TB Joshua – "Follow In The Light Of Love"

Sunday 12th September 2010 proved to be a day of freedom, light and liberty for the thousands who attended The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations in Lagos, Nigeria, a testimony mirrored also by the millions who were watching the service live and direct on Emmanuel TV.

With repentant armed robbers being financially supported, broken homes and families joyously reunited, the sick and afflicted miraculously healed, prophetic revelations striking the root of people’s problems and powerful prayer bringing out a multitude of unclean spirits, to say the service was action-packed is an under-statement. To coin the words of Prophet T.B. Joshua, “The Book of Acts is not mere history – it is the pattern of what Jesus Christ wants His church to be today.” The words of our Saviour in John 14:12 spring to mind: “I tell you the truth, anyone who has faith in me will do what I have been doing. He will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father.” Blessed are our eyes for seeing such wonders in this day and generation! This is practical Christianity.

Prophet TB Joshua

Prophet TB Joshua - Love brought us into being. We are love's products.

Wise Man Racine

Wise Man Racine - Your confession must be absolutely based upon the Word of God

After an inspirational message from Wise Man Racine, titled ‘The Confession Of God’s Word’, Prophet T.B. Joshua gave a short word of encouragement on the virtues of love. “We are love’s products. We are sons and daughters of love. Therefore, let love lead – follow in the light of love,” he exhorted the congregation. He denounced the hypocritical attitude of those who are ready to show love for selfish reasons when they are seeking a job or political appointment, but change their attitude when they come to church to condemn and criticise at whim. “Without love, our meeting here today is nothing,” he added, drawing the people’s attention to Romans 13:9, which states: “The commandments, ‘Do not commit adultery,’ ‘Do not murder,’ ‘Do not steal,’ ‘Do not covet,’ and whatever other commandment there may be, are summed up in this one rule: ‘Love your neighbour as yourself.’ ”

A man of action who believes in the principle of leading by example, Prophet T.B. Joshua went on to practically demonstrate such love – not just in word and tongue but in deed and in truth (1 John 3:18). For the past few months, various armed robbers and social miscreants have been staying in The SCOAN for rehabilitation and reformation, following their deliverance from the spirit that pushed them to steal, kill and destroy. Among them was Samuel, an armed robber whose past misconduct was beyond ordinary. Samuel possessed the spirit of a snake and armed robbery, his body full of evil powers to the extent that he could disappear at will and re-appear inside a banks ‘Strong Room’ to loot the contents.

He explained that before his deliverance, he had no atom of sympathy or empathy for human beings, and had “wasted many souls”, the money made from his robbery only channelled into seeking more evil powers. He told the rapt audience that when the Spirit of God arrested him during the deliverance, he saw the demons appear to him, saying that since he had chosen to leave them, they would remove their equipment from his body. And from that moment, Samuel’s life has never been the same! He has lived in The SCOAN for some months, daily spending time in prayer and being taught God’s Word and ways. According to Samuel, he never had any concept of God before as he saw the evil spirits who possessed him as ‘his god’. Samuel received the sum of N200,000 to start a new life in Christ, alongside three other reformed robbers, who were given the same amount.

David Brown

David Brown - Delivered from the spirit of robbery!

Among the other robbers was David Brown, an indigene of Rivers State who schooled in Kingston University, United Kingdom, and came out with a First Class Degree in Architecture. However, the obviously intelligent young man has literally lived in the prison for the last 15 years, having been incarcerated eight times for crimes he had no consciousness of committing. After being cursed by his aunt that ‘the prison would be his home’, a strange spirit would overpower David and lead him inside a stranger’s house where he would sit down until the owner returned to meet him there and raise the alarm. Incriminated by a bunch of keys always found in his possession, David would be beaten, taken to the police cell and then to prison. Within weeks of his release, the spirit would take control again, and the cycle of imprisonment would continue, to the point where David actually preferred prison to the outside world.

However, after his remarkable deliverance, David testified that although temptation still comes, he has strength to rebuke and resist the evil spirit, standing firm on God’s Word. He also received the sum of N200, 000, as the entire congregation worshipped God for the four young men whose lives were totally transformed through their coming to The SCOAN. Not only were they delivered from the evil spirits, they were fed and clothed by the ministry, filled with God’s Word and financially supported to start a new life on the foundation of faith. The evidence of Jesus Christ is lives changed!

The Ezuagba Family

The Ezuagba Family at The SCOAN

After the robber’s testimonies, it was time for the reconciliation of homes that had been broken owing to various allegations and strange experiences within the family. First came the case of the Izuagba family. Mrs Cornelia Izuagba accused her son Elochukwu of being a ritualist, killing his sister and planning to use her for a ritual. The genesis of the problem was the downfall of his business, after which Cornelia, affectionately referred to by the prophet as ‘Mama’ began seeing him moving with the wrong set of people who were known to have dipped their hands into ritualism. When her son brought some yam as a gift to her, that night she received a strange attack in the dream which also affected her health, leading her to conclude that he was attempting to use her for a ritual. The rumour had since spread throughout the entire community, Elochukwu being labelled a murderer.

