Marlon Jackson In Nigeria, Visits TB Joshua

In the light of TB Joshua’s prophecy concerning Michael Jackson, his brother Marlon Jackson took the time to visit him during a trip to Nigeria…

Marlon Jackson, brother of the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson and member of the famous ‘Jackson Five’ is in Nigeria, his second visit this year. Amidst working on a historical development project in Badagry and campaigning for peace in the troubled Niger-Delta, he took time out to visit T.B. Joshua, the man said to have predicted his brother’s death.

Marlon Jackson Visited TB Joshua during his trip to Nigeria

Marlon Jackson Visited TB Joshua during his trip to Nigeria

Arriving on Wednesday 22nd July, Marlon explained the major purpose of his visit was to continue work on a historical project in the Badagry area of Lagos regarding the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. “I think it’s imperative that our young kids and people of the world understand what took place,” he said, explaining that the project was aimed at boosting Nigeria’s meagre tourism and also preserving African history as a lesson for generations yet to come.

In view of the ongoing tension in the Niger-Delta, he expressed his intention to work for peace in the region, decrying the fact that the conflict had not attracted the necessary international response. “We are preparing to meet with government and representatives from the Niger Delta militant groups. And we are coming up with some amicable resolutions that will be acceptable to both parties,” he explained.

Marlon at his brother's memorial service

Marlon at his brother's memorial service

Working on various creative projects to bring a peaceful resolution to the troubled area, Marlon advised all to pursue peace and unity, the qualities he said his late brother loved and lived for. “We must understand one thing – that when God created us, He did not create us to be at war with one another; to judge one another; to rubbish one another, but He created us to love one another,” he said, waxing philosophical. “If we want to achieve peace, we have to start spreading love, peace because when you come to the moment when your Creator has called you to return home, He is not going to judge you on the material things you acquired while on earth. He is going to judge based on what you have done for others when you were on earth.”

Marlon Jackson - then and now

Marlon Jackson - then and now

On Sunday 26th July, Marlon visited The Synagogue, Church Of All Nations for a brief meeting with Pastor T.B. Joshua, perplexed and intrigued at the report of his prophetic insight regarding Michael Jackson’s death. After meeting with the acclaimed prophet, he attended some of the dramatic healing and prophetic service, beamed live via Emmanuel TV. Joshua had prophesied earlier this year that ‘a great star’ would go ‘on a journey of no return,’ and then sent a personal message to Marlon via Tee Mac Iseli on June 12th that his brother urgently needed healing and deliverance, imploring him to bring the controversial star to Nigeria for prayers. He died two weeks later.

Pastor TB Joshua

Pastor TB Joshua

The loss of the legend still visibly affecting him, Marlon sombrely stated that Michael Jackson had intended to visit Nigeria to witness the conclusion of the Badagry project. “When we do finish this project he will not be there physically, but he will be there in spirit,” he remarked. Quizzed on the circumstances surrounding his iconic brother’s death, Marlon did not want to comment. “What I know right now is that I love and miss my brother. He did a lot of great things for the world and peace is one of the things we all are striving for,” he said.

Grieving the passing of a legend - a departure prophesied by TB Joshua

Grieving the passing of a legend - a departure prophesied by TB Joshua

Plans are in place for a Jackson family African tour, with the possibility of a 3-day show in different cities in Nigeria – Lagos, Port Harcourt and Abuja.

SOURCE: Africa News

  • Are you a born again christian? Jesus said “I am the way the truth and the life, no man comes to the Father except through me.” “It is not of works, lest any man should boast.” I think working for Jesus and His kingdom in faith is great, but many will stand before the Lord and say I did this or this in your name, and he will reply I never knew you.

    I grieved over Michael because I have a brother that is on perscription drugs who was paralyzed in a car wreck at 19. He never could get hold on his life after that and is the age of Michael and blocks me out of his life for months at a time. I realize that I can do nothing but pray for him. I do know he has faith and trust in Jesus and believes in the Savior. This is the only way I will ever see my brother in peace, in heaven with the Father.

    Our sins have separated us from God. “There is none righteous no not one.” We have all sinned and come short of the glory of the Lord” This is why we need a Redeemer. Jesus became our priest and go between God and man. He died on that cross and carried our sins on Himself. Its so easy but so many miss this. I pray that Michael made this decision. I never heard much about the Lord in your family until I read your testimony. I want to see you in the kingdom. “What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his own soul.”

