Season’s Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Family

Emmanuel! Here is the special message from Prophet T.B. Joshua for this season, titled ‘CHOOSE THE PATH OF A CHAMPION’. We encourage and admonish you to send this message to all the people on your email-list and as many people as possible – to spread the Word of God to the four corners of the earth. This is an assignment from God.

Jesus is the centre of Christmas – let us put God where He belongs this season by making His Word the standard for our lives.


We are all love’s products – the sons and daughters of love. Therefore, let us act love, do love. Follow in the light of love; let love lead.

As we approach the New Year 2011, we should love our neighbours as ourselves. Your neighbour could be your enemy, your friend or those who do not share the same faith with you. Love them all. We should let love be uppermost in our hearts because all our doings without love are nothing.

A person who does not love will not forgive. A person who does not forgive cannot receive God’s mercy and favour. This is the reason why many are suffering around the world today.

To show that love is lost in our society today, there are many political parties the members of which belong to different religious faiths and denominations. Yet they eat together, plan together, work together and share positions among themselves. However, when they return to their various places of worship, they begin to criticise, condemn and discriminate against one another. Why? What kind of society is this? This is hypocrisy!

There are many organisations such as places of work owned by religious people with people of different faiths and beliefs working there together. There, they receive their incomes which they take to their various places of worship. Is it not then hypocrisy to see them condemning themselves?

We should be known for our love, irrespective of religion, ethnicity or geographical location:
Love that sees beyond hatred – that is, even when we are hated, we should love.
Love that sees beyond intimidation – that is, even when we are intimidated, we should love.
Love that sees beyond persecution – that is, even when we are persecuted, we should love.

Love is patient; it does not express itself in anger. Love is humble; it does not express itself in arrogance. Love is hope; it does not express itself in self-pity or despair. Love is goodness; it does not express itself in evil.

Yesterday, man was his brother’s keeper, but today, man is his brothers destroyer. For example, yesterday, your neighbour would wake up in the morning and be interested in your welfare, irrespective of religion or background, by saying, ‘Good morning. How are you?’ But today such things no longer exist; we have become strange bedfellows – two people living together, sleeping together but strangers to each other because of religious, economic, political or cultural reasons. This New Year is a year in which your old approach to life cannot be supported by the turn of events.

Therefore, instead of criticising our society and our fellow men, let us do what is good to change the bad we see. Let us walk in the light of love.

The cause of stealing, killing and destruction today is to keep treasures for ourselves, family and relations. But those relations, family and children we are keeping those things for – what becomes of them? What can anyone achieve with stolen things? Greatness and success? No. Peace and comfort? No. This is what becomes of our children today because they are nurtured with stolen wealth.

When we inherit stolen wealth in a will, we would live under a stolen future – thereby mortgaging our future. Remember, what comes from God goes to Him. What comes from truth goes to truth. What comes from stealing goes to stealing. What comes from destruction goes to destruction.

Our leaders, how are you elected? Was it a stolen mandate or the will of the people? Those who created yesterday’s pain cannot control tomorrow’s potential.

Nothing happens for nothing; nothing comes by chance. In the course of my living, I have seen those who succeed and those who choose to fail.

David said in Psalm 37:25 – ‘I was young and now I am old, yet I have never seen the righteous forsaken or their children begging bread.’

Choose the path of a champion in the New Year.

My God is love – Jesus Christ (1 John 4:8).

Seasons Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV Family

Seasons Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV

Seasons Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV

Seasons Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV

Seasons Greetings From TB Joshua, The SCOAN and Emmanuel TV

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  • Mukisa Milly


    Thks for that word of God.may God bless u

  • My Dear prophet tb.Joshua,
    I am very happy to read your message, Honestly the message you send to the world about love is not from you but from God, if the world can work on that message and do exactly what the Word of God said, there will be no enemy of each other,no killing,no conspiracy and others, Prophet you are God sent to the world indeed, no prophet of God like you in this world.. God will contiune to use you mightly and powerfully in our life….

