Prophet T.B. JoshuaThe prophet reminded the congregation that we can’t see enough until the eyes of our faith are opened. Beyond sickness is where God lies. Sickness is not meant to kill but to strengthen. Once your eyes of faith are opened, you will see what protection you are under.

Describing the new Anointing Water as a channel of healing and shining life, the prophet invited those who had testimonies of it to come forward and give same.
Mrs Tebogo Lekoko Serremane, a lady from Botswana, accompanied by her mother,Stella Lekoko Mrs Tebogo and mother mounted the platform to give a resume of her business life in the past which was fraught with difficulties and disappointments. It was in the face of these many difficulties that he came to The SCOAN for a change of fortune. After diligently participating in the church activities, she met the prophet and received the Anointing Water. Getting home to Botswana and applying the Anointing Water as advised, she soon noticed a positive change in her life. Among many other successes, she miraculously became the controller of one of the biggest kiosks not only in her country, Botswana but also in Africa. Beyond that, her mother, whose high sugar level had been a matter of concern, also took the new Anointing Water and had a miraculous healing as confirmed by her doctor. In unison with her mother, she thanked God for the many successes and breakthroughs brought about by the new Anointing Water.

Another lady also testified to the goodness of the Lord with respect to the delivery of her new baby. In her words, she had been operated on twice before she had the pregnancy in question. The doctor had told her that the baby was in the wrong position and she would need to undergo an operation for the baby to come out. In fear of the agony of operation, she rushed to The SCOAN to seek the face of God where she also received the new Anointing Water. As soon as she administered it as required, she sensed the turning of the baby in her womb. By the next day, according to her, labour started and she delivered the baby safely without operation.

A similar testimony was given by a lady from Delta State. Having once been operated on and sensing a problem in her delivery, she found her way to The SCOAN for the new Anointing Water. Applying the Anointing Water as required, she delivered her baby safely.

In confirmation of his assertion that the new Anointing Water had the spiritual powers of healing and deliverance replicated in them, the prophet caused a video clip on the trip of some evangelists to Ghana to be activated. Activated, the video clip revealed the administration of the new Anointing Water by the evangelists in Ghana and the wonderful works of healing, deliverance and salvation that followed the application. A specific case was that of a man who had suffered from arthritis for some time and who became healed after the application of the Anointing Water. Another case was that of a lady possessed with an evil spirit. The evil spirit came out of her after the application of the new Anointing Water. There were many other cases of healing, deliverance and salvation associated with the Anointing Water in Ghana.

In furtherance of her policy of coming to the aid of the financially handicapped, orphans and disabled, The SCOAN, in league with Emmanuel TV and Partners, put smiles on the faces of twenty five students and an ex-hired assassin, Emeka in course of the service by distributing various sums of money to them to pay their accommodation, feeding and school fees for the current session. A total sum of N2,681,300.00 was chunked out of the coffers of the church for this very purpose. Radiating with joy as beneficiaries from this commendable gesture, the students thanked the church, Prophet T. B. Joshua and Emmanuel TV and Partners for the wonderful display of altruism to the underprivileged.

Two young men who had spent most of their time on criminal activities until they were arrested by the Holy Spirit in the church were also beneficiaries from the hospitality of the church. Kelechi who, until his arrest, was a notorious armed robber, known as ‘Bullet Bishop’ received the sum of N200,000.00 and two bags of rice. Emmanuel, who became an ex-cultist after his arrest by the Holy Spirit and grooming in the church where he was exposed to the Word of God and moral lessons in preparation for his integration in society, also received the sum of N200,000.00 and two bags of rice. The two ex-criminals, like other recipients of largess from the church, thanked the prophet and the church for the gesture.
In view of the many activities still lined up for the benefit of the congregation, it was decided that the service be resumed the following day, Monday by 11am.

  • God Almighty said thi year is the Year of Another Chance where we will be given another chance to redeem ourselves.
    The message of the day was so exact. Thank you Man of God Senior Prophet T. B. Joshua for accepting God’s call and for raising such Mighty Men as Wisemen! May God continue to grow His church. Halellujah

  • bridget banda

    this is indeed a year of another chance. to God be the Glory. thank you man of God.

  • Musanvu sunny joe

    Thank God for his power healing people through man of God prophet tb joshua.i have been writing that i visit the scoan but up to now am not invited.please help me

  • Here in Angola many people have heard about prophet T.B.Joshua.He is the prophet everybody respects as an authentic man of God.We thank God for him as well as for the wise men.How can we at least have one bottle of anointing oil? I can assure you we will not used it for selfish reasons or for self-glorification but for the glory of God.I hope we will get it by the means you suggest.

    Kindly, yours Timóteo

  • josephine Mulenga

    We thank you Man of God for the help you are rendering to the less privilege and the physically challenged. I just urge my fellow Physically challenged persons to use this gift wisely, concentrate on their studies, because without education we are nothing in society. Please being handicapped is not the end of the world, please do not loose hope we are just the same like able bodied people. In fact we can even do much better than them. Let us just pray for our beloved Man of God so that he lives Longer.

    Josephine Mulenga
    P.O. Box 420057


  • Marina Strong

    Praise the living Jesus,People God is reall !!! What a mighty God we serve Amen. I praise God that my time will come to go the SCOAN and get my anointing water to minister it to people in Namibia

  • Thnks man of god! I wud like 2 ask abt the distribution of the new anointing water in Namibia. We really need it.

  • Elvis Agbadobi

    Thanks to the Almigthy God for giving us GREAT prophet TB Joshua.

