In his third message packaged, like the first two, under the title: Words Of Encouragement, 

tb joshua

Prophet T. B. Joshua focused on love. He cited John 4:1-3, 10 as his proof text. In His abiding love, the prophet said, Jesus accepts anyone who comes to Him in faith, even those who previously rejected Him. He did not reject the sinful Samaritan woman but rather He showed her love and acceptance by offering her living water. Jesus will never reject anyone who comes to Him to be cleansed from sin. Our Lord gives healing when we are sick. Going beyond the sermon as he explored the subject of love, the prophet offered some prayers for his listeners and Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide.   Urging the congregation to repeat after him, he focused attention on many sufferers and prayed for the sick, the poor, the barren and the troubled ones.  He advised the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers not to misinterpret God’s silence in the midst of their unfavorable situation as rejection. In his words, God’s silence may be to reform them, to prepare them for the challenges ahead, to strengthen their desire or to reform them for a better position.  Citing Romans 8:35, he reiterated that nothing can separate us from the love of God. Facing hatred, hunger or homelessness should not make one doubt God’s love. There is not one thing evil enough, ugly enough, deep enough to stop God from loving you. Nothing and nothing can separate us from God’s love.  There is nothing anyone could possibly do to sever the connection, to dam the unstoppable, undeniable, unconditional love of God. Who is worthy of my affection, devotion, Sunday morning and faith? Who is worth dying or going to jail for? Worthy is the Lamb who was slain to receive power, strength, wisdom, honour and glory.





 Mrs Mugari Masindi from South Africa stunned the congregation when she submitted herself for deliverance as a victim of the addiction to eating sand for 15 years. She disclosed that once, when rain was falling, a voice told her to pack sand outside and eat it. In obedience to the voice, she did so and repeated it even on the second day. The habit, once formed, could not be stopped. After enjoying a very good meal, dinner or tea, she would not be satisfied until she chewed and swallowed some sand as a meal course. In addition to visiting many places and meeting pastors in an effort to nip the habit in the bud, she tried pop corn as a food supplement, but all to no avail. In helplessness, she appealed to the prophet for deliverance. Promptly reacting to the appeal, the prophet stretched his hand towards her in the mighty name of Jesus and after a moment or two she fell down. She was delivered by our Lord, Jesus Christ.  Asked what happened to her when she was being delivered, Mugari told her listeners that when the prophet stretched his hand towards her, she felt dizzy and fell without seeing the cause of her dizziness. After the deliverance, she was given some sand to eat but within seconds of putting the sand into her mouth, she spat it out in disgust, confessing that the sand had lost its usual appeal to her and she seized the opportunity to thank the prophet for being used by Jesus Christ to deliver her, after years of unsuccessful efforts by her in that regard. 



pregnancy testimony

 Mrs Peace Doya and her husband thanked God for using the instrument of the Anointing Water to usher them into parenthood after ten years of agonizing barrenness. In her testimony, Peace informed her listeners that after ten years of unsuccessful searching for the fruit of the womb, she and her husband visited The SCOAN in April to seek the face of the Lord and were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. At home, they prayed as a family and ministered the Anointing Water before meeting as a couple. That same month she conceived and is awaiting with joy the delivery of her baby to usher her into the status of the long awaited motherhood.  In the same spirit of great expectation, the husband affirmed his wife’s testimony and thanked God for His mercy towards them.



annointing water

 Mr Raniel of South Africa happily told his listeners how his marital life of barrenness for five years and disappointment was changed for good by the Lord, using the Anointing Water as the   instrument. In an effort to break the barrenness, Raniel told his listeners that he visited The SCOAN and received the Anointing Water. At home, they prayed and ministered the Anointing Water before meeting as a couple. Soon after, his wife conceived. In addition to the joy of parenthood, his wife became appointed into the State Department of Health as an accountant following an interview within a week of ministering the Anointing Water. Raniel thanked the merciful Lord on behalf of his wife and himself for transferring them to a new level, using the Anointing Water as a medium.



wiseman harry

 In his message titled The Best Technology, the proof text of which was 1 Samuel 17 :32-37, Wise Man Harry treated his listeners to the dialogue between King Saul and the young David as the latter prepared for a duel with Goliath. Limiting himself to physical and outward appearance, King Saul clearly underrated David and whatever experience he had compared to the mighty Goliath and his war records. Men, according to the prophet, base their judgement on outward skills and appearance by telling how they look but God tells who men are, relying on criteria which are not external. Unlike Saul, said the wise man, David knew that he was not out to fight flesh and blood and he was therefore uncomfortable with the battle outfit given to him by King Saul. David was not used to human technology but to God’s technology, having given his life to the Lord. According to the wise man, when you give your life to Jesus Christ, you will be connected to the One who created and wired you in a unique way. The wise man ended his message praying for the congregation to stay connected to Christ.