  • Endale Sebsebe

    This is a powerful message that sinks into the spirit and searches the deepest recesses of our heart. I am challenged, warned and also encouraged. It is the voice of God to the whole world and particularly to those of us who profess Christian faith. Love never fails! May God pour out his love through the Holy Spirit in my life. Thank you Prophet TB Joshua. May God use you continuously for the salvation of many souls. Amen!

  • Macdonald Kaunde

    This is my first Seasons Greetings this year and i am very very happy of the word the Lord Jesus has spoken into my life.I am finishing this year in the PATH OF THE CHAMPION and i will be in the year 2011 IN THE PATH OF THE CHAMPION.
    My the Mercy and Grace of OUR LORD JESUS LOCATE ME so that I may say in that path for the lest of my life.AMEN

  • Ngozi

    I’m moved and motivated by this message, i pray that the good Lord in His infinite mercy teach us to love, do love and act love to our neighbours including those that did not share the same faith with us. I thank God for using the man of God Prophet TB Joshua to teach us how to love and bring us closer to God especially this season of Xmas. May He increase you in wisdom and bless you more richly in Jesus name.


    I always count my self blessed to be part of this generation because I have seen the bible becoming true. But sir I know you are led by the holy spirit it would be nice to include viewers during sunday or monday prophese.


    First and fourmore must am happly to resev this worming meseng which the man of God his seat to me i know that next year will be my year and i will act apoin the word which i have just ready God i thank you for new thing that will come in my life, to the man of God propht T.B.joshua i thank you a million you are my papa.

    • Emmanuel Alfred Kasyupa

      If you are the Emmanuel Menda from Zambia that visited tanzania in the region of mbeya around 2001-2002, for the finalization of your dady funeral ceremony,

      You where whith your mother, I met you at the house of Pastor Mwanjwango of assemblies of God. Please respond for
      I was looking you for years now.

      For response please E-mail or sms me via contacts below respectivevelly;

      I hope to have your response soon, so be blessed!

  • john mabuya

    Love that sees beyond intimidation

    I thank God for the word by our prophet tb joshua.
    my name is john mabuya I thank god because something hapened this week.last saturday I bought food parcels for more than 20 poor families. and all that because of the word of god from tb. joshua.
    I work as a waiter not earning much but I did that… I am not saying this to boost my self but to request all my christian brothers and sisters to give to the need.. Matthew 25:34

  • Phillip Lekanyang



    Dear Man of God,Prophet TB Joshua
    Merry Christmas and happy new year
    Thank you so much for this precious Greeting,remind all Nations to be rooted and grounded in LOVE,as our GOD IS LOVE and LOVE NEVER FAILS.
    Man of God,thank God for your Life,and may God increase your greatness and comfort you in every side.
    Thank for you are reminding us what our Lord has said in Holy Bible in(JOHN 13:34″A new command I give you:Love one another.As I have loved you,so you must love one another.By this all men will know that you are my disciples.If you love one another.”)(NIV)
    What a blessed and glorious command we receive from our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ
    Man of God I praise my LORD for it is written in the Holy Bible in(DANIEL 12:3″Those who are wise will shine like the brightness of the heavens,and those who lead many to righteousness,like the stars for ever and ever”).Amen
    God bless you Man of God and bless your family.Have amerry Christmas and happy new year.May God use you more and more to glorify His Precious Name,in Jesus Christ Name,Amen

  • kidist tesfaye

    dear prophet tb. joshua thank you for sending me this greatest good news to the new year its a wonderful message may God bless you with unlimited word of GOD and his grace. we trust to love, to be loved and this is we need to share love each other. GOD BLESS YOU FOREVER AND EVER

  • sabina

    yes yes man most go bark to the original purpose of creation,LOVE LOVE LOVE, john 3:16. God bless u phrophet T. B. and all The emmanuel team. i love u all.

  • I wish to thank the man of God, Prophet T B Joshua for the compliments of the season and the wonderful message of love. May God richly bless him and his family and indeed all the emmanuel team. I really cherish the word of God. Happy Christmas and a Prosperous New Year!

