The SCOAN Service of Sunday 4th July, 2010 started with The Synagogue Church of All Nations choristers rendering melodious songs and the congregation cultivating an atmosphere of worship. Soon after that, Prophet T.B. Joshua arrived to give some words of exhortation using the book of Mark 11:25 -26. He said ‘we have a role to play. It is not all up to God certainly not all up to us. If you stand praying, forgive’. He encouraged the congregation that if they honestly examine their hearts in the light of God’s word and they would discover such spirits of unforgiveness towards others. He said that as believers, in order for us to pray effectually, there must not be anything between us and God and that the harboring of such a spirit towards others, breaks our communion with God. He concluded by telling the congregation to say to one another ‘I need to forgive because I need to be forgiven’. One of the wise men, Racine, came to give the main message for the morning. It was titled THE WORD OF FAITH. He started by saying that many are people of sense knowledge truth trying to get acquainted with God through their natural minds. For such people, when the goings are good, Jesus is the lord and when the goings are tough, they begin to murmur and rebel because their lives are centred on how they feel and how they are treated. They are tossed back and forth by every wind of trial. His main text was taken from the book of Romans 10:6-8 ‘but the righteousness that is by faith says: “Do not say in your heart, ‘Who will ascend into heaven?'” (That is, to bring Christ down) “Or ‘Who will descend into the deep?'” (That is, to bring Christ up from the dead). But what does it say? “The word is near you; it is in your mouth and in your heart, that is, the word of faith we are proclaiming.” He said that a believer does not have strength as long as he operates in the natural because our natural strength is as perfect weakness. Those who operate in the natural are those who rely on the sensory senses. To live by sight is to give all our attention to the physical things which are temporal. But the things of the spirit are indistinct. He explained that in Christ Jesus, we have perfect evidence of faith. For faith is the unshakeable confidence in the reality of the yet unseen world. As Christians, we are to live by faith and not by sight since we are called to God’s kind of lifestyle, and only then can we recognize our union with Jesus Christ. It is a lifestyle of positive thinking, positive talking and positive acting. These are our roots in God. Act 3:6, “Then Peter said, what a means of blessing is the look of faith to Jesus. Peter looked at the paralytic and took his position in the believer’s authority and sent forth the word of faith ‘Silver or gold I do not have, but what I have I give you. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, walk.’ Taking him by the right hand, he helped him up, and instantly the man’s feet and ankles became strong’’. He said that Divine faith when expressed in prayer, is a force and has God behind if for its accomplishment. When you believe absolutely, you believe it is done before the prayer because very much is promised to our believing. He challenged the congregation saying ‘Show me your doubt and I will show you that faith exists’. The name of Jesus Christ has power indeed but only among those who are committed to the glory of God. It is absolutely necessary to believe in the name of Jesus Christ for very much is promised to our believing. Christians are commanded to walk by the Spirit. Walking in the spirit is so exciting. There you hear Jesus most clearly. When the Holy Spirit begins to speak to us, changes are beginning. He said ‘Ask Abraham and he will tell you that it honors God to believe him even when every sense contradicts him’. HEB 6:15 “And so after waiting patiently, Abraham received what was promised”. Our looking unto the promises of God is a good reason for looking unto God for mercy and favor and there is no reason to stop looking until God withdraws his word. We that walk with the Lord, walk by faith. Faith sees the invisible, believes the impossible, and receives the incredible. Abraham simply believed the word of God, that God will do exactly what he promised. Whatever we receive from God will come as a result of our actively reaching out and claiming God’s promises. For God’s Word must be our rule and His grace our principle. And this is God’s invitation to prayer and his assurance that our prayers would be answered.
How to get our prayer answered? To get our prayers answered, we must depend upon the merits and mediations of our Lord Jesus Christ. Racine then quoted the book of 1 Cor 2:16, saying that in prayer, we do not pull God to our mind but bring ourselves to his and how do we bring ourselves to his mind? When we follow the way of the cross, we bring ourselves to his mind because in the realm of prayer service the key is not to suppress the flesh but to surrender to the spirit. Conclusively, he emphasized that faith is simply God’s Word prevailing over the senses. ‘The Bible cannot work by itself. You make it work and God makes it good. Make it work. Faith moves our words to work’. He said that when we order our word aright; God manifests to us the benefit of his mighty salvation. Using the Word of God you have read in your prayer helps ensure that your prayer lines up with God’s will and His intention for your life. God’s Word refreshes our mind while God’s spirit renews our strength. When your mind is refreshed, your objective and motives will be determined at once. You will want what God wants and you will want it for the reason God wanted it.
This was the testimony of Maria Monite, and her son Emmanuel Monite, who was delivered of the spirit of stealing as a result of a prophecy given in the service the previous week concerning a young boy cursed with the spirit of stealing. According to Prophet TB Joshua last week, he said ‘You climbed into the ceiling of a house and robbed it and you were caught. Now, you have just been released from prison and I can see marks from the handcuffs that have been on your hand’.
The boy came out from the midst of the congregation and was delivered of that spirit of stealing. And he then came out this Sunday to give glory to our Lord Jesus Christ for having delivered him from this spirit of stealing. Narrating her plight with tears of joy, she explains how this of her son almost tore the family apart; Maria Monite said ‘It all started when I saw Emmanuel in the dream with a group of people who cursed him that he would become useless. A day after that dream, he stole an egg in a shop and was caught and the whole family was troubled’. And from then on, he had been on a stealing spree until she watched Emmanuel TV and decided to visit The Synagogue Church of All Nations with her son. During the live Sunday service the previous week, TB Joshua prophesied about the case and that was how she came out with her son. She said to the congregation ‘As you can all see, I am very happy for what God has done in the life of my son and family’. Since his deliverance, he is free from the evil spirit of stealing. Emmanuel spoke to the congregation emotionally, saying ‘I no longer possess this spirit of spirit of stealing. I want to go to school and be a great person in this country. I thank Jesus Christ for setting me free’. There was also the testimony of Orimolade and others, who came to testify of how Jesus Christ set them free from the problems of various cancers. Oluwole Orimolade, had been inflicted with the problem of a leg cancer for many years to the extent that his leg was about to be amputated because of its degenerating state. By God’s grace, he found his way to The Synagogue Church of All Nations prayer line and was prayed for by Prophet T.B Joshua. Shortly after the prayer, the sore was healed and it closed up. Today, he and many others have been completely set free giving all glory and honour to our Lord Jesus Christ for His wonderful work in their lives.