 In the mass prayer, the prophet, involving both the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers at the same time, fervently prayed for their release from every unfavorable situation they found themselves in and restoration to good health, marital joy, and economic wellbeing among others. Instructing them earlier to worship His holy name and ask Him for mercy and favour, the prophet spiritedly prayed for all those under the influence of the Emmanuel TV and the congregation, causing many of them to be delivered from various contrary spirits in addition to the release of the entire congregation to a realm beyond the reach of satan. We thank the mighty Lord for using the prophet for the salvation of many souls worldwide.                     


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    Emmanuel!I thank you my father in the Lord,my faith has been lifted up.indeed nothing can seperate us fron the Love of God my saviour.God bless you for reviving my soul.Halleluja

  • Dear pastor T.B.Joshua,Good evening and God bless you and the members of your church,I am very-very for me to received the blog from you,thanks for your information about the word of God I,m receiving from you without any payment,I Mr / Mrs James Nduka okomba family,s,please prayer for my family and where we are working.pastor you I com-plane a man said that he will send his boys to me,for the boys to kill me,and his name is Mr frank August from Belize city.please prayer for me and no body will see me in belize here and don,t talkies of any harm or killing.as I have told you that we wont to relocate to another country,because don,t like foreign in their country,I wish you cold remember me as you one time member ,when I was in Nigeria and I belong to Job band.thanks and God bless.from James Nduka okomba.

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    To Prophet TB Joshua, Wise Men and Emmanuel TV, thank you for everything you are doing in our lives. I pray that God continues to strenthen you in every aspect of your lives. I get lifted up everytime I watch Emmanuel TV and I pray that one day I’ll have the previledge of worshipping with you. God bless you.

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    Thank you Jesus for giving us your anointed one Prophet T.B. Joshua and using him greatly for the salvation of our soul, Lord Jesus may you continue to bless him mightily, fill him with more of your anointing, bless the entire family, the Wise Men, and the entire SCOAN family in Jesus name. Amen.

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    T.B Joshua is a blessing to this country Nigeria and the entire world.
    Long Life Prophets…….
    Long Life Scoan….
    Long Life Emmanuel TV….


    I thank God for this ministry, it is a great blessing to my life. Recently I dreamt that I visited SCOAN and prophet TB Joshua prayed for me and declared my past is over, and a breakthrough in my life, I confess since then I have had unspeakable joy believing that my hardship is over. God bless Scoan, God bless Prophet TB Joshua. Am Blessed

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  • I would to know where can I get the anointing water and what can I do I I want to go to pastor tb joshua’s church?

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  • @delia – yes, while you havent made it to the Head Quarters, try to visit one of the branches. I’m in Durban and in August I took a flight to Cape Town to attend one service on Sunday, I indeed saw God working thru the annoiting water just like we see Emmanuel TV showing us whats going on in the branches. My intention was to have my younger sister prayed for and God in Jesus Name did something.
    Stay blessed. We thank God for Papa TB Joshua – Jesus is indeed the same, the one who did miracles and still and will do.

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    He is our salvation and is the first born from the dead. Amen!

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    EMMANUEL.indeed this is a testimony from my mum in botswana.she is 57 years old and she loves God.she phoned to tell me to pass this testimony to her father Prophet T B Joshua that she saw him last night in a dream.he told her to lay hands on my dad who has long been suffering form kidney stones and use the name of Jesus ,he will be healed.when the man of God says we should fast ,she never misses any fasting.thank u man of God for touching the life of my parents because my daddy missed three operations in theatre room and i believe God wanted to heal him thru you.THANK YOU JESUS FOR PROPHET TB JOSHUA………………….


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    Remain blessed

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    Iam here by kindly requesting your invitation to come to your chuch for prayer and recieve the Lord healing .
    I have been suffering from suger {Dibetic}and {high blood presuer} and affected me severe pain in my head ,secondly is almost paralysing the one side of my body but i can walk yet slowly by slowly ,even my eyes can not see well.
    It is since 2000, but the severe pain and paralitic begin this year 2011 sep and i was Admited to hospital in thesame month and i was vometing blood.
    I was in Egypt and Uganda loking for medesin but nothing.
    There for may help me sending the invitation to allow the prayer .

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