Reflections On Prophet TB Joshua At 46 (3)

The conclusion of Chiji Okafor’s rousing reflections on Prophet TB Joshua at 46, as published by The National Life…

It is absolutely impossible for a man to be ‘upright’ and ‘evil’ at the same time, just like we are yet to see one who I tall and short all at once. Also, while we may not be able to easily fathom the machinations of the human mind, we can see a man’s actions and hear his utterances.

Reflections On Prophet TB Joshua At 46

Reflections On Prophet TB Joshua At 46

We can therefore reasonably gauge an individual’s personality from his traits and utterances or what we may generally call his or her character from the consistency with which those tendencies would have persisted over the years. If a man has maintained a certain stance all his life, it would indeed be difficult, if not impossible, to ‘learn an old dog new tricks’ as the Americans would say. “Even so, every good tree bringeth forth good fruit, but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit… a good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit… “(Matthew 7:17-18)

It could thus be inferred that those who indulge in running down Prophet TB Joshua do not seem to have seriously pondered nature and the several basic principles that govern it. Their reason for criticising that which they apparently do not understand, appears to be either simple ignorance or sheer malice.

All of these people that bandy false tales about the man and his church have apparently never been to The Synagogue Church to investigate the rumours they have heard. Anybody who does so, or even merely follows the activities of the church, beamed to audiences worldwide through Emmanuel TV, would see the glaring truth. No evil man would be capable of faking the personality of Prophet Joshua – his self-denials, his love for man and nature, his charitable disposition, his prophecies and healing and the fact that he does them in the name of Jesus Christ – and above all, his highly inspired interpretation of the Gospel.

Like I have said here before, apart from his amazing miracles, two striking qualities mark Pastor Joshua out as you encounter him are his disarming humility and childlike simplicity, as well as the depth of wisdom in his preaching and interpretation of the Bible.

The man’s entire life is a study in humility. Despite his enormous capabilities, you sometimes even catch him in excitement as he himself watches with the rest of the congregation when some of these miracles happen. He would often remind you that he is only a medium of communication, a servant. “I am not the healer, but I know the healer: Jesus Christ is the Healer.”

Down to even his private life, I doubt if there is any PFN pastor in this country who can meet the very high standard of discipline that Prophet Joshua has set for himself, for all to see. The man lives right inside his church and hardly step out of the premises because 24 hours, seven days a week, he is always available to thousands of people that throng the Synagogue Church from all over the world – the sick, the distressed, the widowed, the poor, everybody, people with all kinds of personal and communal problems, even financial problems.

Only last week while I was with him, his aides came to tell him that a batch of over 100 South African who he had hurriedly spent all day ministering to so they could return home, had missed their flight. They were caught in the notorious Isolo traffic. When he told me he would have to cater for these people fro two days, I was surprised – but that’s the kindness of the man we are talking about. At first, I could see he was a little disturbed, but then he shrugged it all off in his usual ‘God will provide’ manner.

Instead of collecting and amassing fortunes like those who accuse him of evil, Joshua the pastor, the father figure, keeps giving away. If that man were after money and the material things of this world, I doubt if any human being alive today would be half as rich as he could get, given the capabilities of a man with his healing powers and ability to prophesy for the whole wide world as well as individuals, with pinpoint accuracy.

On one particular occasion, I had been at The Synagogue Church all day, going through archival material at the Emmanuel TV studios while waiting to see him. There were hundreds of visitors from around the country and the world over, with various pressing needs to whom he must minister, individually. He still eventually made out time to see me quite later in the night, with his usual apologies.

When I returned the following day to continue my work where I stopped, he was already down in his office. When I asked after the army of visitors of the previous day, I was told he saw them all and only retired to his private quarters by about 7am! This kind of timetable is routine for a man who has no life of his own. When I expressed shock when I first found out where he lives, he resignedly asked me: ‘Where do you want me to leave my people and go?’

In his tiny office that may not even be big enough for the personal assistants of some of our ‘funky pastors’, the prophet, too busy to even stand up sometimes, eats his meals, prepared from the same source that he serves – even street beggars. The man who lives by example is yet to outgrow the standard he set for himself in the very early years of his ministry when he had to do everything by himself. Till date, he still joins his disciples and staff in manual work like carrying bags of food meant for the needy.

