Prophet T.B. Joshua Did Not Predict A Third World War

There is currently a rumour circulating that on Sunday 11th December, 2011, TB Joshua predicted a third world war.

CORRECTION: Prophet T.B. Joshua did not say that there would be a third world war. He did not say that civilisation would be gone. We should be very careful about changing a prophetic message to suit our own philosophy or our own world view.

The title chosen for this post is wrong and grossly misleading. Emmanuel TV is a means of communicating a message from God. All messages of prophecy given by Prophet T.B. Joshua to the world are shown live on Emmanuel TV during the Sunday live services at The SCOAN.

You can see the complete prophecy of the rebroadcast of the live service.

The correct response given to any prophecy is to call people together in order to pray and to seek the face of God. As Prophet T.B. Joshua advised, we continue to ask God to redeem our nation and the whole world.

Do not hear this or that and jump to a hasty conclusion. Find out the truth from the source and it shall be well with you.

  • Cain Mpofu

    Cain Mpofu -South Africa arrived from the Synagogue on Thursday 07th Dece 2011. Watched and listened to the Man of God , there was no mention of Third World War.

    Although we listen to the same station others prefer to hear themselves , interpret their own thinking and spread their own rumours in the name of others.

    GOD Bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua we need him to deliver us from this Evil world which we are living in. Africa let appreciate, guard our our gift jealously. Senior Prophet TB Joshua is an African as such we must be proud of him.

  • It is very easy to watch the current events and see that the Third World War is innevitable. No one doubts that the Middle East will be the starting point. The conflict between Persia (Iran), Israel, Muslim countries and America on the other side cannot be stopped.
    The peace in Israel is the peace in the world. The world, including the Church, is not praying for the Peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6). The UN, that is, the United Nations has beome irrelevant. Terrorists and troublemakers will be praised and acclaimed in UN. Israel will always be blamed for defending herself. The third world war is innevitable.However God will cease the wars. Read Psalm 46.

  • Emmanuel! is good to reffered the past so that the present can be corrected. Thank you Jesus.

  • Teressa N. Langa

    This is ridiciulouis. How can people be so ignorant.? Realy people do not respect God. I was watching this live service he never say that. May God help these people by restoring their concience sothat they do / say the right thing because they are destroying their lives also.

  • Barbra

    Surely people of god we must be very careful of what people say. I myself have managed to watch the whole live sunday service. I am praying for my nation and the whole world that the Lord jesus Christ redeem these countries. Everthing that has to do with God is fixed so people should believe not to be like doudting Thomas. Those people want christians to backslide. Thats the work of satan.

  • Prophet TB Joshua should not bother about what they think or imagine wrongly. He just need to focus on his calling with God and carry on his assignment with God Almighty. The value is not known until is been cut down. Nigerians will never see his value because many of them are realy envying him in so many ways but their plans will not hold and will as well not prevail against him either. am not a member of scoan but am very proud of him and what God is doing through him. thank God that am a nigerian like him and i will always defend him as far as i can. God bless you all.


    may God almighty forgive those blasphemers,who do not tell the truth about man of God.i was watching the whole service,nothing like that was said.Daddy the more persecutions ,the more blessings and favour upon your life.better is not good enough,the best is yet to come.AMEN

  • The clarity of thought and expression thereof articulated by our Prophet TB Joshua as disseminated through Emmanuel Tv leaves no space for misconceptions unless distortionists deliberately seek to misrepresent the same. The only authoritative source to hear the prophesies divinely revealed through the man of God is Emmanuel tv! May our Lord continue to expand the divine annointing of Prophet TB Joshua!

  • Grace Maleko

    I am surprised to hear such a huge rumor! I was watching the sunday services and i did not hear anything about third world war.People of this world are busy creating lies against this CHOSEN PROPHET and this indicates that it is only envy which is the work of the enemy.Remember he has not made himself,it is GOD who has chosen him and he accepted and humbled himself, he has abandoned eveything that the majority cling to and stick to obeying what GOD TELLS AND DIRECTS him to do!
    Remember what the LORD has said concerning His chosen ones:TOUCH NOT MY ANOINTED ONE and that this will provoke the anger of God.Have you not noticed that the more you speak lies about Prophet T.B Joshua the more God reveal Himself through the man of God ? dont you see how many people are being delivered from un imagined bondages e.g eating sand,soil,ice cubes,charcoal,hair,marker pens,foam matress etc? You should know by now that whatever the Prophet say is of God and whatever he has not said,is lies so please and please dont try to PUT WORDS INTO HIS MOUTH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he speaks when God tells him what to say and not what people want him to say.

