After the choir had prepared the atmosphere with tunes for the Holy Spirit,  Wise Man Christopher emerged for the Sunday message. Greeting the congregation warmly and wishing them easy transformation from darkness to light, he proceeded to pray with them. ‘I believe in your Word’, he went on, as the congregation repeated after him. ‘In your Word is my salvation, redemption and victory’, the wise man took the congregation through a length of heart- lifting prayer to the Lord.  Beginning with a short story of a Christian friend who wondered why he had trials in his life in spite of his devotion to the work of God, the wise man advised that trials and tribulations were part of Christianity. In his words, the Bible says everyone who works with the Lord will have testing but that as a child of God, your trouble is not like others’; it is for the glory of God. Trouble comes not because of any wrong step but because we are in a complex and contradictory world. The children of God, according to him, are passing through this world to a place prepared for them. This Is Not Heaven, he aptly titled his message. Citing John 16:33 as his proof text, the wise man said Jesus overcame for us and so we shall overcome, though there will be disappointments, as said in the proof text. In 2 Corinthians 12:7-10, Apostle Paul derived strength from the Lord. My grace is made perfect in your weakness. Though Apostle Paul was tormented by a thorn in his flesh, the grace of Christ was sufficient for him  and so for us, the wise man affirmed. Continuing, he said the thorn of Christ makes easy and sanctifies our thorns. Jesus took our place in afflictions. Troubles are designed for our spiritual development and  to advance our course. Our situation could be to humble us but to leave us dignified at last. Spiritual burdens are ordered to cure spiritual pride. He allows poverty and setback to humble us. He will however, prepare us for it. Those God calls for service, He makes fit for it, Deuteronomy 28:7. The enemies will come in a united manner but they will be confounded and routed by the superior power of the Holy Spirit. Jesus is greater than all the combined forces of hell. He has conquered death for our sake to bring us to the Father. To hope is to look forward to a Heavenly home that will last forever.  Stones were hurled at Stephen but his affection for God’s command was regular because of his hope, Acts 7:54. In Romans 8:35-39, Paul advised Christians to keep the solid front in the face of sickness. The rich should not concentrate on their wealth or the poor on their situation because a man may be poor, yet be a candidate of Heaven. Citing Luke 6:20- 26, the wise man recited the beatitudes. Don’t doubt the genuineness of your spiritual experience or question your sonship of Christ because of your situation. The promise of God can only be appropriated by faith which comes through hearing and obeying the Word of God. We were elected before the foundation of the world to inherit the Kingdom of God. Faith is a necessary condition to access Heaven. Faith purifies and justifies us and removes the guilt of sin. The opening of our eyes of faith is the silencing of our fears. Fear not, for those who are fighting for you are more than those out to destroy you. Because you know that Heaven is your permanent Home, let everything that has to do with you be redeemed now and forever, the wise man prayed in conclusion.



A lot of Christians, Prophet T. B. Joshua said, after commending the message, grumble and despair about their situation because their lives are centred on how they are doing. How clearly, he asked, do we really see our lives? When you look at your life, what do you see? Do you see your life the way Jesus sees it? Continuing, the prophet added, ‘A man I met yesterday told me that the Holy Spirit gave him an idea but advised him not to take the credit.’ Don’t take the credit, he echoed, is a Word from the Holy Ghost. It is all about Jesus, he said. All we do is to give back what we have received from His generous hands. Don’t take the credit, he reminded his listeners. Citing Mark 11:1, he said whoever says to this mountain, ‘Be removed’, and does not doubt in his heart, it will be done. The prophet emphasized the prayer of faith. The object of our faith is God. Have faith in God, Jesus said, according to him. Teaching today, he went on, encourages believers to have faith in faith. On the contrary, he maintained, it should be on the finished work of Jesus. Because He is good all the time, I can bring my request to Him and cast my cares  upon Him. Why complain, murmur or despair? Realising that He is God and I am not; that He is a Father and I am but a child; He is a Shepherd; I am a straying sheep, I should have faith in God. We often hear, he continued, that prayer changes things but this is not entirely true. Prayer, he corrected, changes us; faith causes things to happen. Advising his listeners to have faith in God, he added, today we pray but lack the necessary faith to release the belief in our hearts. There is power in our mouth; the belief in our heart is released by faith out of our mouth. Faith requires us to speak the Word before we feel or see the result. The object of faith, he concluded, is God.



Delivered the previous Sunday from the spirit of eating sand and mattress, Ammen in company with his mother appeared on the platform to confirm the deliverance after the video clip refreshed viewers’ minds. Mrs Izah, the mother joyfully told the congregation that her son no more  had no appetite for those things after the deliverance.  Confirming her mother’s testimony in response to the prophet’s questions, Ammen said that he wanted to be a pastor to pray for the sick, so that they would not die and agreed to submit himself to the fasting and prayer demanded by the profession.


A woman from Anambra, Nigeria and her 14 year-old son took the platform and told the congregation that the son had been eating sand and mattress since the age of four. She added that her watching the deliverance of a girl from Tanzania on Emmanuel TV, fuelled her visit to The SCOAN regarding their plight. Enlightening his listeners on his affliction, Onyeka Ibiano said that at night, an object appeared to him and that caused the addiction to sand and mattress since that time. After touching and staring at him for a while, the prophet declared him free.





