Condemned To Die; Destined To Live

A stirring account from The SCOAN’s new publication ‘Read Us’ detailing the astonishing story of an armed robber who was saved from certain death by what can only be termed ‘divine providence’.

ONE by one they led them out. Faces covered in black. Handcuffed. Their last seconds of life. Last moments of reflection. The last breath of this world. No time to even say goodbye. One by one their names were called. The other five had already gone – gone for ever – gone to the gallows. A cold sweat broke out on his brow. He was next in line. This was it. The end. The grand finale. The next few seconds would be the last he would ever spend in life.

The tale of Chuks Olisemeka is block-buster material. It could well pass for a best-selling fiction thriller. But this is no fiction. It’s the real story of a young man who came from condemnation to salvation, in both the literal and spiritual sense. The story of a man who came face to face with death in a way few people could ever imagine. The story of redemption amidst retribution.

From a humble home in Delta to wild parties in Lagos, dangerous dealings in cannabis in Tunisia and gun-training for armed robbery in the Saharan desert, from a condemned cell in Tunis’ maximum security prison to a Nigerian church he had never heard of before, here is Chuks’ incredible journey, in his own words:

Chuks Olisemeka

Chuks Olisemeka - brought from death to life!

“My name is Chuks Olisemeka and I come from Delta State. When my mother was pregnant with me, she separated from my father. Later in 1991, my mother died of sickness. From there my grandmother took care of me. I never knew my father and hardly knew my mum, Mrs Josephine. In the year 2000 after finishing secondary school, I came to Lagos. I didn’t know anybody in Lagos. What made me come is that some friends came from Lagos every December with flashy flashy things, spending money. When I asked them, they said they went to Victoria Island. One day I just decided by myself to come to Lagos, though I didn’t know anyone there and had no money. I was only 20. Some people dropped me in Ojota. At that time I still smoked so I bought a cigar and began smoking. I saw one guy like me who now bought a cigarette. We got talking and he now asked me some questions. When I introduced myself to him, the guy said he would help me for accommodation. We bought Indian hemp together and he then took me to his house.


Every night you would go to the club and hawk drugs - cocaine

“Every night we went to the clubs and enjoyed ourselves. I was helping in his brother’s electronics business in Alaba. One day we met some guys who came from Tunisia. Those guys gave us the guidelines about Tunisia that time, but we never said we wanted to travel as we were enjoying in Lagos. Some months later, my close friend Chima suggested we both go to Tunisia and I agreed. We went by road through the desert. We entered from Libya, through Tripoli. Those guys we met gave us the address of their place in Tunisia. We met some guys there and a Nigerian guy now introduced us to one man who was dealing in drugs. He had some boys working for him. Every night he would give you 200 or 300 grams and you would go to the club and hawk drugs. Cocaine. At the end of the day he would give you $300. From there he introduced us to the business. We were moving with guys who were into it before and from there we got our own customers.

“After about eight months in the business, I met Jack, an Italian man. Every time the man would normally come to me and buy drugs; he would buy in quantity. He was a big man, and always came with his boys. My friend called me and said let us travel to Morocco and from there to Spain. But already that Jack said he would introduce me to his business, so I was not interested in going to Spain. After about two weeks, Jack introduced me to his business – robbery business.

Tunisia Desert

The Tunisian Desert where Chuks learned his trade

“I didn’t know how to shoot a gun, so every morning he took me to the desert with some guys and taught me how to use a gun. We started going on operations. We go with information. Some people will come from Europe and land in Tunisia, and stay in a hotel – so the manager of the hotel would give us information, and we would go there and rob. After robbing, he would give me $5000. It was not only in Tunisia we robbed, but also in Libya – because they share a border together. We were based in Tunis. On one operation in a company, we got $800,000 – so Jack now gave me $20,000. I know tomorrow I would see more money, so I would go to the clubs, gamble, buy expensive wears and move with high-class babes. Then something happened in 2004.