T.B. Joshua resolved the case by praising the stance of Mama against the immoral friends in the life of her son, saying that to have such a mother was a blessing as she was ready to fight any evil in her children’s lives. He clarified that Elochukwu was not a ritualist and had no hand in the death of his sister, but truly he was moving with the wrong type of people. It was a touching moment as Mr. Izuagba embraced his mother and promised not to be involved in such ungodly entanglements again. Three more families were also reconciled as God’s truth dispelled the chaos caused by satan’s lies.


God has written us into a revolutionary and unprecedented story of reconciliation, in which hostilities are broken and enemies become friends!


Unable to walk for six long years - restricted to a wheelchair

Receiving the Anointing Water

Prof receives the Anointing Water in Jesus' Name!

The man of God continued by introducing the new ‘Anointing Water’, followed by a practical proof of God’s power working through it. A Professor from the University of Yaoundé, Cameroon had come to The SCOAN restricted to a wheelchair for six long years. Sitting amidst the sick and afflicted in the overflow congregation, he was wheeled forward by evangelists to the church entrance where the new Anointing Water for healing and deliverance was ministered to him. It was an incredible moment as the Prof rose to his feet for the first time in six years and began to walk. To His power, nothing is impossible!

Walking Out Of The Wheelchair

Walking out of the wheelchair - to God be the glory!

It was time for the prayer-line, as literally thousands from across Nigeria, Africa and the whole world came to receive a touch from heaven. Those with both physical and spiritual problems were in the line, and as the Wise Men prayed, the lighting of God flowed through them to bring healing, deliverance and freedom! Demons were cast out, sicknesses were healed, needs were met and problems were solved – all in the name of Jesus Christ.

Mass Prayer Deliverance

Deliverance during Mass Prayer at The SCOAN

The Mass Prayer in the second service was another powerful time of prayer as the Holy Spirit exposed all unclean spirits amidst the people. One of those exposed was a cultist who had already donated his own son to the cult. Prophecy then revealed another man in the congregation who had murdered his uncle and had been tormented by the spirit of death ever since. More prophetic revelations ensued as the root causes of people’s problems were uncovered and the solution immediately provided. At the end of the day, the worshipers went home and the viewers at home switched off their television with a resounding conviction: ‘Jesus is alive – He never said goodbye!’ Glory be to God!

  • We love you daddy. I’m a Ghanaian and i just want to assure you that no matter what others may say or do to tarnish your name and that of your ministry, true children of God will always appreciate and love you. I thank God each day of my life for giving you to us. I love you.

  • S kikins

    I thank God for using T .B Joshua. I also thank T.B Joshua for allowing God to use him. May God bless you, anoint you more and more and protect you. Amen

  • Teketel L.S


    I am so impressed with the truth revealed and homes are reunited by the light of God Almighty! Jesus is alive!

    Keep going! do not make the report short add some more to it!

    Tell us what the name of the new ‘Anointing Water’ and how we can get it. I am looking for my little children to have the fear of the LORD and to have wisdom in their school and life.

    God Bless you all! I love you so much!

  • Tanya Jackson

    EMMANUEL!! I really feel blessed to view e.tv its such a blessing and encouragement. The message the wiseman brought forth was so inspiring and makes one realise that we need to grow closer to God and make positive confessions daily. My family is truelly blessed everyday we watch emmanuel t.v. God is definately saying something. May God Almighty continue to use his servants mightly. Amen.

  • To Raccine Bossou…i liked your saying that, ‘a man with faith will still say i’m fine even when the pain hasn’t gone’, reminded me of what the prophet said, that ‘a man walking with faith, when blessing comes, he’ll say the best is yet to come, and for a man walking without faith, when blessing comes, he’ll say i’ve arrived.’ Thank you so much Sir for that sunday message, my faith was lifted up.

    To TB Joshua…your advice to us that we should love our neighbour as we do ourselves really changed my perspective to life in general. A chill ran down my spine when you said, ‘when you pray, pray for your enemies, all those who have hurt you, pray for them!’. You just donno at what speed you’ve spun my life around. Thank you and may the good Lord continue to bless you.

    Broken homes and reconciliation events always makes me cry. The things that we, as humans, think are not easy to solve, in the prophet’s eyes are sooo easy. They are nothin! Lets all pray to God to grant us the grace to be able to see things the way children of God should see them. If a family begins to experience some kind of tension, lets come before God for solution.

