Sunday 1st August 2010 was another great day of service in The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. The turnout of people, especially from other states and countries was truly overwhelming, as four giant canopies had to be erected outside the church to shelter the overflow crowd. The people keep coming because they recognise The SCOAN as a sanctuary where God is solving problems, meeting needs, restoring homes and bringing peace to the people. Glory be to God!

Prophet T.B. Joshua continued the same message he began last week titled: ‘Christ And The Word Are One’. He explained, “Meditation in the Word of God is a visit with Him. The Word of God becomes a part of one by meditation. He is with us in the living Word.” Referring the congregation to the book of Matthew 8 and citing two examples of the power in Jesus’ Words, he said, “The Word in Jesus’ lips prevailed over sickness in the centurion’s servant. Faith comes when the Word prevails over the thinking processes. The Word prevailing in Jesus’ lips over the law of nature. He arose and rebuked the wind and the sea and there was a great calm.”

He also noted the importance of making God’s Word an integral part of your daily life; not just a book you read. “It is not only committing the Word to memory which is valuable but it is letting the Word become an integral part of our being. I want to encourage you to read your Bible with devotion – regularly, attentively and repeatedly. Then you can become familiar with the way God speaks and the way in which we answer Him with our lives. The Word living in us gets into our blood.” He noted that the wonderful works of God in The SCOAN are not due to any philosophy or human logic, but due to the Word of God. “The Word of God is the instrument in the hands of the Holy Spirit,” he concluded, preparing the hearts of the people for the blessing God was about to bestow upon them in the course of the service.


To build the faith of those sitting and waiting to be healed in The SCOAN Prayer Line, and indeed of the entire congregation they all listened to the touching testimony of Mrs Antonia Ikhaobome who was miraculously healed from a severe hand ulcer that had destroyed her life and left her arm on the brink of amputation.Mrs Antonia came with a large sore on the whole of her hand which mysteriously started after she had destroyed an egg she said her housemaid delivered while confessing witchcraft and responsibility for her marital problems. Doctors had said there was no hope for her hand as all treatments proved ineffective. She came to The SCOAN in desperate search of divine healing with the bones showing through the wound, and especially with the prognosis of amputation by the medical practitioners. Immediately after the prayer of Prophet T.B. Joshua, Antonia said the constant pains disappeared and the wound started healing and leaving only a small scar. Joyfully showing her restored hand, Mrs Antonia went personally to those with severe open wounds waiting in the prayer line to encourage them that nothing is impossible with God. This testimony proves that everyone that comes to The SCOAN prayer line receives their healing and there is never a sickness Jesus cannot heal!


Mrs Charity Udeh, a 29 year old woman residing in Holland and married to a Dutch man, testified to her deliverance from demon during the newcomers’ service the previous Monday. It was during the prayer session at the newcomers’ service that the fire of the Holy Spirit consumed the contrary spirit in her life. During the deliverance the evil spirit began to violently manifest and defiantly taunt one of the wise men. The wise man cast out the evil spirit dwelling in her and immediately afterwards, she became conscious that she was dishevelled on the floor and in Sshame, tried to make an exit. She burst into tears, thanking God that she was finally free. She explained how her life had been tormented by a spiritual husband who destroyed her business and wreaked havoc on her marriage and how all her efforts to receive deliverance in the past proved abortive until she came to The SCOAN.

Mrs Felicia Obidimma whose daughter, Onyinye, was kidnapped by ritualists in Anambra state, Nigeria two months ago, had come to the SCOAN Prayer line with a large poster bearing the photograph of her missing daughter. As she cried out to God for mercy, one of the wise men prayed for her and touched the poster, reassuring her that her daughter would return home.