“This hotel manager now brought information that one woman came from Holland who brought big money for a contract, and the woman lodged in his hotel. Our boss called us and said we should go to this hotel. We reached there around 10am. We were five – four boys and one Algerian girl. We met the woman and collected the money. Two of our members were down and three went up – it was a five storey building. On the way down, we just heard guns from nowhere. Two of our members were shot. They died there instantly. They now shot the girl, but we didn’t know the place where the bullets were coming from. We used one woman as a human shield to cover us saying – if you shoot again, we will shoot her – and we now managed to drag ourselves out and enter our car. As we started the engine, they started shooting again. We saw almost five jeeps pursuing us, police vehicles – blowing sirens. We got to a bend at the traffic lights. We were supposed to wait but because of the pressure, we moved on. One lorry coming from the other side collided full-on with our vehicle. It somersaulted. That is why I have these scars. At that time, I never knew that my friend who was driving was already dead.

“The policemen came, and rushed me to hospital. I was in serious pain – blood covered everywhere and I couldn’t even open my eyes. The following day, they put POP all over me. Three men came and started interviewing me, and I opened up for them. They wrote everything down. The following day, they took me to our building – Jack was no more there, because he heard the information. They searched everywhere. They saw some drugs and carried them, including three vehicles. They padlocked the building, and took me back to hospital.

Death By Hanging

After the judgement, they sentenced me to death by hanging.

“The following day, they took me to court. I still had POP all over, and they had to carry me. When I reached court, the magistrate looked at my condition and said they should carry me back to hospital. I spent seven months in hospital. After seven months they took me back to court, and tried the case. After that, they took me to prison. From prison, I still went to the court. In August 2007 my final judgement came. After the judgement, they sentenced me to death by hanging. I had already given my life to Christ in prison. This guy Mr Charles normally shared the Word of God with me. But after the sentence they didn’t take me back to the same prison again. They took me to another prison where they put those who are condemned to death. We were five inside the prison room. I started praying there.

The SCOAN Auditorium

The church Chuks incredibly dreamt of whilst on death row in Tunisia

“On 15th August, I dreamt and saw myself in this big church with someone saying, ‘Welcome to Synagogue Church, Emmanuel!’ When I woke up, I didn’t understand the dream. I’d never heard of Synagogue Church before. On 19th August, some men came with a lady. They started calling names. When they had called the name, they would put a mask to cover the person and handcuff him. They now carried him outside to be hanged. I had already said today is the day I would die, but I still had this hope that God would do a miracle. When it got to my turn, the woman asked – ‘Where is this boy’s paper?’ They started searching and finally said they could not see it. So she said they should go and find my case file, that if they didn’t find the case file, they should not take me anywhere. The men carried the other five for hanging. Only me was left in that place. A week, two weeks, a month went by and nobody talked to me. It was only me in the cell. Some men now came and took me back to the other prison.

“It was 2008, February. One day the warden called me and said they wanted to hand me over to the Nigerian embassy to send me back to my country. I saw about three men, wearing suits who asked me for my name. They now signed all these documents and told me to carry my load. They took me to the airport and one man followed me down to Nigeria. After about three hours, we arrived. They now handed me over to some men who ushered me inside a motor. A few hours later, I saw myself in Ikoyi prison. They searched me and then took me to the prison cell. I was still praying to God.

Behind Bars

Behind Bars - Condemned to die

“Another year passed in prison. It was July 2009 and I dreamed again – Welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel! It was exactly the same dream I had seen in the prison in Tunisia. But this time, I saw rain fall on me as I entered inside the church, and I rejoiced with people inside. But I never knew the place. I had never heard of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Two weeks later, one of the wardens called me. He said they brought some papers yesterday and that I didn’t have a case to answer, that I should be released. I was just surprised, shocked. He gave me one paper, and told me I should carry my load. I didn’t have anything to carry.