Anointing breaks the yoke
The congregation also listened to another wonderful testimony of the Anointing Water from Mrs Forgive Obadiah who came with problem of overdue pregnancy due to a closed cervical canal and so was booked to be operated. Full of joy and gladness, she said to the congregation ‘Upon watching Emmanuel TV, my faith and belief in Jesus Christ was restored and I decided to come and get the Anointing water’. After receiving the Anointing Water, she prayed and drank some of it and the next day, she delivered a bouncing baby boy.

Our Wonderful God
Among those who were arranged at the prayer line section was Mrs Julianah Mintah, a 56 year-old lady from Ghana who came with the problem of Cervical spondylosis. Due to the degenerating state of her neck, she was wearing a neck collar as the doctors had advised her to support her neck with it. For many years, she had been unable to do anything on her own because of this problem. As one of the wise men prayed for her, she immediately felt released from this bondage of severe Cervical spondylosis and could turn her neck with ease. As she turned her neck from side to side, she knew that Jesus Christ had indeed healed her from this problem. Another spectacular healing was that of Mrs Grace Tofi from Benue state in Nigeria, who was healed from inability to walk due to bone cancer and a fracture of the tibia. A woman who was once active was confined to a pair of crutches for a very long time. As she narrated her problems to the wise man, she said ‘I believe Jesus Christ will heal me today’. And indeed it happened. As the wise man began praying for her in the name of Jesus Christ, her shattered legs came to life and she immediately threw her crutches away and began walking to the glory of God. During the mass prayer, Prophet T.B. Joshua said ‘miracle is God restoring what satan has destroyed’. As he began to pray, he told the congregation that ‘Our Lord’s works of wonders are of grace and they command our faith, so believe, for that is your connection’. Healing and deliverance began to take place as the prayer sessions started. Many who were demon-possessed came out and were delivered in the power of the Holy Spirit. The sick among the congregation were healed from the various ailments that had crippled them for many years. All in all, it was a marvellous Sunday service as the congregation left the auditorium full of joy and gladness that God Almighty had once again shown Himself strong in the lives of His people.


