Another Sunday Service at The Synagogue, Church of All Nations and all we have to say is ‘Thank You Jesus’! From touching family reconciliations, shocking satanic confessions to remarkable healing testimonies, it was yet another action-packed riveting service that proved beyond all doubt that Jesus is alive and His power is still at work today. Full of practical lessons for life, faith-building experiences, words of wisdom and the raw, real power of God, both the thousands of congregants at The SCOAN and the multitudes of viewers on Emmanuel TV would agree unanimously after these extraordinary events that Jesus is truly the same yesterday, today and forever!

In an enlightening message titled ‘The Name Of Jesus Has Power’ drawn from the scripture in Mark 9 detailing the account of the father of the demon possessed boy and his encounter with Jesus, Prophet T.B. Joshua explained, “There is power in the Name of Jesus indeed, but only among those who are committed to the glory of God.” He spoke of the need to have absolute trust in God, stating that some measure of trust would only enable us to do some, not all. “When we express the necessary trust in Christ Jesus, His duty, I mean, His work is to raise us from death to life and then restore the wholeness and fellowship,” he admonished. Speaking on the purpose of God’s power and its incredible effects on a person’s life, TB Joshua said, “One of the reasons God gives us His power is to confirm that what we are speaking is from Him… Once the supernatural power of God comes upon you, then something is going to happen to you that cannot be explained by the human mind.” It was a powerful message backed up by the prophet’s own extensive experience in the ministry. “When you see a good doctor, he should be able to explain himself when he gets to the laboratory,” he noted.

After hearing God’s Word, it was time to move on to a more practical aspect – the ministry of reconciliation. In lieu of the recent confessions of families whose homes have been torn apart due to varying allegations and different situations, yet another touching case was brought to the light. It was that of Mrs Better Keke who had come to The SCOAN with a whole horde of villagers who had been sent to ascertain the truth from God. Before listening to their story, TB Joshua reminded the people of the need not to judge those they were about to hear from but rather learn from them. “Our response to someone who makes a mistake can also be a mistake,” he emphasised.

It all began, Mrs Keke explained, after the tragic death of a young man in a car accident. “At his funeral, a voice suddenly spoke to me telling me to confess I was the one who killed him,” Keke said. As the strange voice continued to speak to Better over the coming days telling her to confess what she did not do, her musical leader Evan. Elvis Osita confronted her that she had a confession to make, a revelation he said he came to after 30 days of fasting and prayer. As the voice grew within grew stronger, subsequent events led Mrs Keke to publically confess in a church that she was a witch and responsible for countless atrocities in the village, including the accident that killed the young man. In the same vein, she also accused one of her close friends, a teacher by profession, of witchcraft, an event that led to parents pulling children out of her school. In a whirlwind of events, others accused Evan. Elvis of masterminding the boy’s death and being a wizard. The situation had grown so serious that the king of their village in Delta decided to hear God’s opinion and find out who-is-who. Thus the large party had set out to The SCOAN to hear from Prophet TB Joshua the voice of God which would put a rest to the endless rumours and counter-accusations.

“When you look at your family, you have the traces of mental disorder,” the prophet said. Mrs Keke confirmed that one of her aunties was afflicted with a severe mental problem. “The spirit speaking to her is not that of witches or wizards – it is a brain problem. She’s not a witch,” T.B. Joshua declared. “If you ask her, she will tell you she has a chronic headache, and sometimes her eyes will be bringing water,” he prophesied. She confirmed it to be a reality. T.B. Joshua then prayed for her in the power of the Holy Spirit, commanding the spirit of mental disorder to leave. The truth had finally been revealed. As for Evan. Osita, the prophet said he has no trace of evil in him and was innocent of the accusation, but warned him about jumping to conclusions based on feelings and packaging them as spiritual revelations. The teacher who had further been accused, Mrs Gloria Uduarighe, was also vindicated by the man of God, who further assured her that the children would return to her school now the truth had been revealed. “My people of Delta, what they are saying against this lady are pure lies,” he announced. Hon. Alex Izogo, one of the representatives sent by the king, capped off the experience with a final word. “This thing has torn our community apart. But what you have said now is the final solution to this problem.”