“As I left the gate, I asked God: where shall I go? Direct me – I don’t know where to go. Rain was falling and suddenly that dream came to me – welcome to Synagogue Church – Emmanuel. I asked the warden – where is Synagogue? He said it’s far, in Ikotun. I asked where is Ikotun. God has directed me there. He looked at me and asked if I had money. The man gave me N500 and told me how to get to the church. It was a Friday.

“I finally found the church. I met one man and asked him – how can I see the pastor here? He looked at me and asked where I was from. I told him from a very far place. He said I should come back to church early on Sunday. I was still wearing the clothes I had in prison. It was Sunday. As I entered the church that morning, I recognized it from the dream. Everything was the same as I had seen it in that dream. I prayed that God should direct the man of God to where I am. God finally directed him to me in the second service. After prophesying to about four people, he touched me and said you are a murderer – and not in this country but another country. I had never met him before, but he knew me. He prayed and I found myself down on the floor. As he touched me, I believed all my problems had gone. That day I became a new person in life. The church now took care of me, gave me new clothes and a place to stay. God is really using that man (T.B. Joshua). Nobody in Nigeria can do that thing – you don’t know a person before and after praying for you – he puts you in his house, gives you money for clothes and feeding and treats you as one of his own. He is a real man of God.

TB Joshua Prophecy

TB Joshua prophesies to Chuks upon his arrival at the SCOAN straight from prison

“There are many things people can learn from me. God created everybody for a purpose. Instead of pursuing fast money which makes you go into crime in which you may die or find yourself in prison, you should follow Christ. Those who travel outside Nigeria and don’t know where they are going to or anybody there, there is no way they will not take to crime when they get there. It’s either you take to robbery or drug business or go into 419 – and after everything you will find yourself in bigger trouble.


If God could give me another chance, I will worship Him, praise Him all my days.

“I regret a lot, because I wasted so many years in prison. If not the flashy things of this life, I would not go into all of that crime. If I had calmed down and given my life to Christ that time, by now I am supposed to know where I am going in life. But now – if God could give me another chance, I will worship Him, praise Him all my days. I believe God really has something for me in this life. He has a purpose for my living.”

Following Chuk’s arrival in the church straight from prison, he remained there for almost two months for a period of rehabilitation and reformation, receiving the message of salvation and learning about the ways of God. He was then given N120, 000, three bags of rice and a Holy Bible to start his life afresh.

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  • tank you very much.
    c’est un super temoignage ,merci TB Josuha ,c’est toujours une joie de lire les nouvelles que le Seigneur vous garde vous et vôtre équipe Yves et Marie Christine Clermont Ferrand France.

  • Nadine Huguette Annimbom

    Dear Mr Chuks Olisemeka,
    A new life lies ahead. God has raised you from death to life. So many people are seeking the redemption you have experienced. So many people are looking for the favor and mercy that you have received. What you have experienced will strenghten your desire for God. There is no sin that is unpardonable. No one is irredeemable. By Jesus’ Stripes, we are redeemed. I wish you all the best for your new life. Pray every day, every minute, every second. When you wake up, speak to God first. Before sleeping, speak to God. Listen to songs of praise and worship. Watch Emmanuel TV and pray with the Evangelists. God will show you the way, just as He was speaking to you in your dreams. Ask for His favor and mercy upon you. Also remember what the Man of God says, that your past is meant only for the Glory of God. Now Your Past is Over, breakthrough will come your way and we are waiting for your coming testimonies. We’ll support you and pray for you.
    Stay blessed!

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  • This is a very touchin story,it proves dat de is no sickness or problem dat Jesus Christ can’t heal or many youth 2day r walkin in dat same path,lookin 2 live the high life no matter what de so happy this man changed his way and came to Jesus Christ.Congradulation Mr Chuck,FALLING IN LOVE WITH JESUS IS THE BEST THING U CAN EVER DO BECAUSE HE WIL NEVA EVA LEAVE OR FORSAKE U.WHEN HE SAYS ALWAYS HE IS NOT LYING.GOD BLES SCOAN AND THE MEN OF GOD,MAY THEY CONTINUE TO CHANGE LIVES 4 THE BETTER.

