Wise Man Daniel

In league with the choir, Wise Man Daniel heightened the spiritual tempo of the auditorium especially as he, in his prefatory remarks, reminded the congregation of the omnipresence of God. I will, the wise man quoting Jesus, be with you always even till the end of the world. A relationship with the One who never said ‘Good bye’, the wise man elaborated, is the best thing in life.  As a Christian or worker,he asked, who is involved in your matter? Proffering an answer by himself, the wise man reassured the congregation that when God is involved in their matter, it doesn’t matter who else is involved. On that score, he admonished his listeners not to be ruled by their situation and appropriately entitled his message, Handle Your Situation With Care. Citing Acts 16:22-26 as his proof text, he advised the congregation that a good situation handled carelessly becomes a bad one while a bad one carefully handled could become good. God, in his words, wants His nature to be evident in us in terms of love and peace. Our spiritual nature, he went on, needs to be tested in a natural experience. Paul and Silas went through the same test and were found to possess the spiritual nature of God’s standard. In the face of injustice on earth, the wise man continued, do not grumble but look to the cross where the price was paid. Don’t think God has abandoned you when you face life’s uncertainties. Paul and Silas found themselves in a situation that they did not deserve  but all the same, they sang praises to God. Acting faith makes that which is against us be for us. A man of faith will say, ‘Thank You, Jesus for healing me’, whereas the sickness is still there. Prayer is a salve to every sore and a remedy to every malady. In every situation, we must hold out and hold in like Paul and Silas did. A sack letter has catapulted many into employment and prosperity. Who knows what would have happened to you if your prayer for a better situation had been answered? In every situation, trust in God, the wise man advised his listeners.


Prophet T.B. Joshua

Commending the message and describing it as a mirror of our lives, Prophet T. B. Joshua assured Emmanuel TV viewers worldwide that The SCOAN feels their presence and that there is no difference between their location and that of The SCOAN, adding that believing is their connection. If you abide in Me and My Word abides in you, you will ask what you desire and it shall be done, the prophet reminded the congregation in close reference to theBible.


Regarding some of the important happenings of the previous week, the prophet called for the activation of the video clip which revealed the misunderstnding between two business partners resident in Kano over the alleged loss of the private part of one of them to the other. The revelation, which sprang from a prophecy by the man of God, directed that a young man who complained about the loss of his private part should please come into the open, that God was interested in his case. At that, a young man, by name Chinedu of Imo, Nigeria emerged from the crowd to confirm the prophecy and affirmed that his lost penis was stolen by his business partner who visited him on that fateful day at his invitation for part of the debt totally N60,000.00 he owed him. He told his listeners that he drew the partner to the church to defend himself before the church and the man of God. His wish to do so endorsed by the prophet, Chinedu called his suspect, by name Nnabeze, into the open. Like a man of a clear conscience, the accused scuttled into the open as his accuser unfolded the story. Confirming that both of them hailed from the same village and are business partner-cum-friends, Chinedu disclosed that he invited Nnabeze to his house for N20,000.00 out of the N60,000.00 he owed him. After receiving the money, the accused expressed a wish to make use of his toilet which he readily obliged. However, after his visitor had left, he went to the toilet himself and discovered what he suspected to be a charm. With a piece of toilet tissue, Chinedu said he wiped the charm into the toilet and flushed it away. The following day however, Chinedu said he noticed the reduced size of his private part, atrophied like a baby’s.  He decided  to break the news to

Chinedu & Nnabeze

Mr Nnabeze, his latest visitor and also accused him as the culprit. Though Nnabeze denied responsibility, Chinedu could not be seduced from his conviction. Before long, the news had become common knowledge not only to the inhabitants of Kano, but to some extent, of Lagos. In the face of his denial, Chinedu added that he had no option but to drag him to The SCOAN  to defend himself. Making fun of the entire scenario and throwing some probing questions at the complainant, the prophet aired the mind of God which absolved Nnabeze of the crime. Describing the incident as arising from a mindset, the prophet added that the suspected charm was merely a particle from Chinedu’s house. There is forgiveness when there is a solution, the prophet averred and proceeded to deliver Chinedu to restore his penis to full size. He however, warned Nnabeze to forgive Chinedu from the depths of his heart or else he would receive the wrath of God. Continuing, the prophet told him that he was suffering from a generational curse which made him the butt of unfounded accusations. He reminded him of the previous accusation which nearly sent him to prison and intimated to him that the next would call for his head, if he was not delivered.

On the platform for a full confirmation of his state of health after one –week stay in the church as demanded by the prophet, Chinedu testified to a dream he had in which the prophet gave him undistracted therapeutic attention to usher him to full health and resuscitation of his private part, which he confirmed in the testimony to the glory of God. To the surprise of everybody, the prophet announced his readiness to pay the balance of N40,000.00 to Nnabeze to consummate the reconcilation which began with a prophecy and nurtured  by a deliverance.


