Beginning the message in earnest, Wise Man Christopher reminded his listeners that life is a battlefield. As long as we are in this world, we battle against spiritual entities that work against our progress, he elaborated. Our battles, are similar, though camouflaged differently. Satan is our common enemy.

Wise Man Christopher

Our battle for survival is not personal but in the hand of God. We should learn to trust God. Upon our strength, we cannot rely. Our courage is as perfect cowardice; our sufficiency is of God. As human beings, we do not, on our own, have enough strength to stop satan.  Satan can only be stopped by the Spirit of God, continued the preacher, advising his listeners to lay their souls under the influence of the Holy Spirit. He entitled his message, ‘Leave It For God’ and opened to Matthew 6:25-27 and 33-34 as his proof text. The wise man advised the congregation not to be worried by their situation but to be ruled by God’s Word. The key is not to suppress the flesh but to surrender to the Spirit. “Satan is under my feet because I war in the spirit, in Christ Jesus.” Leave your situation for God and be armed by His sovereignty. God’s Word is eternal and is the final authority, settling all problems and situations.  If you think about tomorrow, you build tension around yourself today; God is aware of your situation. He knows you by your name. He will not allow anything out of His control to happen to you. Do not lose focus or be distracted by any situation, the wise man repeated, buttressing his point with John 16:33. According to the wise man, it is easy to get off track and lose focus on what you came to the world to do. If you feel pain in any situation, you live out of the truth. Those who make Jesus their source shall find Him to be all sufficient. Moses, in Exodus 14, made God his source and found him sufficient. Our God does not need our support; leave it for Him. When you do not seek to defend yourself, the Lord will make you stronger. Only the Spirit of the Lord can stop your adversaries. Our communication is imperfect unless aided by the Spirit of God. By His grace, we are who, where and what we are. Left to ourselves, we would fall and the enemy would laugh at us. We cannot save ourselves but the name of Jesus can. His is the name above all names; He is the Lord. When we use the name, Jesus, we will have the secret that ruled the world through the apostles: salvation and miracles in the name of God.

We overcome satan by the Blood of the lamb and the Word of our testimony. Those who know Him get victory through Jesus; you should include God in your decision. After we have done all that is humanly possible, we should leave the rest to God. We must not rely on ourselves but on Someone stronger, wiser and smarter than ourselves. If you trust in yourself, you are doomed to defeat and disappointment.  Total dependence on God for everything  is the answer. There is hope for the weak and the oppressed; Jesus is their hope. He fights for them and will not allow their situation to devour them.


Jesus is the answer, Prophet T. B. Joshua affirmed in an effort to summarize the wise man’s message. In another message entitled ‘Don’t Concentrate On Your Situation’, the prophet reminded his listeners that many Christians today cry, murmur and lament every day because their lives are centred on how they are doing, feeling and treated. It is all about Jesus; not about us, he ruled. The prophet urged the congregation not to be ruled by their situations, which could be sickness, poverty, rejection or barrenness.  He advised that the rich must not concentrate on their wealth or the poor on their poverty, citing John 16:33 to lend weight to his point. He reminded them that if the Lord says, ‘Be of good cheer, I have conquered the world’, why were they still worried? By that, according to the prophet, Jesus had overcome sickness, poverty and hardship.Prophet T. B. Joshua

If you are with Him, you will enjoy peace, no matter what you are going through. If what you are passing through is allowed by God as a trial, you must not think it strange and doubt your Guard. Do not consider it unusual, abnormal or odd and begin to doubt. A man can be sick in body, yet be a friend of God, candidate of Heaven and favourite of Jesus. Difficulties in having the fruit of the womb in spite of years of prayer and visits to medical doctors can shake some people’s faith and make them question the truth of the Word which says, there shall be no barrenness in the house (Deuteronomy 7:14, Exodus 23:26 and Isaiah 54:1) A woman may be barren, yet be a friend or favourite or candidate of Heaven. We should not because of our situation cut off our dependence on God. People no longer look at God when they are in trouble, as if they were not children of God. Satisfaction in life is not about having children, money or other worldly possessions. One has to experience God and until one experiences God, there will be dissatisfaction, a sense of hunger to know what life is all about and a desire to know what happens after life is over, after death. Satan tempts us to demonstrate a sensational display of power. He frightens us by displaying fake power and causing people to panic. The greatest thing satan aims at in tempting good people is to overthrow their position as children of God. Satan aims at cutting of their dependence on God, their duty to God and their communion with God. The devil wants to shake our faith in the Word and bring us to question the truth of the Word. The Bible says, come to me all you that labour and I will give you rest.  If we receive so much comfort from God, shall we not receive some affliction and pain to serve as a check or impediment to the comfort? The world gives peace that is time bound but the peace of God is for eternity (Ephesians 14:27).


