Who Is T.B. Joshua's Mentor?

The issue of the mentor of Pastor TB Joshua has been the subject of much confusion in Nigerian christendom. Especially in the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria (PFN), the fact that TB Joshua cannot point to a minister of God who raised him up and released him into the ministry has been a mjor argument in their doubts and suspicians of his authenticity and divine calling. However, in this enlightening article, Ihechukwu Njoku highlights the fact that having an earthly mentor is not necessarily a prerequisite for God’s anointing…

Whatever stance one has taken on the credibility of TB Joshua, the famous (or infamous?) pastor of The Synagogue Church of All Nation’s in Lagos, Nigeria – one fact remains indisputable, his is an incredible journey surrounded in mystery and being written in history. Joshua is easily the most vilified pastor in Africa, yet by far the most sought after. He is the hope of multitudes and yet the headache of religious bodies, who have vehemently disowned him but can’t seem to ignore him. It is a living drama being watched world over, as time’s steady course continues its revealing discourse on truth and authenticity. But what is it about TB Joshua that has actually engendered such outright denunciation and renunciation by his fellow labourers in the vineyard?

Upon perusal of the apparent grouses and grudges of the Pentecostal Leaders of Nigeria against the enigma and personality of Prophet TB Joshua, high up on the list is the issue of his mentorship. “Where was he when he was called to ministry? Who are the men of God who can point at him, that we raised him into ministry, laid hands on him and sent him forth into the ministry?” says Paul Adefarasin, the charismatic founder of House of the Rock, Lagos. “We don’t know Joshua’s Pastor; we don’t know where he was raised from. He has no testimony from where he got born again. So, we cannot accept that he is one of us… There is no proof of his salvation,” explains Matthew Ashimolowo, the prosperity preacher and founder of KICC in London. “There are only two questions Ayo Oritsejafor (President of the Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria) asked us to ask Joshua or anybody who comes from him: When were you born again? Which church did he attend and who was his pastor or mentor?” fumes Bishop Abraham Olaleye, a vice chairman of PFN. “Who were his contemporaries when he gave his life to Christ? What led to his confession of Christ? How did it happen? Where was he baptised? Who baptised him? Who are his pastors? Where did he train? Who is the Paul of his Timothy?” asks Bola Akin-John, a Pentecostal church growth expert.

That miracles and commendable charitable works are happening in his church is attested to by almost all, but such leaders can’t seem to fathom how a man so mightily gifted could have attained such a level without human tutorship and training. As such cannot be explained by the logic and lectures of theological training, they readily write him off as demonic and diabolic. Surely, a man of God of such stature and status could not just spring up without the approval and appraisal of some top-notch Christian leaders? Thus, they have proclaimed to all willing to listen that anyone who associates with TB Joshua does so to their own folly, be him a president or pauper, simply because they have adopted a strong position without investigating its foundational validity.

Prophet TB Joshua - In the University of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion - you must take every course because each course serves a purpose.

Prophet TB Joshua - In the University of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion - you must take every course because each course serves a purpose.

However, the phenomenon of men being used by the Almighty without human tutelage is not isolated to the instance of Pastor TB Joshua. Thorough biblical exploration would reveal many of God’s generals with no record or register of human mentorship. Who was the mentor of Jeremiah, who the Bible says God called right from his mother’s womb? Who was the mentor of John the Baptist, sent from above to prepare the way for the Saviour? Who was the mentor of Apostle Paul, who was blinded on the road to Damascus while intent on the destruction of Christians, subsequently to become a leading figure in New Testament Christianity? What about Moses, Elijah or King David? Human backing and tuition are clearly not a qualification for divine assignments.

What then is the premise for church leaders today to demand proof of mentorship as a seal of apostleship? Can this assertion be attributed to the application of biblical principles, or to personal misgivings and prejudice? Why has the Nigerian Pentecostal church chosen to adopt a stance on a particular person that contradicts and conflicts with scriptural authority and experience? It appears to be a case of addressing private qualms and jealousies under the guise of Christian comradeship and censorship, misguiding and incensing millions of followers against TB Joshua and projecting the image of a warring and divided church in the process.

The current president of PFN, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor has consistently remained one of Joshua’s most vocal critics, even expelling any PFN members who attempt to fraternise with him. He makes his stand known clearly on the pulpit and in the pages of newspapers: “T.B. Joshua is not a Christian. If T.B. Joshua can show me his pastor who pastored him before he said he was called into the ministry; if T.B. Joshua can tell me when he got converted and how he got converted, then we would consider him.”

Yet, T.B. Joshua’s own website recounts the extraordinary tale of his calling into the ministry, available for all to read and dissect: “I was in a trance for three consecutive days, then I saw a hand that pointed a Bible to my heart and the Bible entered my heart and my former heart seemed to immerse with the Bible immediately… I heard a voice saying, “I am your God; I am giving you a divine commission to go and carry out the work of the Heavenly Father… I would show you the wonderful ways I would reveal myself through you, in teaching, preaching, miracles, signs and wonders for the salvation of souls”. So, is it a crime for God to call one for His service without consulting certain people or meeting certain manmade criteria? Are we mere mortals in a position to query God’s wisdom and ways?

Chiji Okafor, the celebrated Nigerian columnist and artist, wrote of such a disposition and demeanour: “It is amazing that anybody who lays claim to being a pastor of God should be talking about mentoring in matters of the faith as if talking about some rookie artisan being shepherded into ‘freedom’ from his master’s workshop. Such drivel simply speaks volumes of the man who utters it. It reveals the depth of vulgarity to which our ‘modern’ men of God have allowed the gospel of Jesus Christ to sink.

“Anybody who boasts in God’s vineyard about his mentor and such other inane subjects as earthly endowments has simply not imbibed the lessons of Christ’s personal life. Jesus Christ the Son of God could have been born a prince, if He so chose. On the contrary, God made man, decided to come into this world, the son of a wretched carpenter born in, of all places, a manger and side-by-side animals! He had neither an earthly mentor, nor did the Bible tell us that He had doctorate degrees in sacred theology and dogmatic philosophy.

“In His divine wisdom, God chooses whom He crowns king and decides whom He endows with any gift He likes – and we all have our different gifts. Anybody who challenges this wisdom of God Almighty blasphemes against Him, by querying His authority. So, why would God choose a humble, even innocent, or bucolic Temitope Balogun Joshua for the enormous anointing he has received? Why didn’t He pick one of those blue-blooded, Oxford-trained peers of the realm?”

