Following songs from the choristers, Prophet T.B. Joshua came out ready to address the congregation and the viewers all over the world under the influence of the telecast. His first words were regarding the immense public response to his recent football prophecy. As in the case of our Lord, Jesus Christ in John 7:12, the prophecy was a scent of death leading to death for some while to others, it was the scent of life leading to life. Many praised the Lord for the clarity and accuracy of the revelation whereas others felt quite differently.

Prophet T.B. Joshua

Directly addressing the question in the mind of most people that if he had seen such a revelation why had he not the power to change it, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained that it was not a one sided affair; there must be agreement on both sides, the face of God must be sought for instruction and the instruction thereby obtained must be carried out to bring about changes. He countered those that tried to shed him in a bad light as one insensitive to Nigeria’s plight after their National Team, the Super Eagles drew their Africa Cup of Nations (AFCON) Qualifying Match with Guinea, ruling Nigeria out of the Cup, by saying that he loved the country of Nigeria and the game of football. The prophet added that it was his love for Nigeria as a nation that caused him to disclose the revelation regarding the game shown to him by God.

Videos, the track record of the revelations he has received from God concerning different matches played by Nigeria were then broadcast, including World Cup Qualifying Matches against Mozambique and Tunisia and the 2009 Semi Finals Match against Ghana and the most current match being the AFCON Qualifying Match between Nigeria and Guinea. Prophet T.B. Joshua mentioned that viewers should not place him in the position of God; he was just the bearer of the message. We must ask God what can be done if there is to be any change to such prophecies. Buttressing his point that the gift of God in his life was a gift for the nation, Nigeria and the world at large, the man of God then called for some of his other recent prophecies that had come to fulfilment including the prediction of the death of American Co-Founder and CEO of Apple Inc., Steve Jobs. The gift of God can change a nation in the twinkle of an eye, if only the nation recognizes it and the world at large, the prophet said to conclude the section of prophetic testimonies and confirmation.


A line of people came forward at the behest of the man of God, who had testimonies to share concerning what God had done in their lives through the ministration of the Anointing Water.


The first to testify to the transformative power of the universe at work through the Anointing Water, were Mr and Mrs Festus Leighe.

Mr and Mrs Festus Leighe

Mrs Leighe was diagnosed by the doctors as unable to deliver her child without surgical intervention due to the wrong position of the baby in her womb, a prospect rejected by both Mr and Mrs Leighe. On hearing the unfavourable predicament of his relations, a brother of Mr Leighe gave the couple a bottle of the Anointing Water he had received at The SCOAN saying that after ministering it, Mrs Leighe would deliver safely. The couple accepted the offer, ministered the Anointing Water and true to their brother’s word, Mrs Leighe delivered a beautiful baby girl safely without the doctors recommended operation to the glory of God.


Another joyful family mounted the stage, their faces beaming with the satisfaction that comes not merely from outward blessing but from the experience of a meaningful relationship with the Creator of Heaven and earth, Jesus Christ.

Mr and Mrs Ogodor

Mr and Mrs Ogodor testified that in their years of searching for the fruit of the womb, an acquaintance informed them of the happenings in The SCOAN when they related their plight that Mrs Ogodor needed surgery to deliver her child. He assured them that their problem had a solution in the name of Jesus Christ. Willing to experience the reality of his words, the couple followed their friend to the church where they attended the Thursday Registration and were privileged to receive the Anointing Water. The congregation roared with excitement as Mrs Ogodor proclaimed that after ministering the Anointing Water that Thursday evening, she gave birth the following day, Friday without any operation! Hallelujah!


The testimony of Mr Martins Aza held the congregation captive as each well-chosen word hit home the magnitude of the mountain in his life overcome in an instant by the power of Jesus Christ through the Anointing Water. Clad in a shining bronze suit, Mr Aza unashamedly declared that he had been set free from the dreadful stigma of over 20 years of chronic bedwetting after ministering the Anointing Water to himself.

The problem, he said had affected his life immensely as he couldn’t socialize or visit friends in their homes for fear of disgrace. Usually, he said, the attack came through a dream in which he would see himself socializing before going to the bathroom. However on waking up, he would discover that he was not in the bathroom but rather on his bed. It had gotten to such an extent, he added that even before their marriage, his wife used to put their mattress out in the sun to dry. However, after ministering the Anointing Water he received at The SCOAN, he entered a similar dream; he was socializing but immediately as he wanted to go to the restroom, something woke him up.

Mr Martins Aza

Awakening in a panic, he quickly checked himself and the mattress, believing he must have bed wet again only to discover that nothing had happened. Mr Aza concluded his testimony by saying that since the time he had sprayed the Anointing Water on himself, he had never experienced the problem of bedwetting again.

Mr Martins Aza then advised all who heard his voice that they should put their faith firmly in the power and goodness of the Lord, Jesus Christ against which no problem could stand, adding that the same Lord that had transformed his life would do the same in the lives of his listeners, in the name of Jesus Christ. In short, we should never doubt God’s desire and ability to help us.


Another tear-jerking testimony was that of the Tesemma family who came from the United States but originated from Eritrea. They spoke of a 20-year long battle with mental disorders. Mr and Mrs Tesemma were surprised and shocked as the behaviour of their son, Kelati and daughter, Aida dramatically changed when they were between the ages of 19-20 years old. From being happy, peaceful children, they became violent, rude and disturbed. They were diagnosed with mental disorders and schizophrenia. As professional physician and nurse, Mr and Mrs Tesemma went to many hospitals and bought many types of treatment to alleviate the affliction that had been tormenting their children for so long.