  • May the good lord bless and keep you and let Ephesians 3:20 apply to you sir. Merry Chrismas to you and your family together with your congregation.

  • I thank God for another day that He has given us. To Him be the glory & honour now & forever. Man of God prophet T.B Joshua & the Wise Men may our good God continue using you people to bless many souls & change our lives. You are a blessing to me & my family. You are a great help to us!!!!

  • Anna Tulinani Mkandawire

    This was really a wonderful message to prepare us for the coming year of 2011 and if all people can hear this message and act on it the world can be a better place to live in.

  • Margaret R. Mganga

    Thank you man of God T.B. Joshua.

    Merry Xmas and happy new year to you and all Emmanuel TV Team. Indeed by this all men will know that we are disciples of our Lord and Master – LOVE LOVE LOVE.
    Emmanuel God is with us. I choose the path of a champion.

  • frank


  • webster simbi

    i have chosen the path in jesuus name

  • knowledge

    Thank you Blessed be thou art you

  • Praise the Lord. This is LOVE message of togetherness in Jesus Christ. I will follow Jesus Christ til my God’s calling.

  • Praise the Lord. This is the Great message of LOVE and Togetherness. I will follow Jesus Christ til his calling.


    What a touching message,we are really blessed with your teachings prophet.

    I have declared 2011 as the year of blessing and wonderful fulfilment,Iwant to get a better job where iwill be able to assist others,a year of prosperity in education and several others things. Please be with me in prayers so that this can come to pass.

    May God bless you all.

  • edwin

    may God bless us this Jesus name!

  • william paile

    Man of God thank you for the wonderful message .May Our God help us through His Grace to act love not only speak about it.For people are waiting for demonstration to see that is possible.May The Lord Our God help us through His Grace to be the true followers of Christ.

    Thank you man of God for your ministries,for we learn everytime when we watch your programme of live service.May The good God keep,bless and anoint you more for the year to come.Better is not good enough the best is yet to come.Merry Christmas and prosperous new year.

  • BALEWA Alphonsius

    Calvary greetings in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord.
    I write just to appreciate what God is doing through this Ministry.
    Truely love covers a multitude of sins. We are the sons and daughters of Love.
    May this encouraging message of love cause us to actually refresh the seed of love in us to live and practice it to be Champions all the seasons.

  • Richard

    T B Joshua, God has changed my life through you, I blieve, when we act love, We walks with Him, in Him and for Him.
    Jesus is going to purify our Heart which it Is nature is LOVE.
    God bless u more and more.

  • pamela Musonda

    Thank you Man of God for teaching us to love even when u are perscuted or our enemies. AMEN

    • is this the pamela i was with at aglo and liberty high school? this is fanny phiri. pliz reply on the same email

    • It is good to know how souls are being won to the Kingdom of God. I am blessed through Prophet TB Joshua.


  • Wow! What a Christmas massage of Love!Really we should walk in Love.We really give thanks to God Almighty for giving the world a powerful vessel like Man of God Prophet TB Joshua.May the Acient of Days Continually Bless You and Your Ministry.I choose to walk in the path of a Champion & the best is yet to come.

  • Robert m Silali

    Praise the lord?This far my family and i can say God has brought us,We thank God for having enabled us to watch Emmanuel Tv and Prophet Tb Joshua, Atleast nowdays i can give without struggle because of what i have learned through the servant of the most high God.I wish our prophet,his family and the entire SCOAN brethren amerry x mass and happy new year.

  • Pastor I received a prophecy on 23.12.10 from you written on facebook. I received all was said and I want to know if SCOAN has an orphanage called Blessed Hope Motherless Babies Home before I send my offering to the orpans.

    • thetbjoshuafanclub

      Please, do not be deceived by fraudsters. The only official Facebook pages are ‘TB Joshua The SCOAN’ and ‘Emmanuel TV’. Any other person claiming to be T.B. Joshua on Facebook is fraudulent and will only try to deceitfully extort money from you.