Bolu-Olu Esho, a journalist with The Sun Newspaper further wrote on the issue: “Pastor T.B Joshua has a simple background that could tempt one to ask questions about how he achieved the feat he’s known for today. But minds of history would be at ease, as they would consider him as another manifestation of the mystery assigned to God Almighty. The question of academics in the work of God is inconsequential, as God does not consider this as a criterion for choosing people for His work…The stance of these ministers of God against Pastor Joshua makes one question how versed they are in the Word of God. Is it not written in the Bible that God used the foolish things of this world to confound the wise?”

Clearly, the question our revered gentlemen should ask is not, ‘Who is your mentor?’ but ‘By what authority are you acting?’ in conjunction with the biblical standard: ‘By their fruits, you shall know them.’ The attributes and qualities a person possesses speak volumes of their source of strength. The steadfast consistency, prophetic insight, charitable disposition, healing gifting, practical teaching, heavenly wisdom and childlike simplicity of T.B. Joshua cannot possibly be the product of illusion, sorcery or man’s acumen. The testimony of Ghana’s new head, Prof. Atta Mills, alone is enough to confirm the genuineness and greatness of Joshua’s ministry and calling. Has history ever heard of a sitting president visit a church and publically testify that the pastor accurately predicted the outcome and specific details of the election to him? His testimony echoes the tens of thousands who rush to Joshua’s church on a weekly basis to receive a touch from God.

Sadly, the gap between the accusers and the accused is ever widening as many leading pastors in Nigeria are becoming more embroiled in the pursuit of money and material gain than the essence of Christ’s gospel and work. Kingdom business seems more like worldly business, with pastors making headlines for expensive acquisitions, lavish living and political speeches as opposed to solving problems, meeting needs and changing lives. Ilobi Austin, a catholic in faith, wrote, “While God is ordering his (T.B. Joshua’s) counterparts to acquire more automobiles and in some cases, private jets with cost in the billion bracket, the same God is asking him to love humanity like himself and consequently, improve their earthly and heavenly fortunes. He is today, father to the fatherless, mother to the motherless, friend to the friendless and government to the government-less. Little wonder then, that the good Lord magnanimously found him worthy for the arduous task of delivering his people from the vice grip of the devil. Such powers in the hands of such ministers, who have made the criticism of his ministries their pastime, would have seen deliverance going to the highest bidders.”

Who Is TB Joshua's Mentor?

Who Is TB Joshua's Mentor?

So what has TB Joshua to say on all this? Here is his own response when asked about his non-admission into PFN in a recent interview with The Sun: “As a point of correction, I never applied to be a member of any association. Okay? Two, the way and manner God executes His plan in our lives differ. Some He brought them from this direction, some from another direction. Some He allowed to go to Theology school, some He allowed them to go to the university and they may not even go to Theology school. Some, they may not even go to school at all. Yet they would become whatever God wants them to become. There is a university of God – and in the University of God, however brilliant you may be, you will not be given double promotion – you must take every course, because each course serves a purpose.”

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  • And Jesus knew their thoughts, and said unto them, ‘Every kingdom divided against itself is brought to desolation; and every city or house divided against itself shall not stand. And if Satan cast out Satan, he is divided against himself; how then shall his kingdom stand? And if I by Beelzebub cast out devils, by whom do your children cast them out? Therefore they shall be your judges. But if I cast out devils by the Spirit of God, then the kingdom of God is come unto you (Matthew 12:28)

    You shall not bear false witness against your neighbour (Exodus 20:16) The Ninth commandment.

    The tongue is a small organ and yet it has immense power. Sometimes it is more powerful than money or valuable medicine. The word of your tongue can be like a match you light to set fire to a dry forest. But a useful word is like the small rudder of a ship that steers it to a safe harbour. In the third chapter of his epistle, Apostle James gave us three helpful examples that lead us to repentance. We have to test the words our tongues speak in the light of God’s word, for every evil word points to a corrupt heart not yet regenerated. But every gentle word spoken reveals the Spirit of Jesus Christ in our heart.

    During the call of Isaiah, the reverent prophet trembled as He stood before the holy God in order to reconcile His people to the one Triune Lord of Hosts. He was awestruck when he saw the train of the Lord’s robe and cried out, “Woe is me, for I am undone! Because I am a man of unclean lips, for my eyes have seen the king, the Lord of Hosts.” Then one of the seraphim flew to him, having in his hand a burning coal which he had taken with tongs from the altar. He burned his mouth with it and said, ‘Behold, this has touched your lips; your iniquity is taken away, and your sin is purged’ (Isaiah 6:5-7).

    A person can only recognize the wickedness and deceit in his heart only when he or she encounters the holy God. In that instant he knows that the Almighty is our ultimate standard. In His light we see the uncleanness, deceit and corruption with which we are filled. This condition does not change except when the sinner draws closer to God.
    In His Sermon on the Mount Jesus teaches us that not only killing the body but also slander is considered by Him to be murder. It can have a long term effect like poison. Any kind of slander, hateful lies; deliberate lies, bitter strife, intentional cursing, and betrayal of trust or mockery are spiritually deadly. They poison the heart of the one who speaks these words, and then they poison the mind of the one accused. Jesus said, ‘Whoever is angry with his brother without a cause shall be in danger of the judgment. And whoever says to his brother, ‘Raca!’ shall be in danger of hell fire’ (Matthew 5:22). Through this statement Jesus declared us all to be guilty and judged us as evil-hearted people with a murderous spirit, who deserved eternal condemnation in hell. Anger, envy, persistence in hateful disputes, a vengeful spirit, cruelty and brutality are emotions and acts that assail not just the laity but also pastors and workers of the church. No wonder Apostle John says, ‘Whoever hates his brother is a murderer’ (I John 3:15).

    I have never read where it is written in the Bible that one ought to train under a celebrity pastor and some of the accusation being propounded are fabricated against the person of Prophet TB Joshua. I knew Prophet TB Joshua through my uncle Venerable SA Elijah when my uncle was the Chairman of Christian Association of Nigeria, and he is a close friend of Prophet TB Joshua and both worked together for the growth of CAN in Lagos. That was back then in 1996, I was the Public Relation Officer of the Youth Wing of Christian Association of Nigeria Lagos East which falls on Epe and Ibeju Lekki local government area of Lagos. I was 17yrs old and I hold the position till I got admitted into the university.

    I do not think that any of the above pastors are better than Prophet TB Joshua in any way as some of them had been tested and found wanting. Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo was once asked to repay £200,000 (about N52 million)to the British government and the story was reported by the Evening Standard of London under the headline “Flamboyant pastor must repay £200,000.