    You must be the leader in the family to tell others of this free gift of God. Even if it separates you from their love. I am passionate about Jesus and He does not want that any should perish but all should come to the saving knowledge of Him. Who else came down and died for His children on a cross and took on their sins. Who? He requires nothing but to let Him in the heart. May you have peace in your life. I tell this because I care for your family, I have 5 children and am 54 and love big families.

    My prayers are with you and yours until we meet in heaven.

  • kamya andrew

    Hi. Can i get prayers from the man of God from where I am in South Africa? God bless

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    I would like to know when the man of God will come to visit South Africa. I heard he will be coming to South Africa in Kempton Park, I would like to know where and when?

    Stay blessed

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    I’ve been trying for quite sometime now to claim for my healing when prayers for viewers are being offered. May Prophet please pray for me so that I should also give my testimony on emmanuel tv. My problem is anthritis for 11 years. Continue being blessed. I love emmanuel tv

  • Juliet

    I thank the Almighty God for yet another gift He has given the world in the name of Prophet T B Joshua. May God continue using him in order to reach many. I was there in May 2009 and I was blessed and I am still waiting for my miracle as I know My wayout has come!

  • Hulda

    Greetings in the name of Jesus,

    I am desperately want to know when man of God Prophet TB Joshua is coming to visit us in Namibia?

    Man of God, we need you here.

    Hulda Namibia

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    Greetings in Jesus name! I love you all so much, i love you Prophet T B Joshua, i love you SCOAN ministry and may God continue to bless you as you bless us all in Jesus name,Amen.
    Your number one FAN!!!!!!!! I cant wait to congregate at SCOAN again.

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    I love u man of God.. May God punish those who say u are fake


    Emmanuel! Emmanuel! Emmanuel!

    I still thank GOD for raising a man of GOD with a difference. I know the protection am under.
    Dad & Mum continue with the good work. Always remember me and my family in your prayers.
    I Love all of you.
    Sarah,Promise & Moses bravo for the good work. I just LOVE you.
    Evangelist Annie,Catherine & Angela l really admire you. GOD BLESS.


  • Chikati

    May the man of God be blessed. I am paraplegic and am sure I too can be healed of this disability of 19 years. Please pray for me prophet

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      Dear Chikati,
      courage! keep faith and the Lord will visit you. If you can afford going to the SCOAN for healing service, please don’t hesitate. You will be healed!
      Remain blessed.


    Praise The Lord

    Emmanuel After watching Prophet T.B Joshua giving sermons and not only in word of God but he stands for the word in faith
    turns miracle.The preaching is very simple appearnce humble and the purpose of we human on earth is to serve Lord Jesus and his kingdom is exibited no doubt the heaven has certified Prohet as Man of God. What ever he has he like to give & serve others.
    Which we have not experienced in other ministries. I am sure in dasy to come Lord jesus will flourish this living ministry & prophet T.B Joshua more and more even in USA a great revival is expected.

    All Glory to Lord Jesus.

    God Bless All


  • innocent

    emmanuel! emmanuel!! emmanuel!!!

    truly t.b joshua is a man of God. I first came to synagogue in 1996, but then i never knew the protection am under. you cannot tell people in public places that you are a member of synagogue in the mid 90s we sneak to the church and sneak out, for people not to see us.but i cannot stop coming.

    dublin ireland

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    What GOD is doing through Prophet Joshua is big. I have received my healing through the phone call made. I am proud of him and the whole emmanuel tv team.

    Please keep on praying for, i am a witness that truly distance is not a barrier.

    Fro South Africa (Brits)

  • u are blessing to our world and may the God peace strengthen u more and more. I love u sir

  • friday m. ocheje

    Trials, persecution, rejection and challenges are all part of the divine call just as it was to our saviour Jesus Christ and the prophets. The scripture can never be broken. Prophet T.B.JOSHUA’s case can not be different from the biblical prophets and messagers of God. That is to signify that he is from God Almighty.
    U are the hand of the unseen almighty God working in our generation. You made me to understand that God is aware and very conscious of the problems of our generation. My knowing SCOAN is by the grace of God because they are some people whose residence is within IKOTUN EGBE yet do not know what is happening in SCOAN.
    THANK U PROPHET T.B.J. for revealing Christ Jesus to me.

    friday m. ocheje

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    Prophet T.B.Joshua is a real Man of God i can still remember the first day i tuned in to the station in 2008 and i really felt the presence of the Lord. Fortunate enough my husband also fell in love with the station and was able to travel there this year. We are still believing God for our own miracle. My prayer is to also visit there personally and be able to attend the service Live and be able to see the man of God Prophet T.B.Joshua. Please let me know by mail when you plan to visit Zimbabwe. YOU ARE JUST A BLESSING.

