The Bible says whatsoever a man confesses in faith he shall receive (Matt. 21:21). It was not David’s victory over Goliath that catapulted him into public notice but his bold confession in the face of an obvious threat to his life. He overcame by the testimony of his mouth (Rev. 12:11). In giving his testimony, he applied his will of God (1 Samuel 17:37). As members of the household of faith, whenever you are facing difficult situations in which it seems there is no future, you should learn to use your weapon of testimony and confession of what the Lord has done in the past and what He is able to do in the circumstance. This would give you strength to face the situation.

  • Teketel Lailago Shamisso

    Amen and Amen!

    I will use the tools that God has given to me in Jesus name!
    Be blessed in Jesus name!
    What a wonderful message it is!

  • Klemesu Laryea

    His Goodness endureth Forever.

  • The Name of the Lord is the strong tower! Oh what a wonderful massage. To God be the Glory!
    Thank you man of God, I will use the tools which God has given me through Jesus Christ.

    Amen and Amen!

  • Amaen you remind me in the right time becouse i need it in Jesus name.there is raise that i must run and there is victory to be won,i need Gods power right now.

  • Marina Strong

    Thank you God for weapon of testimony and confession,Help me Lord to use it in Jesus Name,Thank you Man of God for you message

  • Praise the Lord.

  • Thank you man of God, the words of God are strong tool that I can use to defeat all plans of devil.( John 1 Vs 1)
    I will use tools that God has given me in the name of Jesus Christ Amen!

  • Yes its a very big Amen

  • samuel synoden

    In Jesus name, I will use his name as my weapon to destroy the killer. Thank you so much man of for a good message, glory to his name.
    Amen and amen.

  • Doctor Gondwe

    Thank you man of God as I am writing now there are two issues inflont of me that seems difficult for me to move forward but now I am encouraged I will forge a head I am pursurded that I will come out victorious.


  • Edith Imasiku

    Thank you Lord! Emmanuel!

  • Anna Tuli Mkandawire

    The message has really strengthened my Faith.

  • bridget m banda

    this message has come at the very time time when i need this encouragement. thank you verymuch. surely the devil is a liar i will not be intimidated by his tactics coz am secured by the blood of Jesus and the Mighty power of the Holy Ghost Amen

    Bridget Banda

  • Mariquita Aliasse

    Amen man of God.

  • Elvis Agbadobi

    God is faithful to those that are faithful to him,so brothers remain faithful to attrack your heart Desires.Praise they Lord emmanuel tv is V.Keep watching the Blessing channel.

  • Monkam Solange Ntseyeko

    Amen, our confessions from the heart is a clear evidence that God is the only rock upon that we should base all our hopes i mean ALWAYS IN JESUS NAME.I LOVE THAT MAN OF GOD.

  • Docas

    Thank people of God for this powerful message. After reading it, it gave me strength to focus on God in what I see to be difficult in mylife.

    God is the only answer to all the problems that all peple have, Glory be to God.

    Remain blessed man of God and all the wisemen and prayer worriors.

  • David Kapemba

    Thank you Man of God for your encareging words God will hear me and he will do his miracle very soon because if God is for us who shall be aganist us.

  • sunny joe

    we thank you for sending to us this messenges am really encouranged.God bless man of God tb joshua amen

  • i am really happy for what the man of God is doing in my life.
    Sending me after each service a word of God.
    May God strength you more than ever, Shalom

  • sampson osei ampem

    Emmanuel. I thank you very much and i say GOD bless you Man of GOD. I was battling with repairs of my caterpillar but your message has given me courage to use my God given tools to overcome the problem. thank you and may God bless you.

  • indeed whatever i confess with my mouth and believe with my heart shall come to pass.Jesus is my healer, my deliverer and i believe that whatever situation i am facing he is still saying something.A few days ago i sent a prayer request about my health,my parents health and financial breakthrough in business for internet cafe which was not doing well and i believed.right now i am emailing in my internet cafe and it is full of customers and i cashed a lump sum health has improved a lot.i give God the glory.amen

  • martha lekang

    thank you daddy and your team for this message and i do believe that God is still saying something.i also do confess every day that Jesus is my healer and my deliverer.i am an Evangelist and i appreciate on this message which brings perseverance in my spiritual life and that God time is the best time.AMEN


    Thank you man of God .This is the word what I need now. I will confess to my futer. Thank you so much. I said AMEN to the word which you send to me. I LOVE YOU. Please pass my deep love to brothers and sisters in the lord and to beloved Phrophet TB. JOSHUA and to the WISE MENS. I love them from my heart. I want to serve the lord like them. I understand that unless God send me, I can do nothing by myself. I call them prophet and wise man because they are and the lord say so. God also gives his testimony about them by manifesting his power, love, faith through them. Oh Lord thank you for your gift. You give this prophet and wise means to us. I receive them as you received them.Phrophert TB.joshua you are our model in this age.
    God bless you. I love you so much.