A video clip revealed Wise Man Racine as he laid hands on worshippers and asking one man among them, ‘Who are you?’ ‘Nobody’, the man responded. Worried that the man’s deliverance was not thorough as he never opened up, the prophet insisted on his re-deliverance.  Confirming that he never opened up, Chukwemeka Paul, accompanied by his wife, agreed to open up and told the story of his life. He admitted being a cultist in a group of boys who delighted in drinking, robbing  and raping girls. Threatened in Nigeria, he went to Ghana where he discovered that security awareness was even higher and he decided to go into computer training. He married in Ghana but did not approach lovemaking in a normal way, afflicted by the spirit of raping. In a way he never quite understood, he found himself in The SCOAN and after his second deliverance, he demanded to know from the prophet whether the wife who had had twins by him was his God-given wife. He explained that they enjoyed no peace in their marriage and the wife often nagged, calling him a baby especially because of his age. He added that he enjoyed peace more with other women than with his wife. The wife narrated that the man lured her into cultism after she married him. They came into the relationship through a call given to her by the erroneous tapping of just a digit by the man who had intended to call his sister. She was not surprised because her church had told her that her prospective husband would locate her in such a manner. She however complained about the raping approach of her husband to lovemaking. The man of God delivered them and declared their marriage sanctified from Heaven.







The osude family from Anambra, Nigeria, though resident in Lagos, appeared on the platform for their  testimony.
According to the spokesperson among them, they came for the Monday service where Wise Man Christopher prayed and laid hands on them. But on Wednesday, they noticed that their sister, Ikechukwu started to display signs and antics of evil attacks causing her to be violent. It was in that state of violence that they brought her back to the church. As the wise man laid hands on Ikechukwu on the Monday in question, she opened up in a smile and Wise Man Christopher told her that he knew her and she knew he knew her. In her testimony after the second deliverance in the prayer line, she told her listeners that after the Monday service, she began to behave funnily and talk nonsense by Wednesday and so her family brought her to The SCOAN on Thursday. She said she possessed many evil spirits which gave her all sorts of powers that she used to wreck the lives of her parents and siblings.  She said her misbehaviour began at the age of five, when she was afflicted with the spirits of lust and gluttony among others. At the age of five, she was fond of watching herself act before a mirror, where a woman appeared to her and asked her whether she would be her friend. She agreed and thereafter, she played with the woman often, though unnoticed by other people. She started having meetings in the spirit world and had astral powers by which she visited many parts of the world effortlessly. She attacked members of her family one after the other. She afflicted her father with high blood pressure and made him a debtor. She wrecked her mother’s business and rendered her sisters jobless in spite of their very good degrees in International Relations.  At the end of her breath-taking and most surprising confession, she pleaded with the man of God to deliver her family from all the evils of the devil for the past 50 years.



The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the earth was shown on Emmanuel TV. In country after country where the Anointing Water was administered, the atmosphere became charged with anointing that set the devil and all its evil spirits in confusion and disarray. Many of the faithful in such locations became delivered   from ailments which many prayers of yesteryears were yet to free them from. In eager anticipation of the miracles associated with the Anointing Water, congregants besieged the venues in their thousands before the appointed time of service. To the glory of God, they were not disappointed because many left the scene with testimonies of deliverance and healing. That was the picture in London, UK; Athens, Greece; Cape Town, South Africa; Accra, Ghana and other locations where the Anointing Water was ministered.  In Cameroon, where the man of God had just okayed a house fellowship for a family about a month before, the congregation was so much that the man of God, in his surprise, never knew how to classify it. Equally amazing, according to the family granted the concession, was the dumbfounding work of the Anointing Water in deliverance and healing.



Mr John Mark of Kogi State but working in Katsina as a chief superintendent of police also mounted the platform for his testimony. He said he had come to The SCOAN on 31st December for a breakthrough service during the candle night. He added that the man of God prophesied about violence in the country and advised worshippers to obtain both the Anointing Water and the Wristband, which he did. On a date in May 2011, water came out of his Wristband unusually like sweat.  Not quite sure how to react to the situation, he stayed put in his office until his phone rang and a voice asked him to take one of the vehicles for patrol on one of the major streets. He noticed that as he came out of the office, the sweat on the Wristband stopped. He never knew that at that time, hoodlums had come to plant bombs in the police premises. As soon as he drove out for the patrol, he had a terrible sound of the detonated bomb that brought the entire office down in rubbles.  To his surprise, the portion of the office block where he hung the portrait of the man of God and the Anointing Water stood strong and unaffected by the bomb blast. The panel of investigators who had earlier suspected that he had secret knowledge of the blast before it happened, in view of the fact that it was just ten minutes after he left when the blast occurred, became convinced that his safety was the work of God when they saw the Anointing Water and the portrait still hanging safely. Before then, the service provider had no record too of the voice that invited him out of the office. It was the Holy Spirit, they then realised, that took him out of the office and death by that call. Thanking God for His mercy, Mr John Mark remarked that he had become a different person and that his life was no more his. As regards the breakthrough for which he came for the candle light service, Mr John told his listeners that he got it in many areas of his life.



Mrs Ogeshi Okeke from Imo State joyfully mounted the podium to tell her listeners that after the hand- laying ceremony of the very day, she went to the ladies to check herself following the sensation she received when Wise Man Racine laid hands on her.  She had, since her miscarriage last December, lost her menstruation and was longing for it. In the ladies, she saw that her menstruation had miraculously surfaced and she thanked God most spiritedly for the miracle, reassuring her listeners that everything happen at the opportune time and that nothing is beyond God. It is all praise to God almighty as we watch the miracles  which we read in the Bible happening again ceaselessly in our time.

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