Referring to many portions of the Bible and particularly to Job 29:24, Prophet T.B. Joshua dwelt on the theme of love and encouragement. Using Job 29:24 as a case for consideration, he remarked that Job means that a look of approval at those in trouble or need gives them hope and assurance. Identifying with those in need as a Christian is precious to them. On the other hand, says Job, looking at the other side when your neighbour is in trouble is ungodly. Loving your enemy is always unreasonable unless you realise that you were an enemy of God until He forgave you. It is also His will that you remember that you have sinned and been forgiven, for it is that remembrance that creates a forgiving heart towards your neighbours. To love an enemy is to see him as Christ does. The issue is not resolved until forgiveness is voiced and received from the heart. Do not allow confrontation to tear you down or pull you apart. Rather, see confrontation as a means of coming closer together, going together and being prepared together for an ever greater relationship. Do not reject anyone on account of weakness because the future is a mystery. You cannot say what will happen tomorrow; someone you reject today may be your strength or helper tomorrow. A person who is a thorn in your flesh today may be your helper tomorrow. If I reject you on account of your weakness, I also reject your strength. If a person is weak in one area, he may be strong in another area, the prophet concluded.


Mr and Mrs Shindume of Namibia were among those who shared their testimony. According to Mr Julius Shindume, he had been a drunkard for 24 years. In fact his wife, Vineyard was also a drunkard. The couple had gone to many places in an effort to stop the ugly habit without success. Luckily for them, their neighbour, a nurse who was a member of the Emmanuel TV team to Haiti, received some Anointing Water from Prophet T.B. Joshua when she visited The SCOAN. At home in Namibia, she invited the couple, prayed with the Anointing Water and ministered it to them. From the moment that the Anointing Water was ministered, the ugly habit stopped.

Testifying to the goodness of God

Mr Shindume reported that he had lost his job and was rejected by his family for his drinking habit. Holding his wife to himself in tears, he recollected how she had prayed fervently for him to deliver him from the shame. In her testimony, the wife confirmed that a week after praying with the nurse, they attended a burial ceremony of her husband’s sister but surprisingly, the husband never drank alcohol there, in spite of its ready availability there.

In his advice to his listeners, Julius asked them not to lose hope but to have faith in God who has answer to all problems.



Testifying to the glory of God.


Mr Jonathan Awewor of Delta but resident in Rivers, Nigeria narrated how he saw himself passing out blood for urine sometime in 1999. When he met his doctor, he was said to be suffering from staphylococcus. It also affected his sperm.  In reaction, a friend brought the Anointing Water to him for ministration. When he had prayed and ministered the Anointing Water, he dreamt that night that he saw a worm coming out of his finger.  After the dream, he went for a second test where he was told to be staphylococcus free. He advised all his listeners to get the Emmanuel TV cable and apply the Anointing Water in faith and the rest would be testimony.





No more setbacks

Mrs Ebere Uzonma, a media practitioner from Ebonyi, Nigeria took turns to tell the congregation about the goodness of the Anointing Water upon her life. In her words, her life before then was characterized by challenges, setbacks and disappointments.In fact, behind her media glamour was real hunger, she added. She received the Anointing Water last year and met the man of God who told her, ‘Go, your problems are over’. Thereafter, she had been praying daily with the Anointing Water and ministering it on herself in faith and today there is much difference in her life.  About 11 pm one day, she received a call which had since then changed her life. That singular call had brought many jobs to her as a media practitioner. She had left her government job and established her own magazine, The Kings. She was able to renovate her house which got burnt and also bought a new car. Her mission to The SCOAN was to thank God for the breakthrough received through the Anointing Water. Advising her listeners to believe in God, she added that they should take a step forward to the Source of power and blessing.



