Kidnapped! Released From Ritual Killers After Prophecy

It was in desperation that Mr. Innocent Osuoha and his wife, Patience, rushed to The Synagogue, Church of All Nations (SCOAN) on Sunday 13th June 2010. The couple wept in silence, prayerfully clutching the pictures of two young children. Nnaemeka and Chigozie, their only sons, had been kidnapped merely days earlier, with no trace or sign of them since. Having heard countless stories of ritual killing and children sacrificed, the couple came all the way from Cotonou, Benin Republic where they reside, to commit their situation into God’s hands, knowing only divine intervention could prevail.

Their petitions soon attracted God’s attention as Prophet T.B. Joshua sighted Patience in the midst of the crowd and called her out. “Madam, I can see you are grieved,” the prophet began. “But I want to assure you that you will find those children that are missing. As we are talking now, God is releasing them.” Patience had not shown the pictures to the prophet, nor had she told a single soul about their predicament. It was a revelation from above. Tearfully praising God, she explained to the congregation that her two sons had gone out to have a haircut a few days before and had not returned home. Frantic efforts were made to find them and the police authorities were alerted, but all to no avail. The Prophet revealed the children were actually taken for ritual purposes, but authoritatively declared that the kidnappers were already confused and about to release them. The congregation joined Mr and Mrs Osuoha to rejoice at the prophetic declaration, and the duo headed straight home after the service, their fears and anxieties replaced with a strong faith.

A week later on Sunday 20th June 2010, the family returned to The SCOAN to confirm the prophetic declaration with an incredible testimony of God’s protection. Nnaemeka and Chigozie had returned unscathed and untouched! Mrs Patience explained that she was at home with her husband three days after their visit to The SCOAN when her phone rang. “It was my son!  He told us they were safe and asked us to pick them up at the place the kidnappers had abandoned them,” Patience blissfully testified. Her husband immediately traced the location of the children and the family were joyously reconciled.

Narrating his experience, Nnaemeka, 11, said that on the fateful day they were kidnapped, a strange man had walked up to them informing them that he wanted to buy them something. “While we were going with him, I can’t explain what happened to me – I just fell asleep. I woke up the next day discovering that I was in a strange place. I told my brother, ‘It’s like they have kidnapped us’.” Even at his tender age, Nnaemeka and his sibling had strong faith in God and began to pray fervently. “We began to call upon the Lord. We prayed to the Lord for His mercy upon our lives.” He explained that each time they were caught praying, the three kidnappers would mercilessly beat them up, telling them to stop disturbing them with prayers. Adjacent to the small room they were being kept was a door. One day, Nnaemeka summoned courage to open it, hoping to discover some sort of escape route. Within the room was a hideous looking idol, too grotesque for the young boy to describe. He fearfully slammed the door and continued in prayer. “They wanted to use their parts,” T.B. Joshua soberly stated. “It’s not your money or anything they needed but the parts of their body – to use for ritual”.

TB Joshua With Family

TB Joshua with the reunited family

Nnaemeka continued: “They kept us in the room and didn’t allow us to go outside. Each time we went to the rest room, they would bring us back and lock us inside. They only gave us water and gari to eat.” However, all was not well in the kidnappers’ camp as the two brothers began to hear them arguing violently. “On Wednesday, when I was locked up and praying with my brother, I overheard them fighting and quarrelling among themselves. I heard one of them say, ‘Why did you bring these children here? They keep disturbing us!’ ” Later that day, the captors called Nnaemeka and asked for his dad’s phone number. They then carried the boys to another location, and gave him a phone to speak to his father. Nnaemeka hurriedly told him their location, upon which the kidnappers fled the scene, leaving the two boys alone. The rest is history!

Utilising the opportunity to address the world concerning the gift of prophecy, T.B. Joshua stated: “By what mark may we discover a cheat? If he gives us any sign or foretells something to come and the event is not according to his prophecy, we may come to a conclusion and say, ‘He is not sent of God’ ” He also counselled parents to be careful of where their children go, stating that we live in a danger zone where everyone lies to his neighbour. Chigozie, Nnaemeka’s younger brother also chipped in a few words: “I want to thank God for the prayers of God’s people and the help of T.B. Joshua. If not, I don’t think we would be alive today.” Mr Osuoha expressed his heartfelt appreciation to God for rescuing his two sons. “Today God has put joy into our family. May His name be glorified! I don’t know how to say it, but today – I am full of joy! Thank You, Jesus!”