Miraculously, one week later, her daughter walked back into her mother’s house unharmed. She narrated how she was kidnapped on her way from the bank, where she withdrew money for her school fees, and taken to another state, and kept in a room in the middle of a forest to be killed in a money ritual. Fortunately for her, at the exact time that her mother came to The SCOAN for prayer, the ritualist leader told the kidnappers that they had already used someone else and she was no longer needed. After a few days, two of the ritualists led her through the forest in the night and then released her. Alone in a strange state, she didn’t know how she would return home but amazingly, in her pocket, was the sum of N1,500 still intact despite her kidnapping! With this money, she transported herself back to Anambra state to meet her parents. Overjoyed, Mrs Felicia Obidimma together with her daughter, thanked God for His divine protection.


During the time of prayer last Sunday, the man of God prophesied that there was a dangerous man in the midst of the people, who was an armed robber and had a charm against gunshots and knife attacks. The prophet further said that the man had brought the charm to the church and kept it outside. Ndidi Ogu, a Nigerian living in Equatorial Guinea, immediately came forward to confirm the prophecy. On the instruction of the man of God, he went outside the church to collect the charm and brought it inside. Displaying it, he explained how he had used the charm to protect himself against attacks and said that he had been to at least 70% of the witch doctors in Gabon to do charms for protection during his robbery operations. Ndidi narrated how he refused to accompany his gang on one robbery operation paying heed to the advice from a witch doctor that if he went for that operation, he would not come back alive. Later, one of his angry gang members shot at him in the foot but he was unharmed due to the charms. Conscious that his life was now threatened, he left Gabon and fled to Equatorial Guinea where, after efforts to start a business proved abortive, he drank poison in an attempt to end his life. He was rushed to hospital and while recovering on the sickbed, he saw Emmanuel TV. Watching on the Emmanuel TV the deliverance of robbers, he realized that there was hope for a second chance for him. When he was discharged from hospital, Ndidi headed for Lagos with one destination in mind – The SCOAN and sure enough, God located him during the service. After the prophecy and deliverance, Ndidi stayed in the church for reformation. Testifying in the service, he said that, his life has changed; the spirit of stealing, killing and destruction has gone for ever.


One of the prophecy cases called out by Prophet TB Joshua last week that remained imprinted in the minds of all who witnessed it was that of Mr Clarence Julius. The man of God had prophesied that there was a man whose friend died and had a huge amount of money in his possession that only himself and his late friend knew about. He said that he had been seeing his late friend in the dream asking him to pay back the money, and added that if he did not pay back the money, he would soon join his friend in the grave. Mr Clarence Julius came forward, saying that the prophet’s words were completely true. He explained that when his business collapsed, his friend had lent him the huge sum of 1.8 million naira which he had intended to use to build a house for his younger sister. His friend had lent it to him on condition that it should be paid back and used to care for his sister. Mr Julius recounted how his friend fell sick and was hospitalised and at the point of death, he reminded him privately of his instruction to pay back the money to his sister in case he died. Visibly shaken, Mr Julius explained that his friend died and till then, he had not been able to pay back the money. He said that the sister in question was suffering and without a place to stay and that he had been seeing his late friend in the dream, tormenting him. Since this trauma began, he explained that he had not been sleeping and could no longer reason well. After listening to his ordeal, Prophet TB Joshua promised to help him in his predicament by paying half of his debt or loaning him the full amount. The man of God explained that it was better for Mr Julius to owe him than to owe a dead man who had been tormenting him. The man of God proceeded to pray for Mr Julius in the power of the Holy Spirit and he was delivered from the spirit of death. During his deliverance, Mr Julius fell into a deep sleep, something that had not been possible for him for a long time. He slept so soundly that even the noise of the activities in the church could not wake him and the prophet asked that he be carried to comfortable accommodation to continue his sleep!