  • Docas

    Thanks for such an encouraging Xmas message. Love, Love, Love. We need love and we need to love. Love is the only cure to most of the sufferings we are experiencing. Therefore, I ask the Man of God, Prophet T B Joshua,all wisemen, prayer warriors and the church to pray for the world and ask God to pour love into our hearts that we should understand what love is and what love can do. May I also take this opportunity to say Merry Xmas and happy new year (2011). Thank you again for preaching to the world about love and reminding us that we products of Love.

  • uchindami

    i have received seasonal greetings. so teaching and encouraging. it has brought a difference in my life.

  • Raymond Chiwanza

    thank you Man of God for your nice blessing message.may the good LORD always guide and protect you always in what you do.definately with that message the following year 2011 is going to be a success for me i can feel it.working for GOD thus what i realy want to do, to spread HIS word around, to motivate and encourage people, to council people too with all my soul and heart.for with GOD all things are possible.Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year to you T.B Joshua and your team as a whole.thank you again for your nice blessing words.GOD bless you.

  • Glory and honor be unto the Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ for having given us another prophet after Elijah, just as the lord himself promised in the book of Malachi, that I shall send u another prophet just as the old Elijah (in John the Baptist) had prepared his first coming so shall it be in the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Now I understand what prophet William Brahnam said when he paused a question to himself whether there was another one born or yet to be born as a prophet who shall fore run the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ, this was in 1963-64 if not mistaken, I don’t know whether I should call it a coincidence or not because around that time that when another Prophet, in the name of T.B Joshua came on the scene. The Prophet, William Brahnam acknowledged the fact that he was not sent to do certain things in the five fold ministry which he find himself doing. because he would ask himself whether he was called to evangelise or preach and hear people, he mentioned of someone coming after him, the one God Almighty will use to teach the word with Power.

    All along, I have been trying to fit what he said to the exact birth and the Power that has been working in the man of God, Prophet, T.B JOshua, who i believe without any reasonable doubt that he is God sent to this unbelieving generation(our generation). To tel you the truth, I have tried with prayer to find any discrepancy in the way he preaches his sermons, oh! God, there is nothing fault in this man, all he preaches is the real Word of the Holy Spirit.

    The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob (Israel) is the same God of T.B Joshua, the man is not just another ordinary man,no, he is God sent. Lets believe or we perish in our sins, denying the real power of God.

    I know some people disputes dreams, but i can tell people that I had several encounter(dreams) about the Prophet himself confirming to be what the Lord promised. I personally call him the Elijah of our time, by the power of our Lord Jesus Christ. You are the MAN.

    Am just appealing to God Almighty, that he will use the man of God to completely deliver me from the spirit of fornication and adultery, I have tried to just stop on my own but all in vain. I feel like being possessed because no woman has ever said no to me, and am really worried, my desire is to know God’s opinion about myself and about others. Salvation is more important to me than any other blessing. The root of my problems, which is sin, should be stricken off my life. Thats what I need right now. please, man of God. I always see you in my dreams, delivering me,telling me to be prayerful and so forth .

    Above all, this is how we identify the real man of God, through the beautiful and unique words of wisdom which have never being preached before to mankind apart from the book of life itself. Thats what makes you First among the firsts if there are any. May the words of Christmas mean something to us as we read this Christmas message, be imparted unto our hearts so that we may act upon them by the grace of God

    May the Lord God Almighty, by his infinite Glace, grant you more power as you execute the word of God To us in the coming year.

    God bless you, man of GOD, In JESUS’ name.

    Peter Banda


  • Emmanuel Salufu

    Mary Xmass and Happy new Year man of God prophet TB Joshua thank you for reminding us again on Love.
    Love is lost in our society for real and we need God on this issue, Africa let’s stop fighting let love lead

  • mbah Acha Rose Ngwari Fomundamm

    Justice Mrs MBAH ACHA and FAMILY also wish The Senior Prophet T.B Joshua and all all the Emmanuel TV crew, as well as all the Christians of SCOAN a wonderful Christmas full of Peace, Joy, and Love. Man of God we sincerely love you. Thank God for you.