Desperation had also led them to a witch doctor, where the solution offered was that the children would have to be bathed in the blood of a bull every year. Rejecting this ungodly approach, the Tesemma family returned home to continue their search for a way out of their problem.

One day, while browsing on the internet, Mrs Tesemma came across Emmanuel TV. After witnessing the power of God meeting the needs of so many at The SCOAN, the family decided that by all means, they must visit Nigeria and receive prayer at The SCOAN. When they arrived, Kelati and Aida were placed on the prayer line and the Wise Men prayed for them.

After receiving prayer, Mr and Mrs Tesemma testified of the instantaneous change they had seen in their son and daughter. Aida became calm, her speech became normal, her communication with her mother became pleasant and Kelati was no longer violent or driven by the urge to smoke.

They testified that their children no longer had need of the heavy medication they had been taking as Jesus Christ had healed them completely. Mr Negash Tessemma expressed his joy to the congregants saying, we had not expected such a change in such a short time. This is a totally different story. To me, this is a miracle!


After the testimonies had created an atmosphere of belief in the church, the wise men entered the auditorium and led by the Spirit of God, moved throughout the worshippers. As they prayed for them, they also released words of prophecy that revealed the weaknesses in people’s hearts and broke the contrary spirits behind whatever unfavourable situation they had been facing. To quote Prophet T.B. Joshua, ‘How strange yet wholly true the weak filled with the power of God, the Father’s work shall do’. This is the age of miracles. The Miracle Worker is still alive, His name is Jesus Christ and He is still able to touch your life today. All we have to do is believe – that is our connection.


You cannot see enough until the eyes of your faith are opened said Prophet T.B. Joshua as he led the worshippers in a thunderous round of Mass Prayer. The man of God opened the Scriptures to the example of Prophet Elisha and his servant in 2 Kings 6:16. When surrounded by the enemy, Elisha told his servant that those that were with them, protecting them, caring for them and looking after them were more than those he saw out on the hills. When the servant’s eyes of faith opened, he feared no more, murmured no more and complained no more. In the same vein, as people of faith it is not enough merely to see a miracle happen without seeing the forces behind that miracle. As the apostle admonishes us in 2 Corinthians 5:7 we must walk by faith not by sight. The first prayer point focused on asking God to open the eyes of their faith so that they could see enough.

The prayer continued as the man of God reminded the congregation that whatever their situation was they should remember Paul, the apostle. The thorn in his flesh was from the pit of hell but the grace of God was sufficient for him. Similarly, a Christian’s sickness is not like others’. Others’ may destroy them but ours is for the glory of God. Prophet T.B. Joshua then guided the church to call upon the Holy Spirit to come and take control and He did, in all His power and splendour. What more can be said? Lives transformed, situations improved and satanic bondages broke as the superior power of the Holy Spirit came on the scene, in the name of Jesus Christ. As the prophet said, God has given everyone plenty of evidence to believe in Him.


The SCOAN Monday Live Prophetic Service has become a delight for both viewers of Emmanuel TV and all privileged enough to physically attend the service that the entire church is filled to its capacity week in, week out and even in the overflow congregation seating area, there is hardly a single chair vacant.

Starting with exhilarating testimonies to establish the faith of all who heard them, the Monday 10 October 2011 service got underway. Mr Anthony Francis testified vigorously of his escape from the hands of armed robbers through a divine intervention following the bold use of the Anointing Water and Sticker, in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mr Friday Attah

Mr Friday Attah shared the touching account of his liberation from 30 years of suffering under the dominion of asthma through the ministration of the Anointing Water.

A lady who came all the way from Gabon testified of her safe delivery of her baby, which had been overdue for delivery by some months, after she received the Anointing Water.

Paramount Queen Mother Elizabeth Dzandu of the Volta Region in Ghana, testified of her complete healing after prayer from Wise Man Daniel over her problem of difficulty in walking due to lumbar spondylosis for two years. She is now walking and living in liberty to the glory of God.

Mother Elizabeth Dzandu walking

Mother Elizabeth Dzandu of the Volta Region in Ghana

Mr Christopher Abbah glorified the name of the Lord, Jesus Christ with the report of his deliverance from the spirit that had pushed him to smoke Indian hemp, womanize and get drunk frequently for years. This had characterised his life by disappointment for decades but upon placing his hand on his TV screen while Prophet T.B. Joshua was praying for viewers live on Emmanuel TV, he received a total overhauling to the degree that even the scent of smoke had become irritating to him since that time.

Mr Samuel Akanimoh

Topping off the testimonies, Mr Samuel Akanimoh celebrated his freedom from difficulty in walking due to cervical spondylosis, which had also caused him to bedwet, after receiving prayer from the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua.

A faith building address came from Wise Man Racine to open the minds of the congregation to God’s Word, faith and Spirit. Then, the wise men conducted a time of prayer, packed with heart-pounding deliverances and precise words of wisdom, knowledge and prophecy that had congregants on the edge of their seats until the man of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua came into their midst to minister God’s power and promises to them and to the viewers worldwide. The service ended with the usual encouragement that no matter what level you find yourself in life better is not good enough; the best is yet to come. So let us take time to review God’s track record in our lives and we would grow confident that a solution is forthcoming and our present situation will be overcome by God. We need but be patient and let God answer our questions on His own schedule, not ours. We pray that God will give us the grace to let His Word abide in us and we in it, in Jesus’ name.

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  • Elvis Agbadobi

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