During the mass prayer, the man of God prophesied that there was a lady was in between her husband and someone else she was dating and that she loved this man more than her husband. The prophet added that she got to know this man through the internet and that she was from a polygamous home. Thirty-six year old Mrs Seyi Awujoola who resides in Abuja came out to confirm that the prophecy was about her. She explained how she met a man over the internet that she had been communicating with. Their relationship grew stronger despite the man in question requesting huge sums of money from her and they began to exchange photographs of themselves. It even reached the stage where Mrs Awujoola sent the sum of half a million naira to this man whom she had never met in person. Mrs Awujoola’s marriage blessed with three children began to suffer a setback, her love having been sold to a strange man who claimed that he resided in far away Australia. After listening to her experience, the man of God asked to meet the Mrs Awujoola’s husband over the issue. He then prayed for her, saying that after the prayer her eyes would open and she would see the reality of the situation. Truly, she received instant deliverance that broke the bond between her and her internet lover. Coming to here senses after the deliverance, she declared that she no longer had any interest in the man that had destroyed her marriage. Addressing the congregation and viewers all over the world, she advised everyone to have the spirit of satisfaction, to be content with their husband or wife and not compare themselves to others. She further warned against the dangers of entering internet chat sites. The Prophet then stressed the danger in using the internet as an avenue for building relationships because of the spiritual implication, explaining that many who are possessed with a contrary spirit use the internet as a medium to possess others.

As the service drew to a close, the man of God declared that no one would return home with their problem. While the wise men ministered prayer to the overflow crowd under the canopies outside the church, people threw away their crutches and rose to their feet; others fell to the ground vomiting poisonous substances in them. Inside the church, the prophet asked the congregation and viewers to place their hands wherever they had pain and prayed with them. Indeed all who left the SCOAN service, left in the knowledge that they had not escaped the anointing of God – anointing that breaks every yoke. It was a day they entered the arena of liberty.

  • God is good all the time , His mercies endureth forever , we thank God for prophet Tb Joshua and may the good lord continue to guide and bless him

  • Patrick Pillias

    Live long Prophet. I pray that the almighty God will keep his favour and mercy upon your life and family. Keep the fire burning. Better is not good enough but the best is yet to come. God bless you richly.

  • Tanya Jackson

    Praise!! Praise!! The Lord..Emmanuel!! God is amazing and truelly doing amazing things. I feel honoured to be apart of this amazing ministry. We feel and see the hand of God in our lives more and more these days than ever before. God is truelly saying something. Amen.

  • Praise be to God. Emmanuel! God is indeed with us. I consider myself blessed to be among this generation
    where we are blessed with a man of God, Prophet TB
    Joshua, God’s servant. May God bless him abundantly
    so that he can continue with the good work of God.
    Thanks be to God. Jesus is Lord!

  • sonia

    I thank the Lord for the messages through his servant Prophet TB Josua. Every sunday I learn new things which As a child of God must do. Thank you Jesus for loving us. And through deliverence of many we learn a lot also.

  • Nadine Huguette Annimbom

    I thank the Man of God Prophet TB Joshua and his 5 Wisemen for what you are doing is so wonderful.
    May the Lord lift your Ministry higher and higher.
    I was shocked by the case of the lady deceived by her internet lover; so many people have suffered such affliction. It is a kind of curse, the devil uses to make people lose self confidence and satisfaction.
    Lord, help me to get satisfied with what I have, and make it enough for me and all the needies around me.

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    Emmanuel! i want to share the experience am going through,i got a television and an extra deconder cable for my bedroom,everynight i reduce the volume on my television and leave it on emmanuel t.v channel because thats my favourite channel and because i know that God alwys speaks to me through the same channel and his now pleased to say i nolonger have nightmares but dream dreams and dreams of deliverance,the spiritual husband has has never visited me since,and am having great breakthroughs in all areas of my life am a happy person now.Emmanuel.

  • nkhumbuleni Ramuima

    we are really blessed by what God is doing in Lagos at scoan. I cann’t stop wandering in ammazement at the happenings every Sunday. GOD IS GREAT!! T.B.Joshua is sent to a person and a people from God in heaven. May the good Lord bless and keep him.