    My answer: You shall not steal (Exodus 20:15) Eight commandment
    Funny enough I’m surprised by the voice of Pastor A Oritsejafor, I never knew that his voice could as be loud as this. Yet he was asked to supervise Bishop Lanre Obembe during the Benny Hinn revival in Lagos and Reverend Benny Hinn gave them the sum of $4million US dollars, that money was mismanaged and embezzled. No refund of the money till date and his voice was very low at the time. He never shouted to the heavens about shepherds violating the eighth commandment.

    It is not compulsory that a shepherd must study at the feet of a celebrity pastor during his tutelage as a worker in the Lord’s vineyard. Jesus was sentenced to death for healing the sick on the Sabbath, and for stating that He is the Son of God. He was hounded by religious leaders of His time who, in their fanaticism for the Law of Moses, had lost their capacity to love God and people. They were righteous outwardly in a hypocritical way and turned deaf ear to the call to repentance. In their blindness they hardened their hearts. They were not ready to change their minds. They rejected God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. They did not care for the sick on the Sabbath. So their zealous observance of the law on the Sabbath had turned into hypocrisy. No wonder Jesus quoted the prophet Isaiah to them, ‘These people draw near to Me with their mouth, and honour Me with their lips, but their heart is far from me. And in vain they worship Me, teaching as doctrines the commandments of men’ (Matthew 15:8, 9).

    The basic fact that we are in the 21st century doesn’t give any shepherd to rationalize that we are in the jet age as a result it is an age when pastors must buy private jets with church money at a time Alhaji Aliko Dangote is still managing his 14 year old NS 125 jet which he bought from the Federal Government of Nigeria and in spite of the fact that the jet almost crashed in Luanda, Angola a few years ago, Dangote has not given it a thought why he should purchase a new jet. The universe belongs to God and God is the owner of the universe. To Him alone belong all things, even gold and silver. Shepherds are stewards of what He has entrusted to them. Just as a pastor is responsible to the needs of the church, we are responsible for what God has given us. Our time, health, power, money and property do not belong to us but to Him. A shepherd, however, should realize that all property placed at his feet belongs to the Creator. A pastor is only a humble steward and nothing belongs to him and whatever the church have is just a blessing from God. Therefore wealthy Christians should not plan and live for themselves, but actually ask God what He wants to do with the money He has entrusted to them as I know that the Holy Spirit did not endorse the purchase of private jet or private yacht and automobiles and each shepherd will have to give an account of how he or she used the church money, time or effort. Each shepherd should be aware of what they spend and what they are doing! It will not be forgotten.

    • Charles

      I think day should stop the condemnation, since they can not know him by his fruit. Jesus said, by their fruits they shall b known n not by their mentors. moreover, many who are condemning this man are not doing the the good works he is doing. STOP THE CONDEMNATION! you may be grieving the holy spirit and that’s dangerous place to stay as a Christian.

  • amaka

    PROPHET TB Joshua is a true man of God, God brought him to save us and deliver us from any form of difficulties, and I have never seen or known any other true man of God as such as PROPHET TB Joshua. It is only the worldly pastors that are jealous of him, they are afraid that their members will leave them, so they feel that the best way to prevent that, is by tarnishing TB Joshuas’ image and telling the world that he is fake whereas they are the ones that are pure fake.

    Prophet TB JOSHUA IS 4EVA REAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    The earlier they accept the truth the better for them all. The prophet has done and is doing what most of them cannot do, his love for humanity is what baffles me most. I am not a member of his church neither has he healed me of any disease before, but from what I see in his TV program I don’t need any seer to tell me that he is from God.
    The world does not appreciate good things; don’t forget that the same world crucified Jesus and doubted that Jesus is from God.

    • Apostle Victor W. Zion

      Prophet T.b Joshua Is A True Man Of God!

  • Ilemobade Oyedun

    @Amaka, I really appreciate your post and I’m very happy with your post as you hit the nail on the head. Jealousy -the kind that breeds hatred is what makes most of Nigerian Pentecostal pastors trying to tarnish the image of Prophet T.B. Joshua. Within their heart they desire to have the calling of Prophet T.B. Joshua that is the basic reason they are jealous of him, they wish to have healing power not realizing that Power belongs to God and He gives to the elect which he favoured, they thought as the Pharisses of old that this power can be acquired in a Theological school, they never thought it must be earned just as Elisha earned his power after the chariots ascension of Prophet Elijah.
    I’m fascinated by Prophet T.B. Joshua and I love the work he is doing in our midst in Nigeria. My prayer for him is that God should bless him with long life so that his presence will continue to manifest the work of Jehovah God in our midst in Nigeria.
    I’ve never been to SCOAN before but the Church is doing great wonders in our midst and through SCOAN God continue to reveal and manifest His work in our midst and through Emmanuel TV, we know what is going on in SCOAN.

  • esnati

    Pastor TB Joshua you really know what it means to be poor and what it menas to have more than enough.The Lord almighty should continue to bless your good works.Truly speaking your enemies and prosecutors have made you known all over the world.

    You have made non believers to believe that God is real and with him nothing l mean nothing is impossible.

    Someone has to take his time and see what God is doing thru you.You dont need to be at the Synagogue church of all nations to witness this but you can also watch Emmanuel TV and distance is not a barrier.

    l really like it when Pastor TB Joshua says viewers all over the world touch the screen of your television and believe.


  • Mekuria Gessara

    I am an Ethiopian 35 years old male.At my 4 years age my parents made me receive the Lord.Before that they were worship local gods.That is my mother was the daugther of man who is known person with his local god that all local people bring their offerings to him including their children and my father”s brother was the same.As we born we were presented infront of both gods with lamp that our first hair was shaved only by one of the gods.My father chosen to be christian only to be free from giving such mandatory offerings to the god with out having understanding about the LORD.My father was very aggressive and had debate on land wth his brothers.He took the land of his brother who has local god and that person paased all of us to his god.And my father was winner at law against all his brothers by giving money to lawers.Then all his brothers went to Witch craft & killed my father automatically.All our cattle were died.Now all of us are on serious problem,mentally subnormal ,sick…etc.My father”s brothers are still claiming of the lands where our family members had divided and refused to return when I requested them that We have to return those parts belong to others.I have been suffering from bad offensive body odor and high flatulence.I cannot live with people,cannot sit near people,now I lost hope to live,people donot like me because of my bad odor,I live alone in one room.This diease was as the result of the witch craft”s doing on our family by debators of my father.Now they are saying all will die.So please will you pray for me to get free from this evil act and be healthy?I refused to own any part of such lands as destruction came up on us b/s of the lands.