Monica Nanglong

The next video clip displayed the prophet issuing a prophecy to a lady, said to be seated on the gallery, who had been bedwetting for many years. This, the prophet said, had exposed the victim to untold stigma, conceding her no choice in her marriage.  Assuring her of God’s love, he enjoined her to come out for deliverance.  The said lady, who introduced herself as Monica Nanglong from Plateau, Nigeria, stepped into the open and admitted that she had been entrapped in that mess and embarrassment for more than ten years. She never travelled because of the shame of urinating unconscionably elsewhere. After her deliverance by the man of God there and then, she was asked to stay till the following Sunday when she would give her full testimony. Appearing on the dais  the second Sunday, Monica reintroduced herself as a 32- year mother of three children. She recounted the efforts put in place by her unhappy husband and herself to free her from that oddity, but all to no avail.  She said that in some cases she would slip from the bed to the floor, adding that on many occasions she had entreated God to mercifully change her situation like that of the Biblical Jabez. She recollected that while none of her three children bedwetted, she, the mother, was a pitiable victim. She was however, thankful to God that the shame had ended following her deliverance by the man of God. She advised her listeners to trust in God, whatever their situation. Buoying her up, the man of God told her that her prayers and those of her pastor in the past were not lost, but that the deliverance in The SCOAN represented the culmination of all her past efforts to wriggle out of the grip of satan. The prophet reiterated that pastors have their unique anointings in the Lord’s vineyard. Unlike many, some pastors are anointed for varied roles in His vineyard. Fighting for God, the prophet said, makes us lose focus and slows down our progress in the service of the Lord, rather we should let God fight for us.


Mr Oyebanji and Son Oluwole

The other man who gave a testimony was Mr Joseph Oyebanji. By him on the platform was his son, Oluwole who had come from the United States, where he is currently resident, because of an ailment which defied modern medicine. Though of Yoruba extraction, Joseph, with his family, resides in Kaduna, Nigeria from where he had come to The SCOAN to testify to the goodness of God for the life of his son, Oluwole who was diagnosed for hepatitis B. On the 6th of June, Mr Joseph visited The SCOAN for the Anointing Water for his son who then was still in the hospital. Fortunately for Mr Oyebanji, he was one of those in the birthday celebration of the man of God on the 12th and who faithfully claimed the prayer of the man of God that day that whatever was their problem was over that day. Back home in Kaduna, he called his son whether he should send the Anointing Water to him in the hospital. Surprisingly, Oluwole replied that he was already well and discharged from the hospital and in fact, well enough to drive by himself to the house. Given the Anointing Water at home, Oluwole was entirely reinvigorated. Father and son desided to visit The SCOAN four days before the day of the testimony to appreciate God for His wonderful mercy. Their experience in Lagos on the day of arrival became another reason for thanksgiving.

According to Mr Oyebanji, they inadvertently entered a bus in Lagos nicknamed, ‘one chance syndicate’, a bus being used by a gang of robbers. Midway to their destination, the robbers suddenly released gunshots into the air and asked every one of their passengers to lie down flat in the bus. The robbers then collected all their belongings including the Anointing Water which Mr Oyebanji had received in The SCOAN.

Mr Oyebanji and Son Oluwole

Maybe by divine intervention, Mr Oyebanji was able to blurt out to the robbers their mission to Lagos and the person, Prophet T. B. Joshua they had come to visit. As soon as the robbers heard the name, T. B. Joshua, their leader recoiled in amazement and shouted, ‘Baba church’?  He immediately ordered his boys to release to him every item of his that they had forced from him and his child. When his son, Oluwole told them that he was yet to recover his necklace and pendant, they pleaded with him to give them time till they got to a better place. As soon as they got to where they considered convenient, they stopped, searched, fished out the items and gave them to him with regret. Standing on the platform for more reasons than they had at the start of their journey, Mr Oyebanji and his son hardly had words enough to thank the mighty Lord for the showered mercies and blessings. The Anointing Water, the prophet said in his brief response, separates you from others.  While others’ pain is unto death, yours is to strenthen your desire for God.


Mr and Mrs Tabi Daniel and Children

Mr and Mrs Tabi Daniel and children took turns to mount the platform for their testimony. The cameroonian family, ably represented by the wife as the spokesperson, narrated the ordeal the family passed through in the last 13 years as victims of strange and deadly sicknesses. The wife who was the only person unaffected by the ailment played the key role in seeking healing for the rest of the family. The sicknesses, which varied from asthma, to throat problems, to mental disorder, caused Mrs Daniel to run from pillar to post in quest for a cure. She visited all the hospitals and churches that were recommended to her without any solution. Their 10- year- old son was the first to be affected bythe sickness and he was operated on but the doctor could not precisely identify the nature of the ailment. Their daughter who visited the son in the hospital could not eat after three days because of her ruptured throat. Apart from that, she went berserk, seeing snakes and other strange things around her which asked her to attack her mother. She would pray or dance without any prompting and any attempt to help her would cause her to faint. She was simply an enigma in the family. Meanwhile, the son was getting more dehydrated day by day refusing to eat. That was the picture of their home before Mrs Daniel visited a cousin in a hospital where she saw Emmanuel TV and watched Prophet T. B. Joshua delivering a woman from the spirit of madness. That singular incident, Mrs Daniel said, made her resolve to locate the prophet wherever he might be, by any means, even if it entailed trekking from Cameroon to Nigeria. Arriving in Nigeria as resolved, she received the Anointing Water and went home. After a family prayer with the Anointing Water, a chain of events began to unfold among the family members. The son immediately sensed some churning in his stomach causing him to vomit while his sister’s case was spiritual manifestaion added to vomiting. The husband, whose own case was asthmaand liver problem, was not left out. He manifested and vomited like the children. Mrs Daniel’s reaction to all this was simply, ‘Thanks be to God!’ That marked the end of the problem in the family. The asthma, liver and problem of swollen legs of the husband were no more. Impressed, like everybody else who listened to her testimony, the man of God ordered all the women to give a standing ovation to  Mrs Daniel, describing her as a challenge to all families that watched her. Mr Daniel and the two chidren also spoke to confirm the wife’s testimony, thanking God for His abiding mercy.