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    emmanuel !!!!!!!!!!!!!! i want God of T B Joshua to work out my admission this year.i want to stop the habit of drinking.


    Pastor I want you to pray for me that God should heal me from the stroke and hypertension which attacked me on 9th of May 2008 while hypertension stroked since 1997 till date.


    Also pray that God should open my way to enable me succeed contract in my state e.g Niger Delta University in my Town Amassoma. Also pray for me that God should touch the Hon. Commissioner for works and Transport for a job that have already tender.




  • Lontier kumbani

    may God give him ( Prophet T. B. Joshua) a long life

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    he is another elijah of our time may God give him long life

  • The man of god please pray for me , my past still hunts me, i have the deadly desease HIV which i pass on to my daughter,I have tried to send my emails for deliverance and healing but no response on my emails.Idont want satan to use my past for his victory , i want to make a testimony and challenge satan.I tried to call for prayers but i have read and see people being healed through phone.

    Pray for me also, am staying in a house with no electricity, i applied and paid for connection 6 months ago.Whenever i want to visit emmanuel tv i have to go to my sisters house and only on weekends.Please pray for me am realy missing emmanuel tv. Through this channel i have learnt so many things my life has completely changed spiritualy but i still need your guide.Though am positive i dont take the drugs and i believe that i have beeen living with it for almost 8 years but my daughter is realy sick and i dont want her to die in jesus name.

  • jean marc doufta

    Sister Jessie Hi.
    I don’t know where you live, I like your faith but I want to encourage you and your daughter visit the Synagogue. It might be costly but pray and the Lord wil provide. He is Jireh. While in the Synagogue, in the Lord’s presence, something new will be done unto you! Attend the healing service also. God bless you.
    Jean Marc


    Praise the Lord, i watch emmanuel tv every sunday service. Bt i want to ask when will prophet T.B. Joshua visit other african countries like Tanzania, east africa? We need him to come and pray for the Tanzanians and do the crusade in here. Please send this message to the man of God himself, i know he will understand.
    I am trying to save money so i can come and visit nigeria, the end of this year with my fiancee.

    Stay Blessed.

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    when we see the photos Announcing that the Anointed prophet of our generation is comming to Sudan we was expected a great Breakthrough in our Muslim country. but Unfortunately we heared that prophet t.b Joshua is not comming we became like Awakened from a dream. Although we were being Informed that the prophet is not comming we also not able to Believe and many of our people reached to the Stadium to attend the Program please prophet t.b joshua we need your visit to Sudan so that our dream come true.we always see it is Wonderful we like the Prophecy, healing, and the designings all are from above. God bless you.

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    Dipuo Malatsi

    I loooooooooove SCOAN team.Prophet Joshua and God with all my heart I would like to know when will you be coming to South Africa.I thank God very much for Prophet Joshua’s humbleness and humility,you are truly a miracle from God,may he bless you.To the Jacksons family I pray that you let the holy spirit be your counselor,Michael was a great person and he touched and inspired many blessed….

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    Man of God Prophet TB Joshua you are doing wonderful things in this world. It would be lovely and good if people in this world would learn and copy what you are doing for those that are in pain and sufferring. Man of God ProPhet TB Joshua I give God All The Glory And Honour For Blessing the World with you. I believe and feel there is Hope for the lost, Needy, Troubled, Toutured, and everthing else one can think of that is bad and nagative, Yes there is hope for us Manof God. Keep on doing. Amen Thank you so much.

  • gertrude leah

    Man of God Prophet TB Joshua Greetings to you. The Greatest Bleesing that i’m believing God for is to swim in his presence at the Synagogue of all nation. God’s Time Is Best that iknow. I have tried in 2009 February and March to no avail. But one day i will see myself there at the Synagogue for my Family’s total Deliverance. By God’s Grace one day God will bless me Amen. Continue The Great works Prophet TB Joshua you are doing so for The lost nations of this world i for one em willing to support where possible. I love your teachings. Thank you

  • gertrude leah Manakanyane

    Man of God Prophet TB Joshua Greetings to you. The Greatest Bleesing that i’m believing God for is to swim in his presence at the Synagogue of all nation. God’s Time Is Best that iknow. I have tried in 2009 February and March to no avail. But one day i will see myself there at the Synagogue for my Family’s total Deliverance. By God’s Grace one day God will bless me Amen. Continue The Great works Prophet TB Joshua you are doing so for The lost nations of this world i for one em willing to support where possible. I love your teachings. Thank you


    Truly tb joshua is a man of GOD,nomatter what poeple say hes still GOD sent in to the wold.