    Thank you Jesus for your healing power upon our life and for the life of my daddy-in-the-Lord, Senior Prophet TB Joshua. Like the man of God rightly says, I am not the healer, i know the healer, His name is Jesus. He remaineth the same today, yesterday and forever more. He is in our midst and He never says goodbye. Emmanuel tv is part of my life, distance is not a barrier.

  • Tanya Jackson

    Emmanuel!! I am always inspired every sunday when we watch the live sunday service as a family. We were so overwhelmed when Prophet T.B.Joshua prayed for us viewers it was such a turning point for us as a family. May God continue to bless this ministry. But my earnest cry is still to get the annoiting water.
    Emmanuel God is Definately with us..Amen!!

    • why dont you order for it or rather go to the Church and collet it perfsonally.

  • fru ernest

    I got the press page and it was good i love all the messages ,and i fill all the healing touching me also,it was a great time when i was reading the testimonies and the words of good that prophet TB J ,gave ,i and giving all the thanks to the almighty God,

  • Doctor Gondwe

    Thanks be to God for his unswerving hand of victory, the Lord is faithful and he will continue to be so. I managed to watch the second service and it was as if the prophecy was directed to me as the prophet said that “I tell you people are in a financial mess – I mean in debt” that was directing to me and I am sure that I delevered from that and things will be alright soon. May the name of the Lord be glorified. The Lord is doing wonders now all over the world to the people who are called to do his will and as they commit themselves to God he is available to do his part. I thank God for he is doing it in amidst even here May He receive honor and glory.


  • mareko sekgopi

    i thank jesus 4 using his servents to revil the the hiden treasury of the kinGdom of his fatherMAY GOD GRACE U SERVENT OF THE MOST HIGH I AM ALWAYS WATCHING THE SUN SERVICE BLESS U

  • Ben O Ebito

    May the almighty God bless the man of God Prophet TB Joshua in the name of Jesus Christ the hero, the seer, the comforter, the redeemer and the conqueror.

    Long live prophet TB Joshua and long live the SCOAN

  • Docas

    I will always thank God for His mercies and Love that endures everyday. I thank Godfor raising the Wisemen through Prophet T B Joshua . Thank you Prophet T B Joshua to have that heart to spend most of your time teaching others the word of God and raising them to that level. God continue to use you. My request is if it is God’s will pray for me that I be transferred to Nigeria. I really want to come to Nigeria, I hope my request reaches you and pray over it. I will continue thanking Prophet T B Joshua and the prayer worriors for the prayers that you pray. I am feeling much better. I have faith that I am healed. To God be the glory. Thank you for the last sunday service message. It has strengthen my faith and has opened my insight eyes. I hope one day God will meet my requests since He is faithful to those who are faithful to Him.

  • Fatima AL

    May God Almighty continue to bless the man of God, his 5wise men and all his people. my question is that, when will the Man of God visit the city of Abuja so that people like us can tap from his blessings.
    Remain blessed sir

  • debby

    Emmanuel! i would like to thank God for the great work tha His doing at scoan and how His is using Prophet T B Joshua and even unto the wisemen. Am being blessed everyday i watch Emmanuel TV, i just want to say thank you Jesus.

    Debby(from Zambia).