  • Prophet TB Joshua is a real man of God,de fact dat he is hounded by church bodies is proof.No prophet or desciple in de bible was welcomed by dis bodies.Even Jesus Christ was hated by church elders.A man of God bein rejected is not new.dey r jelous bcoz dey r loosin members.De fact dat he gives back 2 de community also makes dem luk bad.If TB offers dem money,or joins dem,I bet u dey wil change deir story very quickly.

  • tatenda

    prophet,u are e best!every tym my mum sees u,her sorrows seems to melt away.it would be an understatement to tell u tht we love you.keep doing the work God has chosen you 2 do.and to everyone who thinks prophet is a fake,i have some advice 4 u,never touch the anointed man of God!if u dont understand whats going on,just shut up,if he is fake or not,the bible says judge not.i dont think the issue of his mentor should cause a stir,mentors are humans and humans they fail you.please dont waylay people with your philosophy!prophet is real,believe it or not.pastor ashimolowo,i like your preaching but this time,i tell you,as your kid,you need to repent.as he always say,God loves you!you who believe he is real note,he who receives a prophet in a prophets name will receive the rward of the prophet.prophet,personally,i love you,you have done great in my life even though i have never met you.im expecting you in zimbabwe and pliz telll me b4 u come!always remember,better is not good enough,the best is yet to come into your life!I LOVE YOU!

  • iam a regular viewer of emmanuel tv. prophet T.B Joshua is truly a great man of God. i have never seen one like him in the whole world. keep it up man of God, i pray that God gives you long life. you were sent to help us by God. i always pray with you on emmanuel tv. i believe God for the best in life. i have passed through a lot in life and i have sent my prayer requests to you to help me please.dont mind your critics man of God,your mentor is the Holy Spirit,Jesus Christ.keep praying for us.iam in desperate need of annointing water for healing, deliverance, and fruit of the womb.please kindly send me to the following address:
    Joseph Ngoma
    university of Zambia
    vet school
    box 32379

  • Pastina


    I think all these pastors are just waffling nonsense because they know that their combined powers can’t match that of the true Servant and man of God, Snr. Prophet T B Joshua. This man is and will remain marvellous. God is showing his presence in this mighty man. His is a calling and needs no explanation. Only God knows.

    I have been following this man for the past four months or so but I no longer doubt him. His presence makes me annointed and his teachings have emmensely transformed me. Continue blessing and annointing me dear God’s Servant, Temitope B Joshua.

    Praise the Lord & Hallelujah!!

  • mbah Acha Rose Ngwari Fomundamm

    Thank you for this insight-the three days trance. The Bible-THE WORD- is in the Heart of T.B Joshua. And we know that at the beginning was The WORD and The WORD was with God, and the WORD was GOD. That story of the trance is a wonderful revelation to me . Thank God for Prophet T.B Joshua.

  • Lisbon Shang

    Hear the Holy Word, the word of God – 1 CORINTHIANS.4:1-5:
    “Let a man regard us in this manner, as servants of Christ and stewards of the mysteries of God. In this case, moreover, it is required of stewards that one be found trustworthy. But to me it is a very small thing that I may be examined by you, or by any human court; in fact, I do not examine myself. For I am conscious of nothing against myself, yet I am not by this acquitted; but the one who examines me is the Lord. Therefore do not go on passing judgement before the time, but wait until the Lord comes who will both bring to light the things hidden in the darkness and disclose the motives of me’s hearts; and then each man’s praise will come to him from God”

  • Tawonga makura

    This is the tym when God is luking for people who worship in truth and in spirit. There is no tym to waste criticising each otha in the kingdom of God rather we shld b thankful for the souls brot to Jesus through men He lifts up anywre in the world. To Prophet T.B Joshua, l thank you for your teachings, you are realy touching lives through Emanuel TV, if Nigerians knew how some of us wish we could have a face to face encounter with that man! By tawonga from Harare Zimbabwe

  • Patrick

    It’s true that everyone come from different directions as Pst Joshua has stated, nevertheless I think he must testimony as where is from, who baptised him and when did he received Christ as his. Personal savior. I love TB Joshua Ministry although I have lot of unanswered questions inside.

  • Baptism is not a true identity of christianity. If that’s the case then I would direct the same question by saying who John the Baptist baptized? Prophet TB Joshua is someone sent by God to redeem mankind. If Jesus himself who is the Christ was rejected by His own. How much more of the one who has been sent by the same Christ who was rejected. This is no new stuff. It was there since in the days of Christ. TB JOSHUA MAY GOD CONTINUE TO ENLARGE YOUR COAST.
    Marcus, Cameroon

  • In as much a as I, Obibo EverBlessed is concerned: Yes, In every rumor, there’s a fact of true… But on Prophet TB Joshua’s case in every rumor, there are facts nd bunch of LIES…
    I’m not a member of TB.J’s church, nd I’m not sure if I would ever be, “I AM A PROUD MEMBER OF THE WINNERS FAMILY, LIVING FAITH CHURCH”… But for me: Prophet TB Joshua is one of the BEST Prophet in the World…
    If Prophet TB.J is a satanist, let him be, if he is a cultist, let him be, if he is false, let him be: Matthew 7:1 Jesus commanded: Judge not, that you be not judged…
    Prophet TB Joshua is not my mentor, neither is he one of my Fathers in the Lord, amongst which are: Pastor W.F Kumuyi, Bishop David .O. Oyedepo, and Apostle Johnson Suleman… But for me TB. Joshua is also a PROPHET OF GOD…

    I know Christ Jesus, our ALTIMATE MENTOR and ALMIGHTY FATHER, prophesied of false prophets that would come, and also cast out devils in His Name, but:

    If a satanist could command Great Miracles, In Christ Jesus Name, and also could show GREAT LOVE to the people, nd children of God; If a satanist can care for the homeless, the helpless, the jobless, the aimless, the futureless, and strive to make things good for them nd also help turn their lives arround for good (Prayerfully, Financially, Academically, Biologically, Physically, Spiritually, Nation nd Internationally, Biblically, Materially, Professionally, Miracullously, Wonderfully nd All-round through the power of satan)… then I love such satanist, far more than majority of our God’ist, religious folks, lier’s nd fanatics…
    I love him far more than all the true prophet of God who can not show God’s kind of love, as he does…