At the instance of the prophet, some of the happenings of the previous Sunday service were visited on the screen.  The clip unfolded Wise Man Racine as he laid hands on the congregants in the service. In the process, the wise man encountered a woman shrouded in spiritual darkness and he proceeded, as usual, to deliver her. No sooner the wise man started the deliverance than the evil spirit in the woman started to rant. ‘I am her husband. She was eight years when I married her. I have since then given her no husband. I have given her poverty. I want to paralyse her. You are here to separate husband and wife. Were you there when I married her? I destroyed her and used to flog the men who wanted to marry her.  She was staying with her aunt and they were going to the stream when I saw and married her at eight. I am a prince and a very rich one. She used to waste my wealth among those who wanted to marry her.’ As soon as the wise man made the spirit realize that he was there in the name of Jesus to deliver the woman from its grip, it cautioned the wise man against the mentioning of the name, Jesus. ‘Don’t mention the name, Jesus!’ the devil warned. It further pleaded with the wise man to take it easy with it (spirit) in the deliverance.

Ms Lillian Okus

After the deliverance, the woman involved, Ms Lillian Okus of Bayelsa, Nigeria, received a few questions from the prophet whose goal was to enlighten the congregation about the secrets of the evil spirit. In reaction to these questions, the woman said the devil was afraid to mention the name of God when it warned the wise man not to put asunder what it had joined together because God is perfect. She also replied that it was the evil spirit in her that accused them of separating marriages in The SCOAN and not herself. She said the salute she gave during the deliverance was by the evil spirit as it surrendered to God. The name, Jesus is above all names and the evils spirit could not withstand it – that was why the devil warned against the use of that name.  In reply to what she saw in Wise Man Racine as he delivered her, Ms Okus said that she saw the power and light of God all over him.

Giving details about herself, Ms Okus told her listeners that she sneaked behind her aunt as she went to the stream when she was only eight years old. There, in the stream, she showed herself to the aunt when she saw her throwing the offerings of biscuits and ground food to the gods in the stream. At that time, she said, she felt a sensation of cold flushing within her; something had entered her. When she slept that night, she dreamt and saw the demon who told her that they had become friends at that age of eight and both grew up together from that age. Later on, she dreamt and wedded with the demon that slipped a wedding ring on her finger.  When she woke up, she discovered the ring below her pillow in the physical world and wore it. They had eight children together in the spirit world. Ms Okus’ life in the physical world had been one of marital and other disappointments since the encounter with the demon, she confessed. But today, she is a free woman, to the glory of God!


In the next episode, Wise Man Racine again ran into another woman who had been afflicted from birth by an evil spirit and the manifestation as he laid hand on her was spontaneous.  She introduced herself, while under the influence of the demon in her, as, ‘The princess of princesses’ and said she came from the head of the river. She then queried the wise man for disturbing her, knowing that she was the head of the river. The evil spirit in her revealed that she had come to The SCOAN many times since January but added that the woman would not leave them in deliverance because she was their head. The evil spirit further revealed that she had fourteen powers of destruction and would not allow anybody around her to get married. She had the power of fornication and for destroying many homes, especially the marital homes of those men given to flirting. At the end of her ranting, the wise man told the evil spirit that its end in the life and body of the woman had come and proceeded to deliver her. At the mention of the name, Jesus, the woman began to spin round and fell in deliverance. Later in the service, the prophet accosted her and asked her to remove some charm from her waist and she did so, resulting in final deliverance.