  • Rita Cloete

    I thank God for Prophet T.B. Joshua and request the Man of God to pray for me for healing and deliverance from evil spirits. I hereby request for the anointed water, I need information on how to get it and if it is sold, how much do I need to pay.

  • I Thank God for the work He is doing through the man of God and his diciples. May the Lord continue to do more and more meracles in the name of Jesus.AMEN!!!!!!

  • Matilda Williams

    Halellujah!! God is committed to fulfilling his words. Whatsoever he said in his words, as long as we believe, he brings it to pass.
    Prophet T.B. Joshua, you have been selected by God as one of the end time vessel of honour to bring about God’s word and salvation, redemption and restoration to pass.

    I just give all the gl;ory to God and the honour he deserves.
    God bless you Man of God.

  • Merania


  • Rose Kiondo

    What can I say unto the Lord, all I want to say is thank you Lord!!! Thank you Jesus for healing me, I now feel fine after being prayed for by the Man of God three weeks ago. May the Almighty God bless him abundantly. Amen.

  • sonia

    I thank God for the inspiring word through Prophet TB Josua who encourages us to forgive others no matter what they did to us. Also the Wiseman Racine who taught us to have faith in God. Every Sunday we learn new things from the Lord. We are growing spiritually. I also thank God for healing all the diseases and sickness, God is the same all the time

  • I thank God for the freedom he is giving to the life of his people .i know the day is coming when i will visit the place and receive mine In Jesus name .


  • bereket

    I relly thank god the almighty for the blessing he put throgh his servant prophet T.B Josua and i was wandering how we can get the anointhing water, b/c i believe that it will make a miracle in my life and my brother s who happened to be mentaly ill for the last 10years so plaese let me know how i can get it. from ETHIOPIA A.A

  • APong GOrdon

    I just want to bless the name of God for the wonderful things happening at scoan.
    May his name be praised.

  • Obositse

    Thanks to God for using his Servent sr Prophet tb Joshua to continue his apostolic mission.Some of us were carring empty guns before the devil and like toys,but through SCOAN we got equipt with the right knowledge and wisdom of God.We can here him talk.In Jesus Name.Amen

  • wilson

    i was doing some research about Hiv Aids,and i found out that so many people believe so much in science than God.some even said that hiv heal in Synagogue church is not doccumented by scientist, Ofcourse you dont expect them to agree bcoz it will be a bad business for them.if God can use Prophet Tb Joshua to heal someone that is confrimed by doctors that he or she will not have a child and by coming to the synagogue,they prayed for and some months later,they have their own baby,so even if you tell anyone that such thing happens just by prayer,they will never believe it,otherwise who will buy their medicine.all we need is just confess and get our healing.we may not get it first time as hiv aids patient,just stay back,pray,confess and you will surelyy get a great chance for those of us that believe,some may be dieing for hiv,but as a child of God,ours is different,although we have sin,but God is able to forgive if only we can confess and rule by his word.i bring this here bcoz is more easy to write it here than in other websites.some barreness is medically no hope,but with god all things are possible.if His able man of God can do it for people that is looking for the fruit of the womb,he can cure any sickness and diseases.there’s no different from been unable to have a child and hiv aids,the only different often we contract this diseases by doing what God dont want us as children of God to,all we need is to confess and stay out of unmarital Of God have done alot of miracles that is medically impossible,so why should any one doubt about Hiv aids cure just by touching a single hand from the prophet or from the five wise men?he did it befor and he will do it western world where i live,they can never believe it,but we that believe,is our great chance to make a different in our lifes.i pray that God will give the man of God more power to even do more miracles that will move the whole world,especially the scientist believers.i know there’s science,but what ever they cant do,they shouldn’t condemn others gift.ulcer,cancer and hiv aids is thesame case when it comes to science,but we see the testimony of ulcer and cancer in emmanuel tv becoz they are some wonds we can naturally see,but hiv is internal and sometimes you cant notice someone with God is Great and i know he will heal me bcoz i have already Confessed,repent and now rule by his world.i am not worried about the hiv thing becoz there’s ever lasting solution,but what worrie’s me is when to get to Nigeria,is all the way long from Europe and alot of money is involve.medical doctors come for healing,example the rich man from zimbabwe,who came to synague church a moth ago bcoz he was unable to walk,this is to tell you that God is greater.todays sunday service,11.07.2010,i watched the first service online,i saw the greatest miracle of my life time,hiv is noting,just you are heal you are heal.but ulcer of those two men,no medical or scientist believers can believe this miracle that their ulcer in the leg and anus healed just bcoz of a word from the man of God,it was an amazing miracle even deadly than hiv in the life of those what else do we want that God can not do for us?Noting.with God all things are possible.
    God bless the man of God the more,he will do greater greater miracles in Jesus Name,Amen.and God bless the family of Prophet TB Joshua,children,the wife,all those that made it possible for us to have emmanuel tv and all of the emmanuel tv partner and workers,Amen.