    GOD’S only begotten son is in all aspects The Word that gives life.
    Despite the perils that faced him, he left behind in Heaven his Heavenly Body inhabitted an earthly woman’s womb in order to gain access to us and secure our Heavenly Ordained Destinies.
    Mind you Mary could have been killed by Luciferwhen JESUS was still in the womb.
    Only one who creates a programme knows how to manipulate it.
    JESUS CHRIST is the template of our spiritual lives as well as the physical.He walked on water and while still clothed in his earthly body saw and conversed with the departed Saints.
    He spoke of the future as if He had been there.All has come to pass and still manifesting chronologically and systematically.
    His impact then is still as relevant now, examlpes of which are the true servants of GOD laying hands on the sick and afflicted with fantastic results.
    Our true redemption is only acquired through HIM just as was instructed and prophesied.
    If the fact that JESUS CHRIST is the WORD be disputed then who ever brings that argument forward is not of the Holy Spirit.



  • Anthony Soko

    Praise the Lord for all these miracles happening in the SCOAN! May our Good Lord keep on blessing Prophet T.B Joshua so that through him, more miracles, prophecies, preaching of the Word and increasing of the Faith among viewers of SCOAN is sustained in Jesus Name! Emmanuel! Thank You Lord!

  • mrs caroline mashele

    mrs. Caroline mashele, South Africa

    glory be to our God Almighty, I thank God for prophet TB Joshua, for all the the miracles,signs and wonders happenning at the SCOAN THROUGH HIS PROPHET. these show us that God is the same yesterday, today and forever more. I thank God for the confirming his word through the miracles at SCOAN.MAN OF GOD, PROPHET T.B JOSHUA, MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND GIVE YOU DOUBLE PORTION OF HIS ANNOINTING

  • To God be all the glory.

    By the way, where is the pastor who beat her mother ? We would like to see how the mother responded. Please emmanuel tv show us how the whole story ended.

    Frank Kunkundi

  • tenagne

    I am happy, because I am the benefitor of this servise , praise god! and god bless you.

  • Macdonald Kaunde

    As the Man of God always say GOD IS STILL SAYING SOMETHING.Yes man of GOD ,God is everyday and every night saying something.I was very touched and amazed last Sunday to know how the devil is using the internet and this has openned my eyes now i can seee.TO GOD BE THE GLORY FOREVER AND MY THE LORD JESUS BLESS THE MAN OF GOD PROPHET T B JOUSHA MORE AND MORE.AMEN


    I hope now and after i read this messages,and testimonies i was blessed,thanks be to the Almighty God, For loving kindness over us i am bless and i have all the faith i this world that i am free from all ma troubles,worries and temptation,God i do and will always love u with all ma heart.Thank u very much Jesus i am grateful for having u as ma savior and ma Redeemer ,plse man of God do pray God 4 me, to heal me from all sickness that is in ma body and also protect me so i i should succeeds in all things that i laid ma hands on ,

  • Ayuba Hante

    Dear man of God,i am Ayuba Hannte from Michika Adamawa state of Nigeria.I am here to inform you about my health status,i am soffering from undiscoverd disease from 2 years uptill to day.Man of God,as i am writen this to you,the condition hard became seveir,that i want you to responds to setiation through prayer.Man of God, i wanted to visite you at your hilling ground if possible before end of this month because i am serious in need of your prayer.Thank you man of God till i here from you through this mail.

  • cathy sianga

    god is great, there is none like him, with faith we can also be healed, l used to have nightmares but through praying with Emmanuel by watching live services on Sunday , and touching the screen lam happy, to say that those nightmares have gone,the same god tb Joshua is using is the same god who is to deliver and heal us only if we confess with our lips that he is lord and that was raised from the dead ,he is the same yesterday ,today and forever,AMEN.