  • Greetings In the Name of Jesus Christ, I am here to Praise and Glorify HIS JESUS CHRIST for replying my message. Debvil is a lier and his sons shall bow down their feet. GOD is GOOD all the time. With million of thanks for Lord guiding me not to send money to these devils sons. I shall never stop reading and receiving God’s messages from TB JOSHUA facebook. I will support his gospel wherever I am In Jesus Name. GOD BLESS YOU and ENTIRE SCOAN FAN CLUB.

  • Osward katenda

    Man of God ,we thank you for your words. What a way of ending 2010.We are enrich by your words. May God bless you even the more.


    What a day to celebrate if those who do not know about JESUS can celebrate how much more with a person who lives, eat, blessed,act love with the Prophet TB Joshua. I will stay on Jesus feet for relationship forever. Whoever is talking evil SCOAN you are FOREGIVEN IN JESUS NAME.My fous is to God the more through Prophet TB JOSHUA. May God use prohet TB JOSHUA THE MORE AND THE WISEMEN IN JESUS NAME


    As we are blessed through the message titled Season’s Greeting From TB Joshua, be blessed and let love lead for better futur in Jesus name.

  • What an awesome way to exit 2010 and enter 2011 with such words of wisdom. May God continuously bless the man of God and his whole team.

  • What an awesome way to exit 2010 and enter 2011 with such words of wisdom. May God continuously bless the man of God and his whole team. I will forward the message to as many people as I possible can.

  • emmanuel lartearyee laryea

    I acknowledge reciept of yuor message.I have reproduce some for distribution.Prophet and man of God,I have realised that if we all can recognise good in every man and see no evil or say no evil to any man,the world will be a better place for us all.Amen in Christ name

  • ommie

    am really encouraged man of God for sure we need the world full of love for us to succed,may God continue using you


    What a blessing to mankind that the son is born and a Child is given to mankind who shall be called Wonderful Counselor, Everlasting Father, Mighty God, being the Word himself-God in the Word, manifested and became fresh so that the worlds could see him for the first time, whom the angels saw for the first time and glorified God.

    The same has come in the life of Prophet T.b Joshua to preach LOVE unto the world. however many will hear the message, but a few will apply it, Why? God knows, for his will will prevail in Jesus’ name.

    the Prophet is a true ambassador of the Almighty God. I dont care WHAT THE WORLD THINK, All i know is that, he is God anointed, in Jesus’ name .

    Lets take this Christmas message seriously and pray to God that he will make it manifest in our lives just as he manifested himself unto fresh and proved to mankind.

    May the Lord Almighty God, our Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless the life of Prophet T.B Joshua and A happy Christmas and a prosperous new beginnings with more power in Jesus’ name, Amen.

    Peter Banda

  • Just wondering how am going to be one of the recipients of the wristband that has the anointing of our Lord Jesus Christ.
    If its the will of God that I receive too, so be it, how and when, God knows.

    LOVE CONQUERS ALL. U can own the whole world, but without LOVE, u are nothing.

    God bless, man of God

    peter Banda

  • salem Amanuel

    prophet T.B Joshua i am blessed by what our Lord doing through you .be blessed always and how can i get the blessed wristband,umberalla pls man of God help me am live in Ethiopia ,Addis Ababa pls pls man of God and Marry Christmas Happy New Year.



  • chimain

    God bless You Prophet T.B. Joshua and your ministry. I just received through my facebook page a prophecy asking to sow seed to an orphanage called blessed hope motherless babies home today 12/26/10 with a number to call. It caught me off a little. Can someone please write me back to let me know if this is fraudulent? its a facebook site with just the pastor picture and his quotes. God bless you all with love.

    thank you

    • thetbjoshuafanclub

      This is fake. The only official Facebook pages for The SCOAN are:
      1. TB Joshua The SCOAN
      2. Emmanuel TV

      Please don’t allow yourself to be deceived by fraudsters.