This same discipline runs right down his family. His unassuming but very graceful wife is often seen at the church’s supermarket, queuing like everyone else, to buy her needs. I very much doubt if any General Overseer’s wife would do that elsewhere. (Hm! ‘General Overseer’!) Meanwhile, his first child, an undergraduate law student in the United Kingdom– now a grown young lady – shares the same traits as her parents and runs the same errands as the rest of his disciples, when on vacation. By their fruits, ye shall know them…

It is important to point out these facts because no man who is possessed of negative forces would radiate the kind of peace and harmony that Prophet Joshua does, which affects everybody and everything around him, even little children. His uncommon and very large capacity to forgive cannot flow from an evil soul, and this appears to be one loophole that some of the people who were once close to him now exploit to try to run him down. Unfortunately for them, Prophet Joshua, a man of vision, is a meticulous keeper of records.

As is well known to all, every action in life exacts its own reaction. This is a fundamental law of nature, perfectly captured by Sir Isaac Newton’s three laws of motion and summarised by the third law: “Action and reaction are always equal and opposite.”

Those who associate Prophet TB Joshua with occultism certainly do not know what they are talking about. Every occultist pays a high price as he ascends the ladder in his hierarchy and lack of genuine peace is one of those great prices. Two occult masters who went through deliverance at The Synagogue Church, Mozambique’s Agostinho Jefue (pronounced Jack) and ‘Professor’ Nathan Chukwudi Okakpu of Nigeria, who described himself as a grandmaster of science beyond material, both confirmed this.

On the other hand, a holy man achieves that bond with the Holy Spirit such that he becomes part of everything. Nothing can escape his eyes or ears, for every part of His being – his eyes, his ear, his hands, his thoughts – become God’s tools. With God’s tools, you can only do good things, for the benefit of man and to His glory.

This is what is very difficult for the prophet’s critics to understand what Eliphas Levi, a grandmaster of the 19th century and one of the greatest occultists of all times, tries to describe in the AXIOM 9 of his second principle of the ‘Theory of Magic’: “The will of a just man is the Will of God Himself and the Law of Nature.”

It should be more worthwhile for these critics of Prophet Joshua to humble themselves and study his life and learn from his wisdom, rather than listen to the folly of their own minds. What God has bestowed upon His chosen servant, no man can take away, no matter whom.

At 46, this writer wishes Prophet TB Joshua many, many more years of service to God and to humanity – ad multos annos!

SOURCE: The National Life

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  • akindojutimi johnson

    May God be glorify.All that people see Prophet T.B.Joshua doing is just an atom of the manifestation of the power of God in his life.
    What else did you want to hear from a Prophet that say’s “IAM NOT THE HEALER BUT I KNOW THE HEALER,HIS NAME IS JESUS CHRIST”.
    He apportions everything to the glory of God.It is left for people to apply their understanding to know that ‘JESUS IS THE SAME YESTERDAY,TODAY AND FOREVER.”

    Remain blessed.

  • Ambi Nwokeabia

    Prophet T.B. Joshua, a man after my own heart, is one of the most genuine men that I have ever seen. I had not stepped on the shores of Nigeria in the past 18 years, so to a point my mind was neither poisoned nor influenced in anyway by anybody. It was about a year ago, I heard the name TB Joshua for the first time. I learned about the accusations leveled against him from the pop star turned preacher. I knew instantly that something was wrong with that story. I was very unconvinced, and with little digging i found it so hard to trust the bearer of that witness, because at this point his credibility is questioned by me.

    Let me fast forward to one month ago, My cousin who has been to the Synagogue, could not stop telling me the story of what he saw, and of course in very glowing terms. Then i decided to seek him out. I googled his name, and there it was: After combing through their web site, i found and followed the link that led to Emmanuel TV. He made me laugh and he made me cry, but in the end I thanked God, that He was kind enough to gave us this man at this time…

    I know what I was expecting to see, but what I saw really touched me to the core. It made me want to be a better Christian. I saw a man who cared, who loves and who serves effortlessly. He never for once stopped to list how he has been wronged – and he has been wronged over and over. He gives of himself without care. Yes, he also loads the food he provided for the less privileged – where does that happen? I cried during one event, when he granted audience to the community of short people. The first thing that crossed my mind while watching, was how much his time is worth, should he choose to to get paid for it. Bill Clinton gets anything from $500.000.00 to $1million to give a speech. T B Joshua will not get less – it is a matter of how much more he will get. There he is freely giving it, to a group that could had never been able to pay for it. (By the way on behalf of every decent man, i thank you Sir for your kindness). May God reward your selfless kindness. He did not only offer his time, but also gave his money, lots of it, made a worthy pledge, a life time of support financially and otherwise, to always be there for them. They walked away knowing that they are somebody.