  • Ngwana Mashudu

    Am Ngwana Mashudu from South Africa, Limpopo. Man of God i want you to pray for me as i have look for work, people are just using for no rewards but for their own profit since 2006. I wanted to come to SCOAN to see you Man of God since i heard and get to see the wonders of God through you. I have fail to came due to money problem, but this year is my year to make my dream come true to find myself and my wìfe to be fellowshiping in the SOAN. My wife to-be is sufering of HIV and my mother has a spine problem since two years now. I believe that our coming will make the different to me and the family. I am the man of the house as am the one who is struggling to bring foods. Man of God i believe that by your prayer God will pull us ot of all this problems. I need you to pray for us Man of God. Emmanuel. Amen. I would like to hear from u Man of God through my email address. May God continue to bless you!

  • Ngwana Mashudu.

    Dear Man of God. Am Ngwana Mashudu, South Afric. Prophet TB Joshua, u gave me hope of life, i can now focus. May tbe Good Lord highly bless you and your Ministry not forgetting wise men. I thank God for your life and great work of God you are Doing. God bless you more and more in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  • Khayalethu Witbooi

    Praise be to God

    To the Prophet of the Most High

    I am a South African young man in a very compromised position and in need of God’s grace for the sake of my wife ,who left me for almost two years to stay with a lady that I warned her not to get close to .Now she has fallen off the grace and her body in inhabited by someone else who wants to hurt me and make an utter mess of my life. She has filed for divorce so that my Christian walk can be dented permanently ,I know that God has raised you for His Church internationally and I believe that my wife will be delivered through the name of Jesus.Please pastor do not necglect my pain that has tormented me for almost two years.They have drained her of the spirit of God and gave her something else now I cant even talk to her because there is no saying who ‘m talking to ,she has changed completely.I hope in the Lord that in your sending out He also had my name in the the list of the people that will be helped through you .Thank you pastor ad God bless.

    • anonimous

      Hi man of God

      God has really been wonderful in more ways than ,in the recent months I has discovered the purpose of my ordeal and it fits quite well with the place I wanted to attain, though in the flesh everything interprets as faulty but God has really preserved me and not only that He has also shook the principalities to confirm His mercies for me.Thank you for the prayers and thennetwork

  • Need prayers against spiritual husband it comes to me any time need God to deliver me from it. Will be glad if it go away from me.

  • Need prayers against spiritual husband which comes to me any time of the day. It must go away from my life l need God to deliver me from it.

  • Ray D N

    Thank you Man of God for the teachings and deliverance of internet attacks. The questions on the influences and attacks on the internet are many.
    1. How then do I know Man of God when I am now about to be trapped?
    2. How do I know a genuine person and a demon because people we know are also potetialy demon possessed.
    3. What is the best defence agaist demonic attacks?

  • Francisca Gloria Bowora

    I thank you Lord for prophet TB Joshua.
    How wonderfull you are,
    Long life TB Joshua
    Lord keep on using him to help, pray and educate the world.

    Be merciful to him Lord.
    Defeat his oppressors
    God keep on showing him and us your constant love and faithfulness.
    TB Joshua my brother, keep on with good work God had send.

    Thank you Jesus, you are great.

  • Judith Bampo Attram

    The God of TB Joshua guide me to read and learn your word so that the word of God will be come part of me so that i can share it with others to glorified God in the name of Jesus amen.Please man of God pray for me for my breakthrough in Jesus name amen.

  • moses

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  • John Elizabeth Naibodi christina

    We God everything s possible indeed. This testimonies had inspired me a lot to continue trusting in Jesus christ bt not. Human. Thank you God for sending us a true man of God prophet TB joshua . Peace be with all

  • Mrs maria

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    our attention has been drawn to some
    certain individuals or Group of persons
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    If you are outside Nigeria ,and you do not
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    Nigerian yourself,
    look for some one you trust who can get
    The morning water, anointed stickers,
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    Senior prophet TB Joshua ….
    Or if you do not have any one in or
    coming to Scoan,send an Email directly to
    with your full
    names full address phone number
    what you need.
    They are given free of charge
    God bless the SCOAN FAMILY