      God bless

  • Minale gebeyehu

    Hello man of God prophet TB JOSHUWA i would like to say as season message. Almaighty God has gave us his only son Jesus christ.and we blessed and walk with full bright life.i thank my God for this additionaly you are one which God gave for hopeless people. God blesse you indeed.

  • Nathnael Tesfaye

    Hello, my brethren in Christ. How are you? I’m fine thank you. I saw the live service on Dec. 26 and it was amazing. And I also want to receive the wrist band. Please, inform me how I can get it. But only if it is the will of our Lord Jesus Christ. Merry Christ-mass and happy new year.

    Thank you and may God bless you

  • Evangelist Evans Mwansa

    Emmanuel! God is with us! For God to be with us , adjust,hamble and come himself on this tiny and sinful world in his eyes , it is LOVE ,AGAPE LOVE.
    Thanx alot Prophet , more and more anoiting next year. AMEN!

  • Evangelist Evans Mwansa

    Yesternight was a powerful and wonderful monday service , i was blessed by the Prophet and the wise men ,happy new year and more anointing 2011.



  • ekow inkoom

    This is how a christian should is true life without jesus is crisis.Loving is big and through love all things can be possible.In the name of jesus let every living thing experience love into the next year.amen

  • julliana mbiri

    Its a perfect message for our African leaders and heads of state who pilfer wealth and pretend Africa is poor.

  • WHAT A MESSAGE,THATS TRUE WE NEED TO LOVE BECAUSE LOVE WAS BORN ON CHRISTMAS.Always wen i read messages from the man of God,i feel encouraged and motivated.when i watch Emmanuel t.v,IS WORSE.Indeed<the world is blessed…

  • What a message,thats true we need to love one another because we are the children of love.,and love was born on christmas.I AM ALWAYS ENCOURAGED AND REALLY MOTIVATED ALWAYS WHEN I LISTERN THE MESSAGE FROM THE MAN OF GOD.WHEN I AM WATCHING EMMANUEL TV…IS WORSE.EMMANUEEEEL.Koziba Jenjedu,Botswana

  • Hlengiwe

    Father we thank you for your work that you are doing through the prophets that you have given to us to guide us and channel us to your will and to know you more.

    What we ask from you is to use them more in this comming year, more spiritualy, casting the demonies and in deliverance.

    what we ask from you is to give them more leadership who will be Godly and fear you more than them. Worshipers who will understand the meaning of worshipers and be prayerful.

    Father give them more intercesers that will pray 24/7 for the prophets and for you will through them.

    2011 Devil you will be in fire.

  • Iam blessed and inspired with this message. Indeed without love we are nothing and cannot please or receive from our Lord! I salute you Eeeeemanuel!!!!!!!!

  • Evangelist Evans Mwansa

    Wellcome in this new year 2011 all funclub members , this is our blessed year . Your mark is Jeremiah 20:11 this year.

  • Rediet Tezera(Ethiopia)

    I am so blessed by this message!! This is just what I need!!…What we need!…What the world needs!!

  • silibaziso mtunzi

    thank you Prophet T.B joshua for the inspiring message. if we all lived according to it the world will surely be a better place. God bless you and all those who read it!!!

  • Robert Phombo

    Nothing else sets a man free other than the truth and the message was just truthful and straight to the point. It needs a listening heart to understand the depth of the message. May the Lord continue to walk with you , me and my family we feel blessed to be part of your family each time we tune in to Emmanuel tv especially on Sunday live service. 2011 we are going to the mighty hand of God change people’s lives more than ever before. LOVE CONQUERS EVERYTHING.

  • You are really a loved servant of God. Your message on love is a true message for the world today. Man of God, may The Almighty God richly bless you now and in the years to come. Samuel from Ghana.

