After the choir had thrilled the congregation to many tunes of adoration, Wise Man Racine mounted the altar to give his message, which he entitled Making The Impossibility Possible. Greeting the congregation very warmly as usual, the wise man reminded his listeners that the day was one the Lord had made and they would ‘rejoice and be glad in it’. In his words, there is a purpose of God in our lives. According to him, the long expected day has come. No man can know by the present situation what the future holds for him. To know God, our attitude must change. When you picture yourself, what do you see? When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see yourself the way Jesus sees you? We must bear in mind, he went on, that Jesus has come to give us a new future. Jesus changes lives for good. He changes anyone any time. His power cannot be resisted. Citing and reading Exodus 4 :10 -12 as his proof text, he assured everyone that God, looking at you, looks at the one He has created for success and victory. In Judges 6:11, the wise man went on, God sees Jeremiah and sees in him a great prophet. He sees in David the one to lead the people of Israel out of Egypt, even though Moses, measuring himself by himself, said he was not fit. However, God’s word is that of finality. I will be with you, the Lord affirmed. Our Prophet T. B. Joshua says those God calls for any service, he makes them fit for the service. Our conduct and character must change in tune with God’s purpose. Do not say you are from a poor background. God chooses His messengers from among those who are least qualified. If God had chosen work rather than grace, the job would have been for the fittest. If you do not conquer your past, your future is in danger. What is your challenge; is it fear? God delivered Simon Peter from fear. Is it inferiority complex? God, who delivered Gideon and others, can deliver you today. God is more than able! Jesus has come to bring transformation to our lives. Look at Jesus and know that no condition is permanent. What matters to Jesus is not your past but where you are going. Jesus came to restore the fellowship and relationship between God and man. Jesus did not die for Himself; He died for you and me. It is a supernatural victory for you! We should learn to have free access to God without any sense of unworthiness. God is for you and is by your side. With righteousness, you have the ability to be set free from inferiority complex. You are therefore more than a conqueror. Belief was inclusive in all that the apostles did. You must believe, the wise man affirmed, supporting himself with John 14 :12. God, he said, has given you power and you require faith to release it to work. Joshua says when we use the name of Jesus through the Holy Spirit, then we have the power that shakes the whole world. The power is available to give you a breakthrough. What God does for you depends on your ability to believe. Jesus says everything is possible to the one who believes. All power in Heaven and on earth has been invested in the name Jesus. You can make the impossibility possible. Faith demands the impossible. We are here to receive grace from above. Focus on Jesus. What a means of blessing is the look of faith at Jesus! If you focus on Him, you can do what God says you can do. Meditate on God’s Word day and night and healing becomes like breathing. Believe and reach out in faith and impossibilities will become possible, the wise man concluded.

Mounting the alter after the wise man, Prophet T. B. Joshua, while applauding the message which he described as faith lifting, proceeded to give the summary. In close reference to John 16:33, the prophet remarked that in Jesus you have peace but in the world you have tribulation. ‘ Be of good cheer because I have conquered the world.’  Jesus, according to the prophet, is a Man of few words. It is easy in this world of distraction to get off track and lose focus. Jesus knows what He comes here to do, no matter what! If you love yourself as much as you should, you will learn that if you feel pain, you are living outside the truth – where your light is coming from. Keep your focus; identify your source. Many things all over the world are not consistent with the gospel of the Lord; it is a world of distraction where people live off-track and lose focus.


At the instance of the prophet, a video clip was activated to bring to focus some of the events of the previous Sunday. The first among these, showed Wise Man Racine as he laid hands and prayed for members of the congregation and, in the process, laid hands on a woman who, in reaction, manifested evil spirits that had tormented her secretly for years. At the name of Jesus coming from the wise man’s lips, the lady fell down in deliverance. Coming out from the congregation to confirm the clip as the one in question, Chioma from Anambra, Nigeria told her listeners a wonderful story of her spirit twin. According to her, the demon appeared to her as her sister. She looked like her in stature and always dressed like her.  She would always follow and do whatever Chioma did.  The demon shared her meals with her, making people accuse Chioma of eating too much – twice of what she should eat. In school, when Chioma was in National Diploma one, the demon advised her to abandon her studies as the demon herself had no such inclination. The demon told her that she was Chioma’s twin sister, asking Chioma to confirm it from her mother. However, when Chioma did, her mother showed complete ignorance of Chioma’s question. The demon’s name was Chi-chi and she talked with Chioma in the night to people’s hearing but in the day, they talked with the mind. The demon assisted Chioma to beat her enemies and that was why Chioma could beat almost everybody, including her elder and younger brothers easily. Her father wondered whether she was a lion in strength. When Chioma married, the demon told her to void the marriage because she, the demon never married. Chioma restrained chichi from fighting  Chioma’s husband because of her love for her husband.  Chioma’s marriage broke down in February at the instance of the spirit twin. The spirit had prophesying powers and always told Chioma what was to happen. In turn, Chioma would tell her family, saying it was her dream. The demon would ask Chioma to go to a bar when it wanted to drink alcohol. The demon did everything to stop Chioma from coming to The SCOAN but Chioma resisted her because the demon had told her of her impending death should she not be delivered before Christmas. As soon as Wise Man Racine laid hands on Chioma, the spirit abandoned her and Chioma fell down in deliverance.  Since the deliverance, according to Chioma, she had not seen the spirit twin and her life has changed for the better, making her hunger after her husband whom she parted with a year before. Chioma said she had been to many places, including churches for deliverance but without success.  She therefore thanked the man of God, who in turn promised to look into the possibility of reuniting her with her husband.