  • Luke C. khuni

    I saw Prophet T B Joshua talking the parents of this particullar day and I only believed in my heart that was God speaking through him and I knew very well that it was going to come to pass and when I watched the testimony I was glad too to see it to pass because I knew from the on set that God was speaking through the Prophet as the Prophet t B Joshua always say that it requires a man to have faith to know another man of faith.I thanked God on this particular day for all that He did and revealed through the Prophet T B Joshua and it was beyond man comprehension and understanding.May God use him abundantly in all areas in Jesus Name

  • Nonceba

    Our God has got the whole world in His hands. His eye is on us every second,minute,hour,day,week,month,year from day one to the last day of the year.No weapon is forged against us shall prevail. Thank you man of God and wisemen.

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  • Taonga

    God is wonderful. He did it for this Family, He did for the boys most of all He did it for us all. We should know that our God never fails, no matter what situation we are in, He is there to get us out of the mess. Many thanks to Senior Prophet TB JOSHUA for the wonderful job he is doing, the Prophecies, the Healing, the Deliverance and the Teachings. May God continue to use him so that the whole world can be saved.

  • Charles

    I thank our LORD and SAVIOUR JESUS CHRIST for saving the lives of these kids.It tells us to come to HIM in times of any situation or problem and HE is ever ready to help us. Glory be to HIS NAME.AMEN

  • Glory be to God ,As they began to pray the heaven took notice and they were saved.I thank God every day for blessing us with the man of God Senior Prophet TB Joshua who prays for us and cause protection to go ahead of us in everything.

    God bless you man of God we love you!

  • Better is not good enough, the best is yet to come. Praise God for all the signs and wonders that are performed at SCOAN by Prophet TBJ

  • George

    May the name of our heavenly father be Glorified for the wanderful gift imparted in the man of God prophet TB joshua and the wisemen.
    Thank you holy spirit.

  • Ayoub Desta

    Glory be to God,thank God for your life dear Man of God prophet TB Joshua.
    It is written in the Holy Bible in(2CHRONICLES 20:20″…….Have faith in the LORD your God and you will upheld;have faith in his prophets and you will be successful.”)(NIV).Amen
    God bless you our anointed prophet TB Joshua richly,in Jesus’Mighty Name.Amen

  • Gaolathe

    man of god we thank god for using you in changing our lives.

    glory be to god……emmanual

  • God you are awesome,may your name be glorified on earth and in heaven for rescuing the two angels and also for rescuing the Governor and many others from the jaws of criminals-Prophet my family and i wishes you Gods blessings in everything you do and my prayer is that the annointed water should reach every corner of the world,God bless your ministry,wisemen, and the entire SCOAN brethren in jesus name…

  • I believe that God can do the same to me, he is able and he can not fail. My familly, friends, husband can let me down but Jesus never fails.

  • Dumelang, I watched the service on the day of the testimony for the kids who were kidnapped, I must applause for the parents, you can tell that the kids are used to be trusting in the Lord, keep putting God in every situation you come across and let his name be glorified, AMEN

  • Prophet you are indeed a great man may the good Lord grant you strength to do his work and change people’s situation, even us that have not got the chance to come to the SCOAN please remember us as God remember Hannah.



  • pameal Musonda

    thank you God for the prophet and prophence

  • Hiler Tchapmegni

    Dieu agit a travers l homme de Dieu le PropheteTB Joshua, ne vous affolez pas vos problemes .confiez le aux mains du tres haut.
    Je dis Gloire a Dieu pour ce quil fait a travers le Prophete Tb Joshua et les hommes sages de la SCOAN, Que le seigneur augmente la Grace et les benedictions du prophete afin quil puisse continuer a aider l humanite comme il le fait par la delivrance des captifs ,les guerisons ,les propheties,les prieres.
    EMMANUEL, si Dieu est avec Nous,personne ne sera contre nous.
    This kind GOD oh ,I never seen your Type Oh , be blessed is your holy Name.

  • fadzi

    Emmanuel – God with us. If God is with us who can be against us. I praise God for giving Snr Prophet T B Joshua for he prophecy for two boys who were kidnapped, and I also thank God Almighty for the two healthy boys who were united with their parents. May the good Lord Jesus Christ be worshiped fore ever and ever.

  • Greeting from Ethiopia .God bless you in all your ministry . I want to be in the areana of liberty to be blessed by T.B Joshua .I watch Emanueal T.V every day & my faith is growing everyday.God bless you all again.

  • Emmanuel – God with us..I thank God Prophet T B Joshua for he prophecy is always True. Glory be to God for the child who are free.

  • Dilmeta Alemayehu

    God is always good to human beings.Those who are helpless are under his eyes.Glory be to the almighty God and God bless the prophet.