    We live in a world that chose a thief instead of our Lord Jesus Christ. People’s eyes had been so blinded, even the so called Christian’s. Their obvious inability to see the truth is baffling and many times has left me in a sad state. But God is doing His thing, He is marching forward. T.B. Joshua is doing the work that he has been called to do. All i can say in the end is that to God be all the glory – His work is moving on.

    God bless brother T B Joshua and his family!

    • Rendani

      I can just I love you for saying what I couldn’t say in words. May God give you the reward of a Prophet for believing in His Prophet!

  • Amamchukwu Christopher

    My fellow Christians, i will advise you not to listen to any of our God given Prophet TB Joshua’s critics because any Christian who follows the footsteps of our LORD JESUS CHRIST will understand that TB Joshua is God sent to our generation.

    All those pastors that are criticising him, I am sure they know what they are doing – because they see church as business and therefore they are doing all they can to bring him down. But God being with him, their criticisms are even elevating him the more. They are looking for money to buy private jets for themselves while TB Joshua is looking for money to help the less privileged… I pray that God will forgive them.

    I pray that God will give our good prophet a long life to fullfill his calling in this life!

  • Rebecca Gwamanda

    I wish everybody who knows and loves God may see and accept that Prophet TB Joshua is from God, and is working for Him alone. I wish he was my pastor here in South Africa!

    May God bless him and his family. We thank God for Emmanuel TV!

  • Kpechi emmanuel

    Woo! Woo!! Woo!!! to those who are speaking evil about prophet t.b. Joshua when other countries are pleading with God to give them such man of God. let me tell you if T.B. Is the type that likes money so much you people will see how so many countries of the world would like to come and buy him like footballers at all cost just to remain in their country infact my number one prayer point is this father forgive them for they do not know what they are doin. Ever since i started watching emmanuel tv, to tell you the fact the program has create a great vacum in my life that can never be refilled by any body, i am not a member of his church neither am i from his village just that any time i hear his voice on the telecast o my God i feel as if jesus is in the same room with me. I just pray to God to help me to start doing what our father t.b. Joshua is doing since my life has been transformed through emmanuel tv and i know that God will do it for me once again daddy t.b. Joshua Keep it up God pass your enemys.

  • Christiaan George

    I agree Prophet T B Johua is a true Man of God a real Prophet.My prayer is I meet the Prophet one day before the comes of Our Lord Jesus Christ. From South Africa

  • i praise God for the life of T.B JOSHUA.his life is a blessing to the whole nation.its my prayer God to give you long life, l cherish you and love you.may God bless you more and more,

  • William

    Thank God for a man like TB Joshua. So down to the earth and humble. Even Jesus was criticised while on earth, so nothing surprising that people are talking ill of TBJ. May God bless him and his ministry. I need his and all your prayers for the healing of my eyes. Thank YoU

  • God seeing through a man

  • Mexford Mulumpwa

    Truly TB Joshua is a man of God. If it was not easy for our Lord Jesus Christ, He spoken of many names what more His servants.

    Although Jesus was called many name He still remained Son of God. Those who did not believed Him were not blessed.

    You can not partake of a prophet you do not believe so be careful before you choose not to believe

    Greetings from Malawi

  • cheng laban ndoh

    I am so glad to have come over this page through which i can say to the entire world how much i love and admire PROPHET T.B JOSHUA as an Honorable vessel of God doing just what his Father has directed him.I would also wish to ask if by this means i can subscribe to become a partner of the SYNAGOGUE CHURCH OF ALL NATIONS?

  • Rendani

    God bless the author of this article. He expresses my very same sentiments pertaining to TB Joshua critics. Can’t fathom why these critics can’t see obvious truth in this article. The devil is cruel to blind them to this special gift from God. God has honoured Africa for God gave us a Prophet of the calibre last seen in biblical times. TB Joshua must be celebrated not condemned. We must praise and thank God for this amazing man. Personally I don’t know of a great man alive like TB Joshua.