After many songs of praise by the choir, the Wise Man delivered the Message entitled: Nobody Is Quite Like You. He reminded the congregation that many are preoccupied with their personal issues, so they know more about their lives than about other people’s. In the wise man’s words, it is ‘What you believe about yourself that matters. Jesus was accused in every way but He was not affected because He knew whom He was.’

Referring Matthew 12:24 as his proof text, the wise man repeated that Jesus Christ believed in Himself and that was why nobody could change His opinion about Himself. The wise man maintained that when you do what you know best, nothing can change you. Jesus was willing to go through a season of pain in order to create an eternity of gain. We must be ready to do the things we hate in order to create the things we love. If Jesus had come down from the Cross, there would not have been gatherings of worshippers. Jesus overcame by keeping His vision and mission in the forefront of His mind.

Jesus never struggled for reputation because He had character destined from Heaven. Do not try to be what you are not. Our goal must serve our purpose. When your purpose is clear, your life will have meaning. A large slice of life will pass you by if you are focused only on making money. A resolve to do whatever proper thing it takes, separates the strong from the weak. Jesus never begged anyone to believe Him. He never wasted time on critics, either. He never allowed others’ comments to change His opinion of Himself. What people do not understand, they call names; what they understand, they destroy.

When you excel in your situation, someone in the palace will call for you as Pharaoh called for Joseph. The suffering we undergo in the hands of our detractors causes us to be known all over the world. Stay true to your purpose in life despite snow or rain. Do whatever you do for God’s sake, not for people to applaud or appreciate you. Let others hate you; but not you. There is nobody and there will never be nobody quite like you, the wise man concluded as he prayed for the congregation to always remain under the control of the Holy Spirit.


The battle between stone and water, in time water wins, Prophet T. B. Joshua told the congregation as he mounted the altar. In his words, we fight common battles camouflaged differently. Satan is our common enemy; the author of all our afflictions. He referred his listeners to 1 Corinthians 13:1 and then to verse 13 which is the summary. Love, he said, is the greatest virtue among faith and hope. However, he went on, faith is the transformative power of the universe. Only faith pleases God. Faith is the power of change from what you are now to what you want to become; from sickness to health; from hardship to breakthrough; from a faithless generation to a faithful generation. Faith looks back; faith tells me Jesus came. Jesus came because relationship was broken.

Faith allows me to embrace what Jesus did for me on the cross of Calvary. Faith reminds me that my sins are forgiven, therefore I do not have to be worried about or haunted by my past. It is also His will that you remember that you have sinned and been forgiven, for it is the remembrance that creates in you a merciful and compassionate heart towards others. Do not bring past accounts that were paid for or forgiven; stay current!

How strange, yet wholly true! The weak filled with power, the Father’s work shall do. Christians can make bad mistakes but because of their relationship with God, they know they can immediately go to God over their behaviour.  God helps them get back on their feet, forgives them and helps them not to make the mistake again.

Is any weakness holding you down – sickness, poverty or barrenness? What we see as a disadvantage can be turned into an advantage. That was true of the Apostle Paul. A thorn in his flesh became an opportunity for God’s strength to be seen in his weakness. If we receive a blessing, why should we not expect some pain, the prophet asked, which will serve as a check to the blessing, to make the blessing the more valuable?


The following testimony describes the deliverance of a family who had been initiated into the kingdom of darkness. Although it may be difficult to comprehend, it is their genuine confession and we have many lessons to learn from it. Their complete testimony can be seen on Emmanuel TV.

A video clip displayed the deliverance of a lady from the spirit of tigress through prayer from Wise Man Christopher during last week’s Monday service. The prophet said the choice of the incident for a review was in its unique significance to the family of the lady who were invited to the platform. Favour, the lady in question, introduced her parents and siblings under the family name of Elijah, all from Akwa Ibom, Nigeria before she gave the testimony. She said she possessed the spirit of tigress and other marine spirits, adding that her mission on earth was to destroy.

She introduced her father as both her physical and spiritual father. Confirming that, the father, Elijah Davis a retired inspector of police, said he was a king in the Bermuda Triangle in the Atlantic Ocean. Completely surprised at the revelations, the wife asserted that she was only a physical but not spiritual wife, adding that her husband had often told her that if her eyes were opened to see his true nature, she would be shocked. At that point, the entire family of two parents, five daughters and two sons were visibly moved.