  • Gentle Faraday

    The Man in the Synagogue,Prophet T.B JOSHUA is a GOD messenger on earth.Will there ever be a time when people value their prophet?Scoan is where i belong.

  • Glory be to God our Lord Jesus Christ!
    The battle is not for us but for the Lord himself,Leave it for God.When the man of God speaks it is not himself speaking but the Lord through his mouth by his Spirit.When we say things that tells lies about the man of God,we equaly lying about God saying he said things which he never said.To the man of God prophet TB Joshua as the voice of God to us,we love you with all our hearts.God bless you Sir.
    To the Emmanuel tv team and the wise men the Prophets of God we love you all stay blessed in Jesus’ name.

  • ucheji Anthony N

    it is really unfortunate that many are yet to come to the understanding that prophet T.B Joshua is a man from God. They are just looking for opportunity to discredit him…but they should also know that the prophesy from the man of God is not for everybody. Personally, I thank God for the knowledge to recognise the grace upon the man of God and i pray that nothing wil take me out of this grace.

  • sam

    My Dear Prophet, Do not Listen to them, just go on with the work of God. May that anointing on you continue to be increase daily, May you live up to 1000years for this generation. We are Bless.

  • When a man does good things, everyone will be waiting for him to do a bad thing.

    And when he does bad things, again everyone will be waiting for him to do something good.

    This satisfies the selfishness in man. Lets all seek God’s face with our own weaknesses and strengths and not find reference points in others for our convinience.

  • nchang

    Emmanuel God is realy with us and will always be in control. Mamy outside are aimed at misinterpreting the man of God so as to make him a false prophet. Nothing negative around the world can move me or affect my relation with the God of Prophet TB Joshua. Dady i love you and your God. Let your God be my God for ever and ever

  • Mumba Shamboko

    Its indeed shocking to hear of such a rumour being spred. The man of God never at anytime gave such a prophecy.I watched both services.The devil is a liar. Man on God you are such a blessing to the world!! May God continue anointing you and your ministry.

  • lucretia chima

    Firstly we must thank God messengers such as Prophet TB Joshua, may God help us to honour his chosen ones. It hurts me to hear people challenge, disregard a prophecy like this. .May God forgive them for they do not know what they r sayin. I missed the service and learnt about it from a friend. It shook me for I know the Man of God Delivers accurate messages from almighty. Some people want to discredit his message because they are not prepared and are scared. Children of God let’s stand united and pray to the almighty to redeem the whole world. Man of God may God reveal all to u and we will do as per your instructions, pray!

  • Josephine Mulenga

    i was also watching the Man of God never mentioned that there will be a third world war he said lets ask and pray to God to redeem our nation and the world. please lets learn to say the truth and the truth shall set us free don’t confuse people. God works through Man and Man delivers. Let us respect the Prophecy from the Man of God, Let us open our ears and hear and get the correct information otherwise you end up in sin.

  • Robert Silali

    God will always vindicate the just coz he is there to support the position of his annointed,shalom

  • Mwamba Ngoy Augustin

    Hi Thanks to have this message.
    I hope GOD remain GOD . Some peoples want only disqualifie T.B JOSHUA beaucose GOD is still using him.

    Please man of GOD don’t worry GOD continue to say true you
    Can you pray for my contry DRC..

  • Rev David E. Gondwe

    The Man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua, never spoke about a third world war last Sunday when he spoke about what God Almighty had shown him. I watched the service live on Emmanuel TV, so I heard what the Man of God said and he asked all believers around the World to pray and ask God to Redeem the whole World, because of the difficult times that lie ahead which the Lord had shown him.
    I don’t understand why some people can persist in misinformation and try to distort what God has said through His servant, The Prophet. Please people if you can’t be good, don’t touch the Man of God with lies.
    May the Lord have mercy on your souls. Leave God and His servants alone.
    Rev. David E. Gondwe
    South Africa

  • God Bless Senior Prophet TB Joshua, we love him and we know he is accurate all the times because He speaks the mind of God and God doesnt lie, to say he said this and that when he didnt say it is to equally say God said it when He didnt say it. The man of God spaeks what he hears the Spirit say and we must interprete God’s word with our carnal minds and assume where we shouldnt. It is wrong.

  • My TV was not able to catch Emmanuel that day, it was raining heavely- what is the prophesy all about can someone tell me?

  • Fortune Ponatshego

    the enemy is always ready to distort the message of God,even to paint the man öf God.all attempts of satan wont prevail in Jesus name.