God can use any medium to express Himself



Mr and Mrs Chukwuka of Adamawa, Nigeria told the congregation that they had come to The SCOAN with the difficulty of delivery because the baby inside her womb was overweight, weighing 3.8 kilos. The doctor then prescribed an operation for her. She added that she lost her first baby for the same reason. In The SCOAN, they received the Anointing Water which they prayed with and applied. Moments after, labour started and by evening the same day, she had delivered her baby. She never even got to the hospital before her overweight baby came out safely! The couple thanked God for His mercy upon their lives.





The power of prayer

A video clip introduced the case of Mrs Nnena Ezema, a Nigerian in Cotonu, whose pregnancy could not be delivered because of wrong positioning as diagnosed by her doctor. She however, shunned the operation suggested by the doctor because she had done one before. She then came to The SCOAN, where Wise Man Racine prayed for her. At the time of prayer, the baby was already weak and no more kicking.  However, the grace of the Lord was present and soon after the prayer, she delivered safely. She advised the congregation to have faith in God with whom all things are possible.




Pastor Nneka Ekeleka from an idol worshipping community in Imo, Nigeria came to thank God for her deliverance. In her words, her father had been the custodian of the community idols in addition to his personal one. The birth of a new baby was usually an occasion for dancing and offering animals to the gods from which both adults and children in the family fed. Her father at her marriage gave part of the oracle to the father of her first husband. The two children she had in that marriage died.  Her second marriage broke down the same day. In her third marriage, they, realising the evil the oracle had caused in their family, persuaded their father to do away with it. That very night a demon attacked her in a dream and her father died. After the death of her father, her brother organised a crusade in which many oracles were burnt but they could not locate their father’s oracle. In an effort to get rid of her spiritual problems she underwent deliverances in many churches. During this time she attended a Bible School and at the end of her the course was made a pastor. Her final deliverance in The SCOAN in the hands of the Wise Men warded the demon from her life. In his reaction, her husband who watched her at home on Emmanuel TV during the deliverance, thanked God for his wife’s freedom from the bondage of the devil.  Prophet T.B. Joshua praised her for her efforts, adding that if not for her efforts to be delivered, she would have been dead or seriously sick in a wheel chair. He promised a meeting with her where he would tell her the area of her calling.


With God all things are possible

An 18 – year old girl, Portia accompanied by her mother, stunned the congregation with her odd habit of eating cement  and charcoal as revealed by her mother. She cultivated this habit five years before and grew with it till her mother brought her to The SCOAN. Portia revealed that she found all of these items sweet to eat. The habit, she said, developed five years earlier at a construction site where cement was being used.  She inhaled the scent of an opened bag of cement at the site and was attracted to it. Thereafter, she put the cement powder into her mouth and found it enjoyable.  Later, charcoal came in to diversify her menu.  In a string of surprises, Prophet T.B. Joshua, rather than proceeding to deliver her after she had confirmed the habit by eating these items in everybody’s presence, decided to use the medium of one of The SCOAN prayer lines.  In a phone conversation between her and the prayer warrior,

Deliverance in the power of the Holy Ghost!

Portia described her odd habit to the prayer warrior who, in turn proceeded to pray for her. At the mention of the name Jesus, Portia fell in deliverance and was declared free from her demonic addiction to eating cement and charcoal. On getting up after the deliverance, she said she had a sensation within her during the deliverance and that she became lighter than before.

To God be the glory!

Given those items which had been the mainstay of her diet, she withdrew at the sight of cement and charcoal, saying that as well as being bitter, they had lost their appeal to her as food.  She advised the young ones not to eat anything that is not food but make God’s Word the standard for their lives.


Taking the lead in a spirited mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua asked the congregation to pray to God to grant them the grace to be sensitive to His voice when He calls so that they would not be deceived by the devil. “Help me to be sensitive to Your voice. When it comes, let me know that it is Your voice.” The mass prayer session, which witnessed wild display among many who were demon-possessed, ushered the congregation and Emmanuel TV viewers alike into a spiritual level where the devil can no more exploit their ignorance to deceive them. The service closed on a note of excitement as many left delighted about the new spiritual realm.

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    Pray for my husband too to be a man after Gods heart.
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