TB Joshua – Mills is Not the Only Prez Who Visits Me

An article in the Ghanaian Chronicle, chronicling the various heads of state who are part of the incredible SCOAN story, and have received a touch of God through Pastor T.B. Joshua…

Prophet Temitope B. Joshua, Head Pastor of the Synagogue Church of All Nations, with its headquarters in Nigeria, has stated that Ghana’s President, His Excellency Prof. John Evans Atta Mills, is not the only head of state who worships with his church.

Prophet T. B. Joshua, who was given over 30 names by his parents when he was born, due to dramatic events that surrounded his birth, but decided to choose Temitope, has been a source of spiritual blessing to a number of countries, including Ghana.

Breaking his silence on a wide range of issues, the Man of God, who is gifted with the spirit of prophecy, miracles and healings, has explained why leaders of various countries visit his church to seek for spiritual protection.

The President of Ghana, John Atta Mills, with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown

The President of Ghana, John Atta Mills, with the Prime Minister of Great Britain, Gordon Brown

He said what motivated people, especially presidents, former presidents, kings and others to visit his Church, the Synagogue Church of All Nations, which also has a branch in Accra, is the presence of God. According to him, most leaders who visited the church attest to the fact that God’s presence was in his church.

Prophet T. B. Joshua, who received a national award, Officer of the Order of the Federal Republic, which was conferred on him by President Umaru Yar’Adua, mentioned leaders from countries such as Gabon, South Africa, Zambia and Ghana, among others, as people who visit his church.

In a special report in a Nigeria Magazine, Top Celebrities, he said many presidents come into contact with the presence of God at the Synagogue Church. He explained how King Koshi Kgabo Moloto of the Limpopo Kingdom in South Africa, was thrilled when he came to his church in search of God’s breakthrough for his kingdom.

John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana

John Atta Mills, the President of Ghana

According to him, most visiting presidents were overwhelmed with the presence of God at the Church, and had testified with their mouths. He specifically mentioned the Gabonese President, Mr. Omar Bongo

The special report on the Synagogue Church has this to say, “President Bongo, wanting to see the wonders of what God is using Prophet T. B Joshua to do, came with his wife and daughter. The visiting President was overwhelmed with the presence of God at the Church, and he testified with his mouth. Few weeks before he returned to his home country of Gabon, and still dazed with the awesome presence of God at Synagogue Church of All Nations, President Bongo sent a presidential jet to bring Prophet T. B. Joshua to Gabon, to pray for his country.”

According to the special report on the Church, of which Prophet T. B Joshua chronicled events leading to his birth and aftermath, revealed that a former President of Congo Brazaville, Mr. Lissouba, and former President Andre Kolimba of the Central African Republic, had also visited him at different times, all in search of God’s presence and protection.

The special report carried on the Synagogue Church of All Nations did not leave out Ghana’s President, Prof. John Evans Atta Mills. In the report, it was stated that thousands of worshipers at the church were shocked when President Mills came to give thanks to God.

According to the report, President Mills, a law professor, shocked members when he confessed that it was Prophet T. B. Joshua who predicted his victory, and he was quoted as saying, “When I informed Prophet T. B. Joshua about my ambition to become President of Ghana, he looked at me and said, ‘I could see three elections ahead of you, and the results will be announced in January.’

John Atta Mills, making God's Word the standard - mentored by Prophet TB Joshua

John Atta Mills, making God's Word the standard - mentored by Prophet TB Joshua

“Now, if there is anybody who doesn’t believe in God, I would say our elections should change that person’s mind,” Prof Mills was quoted as saying.

Bismark Bebli – 28 May 2009 – Ghanaian Chronicle

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  • It is hurting the way some christians are treating TB Joshua . What bad thing has he done? Why should mentorship be an issue instead of serving the Lord Jesus. My brothers and sisters let us not lose focus on the mission that Jesus has given us.
    It is better not to utter statements that hurt others in the same vineyard. Let’s love one another.


    ola apaz do senhor eu sou o Antonio lemos Dias
    mas conhecido por Dais de Deus eu sou cristão e desejo um dias conhecer o este homem de Deus e peço que ele ore por mim eu quero e me esforço para levar o evangelho muito longe e um dia Deus Lhe traz aque em Angola peço ao profeta o homem de Deus que ore por Angola quando um dia vir em Angola para não esquecer o Dias de Deus que vive em luanda e da igreja pentecostal centro metanoia


    T.B JOSHUA is a man of GOD,No wonder why the criticism.We can liken him to our LORD JESUS christ who was criticised untill he died for his good works.People should not be jelous of some body who has succeeded,instead they should ask him how he become who he is.Pastors be content with the gifts GOD gave you.Dont compare yourselves with T.B JOSHUA.The anointing in his life is too much.Let us all acknowledge that.People are given the gifts of GOD at different levels.Like T.B JOSHUA always say there is deep, deeper,deepest.

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