    I love Pa. Ayo: He is A Father, A Mentor, A Master, A leader, A true Prophet, A Powerful, Great and Fire-rized Man of God… I love the way he preach on the altar, I love him for Real, nd hope to be like him…

    I love all my Mentors and Fathers In the Lord including Pastor Chris Oyakhilome…. I love every man and prophet of God…

    Bt, I love my grandpa in the Lord, the most: Papa. Bishop David .O. Oyedepo (The Man Whom God sent to Librate the world “even me”)…

    I love every Pastor, Bishop, Prophet, Apostle, I’ve seen nd known through one way or the other…
    But the end will tell who is true or false, let no man judge…

    To everyone who would care to answer, Pls I really need to know:
    Who mentored Jesus Christ? Which theology or christain university did our Altimate-Master “Jesus Christ” went to?
    Who mentored Paul the Apostle? Who thaught him how to teach and preach God’s Word?
    Who thaught him how to Heal nd command Great Miracle’s in Christ Name, who gave him Power, Who arrested him?
    Was he a Believer, member or a student of any university/ christain church before he automatically became a preacher?
    I don’t really know o, nd I’m ever-willing to learn, if you care to teach…

    May God help us all… The end shall tell… I love all who preach God’s Word, be you a false or real, cos you won’t be suprised that by the tricky teachings of a false prophet, a real prophet “who goes further to study God’s Word (The Holy Bible)”, would emerge….

    God richly bless you all, hope to be like you someday…
    Stay Blessed with More and Exceeding Grace…. Love you all…..

    • emmanuel sakalA

      Osam I love that,salute u,glory b to God who is the truth,who made it and to day he is reveLing it to them who are wiling to save hm in trUth and in spirit and God has hiden th truth from jelousy and self senterd pipo who are siriasly bizy fot finding othrs.God is faithfu

  • George, Zimbabwe

    Everblessed i like yo wisdom, i say some are taught to be pastors while some are called stay blesed in Jesus’ Name

  • Emmanuel God is with us , i was one of the victims who was told to send usd 200 usd for postage of anoiting water by DHL but only to my disgrace the person /mr mike francis is not serious but i have to say amen l have to forgive him let him use that cash for his own pocket money. i Love man of God cos he said the water is not for sale it is for free.glory be to God in Jesus Name


    There are two major callings of Godvon a man.
    1) The call to salvation or more appropriately the call into covenant to becime God’s people
    2) The call to serve God in a given assignment.

    This two calls become distinct in the New Testament after Jesus came butvis no so distinct un the Old.

    In the Old you simply come into tge covenant by having a Jewish parent and thereby be a natural born Jew.

    In the New you come into the covenant by having a spiritual encounter with Jesus through the new birth ir being born again. TB Jodhua on his church’s website quoted never claimed this experience. His experience to ministry puts him in the mold of Old Testament prophet. There is no such thing today ad even the Old Testament hsd been set sdide by God anf yhe operating testament is the new.
    Do refering to old testament callings as examples shows ignorance.
    In the New your call has to be verified ad wr came in from the gentile nation and not from the Jewish nation.
    Paul was nit one of the 12 or the 70 so he had to go yo Jerusalem to seek out the apostles to get his calling verified. His salvation hsd earlier been verified by Simeone whom the Lord had srnt to him.


      When Last Do You Meditate On The Word And Especially In Acts 9, You Should Know That The Disciples We Even Afraid To Meet Saul So How Come There Mentor Him. Even Ananias That God Sent Was Afraid But God Said, I Quote. “Acts 9:15-… Go, For He Is A Chosen Instrument Of Mine To Carry My Name Before The Gentiles And Kings…” So No Human Mentor Paul, But God Himself.

  • Malibongwe mabhongo

    Prophet TB Joshua is the Prophet of the most high God. Please don’t even try to stop him Read Amos7v10-17. And mark9v38-40. I confess TB Joshua is the Prophet of the most high God. Believe him. Yours in Christ Malibongwe mabhongo (South Africa) emanuel

  • emmanuel sakalA

    God is fAithfu,he is showing and proving it even through th ministry of TB joshua.Am proud to one witessing th mighty workS of God through TB J.

  • Please Prophet, don’t worry about any of your critics. Some of us, if it had not been You, we would not have known God. I was baptised in one of those churches but we didn’t know God. I would have perished in the dark if it had not been Prophet TB Joshua. Whatever human beings will say,I have got my mind made up and I will not change it. ProphetTB Joshua, Ayekoo. My mobile number is 233202412550. Emmaaaanuel, TB Joshuas God is with us even you the critic.

  • If God says YES who can say no? Long live Prophet TB Joshua the Messiah of our generation. Emmanuel!

  • sonwabile joseph

    we really thank God about Prophet TB Joshua “prays the Lord”

  • to my prophet t.b joshua,papa your aswear are 100%percent correct.us you mentions jeremiah,David,moses,Apostle paul. papa God has done it all,he has won the battle and millions times of Gods lifted are with you my prophet in your career,destiny,future,riches,prosperity,wealth,might honoured area with you papa,since you no more about this good God hes grace and anointing millions times added on and all you do,our mother in the lord to more anointing,love of God and faith and workers of God keep faith.

  • Sylvia Lala

    That’s gospel truth. Let them live our prophet alone. I am Sylvia Lala from South Africa. I have been in many churches in and outside the country searching for a real man of God but to no avail, not that there was none but maybe I was not lucky until I came to Senagogue church of All nations in Lagos Nigeria where God reigns, I mean in the arena of liberty. The miracles I saw there were great.Christians know the teachings and prayers of the genuine man of God. I have been in Senagogue two times on different occasions, I have never heard Prophet TB Joshua asking congregation money. As I have said I have been in the breath and the length of the world looking for a real man of God who does not put his interest first but God’s people first before he inriches himself and I find none. It is worse when they celebrate their birthdays, some they even take people outside church services to ATMs for cash withdrawals in town.

    As I am always watching Emmanuel TV and one day I saw a clip where Prophet TB Joshua was reprimanding a certain Pastor for having taking an old man’s tithe from the money He( Prophet) gave him for feeding and caring of his family as the old man was unemployed. From that day I said to myself, there are still real men of God out there who are still walking in Jesus ‘s footsteps. The charity projects that Prophet TB Joshua and Emmanuel TV partners is running is beyond man’s understanding. They are really changing lives and changing the world. Wherever there is a disaster you will see emmanuel TV and their partners. I pray to God that one day He gives me job for me to become partner again in Jesus name, Amen.