  • Alera, California

    Man of God – Prophet T.B. Joshua – and the Wise Men, we thank you all for the good work you are doing. We are your people and your people know you, so never mind what other people think and say about you. The more they critize you, the more the anointing on you increases. They did the same thing to our Lord Jesus Christ, so we are not surprised. The devil doesn’t want mankind to be free and happy in life. We the partners of Emmanuel TV and members of SCOAN we are very happy with this ministry. Nothing will be able to change our love and support for SCOAN. Those who criticize the man of God need to read the comments above for their answers. All these criticisms are spoken and written out of jealousy!!! Even presidents, kings, and queens regard you as man of wisdom. We salute prophet T.B. Joshua. I pray that God opens their eyes to see the number of people who are on your side and the number of families and individuals who gather every Sunday morning to hear his sermon. Some of us in the USA, due to time zone differences forgo our sleep till morning all because we want to watch his sermon! When you watch Emmanuel TV and pray with the man of God your life changes, you read the bible, and pray a lot and think good about your neigbours. Plus, there is this inner peace and joy you have in you that I cannot express. And if you visit SCOAN, the joy you experience there you will never forget. I mean it’s like going on vacation on a cruise that and you feel such joy afterwards. The moment you get there you feel the presence of the Lord in the place. You are literally in a holy land. If you get the invitation to visit SCOAN, then trust me, you are blessed. I have been there twice, and oh my God the food, the love, the hospitality over there …hmmm! I’m always thinking of when to visit once more with my family.

  • sethukile siphiwe

    praise the lord,Emmanuel. ithank the man of god to keep us on track for praying for the world.i listened to the man of god live, he did not mention anything about the world war.peole should learn to join the prayer from TB joshua with all their heart.

  • Chenyuende Delphine Njikwe

    Christians pretend to be what they are.They live on criticisms and are not ready to change.What the prophet revealed is live on TV.God will answer them all.Rather we as believers should join him in fervent prayers to pray for the World at large and the difficulties that lie ahead of us.

  • J Tsikayi

    Thank God that we now know, that there are many enermies around the world, who are after God’s power and Man of God. God will be standing for you Sir in jesus name.

  • victor

    People have given themselves to the devil to use them. Leave the devil to go to hell with his angels not you who was fearfully and wounderfully made in the image of God. Repent and hear from the man of God prophety T.B Joshua.

  • Emmanuel! When God is with us no one can be against us.May God forgive those people created such a false words against what Prophet T.B. Joshua.Such people they don’t even watch Emmanuel Tv,those people are against the Ministry.Myself I was watching in my house(Malawi) my Prophet never said anything concerning ‘world war’ .The devil has failed.Emmanuel!Emmanuel!Emmanuel!

  • Ayoub Araya Desta

    Glory be to GOD,and thank GOD for the life of our Anointed Prophet TB Joshua.In this world there are a lot of people have hobbies to twist the prophetic message to suit their their philosophy.Praise be to GOD for it is written in(JEREMIAH1:16″They will fight against you but will not overcome you,for I am with you and will rescue you,”declare the LORD.”).In Jesus’ Name.Amen.

  • grace

    Glory be to God,thanx for giving us prophet T.B.Joshua.I love him and always pray for him,my life is good and going strong through watching emmanuel tv.God will always defend you.Halelujah.

  • i have no comments on sunday proprhetic messege may god blee tb joshou and the whole team

  • man of god tb joshou never mentioned there will be third world war he said lets ask and pray for our nation and the world god bless tb joshou and the whole team


    no matter what prophet T.B. Joshua is a real man of God, and we will continue obeying him because we know for sure that he is doing God work, prophet we love you, pray for our country Malawi aswell, God bless you abundantly.

  • Stephen Bryson Phiri

    May God forgive those who do not know what they are doing.

    It is high time people should open their eyes to see the Power of God in Prophet T B Joshua.

    If you do not understand the prophetic message just kneel down and pray over it and God Almight will enlghten you to really understand it.

    We should not just come into our own wolrdly conclusion.

    May God forgive us.

  • Nonceba

    Papa, we love u. You are the prophet of God.

  • Frank Ojukwu

    Senior Prophet TB Joshua has never been bothered by these rumours. I personally am not perturbed cos i know what God is doing at SCOAN.

  • Martha Zulu

    God bless you man of God.we love you very much.please forgive them for they dnt know what they are saying.please bless my family.

  • God bless you man of God.we love you very much.please forgive them for they dnt know what they are saying.please bless my family

  • Cryton Mkandawire

    Of the truth every one who tries to change the prophetic word spoken through the man of God Prophet TB Joshua God should have mercy on such people.They indeed do not know what they do.

