy your live coverage at Emmanuel tv. May God bless all watch this channel.

    Lackson Chisale.


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    Lord i thank you for the blessings that my family and i have received through your servant prophet Tb Joshua and the entire ministry,I lost more than one hundred thousand kenya shillings more than 4yrs ago after being aqurentor to somebody who took aloan and refused to pay but recently after using the anointing water i was suprised coz the person came to me and told me that he will start paying me in instalment and truely he has started paying me -Thank you lord,My parents house was built in 1981 and for all this time they were not able to finish it and when i started working in 2001 , i thought of finishing it but still i was not able to untill recently after using the anointing water and right now the work is completely done and i have not even strained to do it,i just want to ask everybody who is reading this mail to join me in thanking the God of our beloved prophet Tb Joshua.may the name of the lord be glorified in jesus name…Amen

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    Thank you Jesus, than you man of God TB Joshua and wisemen the work you are doing at church. Send me anointing water

  • Thanks be to God, and the Prophet for been obedient to His word!

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    I thank God for what he has been doing to people through his servant Prophet TB Joshua. I pray for him may God protect and bless him so that many people be delivered and saved through him in Jesus name.

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    I do not doubt what happens at the SCOAN because I know there is a God who made man in his image and likeness and is present at the SCOAN. The World has seen nothing yet. God is about to do more……….God bless T.B Joshua for his great work for humanity

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    God has anointed T.B Joshua to be his spokes man. So he has divine abilities to effectuate change unto the lives of the people of God Almighty. I wish him and his family a happy 2012………

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    Glory be to God. For giving us hope through his spokes man, T.B Joshua. Now we will be able to walk in the great light of God. Because we will be told the deepest things of God…..and we will be healed and delivered…..In fact our souls have been save from save from the snare of the fowler…….and from the noisesome pestilence……..To God be the Glory for ever and ever and ever

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    I am really Blessed!My father in the Lord Snr Prophet T.B Joshua and My Mom Evelyn Joshua thanks a millions,wiseman Daniel,Harry ,john Chi,Racine and Christopher thanks a millions and everyone @ scoan. Keep it up! What a wonderful Job @ scoan. I am happy because My Past is Over. ‘All i have to say is thank you Lord for providing us Snr Prophet T.B Joshua’Happppppppppppppy New year! Tsakani Margaret Deka

  • Gevening pastor I would like to know were can I find the holy water and if I want to go to your church what must I do. I would be thankful I need deliverance cannot sleep at night and my husband don’t believe me I don’t blame he,please Help. Thank you man of God.

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    Dear Sir
    Thank you and all the wise men and your staff for the work to the mankind through JESUS CHRIST. I myself and my wife and two twin sons wish all of you happy NEW YEAR. Wish all of you perfect health and long lives over one hundred Years. (Moses lived one hundred and twenty years, Job one hundred and forty years) JESUS love all of you
    abundantly. Praise JESUS name.
    Sri Lanka

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    Please tell me whats going on in my life

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    How are u man of God? You are indeed a man of God and a father to all that are seriously waiting for the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ. I personally have seen Christ manifesting in this generation through your higly anointed ministry. May God reachly bless you all.HAPPY 2012. I WILL KEEP WATCHING EMMANUEL TV.

  • If it was not Jesus who gave us Prophet T.B.Joshua, how would the world be like? Its a testimony to have him in our amidst.

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    The Bible states it clearly that a Prophet has no honour in his home, the greatest thing that ever happened to me is knowing you sir, thank you for allowing youself to be used as a vessel unto honour

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    The Authority message was powerful thank u man of God it revealed some powerful hidden truths and the Xmas message was spot on thank u Jesus for the Prophet and the Wiseman and the Emmanuel TV team.


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    The Authority message was powerful thank u man of God it revealed some powerful hidden truths and the Xmas message was spot on thank u Jesus for the Prophet and the Wiseman and the Emmanuel TV team.

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    Jesus is alive and is still there. His works in Scoan speaks for him and there is no reason why we should not believe. Doubting is many people’s enemy, for they doubt and avoid fulfilling what God says and they perish in their doubts. Just imagine if Namani’s servants did not cast away his doubt by encouraging him to bath in the River as instructed by the prophet. Would he have been healed of leprosy if he followed his doubtful mind. Jesus told Thomas not believe in only what he sees but even before seeing. Such belief is more than belief and we can appropriately call it faith. May the lord Jesus help cast away my unbelief and fill me with the Holy spirit to leave a holy life. Amen By Silas Nkala in Zimbabwe

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    We thank God for your life Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men,we have learnt from your ministry and we are still learning.God bless your ministry.

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    we are learning alot. prophet TB Joshus and Five wisemen you have impacted and improve our spiritual life.may God bless you more .


    Prophet T. B. is one man God is using truly to transform our world. We need appreciate God for using him as a special vessel to deliver the oppressed.

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  • I am a Thomas (with reservations).
    If these revelations are fake and the people who testify are acting, both are marvelous. GOD help those who help themselves, they say. I can see clearly that both sides (the Minister and the congregation) are serious and they don’t bother nobody; that matters! Keep it up! Kure.