In another video clip, the Wise Man came across a man as he laid hands on the congregants. The expression on the face of the man changed as soon as the wise man laid hands on him. In reaction, the wise man asked him to confess who he was as he could see only darkness all over him. The man fell down as Prophet T. B. Joshua prayed and confessed that he had evil powers for stealing, killing and destroying. He further described himself as Alhaji Gbadamosi Okeke from Imo, Nigeria. He revealed that he was born into a family that worshipped marine spirits. Later in life, his father was assassinated. He used evil means, according to him, to fish out the killers of his father.  In the process, he said, a witch doctor used a mirror where the killers of his father appeared as well as how they murdered him. The mirror showed that the assassins were five in number.  In retaliation, Gbadamosi took the names of the assassins to a shrine and they died. He was then 27 years. He got married and had four children. All his life he had been close to witch doctors for the sole purpose of procuring charms for self-protection and unleashing evil on others.  Unlike his mother, who   converted and went to church regularly, Gbadamosi stuck to worshipping marine spirits in the river, where he also interacted with his late father, who gave him food and, on one occasion, human flesh to eat. At 31, he said, he had a stroke.  However, after his deliverance by the man of God, the nightmares associated with his life disappeared. When he saw his father in a dream after the deliverance, he was able to run and avoid any interaction with him. While on the floor, Gbadamosi still displayed a ring on one of his toes, which he confessed was given to him for protection. It was removed from him there and then in line with the new life of righteousness, which his deliverance symbolised. In remorse, he pleaded that his family be delivered so that he would enjoy in full the fruit of fellowship with the Lord. His humble request was granted by the prophet.


In course of the mass prayer, a man, who introduced himself as Kelechi, manifested the evil spirits that had been directing his life. He confessed that the evil spirits gained entry into his life during his secondary school days when he busied himself with evangelism. He also yearned to be like Prophet T. B. Joshua when he saw him on the screen. He ran into four boys who directed him where to go for the kind of powers he needed for his evangelical mission. What he saw at that place, according to him, was beyond his imagination. Among other evil outcomes, a woman entered his body and caused him to misbehave.  However, he regained normalcy in outlook after his deliverance.


Chief Ogochukwu from Imo, Nigeria mounted the platform and told his listeners that he visited The SCOAN in October last year and received the Anointing Water. He travelled back to Adamawa, Nigeria where he resides and ministered it after prayer.  To the glory of God, the asthma, ulcer and heart problem which had ruined his life and joy in life disappeared. However, as he made another visit to The SCOAN to thank the Lord for his healing from all these ailments, he ran into robbers in Lagos who, in their bus and as a syndicate, dispossessed him and his co-travellers of their valuables. When he however told the robbers that he was on his way to The SCOAN for a thanksgiving, the robbers became cold at the mention of Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder and general overseer of The SCOAN and promptly returned to him every item of his, including phones, bag, beads and money, that they took from him. Unfortunately, one of his co-travellers who suffered the same fate lived very close to The SCOAN but never cared to give his life to God and worship in The SCOAN. He lost all the money and whatever he had on him to the robbers and was fared back to his house by Chief Ogochukwu, a stranger from Adamawa, Nigeria. Chief Ogochukwu advised his listeners to be close to God who has answers to their problems and worries.


A video clip displayed  Pastor Ankur Narula of the Church Of Wonders And Signs, India who had visited The SCOAN about three weeks earlier to, among other reasons, receive some vials of the Anointing Water for his church in India, having before then been enthused by all the miracles he watched on Emmanuel TV in India. As well as receiving him warmly, the man of God graciously gave him some bottles of the Anointing Water and he travelled to India. Unknown to Pastor Narula, many other pastors who knew of his visit to The SCOAN besieged his church at home in quest for the Anointing Water.  Realising that he never had enough bottles of the Anointing Water to meet their demands, he agreed to their suggestion to organise a mass crusade in which the Anointing Water would be ministered to all who came. The crusade witnessed over 10,000 participants and the Anointing Water, as usual, caused a stir among them as many were delivered from the evil spirits and bondages that had held down their lives for ages. In addition to that, Pastor Narula revealed that his church recorded a remarkable growth in membership, shooting from 20 to 4,000, because of his addiction to Emmanuel TV. That was one of the reasons Pastor Narula came to The SCOAN to thank the Lord.


The Anointing Water has been known in the four corners of the earth where the prophet sent bottles to for the work of healing and deliverance. In this regard, a video clip revealed the miraculous feats of the Anointing Water, releasing people from bondages and sicknesses, among other miracles, wherever it was ministered. In London, UK; Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and all the other places and locations where it was ministered, the story remained the same and it was that of continuous dislocation of evil spirits and healing of sicknesses all over the world. We of The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations will ceaselessly glorify His Name for the blessings showered on us and for the wonders, we experience in our lives. May His mighty name be praised for evermore, Amen.

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