  • josephine chinyere okokye


  • Agok

    Thank you for sending me this wonderful message. Yes, I’ve learned not to focus on all the problems & sickness I have but, to trust the Lord on what He has done & what He’s able to do for me from now on. I’m blessed by watching the Emmanuel TV I can’t thank you enough. Happy birthday Emmanuel TV.

  • I believe God will 4fill His purpose nd my backgroound is not an obstacle.

  • its a very powerful message .thank you

  • thank you for this wonderful word it as if God is talking to me because i am full of negative thought and words from my mouth i realy need help if only you can repply to me it can really change my life positively. amen thank you Jesus it is done.

  • William Nasho Wilson

    Thank you very much for the Words of Wisdom and Knowledge.This makes our life complete .May God bless you Abundantly.

  • Ronald

    thank you for the massage, it is quite motivating and encouraging never to give up even if the situation seems difficult and to keep on confessing the positive. Let the name of my lord Jesus Christ be glorified in Jesus name amen.

  • mbah Acha Rose Ngwari Fomundamm

    Thank you Man of God. Every time I listen to your preaching over Emmanuel TV or read these regular posts, I learn some thing new which uplifts my spirit, and reveal more about God’s power to me. Thank you for I will always love to turn to Emmanuel TV to see you and hear you as you make the bible come alive in my live with your sermons and the miracles of God. Thank you.

  • Ayoub Desta

    Thank you Man OF God Prophet TB Joshua,God bless you for this blessed and wonderful teaching.May God pour His Spirit upon us to confess His Mercy in our lives boldly and with great faith declare He is always with us,in Jesus’Name.Amen

  • Evangelist Evans Mwansa

    The same way TB Joshua was called even me that i was called. Before i knew and read about him for me it Moses and Elijah who came and gave a small Bible to eat. I went in course just with these two men just 3 nights . Toda im un Electronic /Electrical technician. I fail even to explain to people because they want to know the college i went . To things of GOD many men of God ask the same question which Bible college where you did your course. I usually answers that its the power of God.

  • vicky

    Thank u man of God this message is coming on the right time when i am seriously need it , i will have joy in my spirit and rejoice for what the lord has promised to have and my family. Amen.

  • Kgomotso

    I greet you in the name of Jesus Christ Almighty. Thank you for praying for me. God has done great things in my life sice i started communicating with you through the internet. There was a certain lady who was staying with my husband in Lobatse but on Saturday after fasting for three days i managed to chase her out of the house through the help of my husband. I thank God and i am going to be closer to God more than i have been. Also i got a job in Lobatse so that i will stay with him. God is great and he listens to us when we pray whole heartedly.

  • Barbara Mulenga

    Thank you Prophet for this inspiring message which has really blest my heart. My spirit has been ministered to because sometimes I do find myself confessing the negative words about my situation. Teach me O Lord to speak the words of faith no matter how life-threatening the situation, in Jesus’ Name.

    God bless you abundantly.

  • robert silali

    father thank you for the timely wishes emmanuel tv on ur 5th anniversery,what u have done in 5yrs looks like 50yrs.blessings.

  • josephine Mulenga

    thank you Man of God for the precious message. It is true we have to give out testimonies of what happened in the past, through the same we able to learn and able to thank him for what he has done in our lives especially today. Because when think of what i went through when I lost my Husband and my beloved mother, all was pain and felt to be useless because i am physically handicapped, the company i work for we do not get salaries every month, its either after three months or just like that. But i continued with life and continued asking God to put me where i belong and here i am today atleast some of things had improved, even taking care of my oldest sisters who too their spouses died. My life had been so negative. but since i started watching emmanuel T.V i am always get encouraged and have forgotten about the past because Iam what he says Iam, I can even do what I can do and i have what he says Iam. Amen

  • Pamela

    Glory to God for teaching us .AMEN

  • Ngozi

    I’m encourage by this message especially this time i needed it most in my life. Now i know the weapon in which to overcome the difficult situations in my daily life, that is the weapon of positive confession and testimony. My faith is lifted up, may God bless you for this wonderful message in Jesus name Amen.