More cases of broken homes and subsequent reconciliation followed, including that of Jubili Umerere whose two children had confessed responsibility for the calamities that had befallen their entire family. Her husband had gone to the extent of purchasing acid with the intent of killing the children said to have rendered them homeless and jobless, before they came to The SCOAN. The issue had severely affected the extended family, with the kids also confessing responsibility for the barrenness of Mrs Umerere’s sister Blessing Obarhua. After listening to their experiences, T.B. Joshua revealed that the children were not witches, but their images were simply being used by evil forces. He concluded in prophesying that Mrs Blessing would give birth to a baby girl, and the fortunes of the family were bright.

Following reconciliation came a time of prayer for deliverance. “There are three people in our midst who have evil spirits,” T.B. Joshua prophetically declared before ushering the people into a time of prayer. Almost immediately following the prayer, the power of God swept throughout the auditorium exposing the darkness in the lives of the people. A man, who simply called himself Tony, fell to the ground as the evil within him began to manifest. Later, during the second service, he shared his morbid experience. “I went to a herbalist in Anambra State, who made a concoction out of a premature baby and a human tongue for me to use,” he confessed. The charm was supposed to bring him good fortune but instead began to appear physically to him such that he ran away from home to Lagos. But each night, the concoction would appear to him in the guise of a demonic human being, demanding him to bring things in order to satisfy his thirst for blood. Two people died as a result, and out of fear for his life, Tony ran to The Synagogue.

As T.B. Joshua ministered to him in the power of the Holy Spirit, he prophetically declared that there was another brother in the midst of the congregation who possessed evil. Picking him out, a tall man dressed in white emerged from the crowd to be told by the prophet that he should bring the charms he had placed outside the church. In a mixture of shock and awe, the man turned and came out of the church subsequently to return minutes later clutching two plastic bags filled with charms. “You are a witchdoctor,” the prophet said, which the man confirmed to be true. Explaining how he had inherited the charms from his father, the man gave a chilling account of how a spiritual figure appeared to him every night demanding for his blood. The man of God said he would have to confess everything, and invited him to come back with his entire family.

As always, the prayer line produced some outstanding miracles, with the prayer of faith being offered and the power of God transforming people from sickness to good health. Among the many cases was that of Mrs Teresa Igwebo, a retired school matron who had been confined to a wheelchair for the past 8 years following a stroke and enlargement of the heart. The 64 year old who came from Enugu State could scarcely believe it when she was told to rise and walk in the name of Jesus, but supernaturally she rose up and took her first few steps of freedom. The joy beaming from her face on realising the pains were gone and she could finally walk, Mrs Igwebo thanked Jesus profusely for her remarkable healing.

Her testimony echoed that of thousands who came to The SCOAN on Sunday 16th May 2010 in sickness and sorrow only to leave in joy and freedom, knowing that truly – Emmanuel, God is with us! What a God we have to worship; what a Son we have to praise; what a future lies before us!

  • Amen. There is power in the name of Jesus Christ. I am certain about that. I have witnessed this through the Anointed man of God. Everytime when he is faced with a difficult situation by the name of Jesus Christ the matter would just dissolve and disappear just like that. We thank you Lord.

  • Frehiwot

    Jesus is truly the same yesterday, today and forever.

  • sonia

    we thank God for His servant Prophet TB Josua. Many people who are being accused of witchcraft are found not guilty. God is on the move during our life time. God’s power is demonstrated to everyone,My faith is moving from one level to another. Prophet TB Josua’s teaching of the word is clear and wel understood.

  • Dipuo

    The testimonies are really enspiring ,and encouraging to know that this God that we serve is still a miraculous God.Hope to visit some day by the grace of God, Love you lot’s

  • Rose Kiondo

    Oh Lord Jesus Christ, send your Holy Spirit, the spirit of Prophecy, to bring my future unto me, so that I can move into that future. We thank you God, for using Prophet TB Joshua to do all these wonders in Jesus’s name. Amen.

  • mavunda2006

    Sans doute le nom de Jésus est puissant pour le salut de tous celui qui croit ,nous savons le voir a travers son serviteur . Nous remercions le Seigneur pour cet homme de Dieu T B Joshua qui est une bénédiction pas seulement pour le Nigeria mais également pour toutes les nation du monde.