  • I believe that i ts my chance now and i would get healed by the power of God im just tired of this sickness that is tormenting my life and i would like to thank TBJoshua and the wise man of their prayers, and i need that anointing oil pliz man of God

  • Prophet you are a blessing sent by God. The sermon is awsome and it touches my heart. I pray one day i will come and visit the SCOAN.

  • I am at Namibia since i starting watching TB joshua on Februarly this year .my life is getting change each and every time. The man of God and with Your wise man you are really doing something touching many heart to change keep it your good work . In shortly I want to ask you how can I get the anointing water ? If I can not able to reach there.
    Selma N Shuuya My Contact No: (0812838527)

  • ensi jeremia

    Thanks Jesus! God is good all the time!

  • kennedy Reeves


  • josephine Mulenga

    Please Man of God see ways and means in which you can send me holy water. I need it and i believe with faith that, anointing water when sprinkled on me it will perform wonders and my life will change i will be reborn as a new creature in the Lord.

  • Diana Ncube Ngondi

    I have been viewing the miracles performed by the Prophet and reading all about what God is doing thorugh SCOAn and it is refreshing to hear the power of God being lifted up above the power of God. Oh! the heavens are celebrating for such a time as this when “His kingdom has come down to earth as it is in Heaven”

  • Godwin.

    Truly you are doing the work of the LORD ALMIGHT our God.
    I want some of the Anointing Water, I cannot manage to come to Nigeria I don’t have money.
    It is too far from Zambia to reach Nigeria.
    Am looking forward to have you here in Zambia, and the whole Zambia is looking forward to your come for the miraculous work of the Lord.
    God bless.
    Godwin Chigande, Zambia.

  • Joyce Mhlongo

    God is great, by so many things given to us like giving us Prophet TB Joshua to preach for us pray and heal people in Jesus name. Hoping that God will give enough money one day to visit SCOAN to get myself and family deliverance.

    God Bless u Man of God

  • as God said in his word that he is Jehova Shammar and as the man of God says that distance is not a barrier let me also be content in my life of God’s grace in the name of Jesus Christ.
    May God contineu providing your day to day necesities in Jesus name.

  • Sampson Osei-Ampem

    We thank God for the marvelous work that HE is doing through His Prophet T.B.Joshua and His able Lieutenants, the Wise Men, this tells me clearly that our generation is bless if only we will believe whatever that comes from their mouth is truly from God.May God bless them all and their family.

  • Thuso Sibadela

    Men of God, the Prophet TB Joshua and wise men you doing wonderes in the realm of spirit, I really blessed by messages preached, and the manifestation of the power of the Holy Gost. I am looking for Anointing water for my break through and prosperity as in your(Prophet) preaching, you said distance is not the barrier. I would be glad should endeavor to help me the men of Most High.

  • Ayoub Desta

    Dear Man of God Prophet TB Joshua,thank God for you life and may God sustains,bless and use you abundantly and richly for His Glory,in Jesus’Name.Amen
    I’m so happy and blessed,for all who attend to pray and worship the LORD in the Synagogue Church of All Nations by the Grace and the Wonderful Love of God,they shout boldly and say as it is written in the Holy Bible in(1PETER 1:23″For you have been born again,not of perishable seed,but of imperishable,through the living and enduring word of God”)(NIV)..Thank you Jesus,what a glorious hope we have in You.In the precious Name of Jesus Christ.AMEN

  • Agok

    I thank God Almighty everyday for His anointed Prophet T. B. Joshua ,the Wise Men, the Emmanuel TV partners & everybody at the SCOAN for what they do for those who are less fortunate is amazing. God Bless.

  • Taffy

    Thank you man of God for allowing God to use you as His vessel. The good Lord will continually give you more revelations in His word. I keep thanking God when you reconcile families and deliver people from bondage.

    I always watch Emmanuel TV and got so blessed because i see the Ministry of Jesus being fulfilled in our time, Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever

    Thank you Prophet TB Joshua.

  • I am very blessed to receive the update on Prophet TB Joshua’s ministry. Continue to feed me with the Bread of life. I cannot wait to meet the Prophet in person. I am planning a trip to Africa in December of this year, and hoping to visit the Prophet for couple of days. Please inform the prophet that he is constantly in our ministry’s prayer because of the work that the Lord is doing in and through him in Africa.

  • pamela

    May God bless Prophet TB Joshua

  • Robert Silali

    My prayer and desire is to worship at the SCOAN one day.may our good lord continue giving his prophet and wisemen greater hights of annointing.

  • I know god will help to come there this year to see the great job Prophet T.B.Joshua is doing to the whole world.May god bless you SIR in his name.This channel is so blessing.

  • I want to thank you man of god T B Joshua for blessing the whole nation.Thank you very much in jesus name Amen




  • Thank God for Prophet T B Joshua, the Wise Men and the Emmanuel TV team for the wonderful work of God they are doing. May our Lord richly bless them all! Amen

  • Tsikayi James

    Thank you the whole team of emmanuel.tv may god bless you.May god give Man of God more grace to help the world in jesus name.

  • Dear Pastor,
    i am very happy to see you, infact i been looking for you for my heal,but its now i have your mail ID or list. Infact pastor, am suffering gonorrhea almost 4year and even i dont know what to do. I need your prayers as a pastor thank you.


  • Chenyuende Delphine Njikwe

    I live in Cameroon and have been thinking of how to meet you and worship with you one day at the SCOAN.Please kindly give me the address of anybody in bamenda Cameroon who has links with you and can lead us in prayers and provide us with annointed water.


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