As another Sunday dawned, thousands streamed into the SCOAN cathedral and thousands more tuned into the live service – to receive from the Throne of grace. Week by week, news continues to spread of lives transformed, hopes renewed, sicknesses healed, yokes lifted and families reconciled, through Jesus Christ at The SCOAN and on Sunday 18th July 2010, many believed that it was their day. Welcoming the congregation and viewers to the presence of God, Prophet T.B. Joshua said, “When you get in His presence, you will change, your philosophy will change, your way will change. Hallelujah!”

The man of God went straight to the heart of the matter in his sermon titled, Have Faith in God. He directed his listeners to Matthew 7:7, “Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find. Knock and it will be opened to you” and asked, “Has this been happening?”
Matthew 7:8 “For everyone who asks, receives, he who seeks finds and him who knocks, it will be opened.”
Explaining the verse, he said that this was Christ’s encouragement to pray and His assurance that your prayer would be answered. But describing the state of this faithless generation, he said this, “When people do not pray, it is because they have no hope of an answer. Unanswered prayer stands between you and your faith. Because it is stated there, all things are possible – you just have faith in God. People do not pray because they are frustrated in their faith. Their hope has been shattered too often. Now, they continue only in the formalities of their religion. The reality has disappeared.” Ripples of agreement were visible in the congregation as the prophet’s words struck a chord. He proceeded to explain that when the Bible says, ask and you shall receive, this is asking out of faith, not feeling. Sometimes people base their spiritual experiences on feelings and emotions. Problems arise when feelings and emotions change. He said that to ask out of feeling is when you are poor and it is time to pray, you pray for blessing, when you are sick and it is time to pray, you pray for healing. When you are blessed and it is time to pray, you say, thank God. And God is good all the time – all the time God is good. The man of God concluded reminding us that all is possible when we ask in faith, saying that communion with Christ Jesus springs from union with Christ Jesus.

The faith of all was raised as they witnessed wonderful testimonies of those who had been healed of terrible ulcers in various parts of their body. Among those who testified was Mr John Achioyame, who joyfully came to thank God for healing him of a leg ulcer. The congregation gasped as the footage showed the terrible state of Mr Achioyame’s leg when he came for healing. He explained that he was unable to walk and the doctor’s only option was to amputate the leg. The footage showed the man of God at the prayer line praying for Mr Achioyame, saying, ‘Thank you for Your power of resurrection’. Mr John Achioyame testified that at these words, his entire body became cool, then the pain completely left and the ulcer dried up and healed. Rolling his trouser leg to show the previously affected calf that was now completely restored, Mr John tapped his leg, with the words, “No more pain, no more crying, no more sorrow. Have faith in God. Jesus Christ is with us for ever!”

With the atmosphere charged, and the people’s faith lifted, the Wise Men began prayer in the power of the Holy Spirit at the Prayer line. Problems of all types and burdens of all sizes crumbled at the authority in the name of Jesus Christ. Demons and contrary spirits left screaming under the influence of the lightning of God. Surely, where the light of God shines, darkness has no hiding place. Among those who received their instantaneous healing was 53 year old Mr Hart Bibonye who was healed of inability to walk due to fracture of left leg bone. At the prayer of the wise man, Mr Bibonye rose to his feet and took his first steps of freedom for the past 14 years. Also rejoicing in her healing was 30 year old Miss Anthony Osegou from Enugu, who was healed of a multiple fracture of the tibia due to an accident. Miss Osegou who had been dependant on crutches to move around, stood up and walked unaided after the prayer, saying, “Thank You Jesus. I can walk well now!”