  • Lebang

    The message is inspiring. Is it possible to get the annointed water

  • Tanya Jackson

    Emmanuel!! what a blessed message I will definately be spreading!! God bless

  • lovemore matumbu



    thank you for your message (love is GOD’S character)

  • Isaac Marumoloa

    The message is very good and very nice for one to start a year with. I and my wife would like to have the wristband which was introduced in December 2010. How can we get them? We would like to spread love all over Botswana.

  • mareko sekgopi

    am very blsd of the mesg and i would like to be you patner due 2 seting decoders hw do be your patner

  • Osward katenda

    I praise Jehovah God for coursing me to witness his might works through His man servent prophet T B JOSHUA,the wisemen and the rest of the scoan family.l choose indeed the path of the champion.l am a preacher of the Gospel of Christ .At one time frustrated and kept on crying before the Lord ,why this dryness in the church,why can’t the first century church be in existance today?l knew according to the scriptures that the church is a living body where all gifts of the Holy spirit must be seen.l kept on crying for many years and today l have the peace of mind because l have lived indeed to witness what l longed for.He still spares me . Within a period of one month now l have survived two road accidents.The recent one was just the day before on the 4th J anuary,2011.l was rushing for a meeting over vulnarable children and orphans that we provide education with.A toyata colora car cut in and hit on a front wheel of a bicycle i was riding .Behold i saw myself in the air ,immedietely whilest going down unto the boot of the car my head bashed the wind screen patially.ln the process of going up l saw my bicycle going to the direction of the very car as if someone was riding it till the some lookers got hold of it. When l dropped to the other side of the very car l discovered l was alive and without any scratch on me and my bicycle was not damaged in any way. Before it happened l had been meditating upon the GOD OF TB JOSHUA.Just after surviving l praised the lord and choose also to give another chance to the driver as some on lookers wanted to trouble him. They suggested to take me to hospital l told them there was no need to take me there because the GOD WHO has spared my life has too,spared me from any pains.As l brog l have no any pains. Praise God!! May the mercies of Jesus continue with you man of G od and the rest of the christians all over the world . Osward. Zambia.

  • FRIENDS IN CHRIST:I HV AN ADVICE FOR U.Frauders are many especial those who try to be represantatives of Prophet T B Joshua.IF U RECEIVE AN email requisting you to plant a seed or sending you a prophetic message,prophesying you throu an email,and requisting you to send money thrugh westrn union or any means in exchange of the annointing water and oil ,DONT DO IT.THE MAn of God cant prophesy u by writing an email and then requisting money from u.if incase such can happen to you,you receiv the prophecy and demand from u money to pay the fee transport of the water for you,CONFIRM BY A CALL STRAIGHT TO THE SCOAN HEADQUATER,NIGERIA.GET THEIR CALL NUMBER FROM THE Television screen,Emmanue tv.Stay blessed and take care. Koziba Jenjedu,Botswana

  • Ronald

    Thank you for the massage is encouraging and motivating, i’m blessed by the massage as right now i’m busy distributing the pamphylets

  • Clement Sendeza

    What a blessed year 2011, I will have with this very inspiring, touchy as well as thought provoking message.

    I do hope many souls will be blessed by the same that I will have emailed and given copies to.

    Clement Sendeza (MALAWI)


    TEL: 0710761761


  • Clement Sendeza

    What a blessed year 2011, I will have with this very inspiring, touchy as well as spiritually thought provoking message.

    I do hope many souls will be blessed and will have spirital rebirth by the meassge that I have emailed and given copies to.

    It is a big call to spiritual reflections, recollection and comtemplation.