  • Glory to GOD. This is a wonderful miracle touching story. God is using Prophet TB Joshua thru Holy Spirit that we know that Jesus is not dead. I promise to Praise, Worship and Glorify Amighty Lord and will never stop watching Emmanuel Tv coz brings me close to the Lord. Pastor TB Joshua may Amighty Lord give u more prophecies, delivering, healing and supporting us.

  • Amen, Glory be to God. Yes he is a true Man of God. We thank you Lord for your son Prophet TB joshua. It is through your mighty power Lord where you release innocent souls from the hands and captive of the devil. Hallelujah!! Praise God.

  • Chucks as you have received Jesus Christ u need to be close to him everyday. Cosmas Maleka – Malawi

  • Patrick

    It is God’s will that you have life and have it abundantly. Thank God that you are still alive. If you have been saved by his word you need to live by his word. Never turn back again for He is a merciful Father. This story truly reveals what Jesus did for us as we were sinners. We were waiting for being hanged as the devil was accusing us. There comes our redeemer and he declared us not guilty. Not guity! Not guity! Not guilty! It is God’s case and no one can say no if he says YES! Praise his holy name for his mercy endureth forever in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  • Docas

    Glory be to God for His everlasting love. Although we are yet sinners He still searches for us and brings us to Him. What a loving and caring God is He. Reading this story shows to us that God loves everyone regardless what sin we have commited. Once we commit our lives to Him, He sets us free and treats us like an Angel. Thanks to Prophet T B Joshua for his forgiving and fatherly heart. Your heart really emulates the works of the Holy Spirit. You show love to strangers you have never met regardless of their status and background, Your heart to me shows that you respect human beings as images of God and do what God directs you to help them spiritually and materially. Man of God, God be with you always. Chuks to you I say God has shown you great mercy and so its up to you to follow Him always no matter what comes yourway. Amen

  • bridget maina

    Mr Chuks the Lord has a purpose for your life that you should reach out to those who are still in that business. to the Man of God may the Almighty continue to Guide and Protect you, you are doing a wonderful job which no president or rich person can not do. God bless

  • Kanapon nopeleah Julius

    Man of God, truely our Lord Jesus Christ lives and reigns in you as we can see his work through you. More and more blessings should be yours as you help and change the life of millions of people around the world. i read on and watch emmanuel tv everyday as i look forth to sending my testimony oneday because i believe my life will change oneday as soon as i become delivered of my bondage.

  • This is incredible. Glory be to the Almighty God in Jesus name, AMEN.

  • This is incredible. Glory be to the Almighty God in the name of Jesus, AMEN

  • RENN

    Oooh! God, You are so gracious and loving God.
    How wonderful are your works!

  • sonia

    It is a fascinating story, God can do anything, He can pave the way where there is no way. I thank God for saving that brother from the hang pole and from sin. I also thank God for prophet T B Josua because in him we see God manifesting through him. Im also blessed because we have a prophet in our life time, we are healed, delivered through him

  • Ngozi F. O.

    What a God we have to worship, what a son we have to praise, what a future lies before us? This is a life touching testimony, it reminds me that Jesus Christ death on the cross of calvary for my sins are not in vain. There is need to come closer to Jesus irrespective of my sinful nature, betrayals, abominable acts, immoral behaviours He is willing and always able to forgive me. When we sin as we always do, dont run from Him, run to Him. The bible tells that “there will be joy in heaven over a single soul who repented and turn to Jesus …… He is a forgiven Father. Brother Chuks, God has a purpose for keeping you alive today in other to glorify His Name even in the prison yard. May God continue to bless and annoint you Prophet TB Joshua, as He uses you to change the lives of million of people all over the world. You will grow from strength to strength for all ages to see and know that truly you are annointed and called by God in Jesus name.