Those who had been following the touching story of Emmanuel who had been delivered from the spirit of stealing after a word of prophecy, rejoiced in the full reconciliation, in which his father who had previously disowned his son because of the terrible vice, came at last to give thanks to God for his deliverance. Prince James Okoeguale,59, from Edo state, came with his wife and son to confirm the prophecy that his son had received about a young boy who still had the marks of handcuffs on his wrists after being in prison because of stealing. Prince James Okoeguale recounted how from the tender age of five, Emmanuel had begun stealing. What they thought was just childish misbehaviour soon turned more menacing however from the age of eight, leading to his detention in different police stations when caught thieving. As if that was not enough, his father explained how as proprietor of a school of almost 1,000 pupils, his business had been thwarted by his son’s habit of stealing his pupils’’ possessions – incidents that led to parents withdrawing their children from the school and the school’s eventual closure. Prince James Okoeguale also painfully told how his name had been disqualified from a chairmanship campaign after he was labelled the father of a thief. On Emmanuel’s last thieving operation, he was arrested and this time, his father refused to bail him out. When his mother did and brought him home, Prince James Okoeguale said that enough was enough, that they should both leave. He told the congregation how his wife had only asked to sleep in the house for one night with Emmanuel before travelling to The SCOAN the next morning for his deliverance. Smiling, he explained how friends had begun calling him and congratulating him on his son’s deliverance which they had seen on Emmanuel TV. “Now, he no longer steals”, said Prince James Okoeguale, “He is free.” I want to thank God for using the man of God to deliver my son and because of that, I want to dedicate this child to God. The crowd cheered as the testimony was complete – a son that was disowned was now being dedicated to God in joy.

The fire of the Holy Spirit knows no colour, or class, or relation. As the mass prayer was taking place and the man of God called on contrary spirits to come out, many who had been sitting quietly worshipping, suddenly began to squirm, writhe and scream, arrested by the Holy Spirit. Brothers looked at their sisters, husbands at their wives, parents at their children – estranged. This was exactly what happened to Mr Kolawole Olagunju from Kaduna state when his wife began to manifest and speak with the voice of a contrary spirit. Below is a synopsis of the dialogue that followed:
TB Joshua to the wife: Who are you?
Wife: I am a king. She is my queen.
TB Joshua to the husband: Who is she?
Husband: She is my wife.
TB Joshua to the wife: Who are you?
Wife: I am a king.
TB Joshua to the wife: A king where?
Wife: Under the river.
TB Joshua to the husband: Did you know you are married to a king?
Husband: No.
TB Joshua to the wife: Who is this man?
Wife: I don’t know him.
TB Joshua to the husband: How long have you been married to her?
Husband: 20 years.
TB Joshua to the wife: This man says he is your husband.
Wife: I don’t know him. I don’t know you. I am a king under the river.
TB Joshua to the husband: Where did you marry her?
Husband: I married her on the surface of the land!

It was clearly not a natural situation. The man of God directed Mr Kolawole Olagunju to hug his wife and as he did so, she fell to the floor and was delivered. As she rose to her feet, the prophet asked her, who is this man? He is my husband! She replied. Mrs Kolawole Olagunju proceeded to explain how she had been tormented by a spiritual husband that had destroyed her marriage and rendered her husband’s business useless. She explained how the spiritual husband had begun fighting inside of her when she watched Emmanuel TV and touched the screen. Mrs Kolawole Olagunju said that before, whenever she closed her eyes she used to see this man who would even lie between her and her husband at night but that now, after the prayer, he was gone. The congregation gave thanks to God as Mr and Mrs Kolawole Olagunju embraced and rejoiced in their new found freedom. Deliverance had brought solution to the home – reconciliation indeed.

As the service drew to a close, many who didn’t believe before, now believed that they were in the presence of God where old things pass away and all things become new (2 Cor 5:17).