    Clement Sendeza (MALAWI)

  • nchang Quinter Fortachi

    You are God sent; thanks a million for your devotion for service and concern for mankind yes Emmanuel tv is transformig my family; lives; nations and the world. oh one great man gave birth to 5 great men. Man of God from your source i pray for thousands of great wise men to come and rescue the world Bravo Daddy TB Joshua and the 5 wisemen

  • Happy muza

    Ready to start the year on high note because of the message of hope and trust and looking forward for change in the name our LORD JESUS CHRIST…


    The word from man of god which brought from JESUS CHRIST is true.We have to love each other forever and ever in a life future through our forgiveness!MY LORD BE WITH US FOREVER AND EVER !AMEN

  • Talent Hlerema

    Emmanuel! I am a viewer of Emmanuel tv and and would like to know how i can get the Anointing Wristbands

  • Victor Banda

    Thanks for the message. Please iam desperately requesting for a wrist band, how can i get it. Iam writing from Zambia. My address is ; VICTOR BANDA, P.O.BOX 30479, LUSAKA, ZAMBIA.

  • isi okojie

    Emmanuel sir,
    i got a message on face book this morning and it was sent by 1am past mid-night saying i have a prophecy from you and i should fast and pray for one day about different things that’s going to happen in my family… i dont think is you though but please sir can you confirm this for me and let me know what to do?
    i need your prayer and support… thank you.

    • thetbjoshuafanclub

      Please be careful of fraudsters on Facebook. This message is from a fraudster, who is attempting to deceitfully obtain money from you.

      The only official SCOAN pages on Facebook are:
      1. TB Joshua The SCOAN
      2. Emmanuel TV

  • hello all Emmanuel tv views and friends all over the world.Frauders hav become many ths days and are tricky.thy claim 2 be TB Joshuas represantatives.The Man of God will not prophesy 2 u through advice…confirm always from th man of God or call the help line at the scoan before u can obey wat the email letter want u 2 do.the phone numbers are ther on th tv screen,channel emmanuel tv.stay blessed…..KOZIBA JENJEDU

  • Prayer for Victory
    In the name of Jesus I believe in God’s Word -I am what the Word says I am
    I can have what the Word says I can have – I can do what the Word says I can do
    I cancel every negative Word that I have spoken -That is contrary to the Word of God
    Out of the good treasures of my heart -Only good things will come to pass
    I am the righteous of God in Christ -I am anew Creation all things has passed away
    I have been delivered from the power of darkness -And translated into the kingdom of God dear Son
    I am redeemed by the blood of the lamb-Redeemed from the curse of the law
    Redeemed from sickness and disease, poverty and spiritual death
    I can do all things trough Christ who strengthen me
    I can overcome every Situation
    I have the victory that overcomes the world
    He never leaves or forsakes me
    I believe in my heart and confess with my mouth
    So be it, it will surely come to pass
    In Jesus name Amen.
    This is a powerful prayer for you; please let someone read it for you. God bless you

  • Nixon Lionel

    Emmanuel! My family and I am a viewer of Emmanuel tv and and would like to know how i can get the Anointing Wristbands. Will also appreciate if you could kindly pray for my breakthrough in my business.

    Sarawak, Malaysia



  • Clara Lungu

    praise be to God!

  • liyali pius

    Prophet you are really God sent because every surmon by you brings out more insights from Gods word.TPlease keep on edifying the flock.May God bless more.

  • Penembe’s family

    Man of God, my name is Clinton Penembe and am married, my wife is Mercy Lizie and we have two children Gloria and Leo. Please man of God we need your prayer in our family please, please help us in the name of Jesus. Amen (from Malawi)

    • Clement

      Please do google or go to web site; www. and then click on prayer request then follow the instructions or fill in the form entering what yo want to be prayed for. Be brief.


  • melissa

    please how do i get the holly water by sendin it for me

  • praise God am feeling love in me

  • Boingotlo mudongo

    Thank u TB Joshua 4 the word of god,may god bless u more and more,in jesus name.amen.

    • osward katenda

      Dear sir , I am delighted to receive your greetings. We are always blessed to receive massages from you. May the almighty GOD always be with you and the rest of the scoan. Man of God we are sharing together in what happened last Friday .However, we will remain overcomers forever. (Rom:8) Thank you. Osward katenda. Lusaka, Zambia.

  • Boingotlo mudongo



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