    Emmanuel Emmanuel Emanuel
    I thank the almighty GOD for another JESUS on this evil earth.trully he is one out of a million.God bless uuuuuuu all.

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    I understand from someone who came there for deliverance that there is a group from synagogue church coming to Zimbabwe and they will be bringing anointing water for deliverance, healing etc. If you can confirm that please. I need deliverance and healing.

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    I am getting more and more addicted to Emmanuel TV and all activities of SCOAN.
    There is no telling how far God is taking us as He is taking you places, because YOU DO NOT FOLLOW what MAN/FLESH says/dictates, but you go “as THE SPIRIT DIRECTS” and you are makings changes , amendements, for your trust is in God’s authority not our(man’s) majority.

    Thanx for being so humble and obedient to GOD.

    You are setting a good parttern for us to follow(Phil. 3v17) .
    “the steps of a good man are odered by the LORD” Psalm 37v23 , Jer. 10v23.

    Ramuima N
    Republic of South Africa

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    Man of God my brother in law Birhanu applied to visit you long time a ago but you haven’t responded yet he is in a problem. God bless you Man of God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have a mom who has liver and kidnney infections. She has lived with the problem for a decade now. Its pains me to see how she is suffering. I do believe with prayer she can be healed and I wish to ask you to join me in raying for her good health.

    Ian – Malawi


    prophet my father is realy in of prayers and he is realyinnedof it he wants to visit the scoan in lagos Nigeria for prayers and delieverance for his health and he needs an APPIONTMENT from you man of GOD .He is from Cameroon.MAY GOD BLESS AMEN.

  • Truely Prophet T B Joshua is a man of god . Iam struggling to get a breakthrough in my life i need divine intervention in my life

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  • i wish you to pray for me and my family im sick , please Tb Joshua im suffering from diabetis ,hypertesion and severe head aches and the whole of my body is weak.

  • i wish you to pray for me and my family im sick , please Tb Joshua im suffering from diabetis ,hypertesion and severe head aches and the whole of my body is weak. im totally confused

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    I would like to pass my greetings to all in jesus christ name .i am ethiopian, am born again.i want you to pray for me please.thanks for you consider me.i will be wait for you you feedback i will bee watching your programme at every night. Thans mosisa

  • shangwe

    its a blessing to have such a wonderful Man of God – May God give Him fresh increasing His anointing on Him for the benefit of God’s Kingdom here on earth

    Wonder when He will visit Tanzania???? its my innermost prayer

  • shangwe

    its a blessing to have such a wonderful Man of God – May God give Him fresh anointing on Him for the benefit of God’s Kingdom here on earth

    Wonder when He will visit Tanzania???? its my innermost prayer

  • Light

    Jesus died to save humanity. God does not want mankind to perish in hell fire. You need to be born again to enter heaven. If you are not a born again christian, you will perish in eternal hell fire. Reject satan. Reject sin. Reject hell fire. Reject Islamic religion. Reject Jehovah witnesses. Accept saalvation available in Jesus christ. Jesus is the way to heaven. All other ways lead to hell fire. Islam and Jehovah witness lead to hell fire.

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    God’s favour is upon Africa. I would like to know more about Jehovah’s wonders through great people like TB JOSHUA and others.
    We are blessed…

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    people of God outside Nigeria please be careful.
    our attention has been drawn to some
    certain individuals or Group of persons
    who are running Fake watsapp account (s) Fake e-mail (s) and Fake….
    Facebook accounts”
    They pretends to be
    These are Fraudsters they are only after
    your MONEY. SCOAN DOESN’T USE WATSAPP OR EMAILS please be careful .!!!

    If you are outside Nigeria ,and you do not
    have the time or money to Come to
    Nigerian yourself,
    look for some one you trust who can get
    The morning water, anointed stickers,
    Video cassettes, mirror book ,testimony
    book , ..from
    Senior prophet TB Joshua ….
    Or if you do not have any one in or
    coming to Scoan,send an Email directly to
    with your full
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    Don’t doubt