  • Doctor Gondwe

    Yes, There is indeed power in the name of Jesus only to those that has absolute trust on Christ Jesus. I watched the program with much interest and understanding at the same time with much amaziment. In My country Malawi the teaching of witchcraft to chidren has reached a level that is intolerable. Children are dropping out of school because they are told to confess or sometimes they confess themselves just like that little girl at the SCOAN. Please man of God help me is it truth that a child can be a witch or a wizard? During this service I have learnt two lessions that is the first one the second is that many ministers of God usually say “thus says the Lord” It is true that God speaks to people but many times it is based in the information that is circulating. I think it is time the ministers of God should seek the face of the Lord seriously so as not to be decieved by the circumstances or the hearses which has much impact upon our world today. Help me Oh Lord to understand what is in the spirit.

    Doctor Gondwe

  • Mr. Zwelabo Sonnyboy Maziya

    I’m a young ambitious man in Swaziland. I watched & saw the Man of God helping people. I’m a member of Eagles’ Wings Ministries. I want to pursue my studies but I lack funds. I would love to request the man of God to help me start a business here in Swaziland so that I can cater for my tution fees. May God Bless you. My contact is: +26876350984

  • Everyday when I’m reading about testimonies from people around the world who got healed at the Synagogue Church of All Nations I feel the Holy Spirit working on me. I’m one of the people who got my healing there. Now I know that there is power in the name of Jesus, He is the Healer and will forever will. I can’t stop reading the news about the SCOAN everyday. Prophet TB Joshua, you are really the man of God. I will pray for you that God give you more power so that the people of God get healed through you. The Word of God is producing results to me everyday. I am in South Africa I wish to visit the church oneday again. God bless you all !!!

  • There is nothing impossible with God, all things are possible with Him. Trust and obey, for there is no other way to be happy in Jesus but to trust and obey.

    I would rather be a door keeper in the house of the Lord than to dwell in the tents of the wicked.
    Jesus is Lord. Amen

  • Matilda

    Praise the Living God. Those who put their trust in God are never disappointed and ashamed. Nothing is too hard for the Lord to do.
    Prophet T.B. Joshua, continue the good work of the Lord. I pray that God overshadow and endow you with his divine visitation always. You are marked for excellence in His Kingdom. God bless you, your family and your ministry. In Jesus Name, Amen.

  • esther bediako

    God is really wonderful,he is a God of yesterday and today. I thank God for using Prophet TB Joshua to speak salvation unto his people, and also healing his people. The world today is in a caious. pastors of today dont speak of salvation and how to seek forgiveness from GOD. they only speak of prosperity and how to make money for their pockets. human beings we are suffering due to our own mistakes, and our own selfishness. e need to learn the word of God and apply it.we should seek forgive ness always as we are sinners. we should learn to stop sinning, learn to love, learn to forgive, learn to give, because it is in Giving that we recieve blessings from GOD.we should love GOD with all our Heart, with all our soul and with all our might.GOD BLESS PROPHET TB JOSHUA.

  • Joice

    Indeed there is power in the Name of Jesus. Glory be to God. I have noticed
    that Prophet T.B. Joshua uses no other name in all his services and thank him
    for allowing the Lord to use him so mightly. Wonderful testimonies.

    May the Lord bless him and his family.

    Amen and Amen.

  • Bro. Fisayo

    When our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ was taken to Temple, the servant of God names Simon said, “This child shall be a sign to be spoken against, he shall cause the rising of thousand in Israel and shall cause the fallen of thousand in Israel” So also Shall the coming of T B Joshua shall cause the rising of millions and falling of many in this generation. Many who never belief in what has been said in the Holy Bible, would belief after seen what God is doing using T B Joshua, and so many who thought they know and refuses the holy Spirit to take absolute control of their life and thinking, while relying on their human dictates and environmental dynamism would missed it and fall by the way side.