    May God bless all of you. In Jesus’ name.

    Sister from Botswana


    YHWH never said goodbye because He knows the plans He has for us.
    Our GOD always focuses on the future.Everything in the BIBLE and every utterance by GOD, including every action done or undertaken by GOD for whatever reason, has always been to re-define the future.
    YHWH is a GOD of the future for HE dwells in all dimensions, the past, the present and the future.
    Anyone needing healing from CHRIST and undergoing deliverance THROUGH CHRIST is in fact being transformed from the hurtful past to the promising future.
    The Ten Commandments are the future.
    The Decrees in the Bible point to the future.All declarations and lamentations in the WORD, point to the future.
    The most important instruction in the Bible and as demonstrated, unequivocally, by The Man of GOD, TB Joshua is the total reliance and unwavering belief in JEHOVAH-JEHOSHUA-CHRISTOS, the Son of Man, JESUS CHRIST.
    All of us have to carry our crosses and continue doing the works of JESuS CHRIST, thus, ushering in, by our Christian deeds, the Kingdom of GOD!
    The spiritual battle still rages on and JESUS CHRIST is our AMEN!

  • Busisiwe

    Glory be to God almighty amen.

  • Jesus Christ is alive indeed. He never said goodbye. Praise the Lord!

  • neoyame

    indeed our redeemer liveth

  • Macdonald Kaunde

    Indeed our God is still saying something. Let the Heart of Love come to my life and that of my family

  • Keneilwe Tebele

    Glory be to God almighty. May God continue to use the man of God for his glory. May he bless him and his team mighlty in Jesus name. Amen


    I wish to receive the HEALING WATER but i am resident in Zimbabwe and i willing to pay for the costs.I have got a sick daughter who is suffering from Cancer.

  • Mark

    May God continue to Bless You Prophet TB Joshua because through you we will be delivered and blessed too. Amen

  • Osward katenda

    Indeed GOD is with us! Please ,will you send us as a family even one bottle of annoiting water.You may even do it through any of the sisters or brothers from Lusaka, Zambia that are there right now.My phone numbers are,+260979571066,+260969754201.Osward katenda-Lusaka Zambia.

  • Josh khaki

    Great works of GOD

  • Sunny Ibok

    Our God is a good God and the bible says that Jesus went about doing good and healing those that were oppressed of the devil. By their fruit we shall know them.

    Those who criticize others, just take out time and examine their lives and you will know who they are.God is the judge of all and i think the church should be busy doing the work christ has given to them and not putting their nose in someone’s else pot of soup.

    God bless TB Joshua and also give a greater anointing.

  • Sunny Ibok

    Note that Our God is a good God and the bible says that Jesus went about doing good and healing those that were oppressed of the devil. By their fruit we shall know them.

    Those who criticize others, just take out time and examine their lives and you will know who they are.God is the judge of all and i think the church should be busy doing the work christ has given to them and not putting their nose in someone’s else pot of soup.

    God bless TB Joshua and also give a greater anointing.

  • Bonakele Buzwani

    Emmanuel! glory Be to God i thank the Seniour prophet T B Joshua to allow God to use him if it was not him many could have suffered.

    If God is with us who can be against us as wise man John Chi and Prophet T B Joshua always says.

    I really thank God for everything with him everything is possible.We are sons and daughters of love let love lead this message really touched my heart in Jesus’s name.

  • PFC

    Emmanuel – God with us. If God Almighty is with us who can be against us.
    Snr Pastor T B Joshua your labour in the Lord Jesus Christ is not in vain.
    Psalms 41 vs 1-3
    Blessed is he who has regard for the weak. The Lord delivers him in times trouble. The Lord will protect him in times of trouble. The Lord will protect him and preserve his life he will bless him in the land and not surrender you to the desire of your fores. The Lord will sustain him on sickbed and restore him.

  • Frank lugendo

    we love you Man of God TB JOSHUA.

  • Engr. Michael Ola Bolaji

    Blessings abound where Jesus Christ reigns, Deliverance for those in bondage. The fatigue have rest, and the poor receives abundance of blessings. These are the daily occurrences in the Arena of Liberty, SCOAN: Then,we have cause to raise up our voices of thanks and praises to the Almighty God in the Highest, The God of gods and The King of kings, for His love for the human race, that made Him pour His full Anointing on His Minister Snr. Prophet T.B.Joshua, whose anointing by the Holy Spirit, is actually overflowing in avalange and torrentially. God will continue to abide in you throughout the days of your life. You will never loose focus, in Jesus Christ Mighty and Precious Name. Amen.

  • Me and my family we thank God for blessing like our father in the Lord Prophet T.B Joshua we love you. Keep on watching Emmanuel TV you will be free from any bondages, evil spirit and walk in the light with God.


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    Remain Blessed.

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