  • Alinah Thoabala

    I really bless the Almighty God for what His doing thru the annointed Man of God and his 5 Wise Men. May the good Lord bless them indeed and increase the annointing in their lives particularly our Father in the Lord Prophet T.B Joshua who obeyed the Lord by allowing Him to use him in such a shocking way. And our Father in Lord obeyed God by imparting the annointing to the 5 Wise Men, its by God’s grace and by His Spirit.
    Man Of God Prophet T.B Joshua as I watch Emmanuel TV seeing miracles of healing that God is doing thru You I would like to say distance is not a barrier, may I ask you to pray for me that God should heal me from headaches almost everyday, high blood pressure, lack of blood circulation on my left leg and God to heal me from the top of my head to the sole of my feet.

    Stay blessed Man Of God and the whole Emmanuel TV team and your family.

  • Ngozi F.O

    What a God we have to worship? This is SCOAN for you for Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever more. As the day goes by, the man of God through the power of the Holy Spirit keeps healing people, deliverance takes place in a massive way, testimony upon testimony never seize in peoples live as touch uses His able servant Prophet TB Joshua and the wise men. The viewers are not left out as believing is only our connection, distance is not a barrier. Keep on watching and pray along with the man of God, as it happens there is going to happen in your life. Emmanuel! God is truely with us.

  • God is always present and this is evidence that God speaks His Holy Spirit through Prophet TB Joshua. He is really a man of God. All miracles happenning is the Power of Holy Spirit present to TB Joshua annointed man.

  • bartholomew mande

    halelujah to you man of God,

    it is so challenging in life to learn the truth sir honestly speaking emotions dominate most of my prayer life but thank God for the leberating truth i know that all is well in jesus name no matter what iam passing throuugh the lord is lord and the lord is good all the time man of God may God richly bless you and continue giving you more revalations and may God increase the days of your life here on earth.

    yours in christ son

    bartholomew mande +260977569573

  • God is good all the time , Jesus is thesame yesterday today and forever, may His name be praise forever

  • Litre Majoo

    Thank you Jesus Amen. This are motivational word for Human being to pray in faith cause feeling changes if you follow them your prayers will be fumbling and you might end up losing your believe in God.

    In the name of Jesus Christ Amen.

  • The joy that the Man of God, Senior Prophet TB Joshua restored in the family of Mr Kolawole Olagunju from Kaduna state was a thrilling case of peaceful marriage restored. It strengthened my family as my wife remarked that we must always pray for God Almighty to protect us and our neighbours against such diabolic attacks.
    May God continue to add more blessings to our Prophet TB Joshua.
    Martin Luther Yembe
    Journalist, Buea, Cameroon

  • Matilda Williams

    Prophet T.B. Joshua, you are appointed by God for His end time battle axe, for the fall and rising of men. To set at liberty those that are oppressed and bound by the son of perdition. May God continue to use you in the liberation of souls. In Jesus name. Amen.

  • Ngozi F.O

    God in His Infinite Mercy is using Prophet TB Joshua in restoring shattered homes bringing peace and harmony in troubled families, may Almighty annoint him more and more in this ministry of reconciliation. Also as we the viewers, i strongly believe that distance is not a barrier as the man of God rightly says, believing is only our connection. Keep watching Emmanuel tv.

  • willim paile

    I want to thank God for using man of God in such a wanderful way.May the good God continue to use him mightily.We are really growing each and every moment we watch the life services of prophet TB Joshua.Some of the scenarios looke like the drama.That shows tha God is now want to proof to the world that He is really existing and it is true that He sent His only begotten Son to come to save the world.What we see at the scoan is really awsome.Man of God thank you for allowing God to use you in such a manner.Keep on obeing God,know that we love you.

  • Our God is good at all times when we ask, seek and knock in faith. I am so happy and will always praise the Almighty God for using Prophet TB Joshua to change the lifes of so many people in the world. If only we can let go these earthly things and seek first the kingdom of God harmory, peace and love will be forever be. Keep on man of God.

  • we thank the lord Jesus Christ to bring a man of God Prophet T.B Joshua to help the people who are sick and all the things that they need.Prophet T.B.Joshua i thank you.Amen

  • Tanya Jackson

    Emmanuel..May God Almighty continue to bless the ministry of Prophet T.B.Joshua.