  • Pemphero Emmanuel Nthyolamwendo

    Emmanuel….I would like to thank God for the wonderful gift he gave to this continent in specific and whole planet in general.My word of advice goes to all the people who are liars,yes I agree with you because a child learns behaviour from his father.In conclusion to this,I declare and advice all the bealivers all over the world tha these people are satanists,,,their aim is to keep us away from the good and wounderful gift of our lord Jesus christ.Lets pray for each other all over in Jesus name.Prophet TB Joshua we love you here in Malawi.God bless you.Hallelujah……


    My spiritual uncle, no qualms. This dark world may not understant you, but the Hevenly ones knows you. Don’t mind the misinterprinter’s. God pass the so called writer’s who are there writing for the sake of their pockects. The truth which you always stand for is bitter.


    My beloved Seniour Prophet TBJ, no qualms. This dark world may not understand you, but the Heavenly one knows you. Don’t mind the mis-interprinter’s. God pass the so-called writer’s who are there writing for their pockects. The truth which you alwas stand for is bitter

  • those who does not believe in gods message they will end up like that because they dont believe in gos prophesy to ,remember god is always watching us and we will get the jurgment of that. prophet tb johoa he his a real man of god. god send him to deliever people and able to see what will happen tomorow like jesus. iwas watching the servise i never heard such careful when you change gods word people of god.leave man of god to do and say what god shows him because you wont change that. what god said its said halleluya prays god for giving us this blessed man in jesus name god must keep on blessing him and reveal many things through the man of god senior phrophet tb joshoa

  • Linnah Malawi

    Man of God I want to say I LOVE YOU SO MUCH , EMMANUAL TV and PARTNERSHIP because your preachings have really changed my life, now am a pround women that iam accepted in the society, because i am trying to become a doer of the word of God not only listenings, Holy spirit help me to grow in spirits.
    Thank you Man of God through your prayer to the views i was healed my stiff neck and headchec immidieatly i touched the screen now its two weeks since you prayed for me AMEN.

  • Aderibigbe Ademola

    you’re my best prophet sent by God,i’ll never say anything bad against you and your work.
    All i have to tell you sir is that do not cease your good Job. I pray God to be with you more, as your name implied (Emmanuel)

  • Richard ngosa

    Bravo tb Joshua u are a major prophet. I LUV u wit my family in Jesus name amen.

  • For he has rescued us frm th dominion of darkness and brought us into the kingdom of the son He loves; colossians1:13 no one ,no devil shall change me & my family frm worshiping our LORD JESUS CHRIST of nazarethe. Man of God did not say anything about world war devil is a liar.

  • bokwe itoe


  • Amoyin moses

    I want to thank Gnd 4 d life of d man of God prophet TB Joshua 4 sending him to our generation, he is a blessing to this generation

  • Evan. J O. Agboola

    They are just looking for a way to dispise the prophesy. don’t mind them sir.

  • TB JOSHUA the man God uses ! I always tell people about you and I give them the add and encourage them to see you on youtube.I love you so much in the love of the lord,I am thankfull to God about you,even though I didn’t see you in person but I see you in my dream………
    chatting smiling with you, again another time I saw you in dream in one conference you were preaching I heard you gave the prophecy of hope and comfort to one ledy(beliver) whom you never know her, then when I awake in the morning I deliverd her the message she was comforted and was verey very happy.she start praying as wel. I live in london she live in bermingham thank God for his mercy and loving kindness upon all humanity.
    I will continue praying for you that God to keep you in his spirit every day.

  • Prophet TB Joshua is a true prophet of God.Ignore every rumours you may hear about him and always endeavour to put him in your daily prayers.

  • Jack Manche

    May the Almighty continue to use you mightly in what he has sent you to do in this world of sin. People of this world will always have negative things to say but the truth shall blessed

  • Mary david

    I think people should think clearly nd properly understnd statments before drawing conclusions so as not 2 draw d wrath of God.

  • Dear brothers and sisters in Christ
    this man is not mr Tb josha who need to hear this nonsense and rubbish attack that comes from deep of hell,but he is the man of God and prophet Joshua who is always busy in praying in spirit without ceasing……..
    as apostle paul said in galatians 2:20 I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.

    so I think he don’t have time to occupay in this nonsense things.

  • Prophet TB Joshua , you are a true prophet of God. Ignore every rumours, you hear only frome God,& I pray God to be with you more . I am praying daily with you in my ministrie & every where God is with us.Emmanual Ameen!

  • people are free to think out their thougts,but when GOD speaks using his servant like T.B josua we should be careful the way we try to think it out
    we need people like him in this world to show forth the ligth of God