    It is true churches do need money for maintainance and smooth running of day to day activities but not charging people for God’s mercy. It is freely given. Let all those who are questioning the authenticity of our prophet attend Sunday service and surely the Anointing in that premise will capture them and they will come out brand new people, talking different language. We people in South Africa still pray to God that one day he allows prophet TB Joshua to come here in our country and rescue us from Pastors who gives us snakes to eat when we ask for healing. God have mercy on us.

  • abel songolo

    I am what I am today, spiritually, because of the teachings, words of wisdom, and counsellings of Prophet TB JOSHUA through Emmanuel TV. I attend live Sunday Services with my family, like I am in the SCOAN, and yet I am thousands of kilometers away in Lusaka Zambia, because I don’t want to adulterate what I have received from him with any teachings. The change in my family is so amazing, particularly between my wife and I all because of Emmanuel TV. Where else can I go? Who else will teach me better than what I am receiving from the great Prophet of our time, Prophet TB Joshua? No where
    and no one. How wonderful the preachings of wisemen and Evangelists. How wonderful the renditions from Emmanuel Singers! Where can I go from the presence of God? Where can I go from the Spirit of God?

  • Thank you Jesus for the life of our prophet , Prophet TB Joshua.

    To God be the glory

    Emmanuel !!!!!!!


    Do you really need a mentor to become what God wants you to be? is not written in the word that the anointing is in us and we need no one to teach us about it, is not written at the beginning of Jeremias book that God knew us before we were created in our mothers wombs, he sanctified us and ordained us as prophets amongst the nations and gave us the power and authority to pull down, to uproot to overthrow, to destroy, to create and to build, do we now need a certain man’s authority to carry the duties of God, if so who is that man to mentor another and where does he come from and where has he been mentored was that man who is supposed to be Tb Joshua’s mentor fell from heaven, if he is a natural man who mentored him, did he come first on earth? People I think you must preach what uv read and understood, do not lie ur trust upon human beings who are here today, tomorrow perished. when u read about the life of Paul he was never mentored by anybody he came direct in an encounter with Jesus and became an apostle within three days. he was never preached to by human beings which means God do things according to his own ways and he visits people in different ways. it can happen to you, to me your child and anybody else. you might sleep today as a drunkards and in the morning you are arrested by the spirit of the lord taking you to where he wants without approval of a man. nobody is above god. his ways are not ours neither his thoughts. When Isaiah was called as a prophet was he mentored, God just send an angel to remove sins from his mouth and he was sent on a journey. Was Moses mentored, he met God in the forest direct AND sent him on a journey. Was Jona mentored, Fine and well other disciples like Peter and others were mentored but not all needs mentors never the less according to my understanding. In the bible God’s callings varies some were mentored some were not. Our most High God Jesus Christ whom at the end gave the power and authority to tremple on scopions and sepents, to heal the sick, cast out demons rise the dead and even do more than what he did wasn’t mentored by men. What more do we need? Is it men we need or Is it to utilize the power of God that already exists? Another thing what is the Holyspirit for? the bible says he will teach us all things and remind us all what Jesus needs us to remember for he is the helper. If you need a man choose a man and if u need direct mentorship, God, the son and the Holyspirit is there.You can be a preacher and prophet mentored by the holyspirit. Here in Southern Africa we had our sleeping prophetess Nku from South Africa, if u read about her history she was assigned by the voice of God on her journey and revelations, not human beings.She founded StJohn apostolic church of prophecy through revelation and followed the guidance of the holyspirit in her ministry. may God help us all not to fight over God but help lift one another. The Bible says if somebody chose to eat rice alone and you choose to eat all food, do not condemn but help lift one another. For the spirit guides in all gifts and we got to work as a team in the kingdom, including him Prophet Tb Joshua, he has to work hand in hand with other pastors in a wisdomed way of the Lord, visit other people’s churches as much as they visit his, invite pastors to peach in his church not pastors going to scoan only for deliverance and vise versa for we are one body and called in different manners or ways to lift one another. It shouldn’t be one man’s shoe only heard as though God is in one certain place and not at other places. HE ALSO HAS TO CORRECT THIS ERRORS AS MUCH AS OTHERS PASTORS HAVE TO CORRECT THIER ERRORS NEVERTHELESS AS THE SPIRIT WILL DIRECT YOU WHO PREACHES AT THE PULPIT OF GOD.

  • pst isaac moses

    Carry on man of God

  • Apostle T. L. Paul

    I strongly beleive that there are too many more pressing issues in Christiandom that trying to give human authenticity to a Servant of God who is zealously doing his job for the kingdom.
    However, for whatever reason one may preach the gospel, the most important thing is that Christ is being preached.
    T. B. Joshua has positively influenced my life and ministry. No matter what whoever says, he is a father to me and a General in this age of the gospel.

  • “God is the only one to judge!”

  • Rkm richard

    I need a broke through in my career


    Shalom To You All, I Have Just 3 Questions To Ask Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, Paul Adefarasin And Matthew Ashimolow. If There Can Answer This Questions Then There Will Know The Origin Of Senior Prophet T.B Joshua Calling And Ministry. 1) Who Is Apostle Paul’s Mentor? 2) When And Where Did Apostle Paul Become Born Again? 3) Where And When Was Apostle Paul Baptized? I Will Advise You To Look At The Revelation Behind James 1:5. Go Back To Your Mentors And Tell Them That There Did Not Mentor You Well. Or Rather, Just Seek The Holyspirit For Mentorship. What Did Jesus Say In John 14:26. “Why Can’t The Christains Be Like The Muslim Who Are Thesame Every Where?” Christainity Is Not A Religion So Stop Making It One.

  • Ade Ojulari Goddey

    Tb Joshua is a true Prophet From our Lord Jesus Christ.

  • Adu Michael

    My father in the Lord and my mentor, Senior Prophet TB Joshua said and I quote “Christianity is not a religion but a relationship” so let us care more about building a strong relationship with Christ Jesus. These same critics happened when Jesus was physically on earth.
    For this has energies my spirit to be a forever strong follower of Senior Prophet T B Joshua.

  • Richard

    We the Church is the bride of Christ. That relationship will never change, regardless of if there is a lack of fellowship. There can be a married couple sitting at the table without conversation or fellowship; does that nullify their relationship as husband and wife? No. this is not to condone lack of fellowship with God, but to merely bring perspective to the Love God has for His Church. The bible teaches who shall separate us from the love of Christ?….Romans8:35.
    With regards to the erroneous thoughts concerning T.B. Joshua and his mentors etc. A scripture that comes to mind is Matthew 12: 22 to 30. No person who is not sanctified by Christ to facilitate the miracles of the Spirit of God can use His name (Jesus) to cast out devils: see verse 26. Therefore by extension of good reason T.B. Joshua is a son of The Most High God. They accused Jesus in His day likewise saying He cast out demons by Beelzebub; verse 24.