The father introduced the children as his, both physically and spiritually. One girl among them, he revealed, had been afflicted with insanity that would only manifest later in life by Favour as punishment for an offence against her. One of the physical daughters was his spiritual granddaughter in the sea. Favour gave birth to her in the spiritual world. The wife was not aware of the evil spiritual activities for she had been initiated to withstand the power in the house.
Calling the father forward for deliverance, the prophet said his deliverance would bring freedom to the whole family.

Davis Elijah revealed that Prophet T. B. Joshua was the first to see his nakedness in the world, maintaining that no other had succeeded to see his true nature. When asked why, he explained that his feet had never touched the ground and that was how he hid his true nature from others. This was because, spiritually, he was a snake from the waist down. Receiving prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit, God used Prophet T.B. Joshua to deliver Mr Davis. While on the floor, Mr Davis’ spiritual crown, rings and other items of kingship were removed as he was taken out of the kingdom of darkness and into the kingdom of light. He explained that this was the first occasion in his life that he had experienced the fire of the Holy Ghost.


Veila, a lady from Tanzania mounted the platform to treat the congregation to her stark revelation that she had an uncontrollable appetite for uncooked rice. She added that that had been her problem for the last 15 years. Everyday, after eating her normal food, Veila would delve into a huge bag of raw rice and eat uncannily large amounts to satisfy her desire. It was in her national service as a youth, she explained, that the addiction started. She had been to various hospitals over the bizarre addiction, but the advice to take some food supplements never helped.

She told the congregation that the craving for uncooked rice was so strong that even as she told her story, she was experiencing it. The prophet asked that uncooked rice be brought for her. She plunged her palm into the bowl of uncooked rice for a mouthful. She added that the habit had done havoc to her teeth, causing her to regularly go to the dentist for treatment. When asked what she believed was the cause of such a strange addiction, Veila said that she knew an evil spirit was behind it, as she had tried every human means possible to stop but couldn’t. This was a spiritual problem.

Praying for Veila, she fell to the ground as the spirit behind her bizarre addiction was forced to flee. After deliverance, she immediately said she no more had appetite for the uncooked rice drawn to her attention. The prophet ordered a plate of well seasoned fried rice and chicken for her to eat, as the rest of the congregation celebreated with her!


A lady, by name Rosemary from Tanzania and her daughter, Sylvia mounted the platform to narrate yet another odd revelation that her daughter ate foam mattresses. She had been doing that for the past 12 years, she added. When she started the habit at the age of four, the parents beat her to discourage her, believing it was mere childish behaviour. However, according to the mother, she continued the habit secretly. Sent for a medical test, she was confirmed normal by a psychiatrist. In spite of all that, she ate foam mattresses both at home and in school.

Her mother explained, to the shock of the entire congregation, that her daughter had eaten three mattresses in the boarding school and finished at least one mattress in a year. When asked, Sylvia explained that she couldn’t help herself. A new mattress was brought for her by way of verification and she cut a slice and then another from it, chewed and swallowed it.  She said she saw the mattress as normal food, and treated it in such manner!

After her deliverance, Sylvia instantly testified that the urge to eat the mattress had vanished and she asked for water and normal food. The fried rice that came was enjoyed by the two ladies (Veila and Sylvia) happily joined by the prophet to celebrate the freedom they had received from their unusual eating addictions.


The miraculous work of the Anointing Water in the four corners of the world was visited on a clip played for the congregation. The clip revealed country after country where the Anointing Water had been sent. Starting from Sao Polo, Brazil, the video mediated tour took the congregation to Athens, Greece; Akwa-Ibom, Nigeria; Cape Town, South Africa and Accra, Ghana.  Each of these places revealed an atmosphere of anointing and spiritual presence where people shook visibly, fell down and vomited in deliverance.

In Athens, Greece, a 62-year-old man had an over-growth in his heart which he had been treating for the past 25 years but unsuccessfully. A device was inserted in his heart but this gave no improvement. He had breathing and walking problems in addition to chest pain. God worked through the Anointing Water bringing him the much needed healing.

In Cape Town, South Africa, Elizabeth Tole was healed and saved from contrary spirits and difficulty in walking. In London, UK, a woman who used to hear strange voices said the voices stopped after the ministration of the Anointing Water, in Jesus’ name. The service drew to a close after a session of adoration to God, prophecies and deliverances for which we remain always indebted to the Lord whose name we have cause to praise on a daily basis in our lives.

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