  • Mark

    Man of God your message and the miracle and testimonies I see on Emmanuell TV has given me hope that its only a matter of time and God will bless me as well and have mercy on all misfortunes that are destroying my life from all corners. It is my wish to contribute in making a difference in other people’s lives but i dont have the means,courage the wisdom or intelligence to carry that out but through Gods mercy I will. MY BIGGEST WISH IS TO MEET THE MAN OF GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA OR TALK TO HIM ONTHE PHONE.God willing i’ll raise money to fly The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. If there was any doubt that God exists I sure there is no more, You man of God and Emmanuell TV have bridgeted that gap may God continue to save souls like mine.

  • Mark

    Man of God your message and the miracle and testimonies I see on Emmanuell TV has given me hope that its only a matter of time and God will bless me as well and have mercy on me for all misfortunes that are destroying my life from all corners. It is my wish to contribute in making a difference in other people’s lives but i dont have the means,courage the wisdom or intelligence to carry that out but through Gods mercy I will. MY BIGGEST WISH IS TO MEET THE MAN OF GOD PROPHET TB JOSHUA OR TALK TO HIM ONTHE PHONE.God willing i’ll raise money to fly The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations. If there was any doubt that God exists I’m sure there is no more, You man of God and Emmanuell TV have bridged that gap may God continue to save souls like mine.

  • Ben O Ebito

    Almighty God, hallow be thy name.

  • Moses

    Always proud to see my Man TB Joshua in motion.

    I have love and been involved with SCOAN since i was in

    Primary 4 and now a University graduate,Is dat not


  • sonia

    Thanx to God who made it possible for us to hear the word of God even from very far away. Today im able to trust the Lord without doubt because of the way He uses His servant Prophet TB Josua, when he teaches the word of God one can understand clearly without questions. We thank God for demostrating his power through his servants Prophet TB Josua and the Wisemen to heal,deliver his people

  • violet

    l will alwz praise u Lord,in you their is peace,love ,healing & happiness, what more can i ask than to have you Jesus in my life.Glory be to you God for using Prophet TB Joshua to strengthening us in our faith.

  • Patrick

    I would like to thank the almighty God for his opportunity. During our time we have a prophet among us. The one who makes us see what God did in times of the old prophets. There is power in prophecy, let the Lord give the wise men enough grace to reach higher. Let the Lord keep them safe. In Jesus’ name.


    Soar high man of God Prophet T B Joshua,soar high.may the lord of peace continue to use you mightly,may the lord of host(Jehovah Sabaoth)fight your battle,god will continue confirming his word with signs and jealous of you man of God TB Joshua,because you are winning many souls to the lord hence my self am doing nothing.Billions of thanks to the man of God TB JOSHUA you are a hero.

  • My name is FRANCIS EMMANUEL, I Thank God for His Grace . And what God is useing PROPEHT T.B JOSHUA. to do in the life of people in all over the world today , I pray that God will contuiner to bless him , also God will give him more power so that he will do more .

    I always watch EMMANUNEL T.V IN ABIDJAN and i pray that God will bless PROPHET T.B JOSHUA , all over NIGERIA T.B YOU ARE NUMBER 1, and if we can get someone like you again in that country ,



  • Emelita

    What a Mighty God we serve. May God continue blessing the Misnistry of Prophet T.B. Joshua.

  • Francis Emmanuel

    Dear Sir,
    My name is Francis Emmanuel,

    I thank God for His Grace which He give to us, and thank God for the man of God prophet T.B JOSHUA , Again whenever i watch and see PROPHET T.B JOSHUA on Emmanuel T.V i feel LIKE SAY I DEY SEE PAPA GOD FACE TO FACE.

    God help me so that i will come to see prophet T.B JOSHUA . My prayer is for God to help us to give man of God LONG LIFE so that he will do His work more and more.
    Thank God .