  • It’s enormous that you are getting thoughts from this article as well as
    from our argument made here.

  • OseFranklin

    I have no personal revelation from God concerning T.B Joshua regarding this matter. But for to justify the testament of Apostle Paul, I employ you read the book of Acts 13:1-2 for clarity. Hands were laid on him by the Apostles that be before him. But then, who can question the way of the Lord? May He open our eyes to behold revelations

  • Knowing God’s Word will enable you to press on till tomorrow.

  • Trandnovic

    TB Joshua is a prophet of God

  • Martins Napoleon


  • ibukun from Nigeria

    I am not surprise at all the criticism. if you don’t have Christ in you .you will doubt his calling because no pastor or prophet here in Nigeria can do what God is using him to do.and that is why their jealous and come against him In different angles.does a man need a mentor before he can be use by God? No! all he needs is God.where were they when he was reaching out to the people in an extra ordinary way.he’s chosen by God. and nobody can question God on who he chooses. many Nigerian are suffering under the influence of evil and here we are with prophet tb Joshua. and the whites are enjoying the benefit of God in his life.as for me I bless the name of God that I realise that he is God sent.and I’m happy I’m from the same state with him.

  • peatre luhanga

    If Tb joshua is not a genuine servant then fine but as for me he teaches genuinely and the bibke says in the abundance of the mans heart the mouth speak forth, i visited TB joshua on 8th january 2013 from all the way malawi but i tell you my life changed and God is using me mightly by the laying of his hand, this proves his genuiness, read your bibles without pressure, Those ministers are kiving in darkness becouse if they wiuld like to know about joshua let them pray and ask God but if th ey can not ask God the holy spirit then there in no bond between them and God as such they are jealousy read galatians 5vs22 having no fruis of the spirit is a clear indication that one is not born of God as for tb joshua i a malawian can testify in jesus name, leave my prophet alone.

  • Mrs. Augusta George Williams

    Concerning this mentorship or no mentorship. Why are we pursuing shadows? When Jesus was born, who tutored HIM? The bible says, you shall know them by their fruit. Any tree that is ripe and succulent, people must throw stone to pluck, so that is it. Salvation is a personal race. Believers home is Heaven. All other things we are doing here on earth are temporal, because that is our destination. So why should we allow something that is not quite it to dissuade us. When there are uncountable souls to be won into God’s Kingdom, devil is just dangling carrot and they do not know it is a way of distracting the children of God from carrying out the obligation of soul winning which is the substance.

  • T.B Joshua was sent to clean up the mess that has rocked the church today. The time has come when it will no longer be church as usual. Only those that worship the Father in truth and Spirit will read these times. Watch my words, only the true shepherds will lead the church. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is being revealed and the demonic shepherds flashed out. The gates of Hell are being broken and millions are being liberated. Lord Jesus Bless my mentor and protect him. Men will never appreciate the work of our Lord Jesus, they will never do our work. Blessed be the name of our Lord!

  • Mackson Gabriel Ndhlovu

    Am grateful to God for papa prophet Tb Joshua,he is such a blessing to my life.And i don’t care what critics are saying abou him,all i believe is that he is one of God’s general purely sent from God almighty.And when i touched emmanuel tv screen in 2010 somewhere there,my prayer life has never been the same again.It was that faithful night when the praying for viewers all the world,though it was a rebroadcast mass prayer,GOD’S power was present and flowed through me,since then i began to love God, prayer and the things of God.Therefore as for me i believe that God almighty is working through this man that alot are speaking against.But thank God,the battle is not ours but the Lord,and no one can be smarter than God Himself.God bless papa Tb Joshua and mama Evelyn Joshua for standing with him even in challenges.

  • prophet T.B Jushua is GOD sent because he has expose all the exploitative behaviour of most pastors.i dont think they are content w that fact.GOD did not say u must pass through a mentor before i call u a prophet.we thank God for u T.B Jushua and many more years in the lord.i pray that God should give u the strength to continue with the good work you do to the lifes of my brothers and sisters

  • Thomas Mogashoa

    My mentor is not of this world. If he was of this world,the world was going to accept and believe him. God’s thoughts are higher than ours. How he called his servants will never follow a certain pattern. Just like the calling of Abraham,Moses and many more prophets. TB Joshua is from God and he is sent to destroy the works of the devil and to gather the flock under one roof. And he is doing exactly that. You need a spiritual eye to comprehend this. The Spirit of the Father is well rested in him. He is a Vessel of honor in the kingdom of God.

  • Thomas Mogashoa

    When you receive Christ as your Lord and savior the Spirit of the Father comes and live in you. The more you allow the Spirit of the Father to take control of you the more the character of the Father will start to manifest in you. The Spirit of the Father will reveal who you are in Christ Jesus. You will know your assignment and you will hear from above. Many are called but not sent. Jesus called his 12 disciples,he stays with them until the appointed time. Then he empowers them and send them on an assignment. Today it’s like everyone is sent. What is your assignment? Who sent you? You can testify,Yes! Every Christian can testify. That’s why today people are calling the name of God in vain. God says this,God says that, while they didn’t hear from God. No wonder there are many Churches today. The parable of the weeds tells it all on Matthew 13:24-30.

  • With me i do not care what people say about mentor or bla bla the major question as for me here who is the mentor of that teacher of theology and who is to stand and ask God questions on how to choose or call His servants? Any servant who is against his brother in Christ, has no love at all instead he has to call the fellow brother and talk to him rather than criticism.And Jesus said to them “who ever think that he has never sinned let him be the first to cast the stone”.Who was the mentor of Apostle Paul,John the baptist,Jeremiah,Elijah,Daniel? Brother T.B Joshua keep up and leave like Apostle Paul for His return is at hand and God Himself judge for christianity without temptations is nothing and also Jesus Himself was rejected in His own homeland. We are behind you in prayers and we will overcome in Christ Jesus,.