Mrs Grace Aniekan Udoh

Mrs Grace Aniekan Udoh of Akwa Ibom, Nigeria also mounted the rostrum for her testimony. She started by thanking God for His work in her life. What brought her to The SCOAN, according to her, was the problem of fibroids which had taken her to many places including Port Harcourt, Abuja and Lagos where she was advised to go for an operation. Shunning all that advice, she came to The SCOAN on June 12 and received the Anointing Water. After praying with it in her hotel room that night, she applied it to herself and went to bed. The following morning as she had her bath, she sensed a strange lump, accompanied with a trail of blood, fall from her private part. Initially shaking with fear, she had a hunch that it was the fibroids and reacted to the situation with joy. Each day after that had a share of fibroids coming out of her. Today, she is a free woman, without an operation, thanks to how God  Almighty is working through the Anointing Water. As usual, the entire church and all Emmanuel TV viewers are full of thanks and adoration for the Lord for using His anointed son, Prophet T. B. Joshua as a dispenser of healing and deliverance to humankind. May His name be praised forever!

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    Thanks and all the praises be to the Almighty God for the Wonderful works the wisemen are doing at SCOAN.Also many thanks to Great Senior Prophet T.B.Joshua for is Good Leadership.Emmanul!!!



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    Emmanuel, thanks be to God for the life of our Snr Prophet T. B. Joshua and the Wise men for the marvelous work that He is doing through them.May God continue to keep His anointing and Power upon them and use them to deliver His people from every bondage in Jesus name. May God bless them all. Amen

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    Praise the Lord for what His is doing for us through Prophet T.B.Joshua & the wisemen.

  • Many thanks to the Lord God for what is doing to the entire world through prophet T.B.Joshua and the wisemen. May our Lord continue to anoint and strengthen man of God and the wisemen.

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    He never said goodbye,he said he will be with us till the end of time.I would like to thank God for the miracles he is doing in my life and to my brother’s .I commented last week asking for all God’s people to pray for my brother who has a very painful wound on his foot and he was leaving to Lobatse that friday(24/06/2011) to meet Pastor Irine Chifiwa from s/africa.She was ministering at Lobatse stadium .Good news is that my brother is geting better and better evryday,he can peacefully sleep now,he can walk without a stick,he can cover the wounded foot with blankets now.The pains that he was feeling is no longer that much.Our God is so loving and caring and i thank him .Have faith and you shall recieve blessings.

    Thank you lord.I smile evryday when i look and think of my brother as a healed man.

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      Glory and honour be to the lord.

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  • I thank God for using his servant TB Joshua for the a wonderful work that he is doing in our lives, may God continue to bless him. We believe that we serve a living God. AMEN

  • I thank God for using his servant TB Joshua for the wonderful work that he is doing in our lives, may God continue to bless him. We believe that we serve a living God. AMEN

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    Praise the LORD,hallelujah.Amen
    God bless you Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and God bless the Wise Men,for what you are doing for the blessing of the nations.
    Thank God for we see His Glory in the Synagogue Church of all Nations.It is written in the Holy Bible in(2CORINTHIANS 3:18″And we,who with unveiled faces all reflect the Lord’s glory, are being transformed into his likeness with ever-increasing glory,which comes from the Lord,who is the spirit.”)(NIV).In Jesus’Name.Amen.

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    The service was very inspiring and i thank God for the family that God is going to use to bring revival to their country cameroon, God you are so good and your love endures forever,may your holy name be glorified.

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    I cant stop thanking and praising his name for what his about to do in my life and my marriage……………..Emmanuel.

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    when I ask why they say water represent snake and snake belong to devil.so I will like to hear your opinion about that

  • I am grateful for what the Lord has done in the lives of his people. What an Awesome Savior we serve. By the resurrection power of his Son Lord Jesus Christ you are set free, you are healed, you are redeemed and you are blessed for the salvation of your soul.
    Our Savior is faithful and he is living he never said goodbye, Since you have received your healing breakthrough. deliverance and many other God’s blessings I encourage you the children of God Almighty to honor him and not to depart from his word and his ways. Be ruled by his word and make it standard for life so that your breakthrough, healing, deliverance and all God’s blessings will remain permanent. In Jesus Christ name.

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