    ….prayer is the portal that connects us to the spiritual world of GOD.
    As we start to pray we need to shake off the physical body because it is tainted.
    How do we shake it off? By being right with The Almighty, hence the need to cleanse our minds, hearts, bodies and souls before talking and connecting to God.
    Truth be told, our GOD lives in another dimension.The past DIMENSION, THE PRESENT DIMENSION AND THE FUTURE DIMENSION.
    And GOD exists in all these DIMENSIONS at the same time.Therefore in order for us to meet GOD on HIS terms which HE graciously grants we have to cleanse ourselves of EVERTTHING that connects us to this world as we know it.
    Now this is ABSOLUTE FAITH IN GOD.
    To put it in lay man’s terms, we have to trust JHWH absolutely and unwaveringly so as to see the manifestations of our belief in GOD through JESUS CHRIST.
    Jesus Christ walked and lived by FAITH hence his ability to walk on water, see and talk to demons, a juxtapositioning of two worlds colliding, the seen, our DIMENSION, AND THE UNSEEN, GOD’S DIMENSION.
    True, I agree with the wise man….we need to trust in GOD through Jesus Christ…absolutely…!So pray sincerely….!

  • marlon libombo



    The things happening, and the secrets of the ennemy exposed on emmanuel TV teach & PUSH me to get ready for the end time !! May God help us

  • God give me your grace to have enough faith to receive your blessings in the name of Jesus amen

  • Ruth

    People of God Praise the lord brothers and sisters my name is Ruth and am from Germany, last week Sunday i was browsing through the testimony of people here and i read a lady from USA was sent the morning water from Nigeria by
    MRSGABRIELFAVOUR@GMAIL.COM and that it was send through GHL , I contacted her too and she told me how i will go about it that i will only have to pay 210$ to the DHL AGENT directly before 7 bottles of morning water ,books, stickers,bracelets, and video cassettes will be sent to me which i did and send my full name address and phone number lo and behold in the next 3 days i saw some one knocking at my door and it was the DHL agent i received everything a ordered from this woman i want to use this medium to thank mrs Gabriel favour for allowing God to use her for me and great thanks to our spiritual father senior prophet tb Joshua i have started seeing changes in my life since i started using the morning water hallelujah..
    sister Ruth from Germany……………

  • Sister Rose

    people of God outside Nigeria
    our attention has been drawn to some certain individuals or Group of
    persons who are running Fake e-mail (s) and Fake Facebook accounts
    They pretends to be
    These are Fraudsters they are only after your money.!!!
    GOOD NEWS!!!
    If you are outside Nigeria ,and you do not have the time or money to
    Come to Nigerian yourself,
    look for some one you trust who can get The morning water, anointed
    stickers, Video cassettes, mirror book ,testimony book faith book..from Senior prophet TB Joshua …
    Or if you do not have any one in or coming to Scoan, Email me directly
    on my personal email( ) with your full names full address phone number
    what you need.
    I will send them to you via DHL courier services (with my own money) then after you must have received them, you will pay me back..
    God bless you.
    remain in Faith.
    Rose Ibharios.