    • Ester

      Let only One be youre Teacher sais the Holy Scriptiere.
      it is evident i do recognize the One and Only Teacher that has been given to us. thanks to God that He protect His Own in the name of our Lord and Saviour the Teacher Jesus Christ

  • yomi

    Nothing anybody could say about TB Joshua that could change my mind,heart about this man of God! I have tested him several times which he responded to me via my dreams and physically,I’m not trying to confuse anyone about TBJ. But the man is real and the spirit in him are of the holy spirit.. If they believe he is a evil man for not joining the mentor-ship parole then they don’t have to worry him. For worrying the man of God they query God himself.. He was sent by God,so if they have anything to know about him they should ask God. I don’t know why the community of xtien are so selfish and self centered. This man has done grate things so far that no one in this country has done so far!! I visited the church premise and feels the presence of the holy spirit. Thw following week things began to change for good till date as I’m writing! We are still on miracle all around us!! Please no one should condemn this man!! Don’t fight the wrong battle.

  • Emmanul ! I thank God 4 T.B Joshua and i believe the hand of God is leading him and if these ppl who are worried abt his mentoring why don’t thy ask God as we have done ! I believe jealous is the very thing dat is making thm to be ferocious thy can’t help ppl who are in need nw thy see what God is doing through the Prophet thy want to judge him thy are many poor pple who need help thy should join hm and Help thm not took nonsense

  • CONTACT SCOAN ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS BELOW for ur Invitation Letter(s) to the Scoan,….:Scoan Below Email Address For years:…official email: scoan-churchworldwide@minister.com

  • james ldowu Saibu

    Roman 14 : 10
    So why do you condemn another christian ?
    Why do you look down one another christian ?Remember, each of us will stand personally before the judgement seat of God .
    Read down from verse 17 to the end .
    Forgive them for the do not know what they do ,john 15 : 20 A servant is not greater than the master’. Since they persecuted me, naturally they will persecute you , if you remember from the 1king 22 : 39 king Ahab who intend to claim back his lost land of Ramothgilead from the Arameans during the year king jehoshaphat of judah went to visit him and if you read down the line when all other prophet replied, Go right ahead the Lord will give you a glorious victory
    Verse 7 made us to understand that jehoshaphat asked, lsn’t there a prophet of the Lord around , too? I would like to ask him the same question.
    King Ahab replied , there is one prophet of the Lord, but i hate him. He never prophesies anything but bad news for me His name is Micaiah son of imlah .
    Sir/ Madam , let us laps the possition of Micaiah to prophet TB Joshua he has been call many names just like Our Lord Jesus Christ
    If they are a man of God realy they should go on their prayer ask God to reveal whom TB Joshua is and His callings . The case of king Ahab and his prophet is a good example of what is happening in Nigerian christiandom.
    As many as they claim to be with Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor as PFN President none can see if Prophet TB Joshual is called or not , this should tell you that they the PFN are all blind and they cannot see because they are of the world .
    The then Nigeria President who is not a christian acknowledge the presence of the Lord in the Life of Prophet TB Joshua and awarded the prophet a National gift
    John 13: 34
    So now l am giving you a new commandment : Love each other . Just as l have loved you, you should love each other. Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples
    My advice to PFN is, they should brush aside their weak point and spiritual line and learn to face the truth by comining together with prophet TB Joshual leadining them to light

  • never worry true man GOD

  • Cornelius Audi

    No amount of critics against tbJ will ever change my mine to believed him. I knew from quite long, since the time I heard about TB Joshua . I known this Man is real called from God. Cornelius Audi

  • Lephet Sibanda

    its really devastating that some people who call themselves with christian titles are actually Satan’s agents. Brood of vipers, hypocrites, woe unto you for taking the heavenly responsibility to judge. if you do not know who Prophet TB Joshua is, well tough luck, God knows who he is

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  • The scoan has an impending problem for years which not solved,people will never get an answer to their unanswered questions. The day the yinka evil group of so called disciples will leave then you all will get your answers


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    • Joan Nelson.

      This man above is Scam and Fraudulent.Never you contact them for no reason,children of God.

    • Ali

      Mr Fraud repent


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    • Joan Nelson.


  • Elvis Uchman

    I had a dream,in my dream I saw a great man of God whose name I won’t like to mention online(though he wasn’t alive when I had the dream). Then in Cameroon it was about 4 month if I ain’t mistaking,since will started receiving Emmanuel TV around 2006-2007. I fell in love with prophet TB Joshua’s ways of doing things. As if God knows a day will come that I may feel discouraged bcus of people’s accusations towards the man of God,and doubt his calling,he showed me what is to come ahead of time. And bcus of this dream,I’m totally deaf to TB Joshua’s critics OK? Yes,I’m truly deaf like deaf, becus one thing I’ll never forget about that dream is,”the man of God that i saw in my dream,abused and accused TB Joshua of being a thief without saying what he stole”I insisted he should tell what he stole,he refused saying,”I’ve told u,he is a thief.”I insisted until i woke up,he didn’t tell me what TB Joshua stole. God was actually telling me that,he(TB Joshua)will be accuse without a prove”What I want to add to these whole thing about the man of god and PFN is,if they’re doubting him or want to know him in the light of God, they should ask God since they’re one God is speaking to,but if they’ve already done that and still don’t have reply from God, they should remain silence until God say something. If they don’t want to wait for God, and still think this prophet is evil,or demon possessed,or rather daemonic they should go and deliver him and stop uttering nonsense and useless things. Thanks for creating this site. Stay blessed!

    • Tina eddy

      Tnx Elvis,I love this


    Every spirit around you and within you, begin to send them out,
    in the name of Jesus!

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    • Scott

      Bastard Scammer

    • moses

      fake man above

  • Wiseman Harry

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    Postal code: …………….

    When you know God is reliable, faith comes spontaneously, faith grows spontaneously. Once these details are received we would start the processing of your visit. Stay Bless

    EMMANUEL. Distance is not a Barrier.

  • nancy aglipay

    Prophet TB Joshua is really a man of God and a modern prophet in our generation. God is really dwells in him. Let’s continue to pray for him also that God will protect him from the evil one who is always hates lights and love darkness.

    We wish to inform all those who have registered online for visit and have not yet received their invitation letter(s) and wants to VISIT SCOAN this month.

    Fill in the followings and send to this official:….
    email:.. scoan-churchworldwide@minister.com

    #The SCOAN Original Message Stay in Christ#

  • Tina Zainab eddy

    am not surprise,many people were trying to know whom Jesus was…he was crucified, laugh at,even buried but what happened, he rose again and both now and forever he is the savoir… They can do and even say whatever they like but they can’t change whom God is….may God lord continue to strengthen u,ur ministry and most all ur good work.daddy prophet tb joshua ,God is still
    saying something