Emmanuel TV – Mobilising Aid For Haiti

An article found in The African Times of USA concerning the recent philanthrophic activities of the Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team…

Nigerian Synagogue Mobilises Aid For Haiti

The global effort to bring relief to the people of earthquake-ravaged Haiti received a major boost from a leading Nigerian religious organization, The Synagogue Church Of All Nations (SCOAN). The congregation joined other individuals, government entities and philanthropists in Nigeria and various African countries that have donated cash and relief items to help in alleviating the sufferings of survivors of the recent Haitian catastrophe.

Cargo Plane, Aid For Haiti

Cargo Plane Chartered By Emmanuel TV

The leadership of the church buoyed with donations from its members and viewers of its affiliate satellite television network, Emmanuel TV, announced the launch of a massive relief program shortly after the quake became known.

Prophet T.B. Joshua, founder and prelate of SCOAN has since led an effort and organized a charter flight directly to Port-au-Prince ferrying a team of medical personnel, and other health care professionals who are partners of his ministry, with items ranging from assorted medical supplies, sanitary equipment and tents to other life-saving essentials.

Emmanuel TV Haiti Earthquake Relief Team

John Hardaker, an English doctor and partner with Emmanuel TV, treats the wounded in Haiti

On arrival in Port-Au-Prince, The SCOAN team set up clinics and relief canters to attend to the wounded and the needy and have been attending to thousands of the quake victims daily.

Since then, The SCOAN has been unrelenting on its drive to raise both funds and awareness for the Haitians. And currently running on its TV network is a passionate appeal from Prophet Joshua to its viewers around the world where he appeals for assistance. “As regards what is happening in Haiti,” appealed Pastor Joshua, “we cannot pretend not to see that we are one another’s strength.”

Haiti Orphans

Orphans Taken Care of by Emmanuel TV in Haiti

Prophet Joshua told The African Times-USA in Lagos that his team will remain in Haiti for as long as it takes to restore some stability to the country and its grief-stricken people. On what motivates him to charity for which he and his Emmanuel TV have become well known, Pastor Joshua pointed to the message in one of his sermons.

Said he: “If we must receive, we must first learn to give. Whatever we do to our fellow human being, that we also do unto the Lord Jesus Christ. The people of Haiti are homeless and destitute today that we may be their benefactors. That is what Christianity is all about.”

Baby Born in Haiti

Baby Emmanuela, the first baby born in Clinique Emmanuel

Donations to support the relief efforts can be made at www.emmanuel.tv

SOURCE: The African Times

  • Maureen Kabey

    We thank the Lord for the Prophet and his total obedience to the Holy Ghost, great is his reward in Heaven. I am proud that we in lesotho are also part of this endeavor

  • lorraine kapembe

    god is working in u pastor Joshua.god will bless u for what you have done to the nation of Haiti.Its not just about helping but showing the love for 1 another

  • What a wonderful work you are doing to the needy, sick, and suffering in this world. God bless you Prophet T B Joshua. You always teach the world to have a giving heart and helping hand because we all need each other. As you always preach that the problems are there for me and you to solve. The works you are doing is the work God wants each and everyone us to do. It just takes someone to believe the word of God and practice what is written in the Bible. God make me do this work.

    I am touched and willing to help. Pray for me to fulfil it.
    God continue showering His love, mercy, and blessins on you all.


    Papa,we the younger generation are keenly watching &would never let these goodwork die.we’re proud of you,extremely proud of you,pls teach us more as we want to imbibe God’s kind of lifestyle.

  • Wat a man on earth is he prophet joshua serving God wt humanity as it was injuncted in his holy book.kudos to u d man of God.i wish i could live my life 4 God nd 2 humanity lyk u.ojulari(nigeria)

  • Ivonne

    Man of God may God bless you as long as the sun rises for the rest of your blessed life till the end of this world, Amen and please open a bank account in our country Namibia for our church also as we want to partner with Emmanuel TV and those bank accounts is not in here. Shalom

  • It is undisputable that TB Joshua is indeed a true man of God. The first day I watched emmanuel tv, I did not need anybody to tell me anything in addition to be convinced that he is realy a Man of God. What we see on emmanuel. tv is the Bible in practice. To say the truth, I have never seen these things anywhere.

    Mine is an encouragement that the man of God should continue to be obedient to God. I also pray that the Almighty God should continue revealing deep things that have never been there before. However, I have a request to the Man of God.

    My name is Frank Kunkundi, a Malawian. I have a problem in my head. I always feel confused whenever I am working. The problem is big and I fear I will lose my job. Its like mental disturbance. Please MAN OF THE LIVING GOD HELP ME

    I also pray that my wife who is asthmatic be healed, my children be obedient and more importantly the whole family to fear GOD

    I dont know if its possible for me to access annointed water more especially that of deliverance though I dont know how because I am in Malawi.

    May God continue to bless the man of God abundantly and also protect him.

    FRANK KUNKUNDI,fkunkundi@poly.ac.mw


    I made a comment concerning our father in Christ Prophet TB joshua as a true man of God. I also commented about my health and my wife’s. The mistake I made was disclosing my email address. This time around I am recieving letters from unknown people especially women.

    Could you please for my own sake completely remove the comment I made on 6th May 2010. I will always make comments but this one contains my email address which some are abusing it.

    May God bless you in Jesus name.

    Frank Kunkundi

  • People Haiti God loves you so much. May the good Lord keep strengthening you, comforting you and wipe away all your tears and may he richly bless you with all Gods blessings for his glory