Princess Grace Akenzua

In her full testimony, the woman said she was Princess Grace Akenzua from Benin in Edo, Nigeria. After thanking God for her deliverance, she narrated how she came by the evil spirit. She told her listeners that she had a mermaid spirit, adding that she was born with it. She realized this when she was eight years old. She said somebody would invite her into the rain to collect power or to sit in the sun to receive power. At night, she would see herself on a foam mattress in a river with people dancing around her. She would see herself flying and spraying money in the air.  A man used to come to her in the dream to make love to her. She would also be told at night what the unfolding day would bring forth. She would know where and how to entrap the men that she would seduce. According to Princess Grace Akenzua, she had destroyed many men and marriages with her evil powers. The spirit gave her the power to get to wherever or whomever she wanted and she had girls who served her to perfect her ignoble missions. She thanked God and the prophet for her deliverance after many years of working in darkness.


The clip revealed the Wise Man as he issued a prophecy to a pregnant woman. In the prophecy, the wise man reminded her of the wrong position taken by the baby and the ominous dreams she had had.  The wise man also told her that there was a place she had been taken to which had affected her life adversely. He thereafter prayed for her and assured her of a safe delivery after that. The clip over, a woman, carrying a baby and followed by her husband, mounted the platform to confirm the clip just watched.

 Mr and Mrs Victor and Kate Ofana

They introduced themselves as Mr and Mrs Victor and Kate Ofana of Ogoja, Cross-River, Nigeria.  The woman told the congregation of her earlier visit to The SCOAN because of her pregnancy which was overdue for delivery and the bad dreams she had in which she was shown her coffin. She however added that after the prayer by the wise man, those bad dreams stopped and she delivered her baby safely without the operation earlier recommended by her doctor. The couple then thanked God for her safe delivery.


Mr and Mrs Christopher mounted the platform to tell their listeners his miraculous escape from the bomb blast, which rocked the United Nations building in Abuja, Nigeria on August 26, 2011.  An Accountant by profession, Christopher is on the staff of the United Nations in the Nigeria office.  On that day, his wife told him a bad dream that she had and both prayed and rejected the dream using the Anointing Water in their prayer. On the way to work that day, they experienced an accident.

Mr and Mrs Christopher

When he got to work, a woman colleague of his brought some cheques for him to sign. After signing, the two were about to enter the elevator to leave the office when some men who wanted to collect their cheques approached him and he went back into the office. It was while he was in the office attending to the men that the bang of the bomb blast rented the air. When he came out to figure out what the matter was, some people asked him to run out. To his surprise, he saw the corpses of many of his co-workers already victims of the blast, among which was that of the woman whom he was supposed to enter the elevator with. As he made his way to his car, he discovered that it was also untouched as the cars parked on either side of him were damaged by the blast. On the front of his windscreen was the Anointing Sticker. The couple therefore urged the congregation to thank God for them for His blessing in their family, through the mediums of the Anointing Water and Anointing Sticker.

Mr Christopher


The family of Eriawene of Agbarha-Otor, Delta, Nigeria mounted the platform to tell the congregation that they had come to surrender to God their shrine that had its origin in the  water for destruction. Mrs Comfort Eriawene was a girl in Ofoni, Bomadi when she was sent by her parents to fetch water from the stream. There, she was captured by a mermaid and taken into the water where she was guest to the water figure for some time. When she shunned the offer of meals, she received native chalk from the mermaid and had since then been in spiritual intimacy with the water figure. The family of Eriawene

She actualized this in real life by becoming a practicing, herbalist, erecting a shrine in honour of the water goddess and throwing cowries to unravel the life mysteries of her clients. She however told her listeners that her decades of relationship with the water goddess had left only a trail of problems and setbacks in her life and family.  She therefore appealed to the prophet for total deliverance, realising that we need no more to make us happy in life than to have the Lord, Jesus Christ with our spirits.

Mrs Comfort Eriawene

Like in the past, the worshippers in The SCOAN and Emmanuel television viewers worldwide cannot thank God enough for the opportunity to  be exposed to the many mysteries of life and the healings and deliverances daily recorded in The SCOAN and wherever the Anointing Water, Wristband and Sticker are at work.  May the name of the Lord be praised forever!

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