  • Yes we are victors if we confess victory and failures if we confess failure. Even when satan puts you in bondage like Peter under 16 armed guards, three heavily guarded gates, with just a pat on Peters shoulder chains fell off and was freed (ACTS 12}. FREE YOU WILL BE IF YOU BELIEVE. FAITH IS A GREAT TOOL. Amen. Thanks Man of GOD

  • I thank God for what he is doing through his servant T.B. Joshua. I maintain my faith in Him alone and stand to tell others about God’s faithfulness at all times. I am a believer in what God is doing through this Ministry.

    I pray to be chanced to come to the SCOAL as I strongly desire to buy a wrist band and the healing water for myself and family.

    God be with you.

  • ensi jeremia

    Thanks Man of God! for the word of encouragement I feel good and very strong for this word!

  • yohannes angesom

    yes may GOD contiunue to use u really iwas blessed by ur message , but i have a problem even still now i didnot share to any body . iam also a believer here in sudan , khartoum. from my child hood after i was born i grew up with my fathers wife not belong to me, means another. i didnot know my real mother till i grow up almost till i was 23 age , after that after i finish my high school my father took me to my real mother that he tell me that she is my mum, but i couldnot accept her means i donot know what the reason is and she is from ethiopia, my father was from eritrea, after some years i went to sudan accept jesus as personal saviour, we have common problem in eritrea and ethiopia which is concerned about racism, specially those having born of half cast or born of two countries really suffering we couldnot move with boldness, so me i lost my boldness to move to talk freely as i have stated it above, even some times i decided to leave out this two countries searching for residence other so what can u advice me as man of GOD, REALLY as i was decided that is i have to come to u, i dont know also what GOD say for me, so i need quick answer

  • I have this warm and freeness that I have and my body feels as if some heavy load have been taken a way from me. My be because God have accepted me. I have on moer than tree times dreamed of Prophet TB Joshua praying for me and I have see my self healing people and praying for someone who was dead and he came back to life. But I have done alot of bad things in my life

    I have gone to about twenty (20) power full traditional doctors. some of them are so powerfull such that they were blocking my E- Mail reaching SCOAN. They know where ever I am and who ever I want to call even before I call that person. these are in various countries, Zambia, Malawi, Zimbabwe Botswana and DRC Congo.

    I have have had sex with 46 wimen since I was young

    I have a lot of dates some of which I had to sell my house to pay back

    My children are not going to school because my business is not doing well at all. I have stayed for more than ayear now wthout wing any job

    My heart is troubled and there is this bad feeling that I have have since I was young.

    Last year when Mmama TB Joshua I listened to her message then I prayed. Since then Even if I have all these problems still not solved I am felling as if I dont have any problem.

    I have warmth in my body and it is a comforting feeling and I feel my body is lighter some load have been taken a way from me.

  • what awonderful massage its aremedy to our daily life glory to the lord

  • natsnet mesfun

    It is a sweet message ,thank you and God bless you abundantly

  • sabina

    yes. our words have power, born again christiains have power in their words,cos he that is in us is greater,and his words are spirits and let us speak them out to our situations and ppls lives, amen

  • Mathews Chalwe

    Glory be to God!
    Indeed God desires that we bring Him to remembrance and that in all situations we decern what God’s thoughts are and apply them accordingly even as we believe that all God’s promises are “YES” in Jesus Christ.We are Children of faith and God has promised to reward them that seek him in faith.

  • Barbra Samutsa


  • maria tito

    Jesus is good all the time, He loves us, cares for us a lot, when we are sick He cures us; He feeds us when we are hungry. If we go according to His will, He is always faithful. God bless you for such wonderful words of wisdom.
    God bless you man of God. Let us always confess what God has realy done unto our lives, and that He is still doing, Such testimony confirms to satan that our God is able and He can do it. He is the same, today, tomorrow, and forever. Stay blessed.

  • May the good lord bless you and your ministry in jesus name.

  • philliezim

    i need annointed water and i am staying in zimbabwe my number is 00263777632338