  • sugarstevenson omo Azugbene (Germany)

    I feel so touch by this wonderful testimony and I believe through this young man a lot of life will be touch.I wish he can be allowed to go back to prison and talk his fellow imate there ,it will change a lot of soul and many will be added to HIS kingdom.
    As for the Man of God Prophet TB Joushua ,only God can reward him for all he has done for humanity,I inclusive.This has gone beyond the issue of religion and politics,Nigeria Govt should throw pride and delussion aside and make a budget available for him to take care of the poor and needy in the society.Or better still an agency for eradication of poverty should be set up and TB Joshua and his SCOAN Team should be giving the responsibility of carrying out this duty.God bless Nigeria!God bless TB Joshua,God bless the Scoan Team.Jesus is Lord

  • Emmanuel Okoh

    God indeed is still saying something.Thank God for the restoration.


    God is never far away from us.He never changes but we do.God transcends time.
    Those who seek HIM earnestly will meet HIM.What might seem to be an insurmountable problem to us is nothing but a nagging insect to be swatted away effortlessly to GOD.
    As we change in our lives by focusing on things of the world we run the risk of not renewing our friendship with GOD thus we end up not under the GOD’S UNBRELLA OF PROTECTION.
    Thus our hearts and minds harden and we end up in situations either by deed or word we profess annihilation of other souls wittingly or unwittingly all detestable sins to GOD.
    Of course no sin is greater than the other and no soul is geater than the other and that is the reason why when GOD forgives it is all but like breathing.
    The difference between SATAN AND GOD is that SATAN imposes his warped will on us by enticement whilst GOD asks and gently directs us to let HIM do HIS WILL upon us.
    The former’s consequences are catastrophic whilst the latter are peaceful.
    So when GOD starts to direct us we should obey just like our brother in death row did.GOD delivered him effortlessly from the throngs of death and GOD went a step further by showing him through dreams glimpses of the future and all which came to pass.
    Satan condemned our brother but GOD REDEEMED him.A lesson for us all that GOD is never far away from us !









  • Levi Chukwudi

    Glory to GOD! What a wonderful testimoy of GOD’s infinite Love and Salvation. Unfortunately, there are no options to share by e-mails, Facebook, etc. All the same: Emmanuel!

  • Rediet Tezera

    This is really an amazing testimony and I’ve learned a lot from it! I thank God for the salvation of our brother and for the new life he has now in Christ Jesus.God is really using the SCOAN and the man of God as light!!To God be the glory!!

  • Sola

    Our God is an AWESOME GOD! May God continue to use Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  • william chibanda

    Praise be to God Almighty for having restored Mr chuck’s life!

  • Precious Nwankwo

    Haleluya, thank God for his Grace and mercy. God is so faithful that he never sleep or slumber. our brother’s testimoy is a lesson to me and all the believers. it showns that God really proof his self. who would have done that for chuks after getting to the point of hanging…………….. your God is ALIVE. it might be someone’s prayer. Thank God for using man of God T.B.Joshua to impart our generation. i also thank God that man of God is a Nigerian. pastor we love you

  • praise the lord, well God is God and still God l learn some thing from the same testmonies

  • steve

    What a God we serve, what a son we praise and what a future lies before us! Halelujah! Salvation is guaranteed in the death and resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Brother Chuks, Jesus has declared you ‘Not guilty’ and so will he continue to free many more whom he will favor. God bless His anointed servant Whom He uses to point sinners like me to the light in Jesus name. Prophet T. B Joshua, only God who anointed you can remove the anointing from you and not humans. Carry on with the commission God has done for you. May you make Heaven at last in Jesus name. Amen.

  • Thank you for the message of the person who became a drug dealer,who was also a murderer , and how he received god ‘s grace,god is good he doesnt care if wether how many a person has killed,if the sinner repent through his blood he forgives everything,thank you

  • Ray D N

    A touching testimony indeed. It has made me realise how much God loves all mankind even though we all are so rebellious in nature and so undeserving of the love and compassion. Thank you Lord for your mercy. And to you Brother Chuks, never give up. Don’t ever givd up praying.