  • Doctor Gondwe

    May the name of the Lord be glorified! The Lord is good sll the time and all the time the Lord is Good! What a wonderful preliveladge to see what is happening in the spiritual world and more especially to note that the opposite powers are contrary and yet the other side side is stronger than the other side- It is a platform that everybody should be interested. I am very much interested it this battle. It unlikely in the foodball in this case the winner is known and the side known. How wonderful to belong to the winning side- May the name of the Lord be glorified over and above.

    The sevice was wonderful I watched the last part of it and I am yet to see the first part. I saw the last part and it was wondeful and I am quite assured that the other service was wonderful as I have read it. I have my own deliverance and I am free now.


  • willim paile

    I wander why the world can’t see that and see the God we serve how awsome He is.Maybe is bcs the media does not want to show this to the world bcs is positvie news.It is only waiting to hilights if something bad happens.This tells me that the media eg news papers etc are the agents of darkness bcs if something bad happens it tells the world but if something good happens it keeps quiet.Times of miracles are not things of the past they are still here.We want to thank God so much for this amazing grace of using the man of God prophet TB Joshua that God who was doing miracles in times of Peter is still here.What the mena of love is this.Africa come back to Jesus,He has died for you also.He is not God of certain race only but God of all humanity.Father God we want to thank you so much for loving the man you have created to the extend of sending your only begotten Son that who ever believe unto Him may not die but inherit eternal live.This what we see now is the proof that you have not forsaken us.We thank you so much for your servant prophet TB Joshua,keep him Father for the sake of your us and your Glory so that the people may continue to see how great you are.Thank you Father God in the name of Our Lord JESUS Christ amen

    • Kerry McElwain





  • Emmanuel !!woow is never a dool moment in the presence of God .
    i think we should have faith in God, with God all things are posible

  • Nadine Huguette Annimbom

    God Bless Pastor TB Joshua and all the five Wise Men (Christopher, John, Daniel, Harry and Racine)!!!
    May God lift your Ministry up and up and up!!
    We are so grateful!

  • tendekai

    Emmanuel!Africa is really blessed to have our own son SENIOR PROPHET T.B JOSHUA,who accepted and humbled himself to be used by our heavenly father GOD through his precious son JESUS CHRIST to deliver the world from the hand of the devil especially Africa from a demon of poverty,nothing good was expected of Africa !!.i would like to testify that truly distance is not a barrier,my sisters marriage was served through a request i sent on your website,and now our family is thankful to GOD for his mighty hand he showed to our lives,truly may our mighty GOD we serve,bless Senior Prophet T.B JOSHUA with good health and long life until Africa becomes a Light continent not a dark continent,better is not good enough the best is yet to come,AMEN!!



  • catherine

    i always thank God for TB JOSHUA may God continue to bless him……!

  • radha

    dear father and god,

    pls solve our financial and health problems

    i saw i really happy to see the miracles

    lord jesus thank you t.b.joshua you cured all diseaes problems

    thank you jesus

    pls solve our financial problems


  • Leonard k

    You are really a man of god, stay blessed sir.

  • sibongile majoni

    I thank God for his faithful servant TB Joshua. I am a regular Emmanuel T.V watcher. Each time I watch Emmanuel TV, I repent. Emmanuel TV has changed my entire life and I now know that GOD has created me with a purpose Even though I am trying hard to live in the presents of GOD. Man of God please pray for our country ZIMBABWE and we hope one day you will bless us by visiting our country and bless it. May GOD grant you so many years to live for our nation to be saved. IN JESUS NAME AMEN

  • Florence nyamakope

    Blessed be the GOD of prophe Tb Joshua and the five wiseman, he is a living GOD. I cherish prophet Tb Joshua’s humility and the love he has for people. Be blessed.

  • God of Prophet TB Joshua will surely locate me one day. I will give a testimony. EMMANUEL

  • Maria

    Fraudsters on this site!!!Only contact scoan through