  • Chalwe Mathews

    Hello Brethren,
    I am greatly humbled and touched of what happened in the name of Jesus in the life of the sister who was duped by her mental incapacitation to appear as though she was a witch.I could imagine the sigh of relief that upon her when the man of God revealed the truth.
    Many miracles that happened in this service are indeed a confirmation that God’s favor is upon SCOAN.
    My earnest prayer is that God’s Grace may be sufficient in the life of the man of God so that even in this age and time,people may testify that Jesus is tha same yesterday, today and tomorrow and that there is so much exceeding power in the name of Jesus. May the Rigteousness of God go before the man of God and God’s peace follow him behind, Amen. We give praise to God.

  • indeed i have shot of words i have being hearing of meracel but i withnes it my self when the man of God ask somebody els to spray the anoiting water on the man’s back and his legs and instant i saw the man on his feet truely there is power in the name of jesus. my prayer is that God should continun to bless the (prf T B josuah) AMEN and AMEN

  • francis Emmanuel umuzurike.

    Dear Daddy ,
    My name is Francis Emmanuel umuzurike.

    Thanks very much for all you are doing for the nations, i do watch your program all the time, and i see what God are you to do in the life of your peoples, I pray that our father will bless you more in jesus Name Amen.
    I live in abidjan and i know that God will bless me with money this days , becoues i want to come to see emmanuel face to face.
    Whenever i see you in the TV i am so much happy.
    Thanks God bless you in Jesus Name Amen.
    Francis Emmanuel umuzurike.

  • janet

    awesome indeen God reveals all that hidden

  • I thank God for what is doing to his children through the Man of God, Prophet TB.JOSHUA. God bless. Am from Zambia.

  • Nkhumbuleni Ramuima

    It is quite impressive how flexible you are to the annointing of God,so that issues that could divide the community or family are unscrambled and laid bare.
    One can never tell what lessons one would get as you discourse and minister to people under such situation .

  • Ireen

    Indeed God works in misterous ways, and He works through His servants. Man of God, l need help. I have incurred alot of debts in order to sort out family issues being the first born in a family of eight (Now seven). I have been trying to settle down the debts but because the money l get is not enough to sort out the issue at once, I am being threated by those I owe that I will be taken to the courts of law. I give my tithe every month, I have fasted alot of times and I even took an Esther fast for three days. Each time am asked when I am going to pay, I dont have an answer because I dont want to lie. I have lied so many times and now I promised my God not to lie because I will not gain anything. Please what can I do to get out of this problem because now am a slave and my children are suffering because each time I have money am thinking of paying some of the debts. Please advise and I will appreciate. My contact number is 260 977 204 285. May the Almighty God bless you for the work you are doing.





  • Emmanuel

    Helo my loving pastor my name is emmanuel sei from south africa i wish to come to your church but i dont know how please pastor if u can touch me my life will be blessed i believe in god as you do i love you.

  • I thank the Almighty God for what He has been using the great man of God to do. I know i’m not worthy to pray for him, but still, I leave this prayer that God will continue to increase his power of healing and deliverance and always protects all member of his family in Jesus Name. Thank you Prophet T.B. Joshua for transforming people’s life. Ride on sir, I love you.

  • I hav also grown spiritually from level to level thru following Emmanuel TV and the bible teachings from the True man of GOD T.B.Joshua.He is a true messenger of GOD as GOD has promised.I believe he has found favor from GOD himself lyk the virgin Mary.Christians,lets continue to praise and worship Jesus Christ without fear because the devil is a liar.In Jesus name i s
    ay. William Chilaz.

  • Bonisiwe Mvuyane

    Man of God, stay blessed. Please pray for me. My name and my email is there. Be blessed. Bonisiwe Mvuyane in South Africa

  • Emmanuel. God with us

    In his presence

    Psalm 139 : 7
    Where could I go to escape from you? Where could I get away from your presence.

    Almighty God is present every where. He is in the north, south, east and west. He is all around us on every side. Even if I live in the farthest place you are there. You would be there to lead us and you would be there to help us.
    We could ask the darkness to hide us or the light to around us to turn into night. But even darkness is not dark for you and the night is as bright as the day.
    In his presence there is joy, happiness, peace, love, endurance, power and every good thing which he has promised to give us.
    Trust the Lord and do good live in the land and be safe. Seek your happiness in the Lord and he will give you your heart’s desire. Give yourself to the Lord trust in him and he will help you, he will make your righteousness shine like the noonday.
    The meek shall inherit the earth and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.


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